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/mir/ ~ This pro child model does cams!!
File 151983243676.jpg - (103.05KB , 1000x667 , 0482.jpg )
11599 No. 11599
/r Please post a link to share this real model's more private collection ;)
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>> No. 54021
>>53854 i want it to be her but chances its probably not her
>> No. 54022
>>53929 thats how it all starts. first its a crappy mini series then it's the big time with her getting banged behind the scenes by disney or nickelodeon directors or producers while her parents look the other way because she's making tons of money doing sitcoms on nick or disney. Dan Schneider is probably so upset Nickelodeon fired him especially with this girl available for a show on nick or disney.
>> No. 54024
It's on YouTube.
>> No. 54154
>>54022 She isnt going to be a disney kid. That place is full of stupid shows. Id rather see her have parts in movies and not tv shows. And stop thinking all these kids get fucked behind the scenes. You read to much fake news dude.
>> No. 54179

you guys never learn you think, they have space for all of us? medical studies point out that 15% of adult man have sexual attraction to preteens, we all together outnumber all armed and police forces in a scale of 30/1, if we wanted we could take the world tomorrow, the problem you guys are a bunch of fappists.

police forces around the world have like a number of investigation open each year and tonnes on archives, they have the means but they can arrest 1/6 of the male population, they go after big sharks only, big amounts of data, if you keep your files under 50mb that don't even bother them
>> No. 54180

no i know for a fact she is an angel, and i know your type too, you just like chaos don't you...you love to create chaos in order to gain power, you use this girls for you personal satisfaction no morals no code nothing, you are just an animal in a jungle, a monkeys and lions eat monkeys, without order and moral codes we are just animals that deserve nothing less than a bullet...she was innocently begging for sex, she doesn't know what happen but she knows she wants something inside her something hard, she's rare because she understands and explores what she is, 1 in 1 billion so she's an angel
>> No. 54624
>>54579 the only good thing about him is he's keeping the thread at the top
>> No. 54677
You stupid niggers are why we cant have anything nice. Fucking autistic manchildren ruining anything remotely good. And you faggots wonder why folks hoard stuff away.
>> No. 55565
fuck the haters of this thread. bump
>> No. 55571
Have some compassion!
>> No. 56240
>>44789 if you are her mother then you might want to ask your daughter if she's ever been sexually abused. she is a nympho in her videos and she does things in those videos that no 9 year old should ever know how to do at that age.
>> No. 56257
>>56240 She probably looked at porn or some shit on the net like lots of kid do these days. You need to get this sexual abuse stuff out your head.
>> No. 56401
keep coming back to this thread hoping for something new of her but theres never anything sigh
>> No. 56419
Nothing to see her folks, lets move along now.
>> No. 56432
File 154208384335.jpg - (52.47KB , 702x614 , cat.jpg )
Nothing to see here. Move along please.
>> No. 56449
>>56432 this reminds me of ferris bueller after the end credits when he says "you're still here? the movies over. go home."
>> No. 56636
Don't trip bro all you need is a VPN & Tor and you're set. Make sure your VPN isn't from the US unless you want the feds on your ass.

32-64GB pen drive is good though just make sure is small enough to hide or destroy.
>> No. 56640
Was bound to happen.
>> No. 56641
Encryption in drives have already been cracked, doesn't mean squat if you hide your shit there. Your better off hiding your stash remotely via usb than encrypting that crap.
>> No. 56644
US & Uk are obssessed with their war on cp. Interpol, NSA, FBI they exist for that shit.
>> No. 56663
who cares those losers can kiss my ass they have no right to rule my live
>> No. 57246
too bad this thread is dead
>> No. 57417
proof on that? the amount of misinformation here scares me
>> No. 57688
im keeping hope that there are moar vids of her out there bump
>> No. 57704
>>57688 good luck with that buddy
>> No. 58162
Madison's my favorite jb girl shes hot af
>> No. 58167
>>52460 that's all says you. for all we know you may have missed a vid and someone out there might be hoarding it
>> No. 58182
>>52460 thanks for this post anon the picture quality was perfect compared to the 34 megabyte video (quality was awful in that) the better quality in the long version was perfect for the nude parts
>> No. 58341
is this thread making a come back?
>> No. 58349
No its not, theres nothing else to add to it.
>> No. 58369
Dont worry about the noobie fuckwit he never post anything but garbage.
Nice set, slow modems back then meant smaller pictures, get over it.
>> No. 58578
Wtf?! OP pic and second pic are differ girls. Y’all are whack.
>> No. 58645
>>58578 your kidding right?
>> No. 59907
>>58645 hope he is its clearly the same girl
>> No. 59908
Why would I waste 64GB pen drive to garbage like this?

I want it full of something nobody else has seen, like a self made fuck with my 5yo niece.
>> No. 59912
>>59908 this is prob bait but if its not then shes not garbage anon shes an angel who is hot af
>> No. 61476
wish there were more vids of her
>> No. 62374
>>61476 you and i both anon
>> No. 64552
Is it just me or is there a bit of Lindsey Lohan about her?
>> No. 65405
>>64552 not really if anything she's hotter than lohan
>> No. 65833
is that really all there is of her?
>> No. 66942
>>65833 probably
>> No. 67304
>>64552 she looks more like a young Beverly D'Angelo from the national lampoon movies imo
>> No. 67487
>>67304 i can see that
>> No. 67732
ive seen a video of her that hasnt been posted on here yet i remember she was taking a shower like this anon was hoping for >>52379 use to have it but my hard drive crashed heres to hoping someone out there has it was hot af
>> No. 67736
>>67732 if this is true then I NEED to see it!
>> No. 68071
>>67732 No youre just making shit up to keep the thread alive. Dont give me that hard drive crashed crap lol.
>> No. 68320
>>68071 can't blame for trying lol
>> No. 71518
i have faith more vids of her exist bump
>> No. 71552
i have faith moar of her exists out there bump

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