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/mir/ ~ This pro child model does cams!!
File 151983243676.jpg - (103.05KB , 1000x667 , 0482.jpg )
11599 No. 11599
/r Please post a link to share this real model's more private collection ;)
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>> No. 53419
I went on instagram and it seems the peterfile guys account was banned and the comments as well. It doesnt mean the cops are going to go after him as he was just a troll.
>> No. 53424
>>53419 if thats true then it's a good thing i only post when i use tor
>> No. 53456
is not that easy to track down someone. that guy is dumb. if using tor then you are fine unless you reveal info about self or some kind of exploit in tor is used.
>> No. 53470
for all you little twerps who can't talk to women

The law is the same as Rape when stalking, blackmailing, etc of a girl online now.
>> No. 53498
>>53470 if you're so good with women then what are you even doing on this site faggot? fuck off.
>> No. 53502
>>53419 the people who would likely be in the most danger are the ones who SECURITY BITCHING ONLY ALLOWED IN DISCUSSION SUBS PLEASE
>> No. 53509
>>53470 Anyone who is low enough to bm this girl deserves to be shot in the head.
>> No. 53513

it's not like easy ,easy, but has they say all the careful in the world will never be enough, some call me dumb, and that's the dumbest thing i ever heard, because i work in the business so i know what i am talking about, it's doesn't matter if you use tor or not, the key this days are the internet providers, they keep a very large data base about every connection made on internet, and every data transference made, and has an police investigator said, what fucks them is when they make transference from of big chunks of data, in this case like movies, they don't go after you ip smart ass(the guy that call me dumb) they go after the content signatures you drop online, they don't care about your IP, this is not the 90's, they go straight to content tracking, working with the internet providers they will easily find it, but not in 1 weak for sure, i am just saying if they really want some one they have the tools to get them.

people hide behind tor and call me dumb? i can only laugh, tor is irrelevant we need to pass beyond that to survive, for me is kinda a rush to be always one step in front of them, the feeling one man can beat one state, is to glorious for me to run from it, you want some tips? i can provide but don't call me dumb ever.

always use external data storage's, and never drop the files on your PC, the best is a pen 64gb, if you have one collection of this size you can proud yourself, a pen is very small and very destructible, doesn't matter what crime you commit only matter what they can prove, i use fake ID and address to get my internet service, so make their lives hard, but they don't care about that either, they hunt my router signal, and with time they will get close, that's why you need to change operative system and your router at least ounce per year, 1 year is the time of police investigation, so when the time they come, you don't have the proves of the crime, i change motherboard to, but that is me, then you only have your collection, best ting is to have another 64gb pen when you store your collection and sometimes you update it and hide it again and some place not in your house, to have always a reserve, but you keep 1 pen close to you, in my case i need it daily, plus i have video surveillance and movement detectors around the house, and a very noise alarm and a nice front door, like steel, when they come i will always have like 5 minutes to destroy evidences for that you keep those small gas torches with you and you burn your pen and router.

they come they burst your front door they make a big drama and all of that you are taken to police station, but you have already your layer on the phone, they try to get a confession out of you, you smile all the way because you know they got nothing on you, you keep saying they made a mistake, your layer comes, and need to be set free because they didn't find the proves they were looking for, and you get out and go home with a smile in your face, ofc knowing the law of your country is very important to see what crimes you are committing, in US is the worst place everything is crime, lucky for me i do not live there, is some places like saudi arabia and some arab countries, you can even put a 9y girl sucking your dick inside your car in front of the police station and they do nothing, that's why i love the arabs, they always look aside and never put their noses in other people business
>> No. 53571
in the business? it?
ok then you really missed something
if you're a target for gov's at some point it's another tiny thing combined with traces on the web that will cause you a headache big time
circuits if you're in the business and still change motherboards well then you'll certainly have at least 1 or even 2 circuits activated at startup btw those are acrivated even in sleepmode

all the other you're doing is the same most people are doing well the cautious ones
tor combined with a virtual os on external disc may save your ass
unless those circuits have'nt told more then enough about router isp computer setup programs paid for or warez plus all the keys pressed & yes every password ever used or saved on to that pen you're using

no your not dumb if i meant you were i'd been dumb too and i'm just an average but extremely cautious guy you know
if you're in the business of it you really should've known about the unwelcome gifts the manufacturers of computer related stuff are forced to add to their products
of course info about the mentioned gifts or circuits can be found with a search
and it's def not a hoax as some items is removed every time a new piece is replaced in any of the machines i'm using every day
>> No. 53578

finally a guy that speaks my language, yes electronic devices are just beacons this days, because secretly governments are forcing the manufacturers to build tracking components, and back doors everywhere, for they agencies plug in anytime they want...but was you know not everybody is this cautious common i see them getting arrested for stupid things like sharing in public net cafes, using a computer in a public space with cameras pointing at you is a great deed.

motherboard is the key because in where this smart guys store data on our backs via roms and other mini memory cards, you take the motherboard and game over they can send the rest to the lab and they will find nothing.

i just know in today's world everything you do is likely living trails behind i focus on be a ghost, i always pay my bills with money never using the banking system to pay internet, go to a local shop and pay there, or better send someone to do it for you, because the shop may have cameras, and the time you pay get printed on the bills, it's not hard it only requires discipline and rules, but is a price i pay gladly to live a freedom most of people can't because they accept all this rules, and i live the break them, because i want to be free, the same guys that make laws are the biggest peds of our society, no problem is they need people in jails in order to make justice profitable for layers and judges, i will never bend over to scum like this, if they have tonnes of man power and resources, i should play with what i have, knowledge about their tactics is the key to always be one step ahead, and like i said it's important to know the laws
>> No. 53579
how could they get content signatures from tor if all the packets are encrypted?
>> No. 53588

again people keep asking the wrong questions, it doesn't matter if it's even 512b encryption, encryption works to prevent tapping stealing...if some file is traveling from the server that host this site and many other that were shut down, when a police investigation is going one they know very well the content of sites like this so, encrypted or not they already have the proves of the crime, next step they just need to find the trails of data traveling, they can ping point the origin country of the server, from that to know the countries and internet providers the files were traveling is just a couple of steps, and i am pretty sure all authorities in the world already figure it out tor encryption engines
>> No. 53600
it is good to be vigilant, but i strongly suspect you dont understand how tor and encryption work.
>> No. 53608

well if tor was bullet prove sites like this were not been shut down daily and people would not get arrested so...
>> No. 53621
it is not bulletproof, but using tor is hundreds of times better than not using it. to this day no attack is known to have compromised the tor network, all the attacks target either vulnerabilities on nonessential features of the tor browser (which can be disabled by setting the browser's security slider to the safest), or are based on convincing the user to download an infected file (tor only ensures that your download will be anonymous, it is your responsibility to not download crap), or happen because the user posted personal info on the web and got recognized for it (tor cant anonymize you if you refuse to be anonymous). a lot of tor users are dumb, it is not tor's fault.
>> No. 53717

if i am not an expert in tor, yeah it's true, but i am in internet infrastructures and police investigation, i was even inside a police room where they were working out to tracking tor Ip's, it doesn't take a genius to understand that even if you live in France and your ip's is in china, they just need to tap the connection between site and where the data is been transferred, in this case if china is what they come up, they just need to go to google that is working with interpol and nato to store gigantic among of data the ISP companies have, and cross data, even if it is encrypt, you can't hide the size, because they know the content is already pedporn, they just need to search the encrypt signatures and size of files, and will always point to a certain ISP company and therefor a country after that do the maths.

anyway if i was the mod i would shut down this thread because it's clearly to dangerous, she a famous girl will not take to long for cops come here, because of this idiots
>> No. 53732
can we please get back to posting vids of this cutie?
>> No. 53777
>>53571 mine
don't worry folks we're getting back to posting vids well as soon as some can be found tehre is

if i did'nt knew someone i knew a few years ago had passed away i'd may have got a thought well almost;)
anyway we seem to be similar ie. cautious paranoia in small chunks and so on
do as you mostly trails of me & you not too many i suspect but who knows it's cams everywhere
i may have a slightly other reason to stay low but that's another deal

and now i'm out of here and hope you guys i've annoyed a bit can excuse me
hope you'll get the vids your looking for but i don't have any i'm a bypasser only
>> No. 53799
i guess you are talking about correlation attacks. if it is really true that the ISPs of all tor nodes share information with each other about the size and timing of each packet then that is a problem. i do not know how much of it is true though. it is easier to track a single person of interest than it is to track everyone who uses tor.
>> No. 53854
is this her? the faces are similar
>> No. 53929
Seems our little Madison is getting a little bit more famous...anybody watched this new mini series shes in? >https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9176390/?ref_=ttep_ep1

Its gonna be quite a hoot if she gets really famous and the normies find out about these little webchats of hers!
>> No. 53933
>Its gonna be quite a hoot if she gets really famous and the normies find out about these little webchats of hers!
That's the plan. They won't remain normies anymore!
>> No. 53941
fuck yeh!! unlike the miley cyrus casting couch tape(or alleged tape) madisons recordings are already owned by 1000's of MAP's....
this shit will be on the nightly news real soon!!
>> No. 53961
what exactly are you trying to do here?
>> No. 53984

the unique thing that should be on night news is guys like you beheaded in cold blood, for trying to destroy the life of this angel
>> No. 53988
Oh pull your head in,she's not an Angel,she's and very ordinary girl who is showing very ordinary urges and behavior.
This in my opinion is the best medicine that normies should be made to swallow.
Looking forward to the shit storm.
>> No. 53992
Oh pull your head in,she's not an Angel,she's and very ordinary girl who is showing very ordinary urges and behavior.
This in my opinion is the best medicine that normies should be made to swallow.
Looking forward to the shit storm.
>> No. 54018
>>53941 Putting it on the news would be stupid. Not the first girl to ever do this on a camsite. Remember shes just a kid and what she does is fun and games still.
>> No. 54019
If it's that easy for them to trace everyone, why are we all not in jail?
>> No. 54021
>>53854 i want it to be her but chances its probably not her
>> No. 54022
>>53929 thats how it all starts. first its a crappy mini series then it's the big time with her getting banged behind the scenes by disney or nickelodeon directors or producers while her parents look the other way because she's making tons of money doing sitcoms on nick or disney. Dan Schneider is probably so upset Nickelodeon fired him especially with this girl available for a show on nick or disney.
>> No. 54024
It's on YouTube.
>> No. 54154
>>54022 She isnt going to be a disney kid. That place is full of stupid shows. Id rather see her have parts in movies and not tv shows. And stop thinking all these kids get fucked behind the scenes. You read to much fake news dude.
>> No. 54179

you guys never learn you think, they have space for all of us? medical studies point out that 15% of adult man have sexual attraction to preteens, we all together outnumber all armed and police forces in a scale of 30/1, if we wanted we could take the world tomorrow, the problem you guys are a bunch of fappists.

police forces around the world have like a number of investigation open each year and tonnes on archives, they have the means but they can arrest 1/6 of the male population, they go after big sharks only, big amounts of data, if you keep your files under 50mb that don't even bother them
>> No. 54180

no i know for a fact she is an angel, and i know your type too, you just like chaos don't you...you love to create chaos in order to gain power, you use this girls for you personal satisfaction no morals no code nothing, you are just an animal in a jungle, a monkeys and lions eat monkeys, without order and moral codes we are just animals that deserve nothing less than a bullet...she was innocently begging for sex, she doesn't know what happen but she knows she wants something inside her something hard, she's rare because she understands and explores what she is, 1 in 1 billion so she's an angel
>> No. 54624
>>54579 the only good thing about him is he's keeping the thread at the top
>> No. 54677
You stupid niggers are why we cant have anything nice. Fucking autistic manchildren ruining anything remotely good. And you faggots wonder why folks hoard stuff away.
>> No. 55565
fuck the haters of this thread. bump
>> No. 55571
Have some compassion!
>> No. 56240
>>44789 if you are her mother then you might want to ask your daughter if she's ever been sexually abused. she is a nympho in her videos and she does things in those videos that no 9 year old should ever know how to do at that age.
>> No. 56257
>>56240 She probably looked at porn or some shit on the net like lots of kid do these days. You need to get this sexual abuse stuff out your head.
>> No. 56401
keep coming back to this thread hoping for something new of her but theres never anything sigh
>> No. 56419
Nothing to see her folks, lets move along now.
>> No. 56432
File 154208384335.jpg - (52.47KB , 702x614 , cat.jpg )
Nothing to see here. Move along please.
>> No. 56449
>>56432 this reminds me of ferris bueller after the end credits when he says "you're still here? the movies over. go home."
>> No. 56636
Don't trip bro all you need is a VPN & Tor and you're set. Make sure your VPN isn't from the US unless you want the feds on your ass.

32-64GB pen drive is good though just make sure is small enough to hide or destroy.
>> No. 56640
Was bound to happen.
>> No. 56641
Encryption in drives have already been cracked, doesn't mean squat if you hide your shit there. Your better off hiding your stash remotely via usb than encrypting that crap.
>> No. 56644
US & Uk are obssessed with their war on cp. Interpol, NSA, FBI they exist for that shit.
>> No. 56663
who cares those losers can kiss my ass they have no right to rule my live

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