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/jb/ ~ Obsession
File 153873514828.png - (462.61KB , 720x1280 , Screenshot_20181005-003737.png )
6845 No. 6845
I'm a newfag (I believe that's the term) and I've been extremely obsessed with real girls with dicks.I don't know if there's a board for this, or if I'm in the wrong place, or what.

I came hoping you could point me in the right direction.
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>> No. 7047
You're obviously looking for boys, since there isn't such a thing as a girl with a dick.

Some years ago TLC had a series about a boy who wanted to be a girl, long hair, pink dresses and all. Perhaps you can find that. I think it was called "my name is Jazz".
>> No. 7095
true, and when a boy says they are born a girl, and you ask them to explain it, they just say they feel like a pretty little princess and they want long blond hair and painted nails and high heels, and makeup.

News flash: All of those things are recent inventions. You can't be natually born feeling like something that isn't natural. Sorry. No such thing as hyperfeminine women in nature. They have matted, filthy hair, never bathe and fucking die at 25 or during child birth. Is that how you "just feel"? Because THAT is nature.
>> No. 7123
They are referred to as hermaphrodites. (Google it)
>> No. 7129
intesex can have dicks, bit they are around .01% of the population, and from the 2 examples I've seen, quite undesirable. Hermaphrodites can have dicks, also SUPER rare and not desirable in real life (unattractive in the same way down syndrome is; clearly something went wrong).
The only 'attractive' (beauty, eye of the beholder, etc) are tranny's and they are men who decided they wanted tits but liked their dick.

Real 'girls' with dicks are gross and rare.
>> No. 7212
Bigger news flash, 7095 anon, your bigotry doesn't change the real world. now run along snowflake, and don't be scared of the real world that's too hard for you to understand.
>> No. 7450
Newsflash, Made up bullshit to appease sensitive freaks isn't the real world
>> No. 7514
agree with anon above.
Totally cool with cross dressing, thats self expression. Nails, hair, makeup etc? self expression. These do not make a girl. Hormones, genitals and biology make a woman.
Be the girliest boy you want, you're free to express yourself as you see fit but that does not make you a woman.
>> No. 7529
File 154093626924.jpg - (142.18KB , 850x949 , 06.jpg )
just though about saying this:
your genitals define your gender, not what you think you are.

dick=male, pussy=female. anything other than that is just sugar-coating and beating around the bush.

if you are a feminine man, you are a feminine man! a barking lion is still a lion, not a dog.

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