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/mir/ ~ This pro child model does cams!!
File 151983243676.jpg - (103.05KB , 1000x667 , 0482.jpg )
11599 No. 11599
/r Please post a link to share this real model's more private collection ;)
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>> No. 77870
nice to see this thread come back to life
suck it haters
>> No. 77873
Who could spread hate in such a nice thread....
>> No. 77874
>>77873 not me i'm just saying the haters can suck it for always telling us to stop with this thread im going to keep hope alive in hopes someone will come through with new wins of her that are being hoarded
>> No. 77878
No, I wasn't directing to you or anyone, just saying how could any haters be in here with such beauty. As for unknown stuff, who knows, unseen stuff could be posted. Either way she's a cutie.
>> No. 77901
this anon is the hater >>76684
>> No. 77916
I think she had her time to shine, but if were lucky she might get back to camming whens shes older.
>> No. 78149
shes never going to do cam vids ever again. well be lucky if someone is hoarding old vids of her and they'll post them on here sometime.
>> No. 79431
hypothetical question: if Madison's dad or mom were to offer her to anyone for one night alone how much would you pay her parents?
fake but just for fun question obviously and wwyd with her?
>> No. 79465
fuck dat ass allll night
jk or am i?
>> No. 79470
i would pay $100 just to rest my head on her big soft naked white ass all night would be the best night of sleep ever
>> No. 79494
She's a doll for sure...... Adore her!
>> No. 79523
>>79494 yeah she is wish there were more nude vids of her
>> No. 81235
>>79523 me tooooo
>> No. 81684
she has a few other videos (one with nudity) ive seen them. pay no attention to what the other anons say.
>> No. 81686
81684>> So youve seen them yet you cant post them. You can fuck right off then troll.
>> No. 81688
just letting you know they exist asshole
>> No. 81740
>>81688 Thanks to the asshole who made this thread and doxxed her you just added more drama in her life.
>> No. 81755
>>81740 hey man i didn't make the thread
>> No. 81768
>>81740 i blame musical.ly for allowing girls to get naked for pedos and i blame the girl for making the vids lastly i blame her parents for giving her a smartphone or tablet or whatever she used to make the videos
>> No. 81823
>>81768 I blame her parents for fucking and having such a hot daughter.
>> No. 81867
you teenagers are so fucking dumb it hurts to even type in the same area as you!
You commit a Murder! You blame the person who made the Blade, You blame the Blade, You blame your parents for having your sorry ass, you blame the media for promoting violence.

>> No. 82157
>>81867 I blame my cock for being aroused by naked little girls.
>> No. 82160
Blames don't blame people. People blame people!
>> No. 82507
i blame her for having such a nice ass and such a cute face
>> No. 84000
if only she had tits to go with that hairless pussy and ass..she'd be perfect. still has time for the tits but her ass will never be more perfect than it is when she was 9 or 10
>> No. 85902
>>84000 agreed she would be hotter with tits
>> No. 85905
Compassionate Pedophile
>> No. 85916
>>85902 She probably has tits now that shes 12.
>> No. 86197
>>85916 from looking at her recent instagram pictures it looks like she still doesn't have tits looking forward to seeing her cleavage when she does get them
>> No. 87274
bump for hope
>> No. 87285
>>86197 She might be a late bloomer. I suggest she massages her chest daily for 15 minutes to encourage breast tissue growth.
>> No. 87711
>>87285 i think she'd be hotter if she stayed flatchested her whole life. imagine fucking her at 18 and she had a babyface with that ass and cute face. or imagine fucking her at any age itd be the best anyone ever has
>> No. 87804
>>87711 Well then you should check out Ellen Page. Shes flat and looks like a teen still.
>> No. 87809
File 155167299617.jpg - (221.11KB , 904x904 , ellen-page-in-2019.jpg )
You still think she looks young in the current year?
>> No. 88003
imagine a threesome with her and pretzel girl your dick would explode in 10 seconds
>> No. 88008
88003 when i say her i mean madison and pretzel girl not that predator looking ellen page
>> No. 88572
144chaan.pk 11925
Pls, reup this file.
>> No. 88710
Does anyone have this video of madison mcdougall? If you can, can you please? and whatever else you have of it.
>> No. 89038
>>88710 watch it on vlc media player or use k-lite codec to watch the video. the bw1667 file works fine with vlc
>> No. 89824
it will be exciting when this girl is on a Disney or Nickelodeon show some day.
>> No. 89953
>>89824 I wish her the best of luck because she deserves it.
>> No. 90193
>>89953 she does shes a nice person. i just hope she doesnt get raped or molested daily by some producer or director if she ever does join disney or nick. she would be better off staying as far away from Hollywood as she can
>> No. 90197
>>90193 Just stay away from the dirty Jews that work there and youll be ok.
>> No. 90244
hollywood? more like pedowood
>> No. 90374
>>90244 hollyweird
>> No. 90394
hellywood too she should stay away from that place if she goes there shell end up with an amanda bynes type of breakdown someday
>> No. 92436
i freakin love this girl
>> No. 92515
>>88572 since you have no idea how codecs work, heres a different version of the strip video


PW: H-@-p-p-y-W-@-n-k-e-r

Wish it was the full vid but its just the 1:48 i heard theres a part 1 for the vid too.
>> No. 92798
>>92515 thanks anon
>> No. 92849
anyone else have any other videos of her?

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