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/mir/ ~ This pro child model does cams!!
File 151983243676.jpg - (103.05KB , 1000x667 , 0482.jpg )
11599 No. 11599
/r Please post a link to share this real model's more private collection ;)
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>> No. 11600
>> No. 11601
File 151983393661.jpg - (118.95KB , 967x1358 , censor.jpg )
>> No. 11623
Anyone know her name, or how many videos it exist of her?
>> No. 11624
I know of two videos could be more
>> No. 11750
She has a few on another site
>> No. 11762
She must have been paid for the cam videos as well She looks cute nice girl
>> No. 11824
11601- seen this and yes she is pure honey. Never known of anything else...if anyone could dlfree other vids that would be sweet.
>> No. 11856
What is models name?
>> No. 11925
3 of her vids including >>11601

>> No. 12025
Thanks so much for the cams!
>> No. 12039
>> No. 12228
Password not working for me. Cut/paste no added space.
>> No. 12233
And now it is. Thanks, so cute.
>> No. 12240
>>11599 instagram of her?
>> No. 12241
Password above no spaces
>> No. 12266
Thanks for sharing Julia's vids!
>> No. 12270
Model+webcam girl combo. She should be used as a literal model for girls to follow!
>> No. 12273
Feminazis should support the likes of this empowered young lady star instead of trying to suppress their sexuality. This is freedom embodied.
>> No. 12600
any more of her? possible reup of the first screencap?
>> No. 13275
Nobody can post her name?
>> No. 13277
her name?
>> No. 18985
Anyone have more model photos of her?
>> No. 36900
still cant get pw to work
>> No. 36901
newstar lexie?
>> No. 37293
2 completely different girls, although there is a slight resemblance in this case, unlike in most of these poor fantasies.
>> No. 37606
https://www.madisonmcdougall.net madison mcdougall, great search man, thank u
>> No. 37889
>> No. 42890
I heard she has at least 10 videos. Anyone have those other 7 videos?
>> No. 42924
They look nothing alike, don't know why you guys would even think it's the same girl. Btw the girl from the video if you ask me looks like a mini Kristen Bell, lol.
>> No. 42930
you can find some of her model vids on yt https://www.youtube.com/user/danig657/videos
>> No. 42976
Its the same girl. In the 7 minute partial nude vid her little brother calls her Madison and in that same video you can hear her brother say play with Thomas. The girl in the main pic is named Madison and she has a little brother named Thomas. Don't tell me that's a coincidence. Another thing is if you look at her public ig and look at normal pics where she's not wearing 10 pounds of makeup you can tell its the same girl. Truthfully I think her photographers should capture her youth and cuteness and not try to make her look like she's 16 to 18.
>> No. 42978
>>42930 I dont want youtube videos I want nudes. Id love to see a vid of her with tits but since shes a model chances are that probably wont happen now. If that person is right in saying she has 10 cam vids then I'd love to see them.
>> No. 43004
File 153627606533.jpg - (145.68KB , 961x961 , Proof 1.jpg )
It's her OK, 100%
This is from her instagram
>> No. 43014
>>43004 this anon gets it. wish someone had her other videos.
>> No. 43021
File 153628445991.png - (859.83KB , 720x1078 , Maddy-1.png )
Another pic from her instagram.
It's clearly the same blonde cutie.
>> No. 43032
>>12270 she's just a kid she can do whatever the fuck she wants
>> No. 43070
what a breath taking beauty
>> No. 43078
11925 Dude, while i appreciate you sharing, do you understand that while you think it's cool to go all crazy with your password, that it contains characters that the unzipping programs can't handle? Can't you please be a little more 'normal' with the pw?
>> No. 43268
>>43078 chances are he got the dl.free file from forbidden fruit or girls a priori and linked it here. If he did then he wasn't the one that made the file so chill out and just be happy he linked it for you.
>> No. 43272
>>12266 who's julia? her names madison
>> No. 43278
shes the perfect loli
>> No. 43317
more pix
pass 144chan
>> No. 43565
>>43317 was hoping they were nudes but more pics are better than nothing. thanks anon.
>> No. 43731
I read online she lives in South Carolina. Later this week South Carolina is likely to get hit by a 150 mph hurricane. If they do get hit then hope she stays safe during the hurricane.
>> No. 43754
File 153655671980.jpg - (83.65KB , 1080x1080 , 26871213_217087045522666_7804854388933001216_n.jpg )
>> No. 43774
She's always welcome at my home. Especially the bedroom.
>> No. 43794
Florence might hit as a Cat 4.
>> No. 43827
She lives in southern SC so she should be okay. The hurricane is looking like it will hit northern South Carolina/North Carolina. She also lives in a super rich city so even if they did get hit they'd rebuild quickly. It's nice to see people caring about her safety. We're not all bad people on here. lol
>> No. 43868
>>43827 i just dont want her to die shes too young and cute to die also just want to see new nude videos of her in the future
>> No. 43881
yeah yeah yeah hurricane. lets get back to requesting nude vids of her. has anyone seen those 7 other vids some anons have talked about? if yes what were they like?
>> No. 43888
you little teen shits already fucked up there will never be any new nude vids
>> No. 43898
Well, as of late we're running low in hard dick strengthening materials.. we gotta care for what little is left for us.
>> No. 43922
She is welcome to come stay with me.
>> No. 43946
>>43888 do you think she knows about her vids being on tor/jb sites? She probably doesn't so there probably still is a chance to get new vids of her in the future.
>> No. 44165
>> No. 44166
the hurricane is actually going to turn and come into South Carolina now after making landfall in north carolina so theres a chance this girl could be affected hope she stays safe
>> No. 44228
I dont think she will ever come back after that.
>> No. 44313
anyone see her latest ig post? She looked really skinny. Maybe even anorexic skinny. Possible anorexia and hurricane. This girl is dealing with a lot of shit right now
>> No. 44363
Florence is nothing Compared to the BEAST!
>> No. 44371
>> No. 44563
I wonder if her dad knows how slutty his cute little daughter is? You guys think he already knows?
>> No. 44598
Of course he does but he plays dumb to jerk off to new ones. If I had a daughter and learned she's webcamming to strangers I'd jerk off so hard I'd pluck my dick out.
>> No. 44613
LOL, ditto!
add to that a feeling I failed as a parent after all is said & done (fapping HARD).
>> No. 44651
lets be honest her dad has probably fucked her many times shes way too sexual for her age especially in that 2 minute strip video
>> No. 44716
that "when her ass is a 10 but so is her age" saying works perfectly for this girl
>> No. 44768
starting to feel like giving up in waiting for new wins of girl. thing is I never knew about the 20 minute vid until I saw it on here so it does give a little hope in finding new material of her
>> No. 44789
File 153698673595.jpg - (52.91KB , 960x496 , 38484083_10213586147500401_694462526334697472_n.jpg )
Hey you sick fucks stop talking about my daughter like shes some kind of sex toy.
>> No. 44908
>>44789 Is this real? find it hard to believe her mom would visit a site like this. if it is then sorry Mrs. McDougall.
>> No. 44945
i bet the girl posted it and pretended to be her mother if that's the case we should tame her
>> No. 44954

she is at least 11 years old now
>> No. 45018
>>44789 But she is some kind of sex toy. I print her pictures and masturbate over them, shooting a big load of cum all over her pretty face. Would you like to see my tribute pics?
>> No. 45020
>>44954 she could be 18 or 25 and I wouldn't care I just like her butt lol
>> No. 45039
>>44789 your daughter is so damn cute
>> No. 45046
In the vid I had, but stupidly deleted, she was on cam and responding to comments asking her to show her ass etc. Gorgeous body on her and her face is so damn cute.
>> No. 45049
>>45046 sucks you deleted it anon but it gives me hope someone out there has it and it will be posted one day. This girl is an angel tbh also in that vid did she ever show her ass?
>> No. 45071
>>45049 One of the three vids in the dl has an extract from the one I had, where she goes into the bathroom [I think] and her brother is heard calling her name. She does show her ass, she has a mole on her left butt cheek and one on the right, on the upper and inner thigh, quite near to her slit. The dl is well worth the effort for the long clip where she changes outfits and removes her panties for some flashing.
>> No. 45149
>>45071 damn i was hoping it was a never before seen vid that sucks i did hear of an anon say one time that she has 10 total videos hope hes right
>> No. 45150
>>45071 are you saying the video you saw was in this rar 11925 ? or are you saying its a different video in a different rar?
>> No. 45172
guessing her other vids if there are more are getting hoarded
>> No. 45182
stalkers are scary! There introverted virgins!
>> No. 45202
>>45182 basically everyone on here is trying to get as many wins of this girl as they can because who knows how much longer sites like this one will be running with all the censorship of the internet going on. also whoa that was a long run-on sentence
>> No. 45223
>>>>11599 do you know what site you're on? lmao
>> No. 45225
>>44789 maybe you should stop sexualizing your daughter in child model competitions where probably half the men in the audience in those competitions are pedos. probably not really her mom but had to say it
>> No. 45257
>>45150 The11925 .rar has three videos in it, two shortish ones and a long one, where Madison changes outfits for the camera. One of the shorter vids has an extract from the longer version I used to have. Madison goes into the bathroom and performs to the requests for the camera. I have to say, this section is the best of the original, which is probably why it was extracted. Hope this helps, mate.
>> No. 45261
>>45257 that helped thanks anon
wish someone out there had more of her
>> No. 45270
File 153717012198.jpg - (163.39KB , 1080x1349 , 15625412_1894473577440260_1720569456465281024_n.jpg )
ugh she's soooo cute
>> No. 45298
File 153717883374.jpg - (315.22KB , 1000x1500 , 0488.jpg )
>> No. 45299
File 153717884546.jpg - (125.12KB , 1000x1500 , 0609.jpg )
>> No. 45300
File 153717885828.jpg - (329.98KB , 1500x1875 , DSC00499.jpg )
>> No. 45301
File 153717887183.jpg - (413.47KB , 1500x2100 , DSC00412.jpg )
>> No. 45378
i need moar nude vids of her
>> No. 45429
>>45378 we all do anon we all do
>> No. 45432
figured out her age in the vids. my device says when each vid was created. the 2 minute strip video was from August 2017 so she would be 10 years old, the 7 minute video is from 2016 so she would be 9 years old and the long video is from Sept 2016 so she would be again 9 years old. since its been over a year since she made her last video I'm assuming shes done making vids but that doesnt mean she doesnt have any other past vids floating around the deep web/internet
>> No. 45434
>>45432 wait u mean to tell me shes not 18? im out
>> No. 45441
>>45434 im just as shocked as you
>> No. 45458
i know for a fact she has more videos out there
>> No. 45497
saw a funny pic on either her ig or fb one time in the pic it was captioned by her: "netflix and chill with my little brother" guessing she doesn't know what netflix and chill means lol got to find that pic later and post it
>> No. 45501
>>45432 Yes that seems about right since she turns 12 in October.
>> No. 45506
File 153724109148.png - (644.51KB , 718x1011 , netflixandchill.png )
found the netflix and chill post i mentioned earlier. seems wrong for this girl to be saying netflix and chill especially around her little bro lol
>> No. 45507
File 15372413084.png - (884.03KB , 720x1280 , clearlyher.png )
>>42924 its her heres a pic of her wearing the exact same swimsuit she wore in the 20 minute vid
>> No. 45539
>>45257 @madlove in this longer version of the I'm assuming 7 minute vid how long was it? Did you see it live? What site did you see it on? if you can write back thanks
>> No. 45546
Someone is fucking her. She got a big spot of HPV just next to her outer labia.
>> No. 45547
>>45546 if someone is fucking her then that guy is a lucky bastard tbh
>> No. 45548
>>45546 just the fact that shes having sex is so hot to me
>> No. 45580
File 153728033999.jpg - (316.12KB , 1000x1250 , DSC_6703.jpg )
>> No. 45605
>>45546 is it hpv? I thought it was just a mole
>> No. 45610
does anyone have any proof that this girl has more than 3 videos out there?
>> No. 45646
>>45501 if she ever becomes an actress you should try to be in one of her movies so you can bang her
>> No. 45650
Damn she is gorgeous! Any pics of her uncensored? If it isn't too much to ask
>> No. 45662
Its not HPV you goombas, its just a damn mole.
>> No. 45674
>>45650 just download the rar file that has the 3 vids >>11925 but make sure you dl with a vpn or tor if you use your own ip you might have trouble
>> No. 45675
>>45662 would love to lick that mole
>> No. 45730
>>45675 me too ;)
>> No. 45770
someones gotta have more of this cutie
if you do drop the link
>> No. 45802
when she does these live videos does she know shes streaming mainly for adults? Or do you guys think she thinks she's streaming for kids her age?
>> No. 45960
>> No. 46006
bump again
>> No. 46052
No she probably doesnt care who was watching her. Its all about getting attention which she craves.
>> No. 46064
wish someone would post something new of her
>> No. 46070
she cares and it's her joking with other girls!
>> No. 46122
>>46070 if it is her joking with other girls then one of those girls mustv'e exposed her and posted her vids on jb sites/tor but honestly I don't think it is other girls that she's talking to. I think it's probably adults in their 30s-50s who are watching her live vids on apps.
>> No. 46123
>>46070 how do you know shes' talking to other girls?
>> No. 46284
Stop making yourself sound stupid please. This was on liveme and I saw it myself. Most of her commenters were pedos. But its not like she could see who they were. And most girls ask age and everyone lies and they believe it cause they lack judgement at this age.
>> No. 46298
i think i know of a fourth video of this sweetie
>> No. 46373
what's it like anon?
>> No. 46379
I wish I knew what she was saying at the end of the 23 minute video. In the end she said "guys my mom is not home. So if you send me your messages you can send me.." *video ends* I'd like to think she said you can send me dick pics. lol
>> No. 46389
saw a pic on ig of her saying shes on a football team now tbh I would to tackle her some of the boys on the other teams will be lucky to do so
>> No. 46391
its from the jb esp seires its same as others but she has shorter hair and only small amount of nudity
>> No. 46538
>>46391 i'd love to see that vid she's the hottest jb girl there is. also any idea what the filename for the vid is? and when you say it's an esp video do you mean a espartan video?
>> No. 46539
also the only place where i know I can find esp vids is on jbkings so I'll have to check it out and see if I can find the vid on there hopefully i will
>> No. 46565
Im about to send this to her parents insta dm to get this whole site shut down.
>> No. 46604
>>46565 guessing this site is at a random place in the world so good luck with that
btw bump
>> No. 46616
>>46565 if you did or do then you are a retard this is not the only site that has her videos. There are tons of sites that have them and that includes onion sites. If it were possible for them to shut it down then great for them but it's just one site of many and even if you did there would still be millions of people out there that have her videos. You would be making zero progress. Plus many people that use this site use a vpn or tor so it would take forever to find out who actually is behind each computer screen. For you though it would be easy mr "PedoKiller" because you would be posting under your own identity on instagram probably with your own ip address and you would literally be admitting to her parents you browse sites like this one. Not only would it be bad for you, but it would be bad for this young girl too if she doesn't already know about sites like this and her vids being on it. If she did know then everywhere she goes she will wonder "has this person seen my videos?" "Is that person being nice to me because they've seen me naked?" "What if everyone in my school finds out about my videos?" You would be possibly ruining her life and taking away her innocence so if you want to ruin her life go for it. Another thing is if you send them a link to the site then you would possibly be getting her parents in trouble for viewing this site.
>> No. 46619
it would take more then that!
but I am getting sick of all the little shits and their complete obsession over a girl. Go out meet some women you losers! Stalkers Die in Fire!
>> No. 46621
46565. I'm about to kick your faggot ass.
>> No. 46650
@pedokiller lolololololololol lol
>> No. 46692
sure you are...
>> No. 46699
>>46391 any idea what the filename for the espartan video was?
>> No. 46728
Whatever ever happened to Espartan ?? He always posted quality clips on other sites. He was always a reliable (and free) source of nice stuff.
>> No. 46735
she is so adorable
>> No. 46745
brainwashed capped her bw1667, pretty good, worth getting his caps on FF OR GaP, lots of good ones..
>> No. 46759
>> No. 46765
>>46759 why are you still here?
>> No. 46774
Also people totally freeze whenever cp gets brought up. Imagine if her parents got word of this, taking any action against it implicitly means they admit to watching cp and to their daughter producing cp, which could make them lose custody of her at best or go to jail at worst. Also her modeling career would be over as she registers on the sex offender list for producing cp. Everyone's way better off pretending nothing happened.
>> No. 46801
>>46774 hope that whiteknight "pedo killer" does do nothing. the anon says he's friends with her so chances are he probably just wants to get in her pants chances are hes probably some fag 12 or 13 year old who shouldn't even be on this site in the first place
>> No. 46803
>>46774 sadly those pedos at the modeling agencies would likely be turned on at her being a sex offender heck chances are most of them probably are sex offenders themselves lol

I watched some people on youtube recently expose the fashion industry and as adults the male models were taken advantage of sexually by creepy photographers guessing it's probably the same way for child models. this girl probably gets sexually abused all the time sadly. key word is probably but still it likely happens
>> No. 46807
The only reason her family probably didnt find out is because they didnt know she was using the app. Or the vids were deleted before the knew something ever happened. But no one can prove if she got in trouble or not, so lets just say it didnt happen.
>> No. 46910
>>46803 i so wish i was child model photographer
>> No. 46937
that only happens in top fashion industry not some local fashion for young girls!
>> No. 46940
let's get some thing straight here you stupid virgin loser teens!
A girl does not get raped, hurt mentally or physically, arrested, or punished in any way because she decides to have fun on her cam.

A girl is modeling it doesn't mean a photographer is sexual abusing her, most photographers are female, the hair stylists are male.

The only abuse happens when you try and contact her send her vids or her on cam etc.

All you Fantasies are just that ! Fantasy!
>> No. 47019
>>46940 there is such thing as female pedos you know. another thing is some magazine agencies might make a model have sex just to get a cover or a photo set for that magazine place. this stuff is possible
>> No. 47171
hope this thread isn't dying the more people bump it hopefully the more likely someone out there will post her other vids
>> No. 47238
Whoever said there were other vids out there is probably lying there ass off.
>> No. 47270
>>47238 I don't think there is ten more vids like some people are saying but even if there was just one other vid of her that gets posted on here or ff or girls a priori I'd be happy because this girl is hot af
>> No. 47337
I believe only 3 videos of her are being shared. More may - repeat - may surface sometime in the future. But the best one by far is the one where she strips off totally and gapes her pussy at the camera twice. Once from the front and once from the rear. She has a lovely little mole right next to her puss which deserves some intense oral stimulation over several hours.
>> No. 47621
hey anon think long and hard about the number of the esp video you're talking about. If you can tell me the number then I might have a connection that can message me the video. if it's the correct file name ill post the dl.free link on here.
>> No. 47666
as soon i get a chance i will look it up i may have it in my collection
>> No. 47736
>>47666 did you find it anon?
>> No. 47771
Your daughter is very good rape able fuck able little fuck toy. I love her vids and the way she plays with her sweet little hairless pussy.
>> No. 47869
wish that anon would let us know if he found it yet i really want to delete my tor browser eventually
>> No. 47973
This is an amazing story. She is the most mainstream girl I've seen doing naughty vids. She was honored at an NFL game and is a very popular model. I hope she doesn't get in trouble for this, but it's likely just a matter of time. Perhaps she will somehow help the cause. We'll see.
>> No. 47974
shes a cutie
>> No. 48014
my apologies fellow pervs but i have not had time too look it up but please be patient i will try to find some time soon as well hope it is another one of her vids
>> No. 48018
>>47973 i don't about her "helping the cause" I saw in an online article interview she had said when she grows up she want to be an FBI agent. seems like bad news for us lol
>> No. 48019
>>48014 hopefully it really is her in the vid you are thinking of. also in the vid do you remember seeing the mole on her butt? If you remember a mole then chances are it probably is her.
>> No. 48020
>>47973 i think eventually there will be major damage control for this girl chances are her vids will be banned from sites like this or any site and they will become really rare videos. that's if she becomes an actress or even more popular with her modeling career.
>> No. 48154
well guys sorry i found the vid and it looks as though it is not her but it could either be her close twin or her at a different age because she even has the mole but the face is a bit off i will post screenshots soon t let you guys help me determine the verdict
>> No. 48161
>>48154 thanks for looking anon. im hopeful that it really is her but maybe shes just wearing makeup or something to make it not look like her the fact that the mole is there makes it seem a little promising
>> No. 48193
>>47973 that nfl team probably ran a train on her most celebs and probably even athletes are pedos
>> No. 48267
just found out this girl is linked to a guy named lane napper. lane is a guy that's been an actor on many Dan Schneider shows like victorius, icarly, drake and josh, etc. dan schneider is clearly a pedo. many pedos work together in hollywood so wouldn't surprise me if this lane guy was one too and if this girl was molested or raped by him or any other guy she's linked to for her career. could also be that lane is just a nice guy but the way hollywood is you never know. also hopefully dan schneider stays away from her hate that guy
>> No. 48316
looking forward to the screenshots anon
>> No. 48521
File 15388920695.png - (0.97MB , 720x1280 , fap.png )
only football player ive ever fapped to
>> No. 48522
>>48521 btw the players on the other team are lucky for being able to tackle her
>> No. 48531
Posted a pic of the strip vid on her insta.
>> No. 48536
>>48531 poor girl :( you may have just ruined her life wtg
>> No. 48594
Need moar madison.
>> No. 48598
where are those screenshots anon?
>> No. 48628
in case lane napper sees this just wanted to say sorry for calling you a pedo. im sure you're not and you're a nice guy btw someone posted a link to this on her ig and I'm surprised it's still up been up on there all day
>> No. 48629
sorry to madison too for some of the perverted posts some people have posted on here about you. you're a nice/good person and it's sad how everyone on here is sexualizing you. you got talent and i'm sure one day youll be a big star whether it's for modelling or acting
>> No. 48669
What talent? Models are sexualized eye candy by definition.
>> No. 48675
>>48669 i would say one of her talents is her cuteness and the other is that butt she's got a nice butt
>> No. 48782
>>48675 greatest ass ive ever seen
>> No. 48803
come on anon we need those screenshots
>> No. 48806
if madison ever sees this and wants to respond, i have a question in your 2 minute video where did you learn those moves? you were so sexual in that vid. im guessing you were only 9 or 10 how is this even possible that a girl that age could be so sexual?
>> No. 48872
this thread seems dead now
>> No. 48933
watched the videos for the first time
shes seriously the cutest kid ever
>> No. 49048
File 153911174648.jpg - (1.47MB , 1024x6895 , 1.jpg )
the following is about all mostly NN stuff:

here's some info from back in 2016
https://pastebin.com/KkqCRG56 <- list of replays, useless nowadays but shows titles and dates and maybe chat logs

still have 4 broadcasts backed up for whatever reasons
>> No. 49050
File 15391118898.jpg - (1.49MB , 1024x6895 , 2.jpg )
>> No. 49051
A censored version of her private vids are on youtube.

>> No. 49053
File 153911241714.jpg - (1.51MB , 1024x6895 , 3.jpg )
>> No. 49055
In case you're really Madison's mother then you should already know that all the money you're milking off your daughter's ads and shows is from "sick fucks" like us. Nobody watches a show for an 11 yo except pedophiles.
>> No. 49057
>>49048 thanks anon even though they are nn vids these vids are now like the holy grail. maybe someone out there hoarding them will post them one day
>> No. 49058
>>49055 i agree if madison sees this then heed this warning. stay away from hollywood. it is filled with pedophiles. just look at Dan Schneider at Nick and Disney is just as bad. The same can be said about the fashion industry once you're an adult they will likely try to take advantage of you who knows if they have already tried. there are countless stories that expose these industries. seems like her family is doing well enough to where this girl won't need to be exploited by them or her parents. You're a good kid and I'm sure you think your parents have your best interests but they already have you doing contest after contest and you're just a kid. Be a kid for as long as you can and again you should probably think twice about hollyweird.
>> No. 49060
>>49048 do you have the videos from the screenshots?
>> No. 49066
are there any other vids out there? if you add up the two new ones then that would be five total. still waiting on this anon >>48154 too
>> No. 49069
just noticed in the pastebln that yes there are more videos out there. there's a lot of them wished people had these vids. they really are "the holy grail".
>> No. 49093
>>44945 maybe she did
>> No. 49094
>>45018 sure anon
>> No. 49095
It's not good to have her name on it. I'm all for sharing beauty, but the person who uploaded that video is opening up a big breach for harassment. Although I hate YouTube's moralist stance on dealing with videos of children, this one I think deserves to be reported.
>> No. 49104
>>49095 i think even if you did report it jewtube would just leave it up since she's not naked and its breaking no rules other than maybe copyright.
>> No. 49118
>> No. 49121
I guess you are not familiar with how YouTube works in practice.
>> No. 49131
I love this girl and don't want her life to be ruined. What about you guys?
>> No. 49139
why are you guys so obsessed with her and call these NN broadcasts the holy grail??

yes i still have the videos, i might upload 1.jpg and 2.jpg cuz ive seen 3's thumbs before around here, and the 4th one i got is just the long version of the pink/purple top
>> No. 49180
herp derp
>> No. 49181
>> No. 49262
>>49139 if you could upload those on dl.free then id love you forever anon. Also yeah I do see why it's so lame but I've personally waited for way too long for these vids so to finally be done with it and get a couple of new vids it would make this wait more worth it. tbh this is the only jailbait girl I've ever liked. she's hot as fuck. and hopefully she doesn't think we're all being creepy if i was her id take it as a compliment on all these guys thinking she's beautiful
>> No. 49271
got to admit im jealous of all the guys who are going to be able to date this girl within the next couple of years lucky fucks
>> No. 49281
did she do the 2 minute strip video on a live broadcast or was that a private video?
>> No. 49283
>>49118 who doesn't love this girl?
>> No. 49297
>>49131 i dont want to ruin her life either guess that peterfile anon had other ideas when posting this thread on her ig for all her friends, family, and model friends to see this thread. wish he wouldnt have posted that to be honest
>> No. 49302
46565 If you yourself are not a "pedo", then what the hell are doing on thi as site??
44789 Though I have only commented a few times (thus far) on this site,I would not dream about referring to on ANY of the girls here in such a way. A perv I am,MN but a jerk I am not.
>> No. 49321
>>49139 plz anon add all the vids of her you have
>> No. 49364
>>49048 http://dl.free.fr/getfile.pl?file=/stkRz1I6

>>49050 http://dl.free.fr/getfile.pl?file=/3BZs3PDT
>> No. 49375
>> No. 49376
Model+webcam girl combo. She should be used as a literal model for girls to follow!
>> No. 49396
At 29:37 she says her insta was maddiemad2016 or something like that?
>> No. 49398
>>49364 thanks anon you rock
>> No. 49400
>>49364 shame how only thomas got nude in the vids at least people were able to talk her into getting nude for the other vids seemed like in the beginning she did not like those perverts
>> No. 49405
>>49364 thanks for the vids any way you could add the longer version of her purple and pink top video?
>> No. 49440
You make a good point about the use of her name on any YouTube videos but you're forgetting she's, at this point, a public figure so unless there are threats made against her I doubt that video would count as harassment.
>> No. 49485
i want to see the full pink and purple top video too
>> No. 49486
I Jacked Off To Her Bathroon Nude Video and Bust A Nut.
>> No. 49500
the fact that she was completely against getting naked in the two long recently linked videos just makes the 2 minute strip video even hotter because she had zero problems with being naked in that video.
oh and like everyone else i love this girl
>> No. 49504
one more thing i am worried about this page ruining her life hopefully it doesn't i saw on her instagram a troll call her disgusting any troll that calls her disgusting can fuck off imo its one thing to talk about her badly on here but to go to her social media and harass her is uncalled for especially when the loser had no posts and no followers obvious troll. you gotta remember she's only 11 years old and shes gotta be going through a tough time. she now has to worry about millions of pedophiles having her videos. i hope she makes it through this time and becomes stronger because of it. the last thing i want is to hear in the news is this girl killed herself because of cyber bullying or because her videos on jb sites hopefully that never happens. she seems like a nice person so i hope things get better for her
still got to admit im glad she made those videos she is hot got to admit that
>> No. 49510
>>49281 my guess is it was a private video maybe on that facetime app. i heard brainwashed was the capper of the video. i don't know about you guys but if i was bw then i would've posted the preview of the video on jb sites and charged a ton of money for the vid. i think many people out there would've paid the money that guy had the hottest video in jb history and i think he made it free so good on him though
>> No. 49570
post the full purple top vid anon
>> No. 49578
idk why anyone thinks the yellow full nude clip is some private skype stuff when it has the exact same video resolution of 360x640 as all the other standard live.me broadcasts.

also i doubt it is from 2017 like >>45432 thinks it is, the file date of bw1667 p2 could be from anytime, and she does not look any older than in all the rest. FACT is, I know she was around in September 2016, and the yellow vid might have just been the last broadcast before she got her account and/or phone banned; hell it might have happened BEFORE all the other broadcasts and she stopped showing so much BECAUSE it got her previous account banned.
>> No. 49585
>>49578 let's see the full purple top vid please anon. also i find it hard to believe she did the yellow top video live. she was against getting nude in those long videos you posted yesterday so why would she be so open to being completely nude a day or two later in front of probably at least 1,000 people?
>> No. 49587
>>49578 i think the reason why the anon thought it was from 2017 was because it was a reupload from a jailbait site that had posted the video in 2017 so it said 2017 on the device. there's a 14.5 video and a 16.34 megabyte video of the 14.5. personally i like the 16.34 better because the quality in the picture is better.
>> No. 49636
She is a public figure as a model, but I don't think she is as much a public figure as a CP star. Being public among us is a different kind of public than being public to people at large. My fear is that people with power over her and who don't like the idea of her doing CP will use this video as a means of making her feel bad about herself. Maybe she will be strong enough to ignore those people, maybe she won't.

If you want more videos like these to be done, the last thing you want to do is to make the girls feel bad about doing them.
>> No. 49638
Charging for videos you received for free is extremely greedy. Not only that, but these videos are rare and in constant risk of disappearing. The more people have them the more chances the videos have of being preserved.
>> No. 49645
Anti-slut defense probably. Reminds me of the sex travelers. They start by saying they're not lesbians and a couple of minutes in they just can't stop making out with each other.
>> No. 49654
>>49638 agreed annoyingly in the past posters on depfile and fiIe.aI would make their videos premium videos and charge large amounts of money it sucked
>> No. 49664
The chat logs are still there, but there are no videos left on Live.me.

>> No. 49666
so is that basically all the vids of her? im debating whether to delete my tor and move on or wait for more vids but its starting to seem like the only nude vids have already been posted now
>> No. 49717
read again.
1) these live.me caps never happened for 1000s of live viewers, they always get 10000s of views once they are archived though, yes.

2) she wasn't completely against getting naked, the purple top video happened after the NN ones above and she likes to tease

3) read again. theory: she loves attention and gets all nude in the yellow video. her account gets banned and she gets sad cuz she lost all viewers and diamonds and shit. she makes a new account or two. the dozens of non-nude broadcasts happen. she knows she got banned for nudity so she only teases anymore, no more full frontal.

obviously you have never been around these live show to know that THAT is how some of these girls tick...attention, liveme diamonds, viewers, bans, new accounts, caution.

>>49664 i know
>> No. 49718
anyone see this girls room? holy shit its a walk in closet, bathroom, and her room is twice the size of my parents bedroom. her parents must be millionaires.
>> No. 49719
>>49717 so the 2 minute strip video is likely the only full nude video then?
>> No. 49720
>>49718 her parents own their own law firm so that explains the mansion she lives in
>> No. 49814
bump just because she's cute af
>> No. 49842
yup threads dead time to move on to the next loli. hope she makes videos when she gets tits but doubt she'll ever make another nude vid ever again
>> No. 49845
>>49842 dont give up hope yet fact is we know there are alot more vids of her but what we dont know is if theres any nudity in them or if anyone out there has them
be patient
>> No. 50060
whatever happened to this anon >>48154 ?
>> No. 50174
what is the url for this json file on live.me? i have some user ids here i would like to check the chat logs.
>> No. 50288
too bad this threads dead now
>> No. 50804
>>50288 why'd it die?
>> No. 51140
saw online that it's actually her birthday today (10-20) and she's 12 now. Happy birthday Madison.
>> No. 51142
>>51140 too bad we wont be getting any new vids from in the future because some moron posted the link to this thread on her instagram ugh
>> No. 52314
holy fuck her big soft white ass is the greatest ass ive ever seen. thanks to this girl for sharing it with the world itd be a shame if she didnt also a shame how her ass will never look as amazing as it does in the vid as she gets older
>> No. 52374
Bump, bump, bump, bump, BUMP!!! There's GOTTA be more. I refuse to believe that nobody recorded her other shows.
>> No. 52376
>>52374 theres plenty more that one anon posted a page that had the titles of her vids >>49048 on the page is at least 10 to 15 titles only problem is as you said does anyone even have the videos? And are they even worth waiting for? I'm hoping there's nudity in them if not then theyre probably boring honestly
>> No. 52379
a vid i would like to see of her is a vid of her taking a shower
it would be so hot
>> No. 52382

I'm down to check every last frame of those videos, lol.

P.S the video in which she wears a short skirt and flashes, isn't there a not broken version of it? It freezes 1123 and 2303... Exactly at 2 best moments of the video.
>> No. 52387
>>52382 guessing there isn't a different version she said a lot in her vids that her wifi sucks so that probably froze the vid she also said something about the video freezing when people click something so maybe that's why
>> No. 52388
does anyone know the live.me title of her two minute strip video? and is there a longer version of that video leading up to the strip part?
>> No. 52389
nice to see this thread slowly regaining its momentum gives me hope it will come back to life and well get more vids of her
>> No. 52393

That buildup to the strip is intoxicating, isn't it?
>> No. 52458
here, I'll post all i have left of her, so people can have closure maybe?

>> No. 52460
File 154048445122.jpg - (1.25MB , 1024x6895 , 20161005063700_liveme_madimac2016_1475620600728648.jpg )
this is the full show of the purple top video

that's all folks.

>> No. 52463
she will never show again so get a life you losers!
>> No. 52466

Thanks! I still have faith there's more. Somewhere.
>> No. 52476
>>52463 you never know maybe her modelling career will fall apart and she'll make video like these again for fun she does have a following and girls love attention
>> No. 52478
I wonder how many times shes been banged by thomas?
>> No. 52479
File 154049206397.gif - (83.31KB , 500x380 , inlove.gif )
>> No. 52482
>>52460 thanks anon! the capper of that video was holding out on us in the 7 minute video (skipping a nude part of her) you delivered though so youre awesome
>> No. 52494
i know hes not trying to be one, but thomas is such a cock block in the vids lol
>> No. 52495
>>52463 youre probably just mad that the videos you have of her are getting posted and theyre losing value because of it
>> No. 52546
>>52478 a lot lol
>> No. 52547
its looking like her older brother is the only good law abiding sibling in her family. thomas and her are both producing cp lol
>> No. 52551
Her brother dont know shit about sex at that age.
>> No. 52555
You know all her caps were posted on tor sites a long time ago. So why would anyone care about them being released now.
>> No. 52558
>>52555 i saw her vids on vine and baits and sites like those but the only ones that were posted on those sites were the strip vid and the purple top vid her other vids were never posted on those sites. she may have had her other vids on mk the onion site that was shutdown but i wasnt on tor at that time. if youve seen her other videos then were there any nudity in them?
>> No. 52560
>>52558 is magic kingdom still running? I only know of forbidden fruit and gap running.
>> No. 52565
I wouldnt call last year that long ago. The only nude vids ive seen are the ones posted here. I think MK was still up at the time.
>> No. 52600
the people hating on this thread can f off this thread is epic as this girl shes the cutest kid i've seen on this site or any other site
>> No. 52644
you have to understand that
if you want to see other nice pro model like her doing nude all guys who know that MUST protect her
you know one anon ugly and stupid share vid cap on her pro instagram THIS IS NOT GOOD and she could be harrassed so all guy who like her video PROTECT HER NOW
>> No. 52677
it's over you will never see her ever again little twerp!
>> No. 52689
It's ok if she disappears from the internet. It's a dangerous place anyway.
>> No. 52704
She will get hero'd and remember it's all your guys fault for sharing her social media and real name
>> No. 52710
she is a pro print model doesn't give damn about any of you little worms!
>> No. 52737
madison should have not done the private vids she did. now shit fucks like us got her attention and im sure that her family and agency now know what she did and are trying to cover it up as best they can.i dont know how things will turn out for her i only hope the best. what she did can ruin her promise to be a big time model.if she is fortunate her family-agency will do best to cover up what she did.
>> No. 52752
i can't find the pasword
>> No. 52811
You know how many teen models or celebs have probably done nude vids or pics? If something were to happen it would be this site or liveme getting shut down by her family for exploitation of her. They could easily make up a story of why she made those vids and blame the pedos for manipulating her into doing stuff.
>> No. 52855
We must protect Madison from pedophile thugs.
>> No. 52861
File 154064984237.jpg - (88.20KB , 1080x1080 , 15802669_402474836763761_5222671972713889792_n.jpg )
i agree with you all. hope the best 4 madie.
>> No. 52863
I have compassion.
>> No. 52906
File 154066882675.jpg - (30.37KB , 513x475 , 5DF.jpg )
some so much that they allege and argue that this is wrong that the private ones would not have done that will ruin their career that I do not know that so many things are not double moralists while with one they write on the phone making the heroes with the other they pull it watching the videos, they do not really want the videos to be published, they report the links and nobody downloads them but as I say, there will always be double standards for centuries.
>> No. 52948
with one hand they write, and with the other hand they execute the goose, you raffled it.
>> No. 52968
have a little more respect when you talk about this girl you bunch of fapists the worst scum of all, she is an artist, she is a master piece made by a very talent artist, she is very rare like 1 in 1 billion

i don't know much about anatomy but anyone agree her butt hole was somehow penetrated already? i am pretty sure it was but could be with some toy she find and use it to stick in her ass, but could also have being a beautiful cock like mine perfect for her 4.5cm wide and 14 cm long, it really seams to me that would perfectly fit any thoughts about it? i am wrong?
>> No. 53003
>>52968 im a virgin so like you i wouldn't know for sure, but i'd assume she has had sex or anal sex in her young lifetime at some point. if her dad alone hasn't at least had thoughts of having sex with that perfect ass then i'd assume he's gay lol
>> No. 53005
It's choke the chicken you idiot!
>> No. 53006
So why are the best parts blacked out
>> No. 53023
does anyone have her other vids?
>> No. 53125
You guys are fucking retards if you think every little girls butthole is suppose to be the same.
>> No. 53155
>>53125 you're the retard if you think we think that. now can we get back to posting more vids of her?
>> No. 53202
>>53155 this please
>> No. 53236
I think it's good that her videos are public. She had fun and allowed us to partake in it. I don't know why she should have her career ruined, doing porn doesn't make you a worse professional. I know some people can be prejudiced about that, but that's their fault, they are the ones who have to change their attitude, not her.
>> No. 53249
>>52737 she's a kid. kids make mistakes. don't say that she shouldn't have made the vids she was just doing what kids do which is make mistakes.
>> No. 53254
common, this is art ok? can we treat this subject with a little more respect?

i know little girl get curious very soon and without any help, our today societies are the biggest hypocrites in the history of mankind, girls at young ages feel pleasure when they touch them selfs, anus and vagina, this will never be the fault of an adult man, this is our nature, so...i know some girls try to find among their toys, 1 toy that is similar to my dick, because they know that's the normal thing that they should put in the wonderful holes they have, they can behave and feel exactly the same has an adult woman, why they moan? why they adopt a passive posture in their bodies? why they curve their spin even better than adult woman's? because they are very rare agree, but also because it's in their nature to start at so young age, and nothing will stop them, if we has responsible adults don't help them in their beautiful quest of getting some forbid pleasure to them selfs, because if it feels forbid for us it also feel for this beautiful young girls, they know they shouldn't touch them selfs, but they keep doing it, that's why they are the doors of heaven for any smart and decent adult man

now i made a serious question, about her anatomy, and i have 0 passion in the answers, we should give to this angel a little more of our selfs since she given us so much, but i see just a bunch of fapists that just want to use her, i feel you are just a bunch of degenerates that have no clue the luck we had to have the opportunity to see her freedom, to see her sexual desires, because she have them and they are not different from ours, they are better, because they are starting now, and we had the privilege to see it, this should be something that not even the worst of us should see, but she is an angel in something close to be hell

seeing this little angel pleasure her self, should be something worth of occupy monalisa painting place in the museums, and i asked because i need help to clarify my doubt, i think from the bottom of my mind she already put something in her ass, now what it was? how? what toy she would use? can we discuss this important subject?
>> No. 53271
>>53254 she probably put toilet paper in her ass because everyone shits anon.
>> No. 53278
>>53155 There are no more vids of her guys. If you want more then you can always ask her lol. I tried to see if she had other apps she used but I couldnt find shit. Maybe her parents know what happened in the past and keep a close eye on her. I think when shes older she will have more freedom and get back to streaming again.
>> No. 53324
it's a valid point, i heard she's famous so, it doesn't take a smart guy to figure it out, that innit 2 or 3 years the parents will know, or heard about the videos she made for strangers on internet, probably would had destroy all the concepts this poor parents had about their daughter, i wish they could see beyond the obvious, and understand that their daughter is perfectly normal, and not different from others girls, because they do this thinks too in private yes but they do it, so their daughter is very normal
>> No. 53326
in the today's world we are the jews in a world ruled by nazis, we need to run,hide or live double lives, that's because we are weak, common look at your selfs, probably most of you are fat and ugly and lazy, probably just victims of natural selection, no score with grown up game, so you look to the little ones with hope to satisfy your petty instincts, and they do not exist for that! no one will ever fear a man like this...for me i love this little angels more then i love my life, and i do it because i really believe they are the unique prove we have, that something greater and better then us, created us, something divine created us, and for me this little angels are a piece of divinity left on earth, they grow up and get lost for this world, because this world is ruled by evil, and this little angels are alone, and they are been teach right now to be the tomorrow slaves of states and companies, and if we really like them we need to join efforts to protect them of such cruel destiny.

About the angel Madison, she needs us more than ever, one quick look to her eyes and see already guilty on them, why? because society don't accept her nature? who will understand her? nothing of this matters now, what maters is to help her.

for that rules must be establish here, by now everybody have her facebook,insta whatever, how long will take for some idiot PM her parents or agency with this videos? not much, is up to us to protect her, and not crying like idiots begging for more videos of her, that's how i know you are just a filthy animal giving up to your basic needs, what about her needs? right now she needs to be protected from the animals like you guys, to achieve that you must set rules.

Rule n 1: no pictures of her naked or almost naked or print screens of her movies.

rule n 2: no videos of her been shared here directly and with easy access.

rule n 3: pics and vids should be in rar. files, ready to download in free servers, and you will only provide the link.

rule n 4: you want to share something about her, you announce here first with a comment, when you display the time and date the files will be ready to download, then 1 hour after you delete them, and only do this ounce per week.

waiting 1 week for something of her is more then acceptable, i would wait a month, i can't say to the sharing to stop because if i didn't saw her here my life would be a little more sad then already is, so i can't be hypocrite, but we can set rules is order to protect her future is the minimum she deserves.
>> No. 53373
>>53326 dude fuck off lol
>> No. 53374
no dipshit is going to send her videos to a model agency. that would be like saying "hey agency please call the feds on me and lock me up." youd have to be a retard like that peterfile anon to do that.
>> No. 53376
>>53374 whatever happened to that anon peterfile?
>> No. 53381
what is your point exactly? that there are no idiots among peds? just by looking at this post we can find tonnes of them, uploading files directly from their computers...bla bla bla, i know they use VPN's and tor and all of that crap, but still will be very easy for the feds to find their country and internet provider, then the WiFi tower, counting the idiots have not cable, and then by triangulating the signal your house will be right in the middle, then an un-characterized van will drive around your neighborhood to ping down the signal and intensity, and they will stop right in front of your house...shit they can even park there thinking how dumb you are.

so whats your point exactly? there are no idiots here? allow me to disagree
>> No. 53389
>>53381 is it really that easy for them to track someone down? in that case im outta here lol but anyway chances are this girl will be fine. chances are the agencies will just tell her not to do it again if they find out and no one on the street/online is going to tell her ive seen your videos if they did that then they would be compromising themselves and admitting they watch cp in that case she would just tell the police on them and theyd be screwed. she has nothing to worry about other than thinking "has so and so seen my videos?" one more question from me now is this really all the videos she has? if yes then am i just wasting my time on here now?
>> No. 53390
Please up all vids to this girl
>> No. 53397
wish she had a video of herself masturbating with a hairbrush or something like that make it happen Maddy
>> No. 53419
I went on instagram and it seems the peterfile guys account was banned and the comments as well. It doesnt mean the cops are going to go after him as he was just a troll.
>> No. 53424
>>53419 if thats true then it's a good thing i only post when i use tor
>> No. 53456
is not that easy to track down someone. that guy is dumb. if using tor then you are fine unless you reveal info about self or some kind of exploit in tor is used.
>> No. 53470
for all you little twerps who can't talk to women

The law is the same as Rape when stalking, blackmailing, etc of a girl online now.
>> No. 53498
>>53470 if you're so good with women then what are you even doing on this site faggot? fuck off.
>> No. 53502
>>53419 the people who would likely be in the most danger are the ones who SECURITY BITCHING ONLY ALLOWED IN DISCUSSION SUBS PLEASE
>> No. 53509
>>53470 Anyone who is low enough to bm this girl deserves to be shot in the head.
>> No. 53513

it's not like easy ,easy, but has they say all the careful in the world will never be enough, some call me dumb, and that's the dumbest thing i ever heard, because i work in the business so i know what i am talking about, it's doesn't matter if you use tor or not, the key this days are the internet providers, they keep a very large data base about every connection made on internet, and every data transference made, and has an police investigator said, what fucks them is when they make transference from of big chunks of data, in this case like movies, they don't go after you ip smart ass(the guy that call me dumb) they go after the content signatures you drop online, they don't care about your IP, this is not the 90's, they go straight to content tracking, working with the internet providers they will easily find it, but not in 1 weak for sure, i am just saying if they really want some one they have the tools to get them.

people hide behind tor and call me dumb? i can only laugh, tor is irrelevant we need to pass beyond that to survive, for me is kinda a rush to be always one step in front of them, the feeling one man can beat one state, is to glorious for me to run from it, you want some tips? i can provide but don't call me dumb ever.

always use external data storage's, and never drop the files on your PC, the best is a pen 64gb, if you have one collection of this size you can proud yourself, a pen is very small and very destructible, doesn't matter what crime you commit only matter what they can prove, i use fake ID and address to get my internet service, so make their lives hard, but they don't care about that either, they hunt my router signal, and with time they will get close, that's why you need to change operative system and your router at least ounce per year, 1 year is the time of police investigation, so when the time they come, you don't have the proves of the crime, i change motherboard to, but that is me, then you only have your collection, best ting is to have another 64gb pen when you store your collection and sometimes you update it and hide it again and some place not in your house, to have always a reserve, but you keep 1 pen close to you, in my case i need it daily, plus i have video surveillance and movement detectors around the house, and a very noise alarm and a nice front door, like steel, when they come i will always have like 5 minutes to destroy evidences for that you keep those small gas torches with you and you burn your pen and router.

they come they burst your front door they make a big drama and all of that you are taken to police station, but you have already your layer on the phone, they try to get a confession out of you, you smile all the way because you know they got nothing on you, you keep saying they made a mistake, your layer comes, and need to be set free because they didn't find the proves they were looking for, and you get out and go home with a smile in your face, ofc knowing the law of your country is very important to see what crimes you are committing, in US is the worst place everything is crime, lucky for me i do not live there, is some places like saudi arabia and some arab countries, you can even put a 9y girl sucking your dick inside your car in front of the police station and they do nothing, that's why i love the arabs, they always look aside and never put their noses in other people business
>> No. 53571
in the business? it?
ok then you really missed something
if you're a target for gov's at some point it's another tiny thing combined with traces on the web that will cause you a headache big time
circuits if you're in the business and still change motherboards well then you'll certainly have at least 1 or even 2 circuits activated at startup btw those are acrivated even in sleepmode

all the other you're doing is the same most people are doing well the cautious ones
tor combined with a virtual os on external disc may save your ass
unless those circuits have'nt told more then enough about router isp computer setup programs paid for or warez plus all the keys pressed & yes every password ever used or saved on to that pen you're using

no your not dumb if i meant you were i'd been dumb too and i'm just an average but extremely cautious guy you know
if you're in the business of it you really should've known about the unwelcome gifts the manufacturers of computer related stuff are forced to add to their products
of course info about the mentioned gifts or circuits can be found with a search
and it's def not a hoax as some items is removed every time a new piece is replaced in any of the machines i'm using every day
>> No. 53578

finally a guy that speaks my language, yes electronic devices are just beacons this days, because secretly governments are forcing the manufacturers to build tracking components, and back doors everywhere, for they agencies plug in anytime they want...but was you know not everybody is this cautious common i see them getting arrested for stupid things like sharing in public net cafes, using a computer in a public space with cameras pointing at you is a great deed.

motherboard is the key because in where this smart guys store data on our backs via roms and other mini memory cards, you take the motherboard and game over they can send the rest to the lab and they will find nothing.

i just know in today's world everything you do is likely living trails behind i focus on be a ghost, i always pay my bills with money never using the banking system to pay internet, go to a local shop and pay there, or better send someone to do it for you, because the shop may have cameras, and the time you pay get printed on the bills, it's not hard it only requires discipline and rules, but is a price i pay gladly to live a freedom most of people can't because they accept all this rules, and i live the break them, because i want to be free, the same guys that make laws are the biggest peds of our society, no problem is they need people in jails in order to make justice profitable for layers and judges, i will never bend over to scum like this, if they have tonnes of man power and resources, i should play with what i have, knowledge about their tactics is the key to always be one step ahead, and like i said it's important to know the laws
>> No. 53579
how could they get content signatures from tor if all the packets are encrypted?
>> No. 53588

again people keep asking the wrong questions, it doesn't matter if it's even 512b encryption, encryption works to prevent tapping stealing...if some file is traveling from the server that host this site and many other that were shut down, when a police investigation is going one they know very well the content of sites like this so, encrypted or not they already have the proves of the crime, next step they just need to find the trails of data traveling, they can ping point the origin country of the server, from that to know the countries and internet providers the files were traveling is just a couple of steps, and i am pretty sure all authorities in the world already figure it out tor encryption engines
>> No. 53600
it is good to be vigilant, but i strongly suspect you dont understand how tor and encryption work.
>> No. 53608

well if tor was bullet prove sites like this were not been shut down daily and people would not get arrested so...
>> No. 53621
it is not bulletproof, but using tor is hundreds of times better than not using it. to this day no attack is known to have compromised the tor network, all the attacks target either vulnerabilities on nonessential features of the tor browser (which can be disabled by setting the browser's security slider to the safest), or are based on convincing the user to download an infected file (tor only ensures that your download will be anonymous, it is your responsibility to not download crap), or happen because the user posted personal info on the web and got recognized for it (tor cant anonymize you if you refuse to be anonymous). a lot of tor users are dumb, it is not tor's fault.
>> No. 53717

if i am not an expert in tor, yeah it's true, but i am in internet infrastructures and police investigation, i was even inside a police room where they were working out to tracking tor Ip's, it doesn't take a genius to understand that even if you live in France and your ip's is in china, they just need to tap the connection between site and where the data is been transferred, in this case if china is what they come up, they just need to go to google that is working with interpol and nato to store gigantic among of data the ISP companies have, and cross data, even if it is encrypt, you can't hide the size, because they know the content is already pedporn, they just need to search the encrypt signatures and size of files, and will always point to a certain ISP company and therefor a country after that do the maths.

anyway if i was the mod i would shut down this thread because it's clearly to dangerous, she a famous girl will not take to long for cops come here, because of this idiots
>> No. 53732
can we please get back to posting vids of this cutie?
>> No. 53777
>>53571 mine
don't worry folks we're getting back to posting vids well as soon as some can be found tehre is

if i did'nt knew someone i knew a few years ago had passed away i'd may have got a thought well almost;)
anyway we seem to be similar ie. cautious paranoia in small chunks and so on
do as you mostly trails of me & you not too many i suspect but who knows it's cams everywhere
i may have a slightly other reason to stay low but that's another deal

and now i'm out of here and hope you guys i've annoyed a bit can excuse me
hope you'll get the vids your looking for but i don't have any i'm a bypasser only
>> No. 53799
i guess you are talking about correlation attacks. if it is really true that the ISPs of all tor nodes share information with each other about the size and timing of each packet then that is a problem. i do not know how much of it is true though. it is easier to track a single person of interest than it is to track everyone who uses tor.
>> No. 53854
is this her? the faces are similar
>> No. 53929
Seems our little Madison is getting a little bit more famous...anybody watched this new mini series shes in? >https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9176390/?ref_=ttep_ep1

Its gonna be quite a hoot if she gets really famous and the normies find out about these little webchats of hers!
>> No. 53933
>Its gonna be quite a hoot if she gets really famous and the normies find out about these little webchats of hers!
That's the plan. They won't remain normies anymore!
>> No. 53941
fuck yeh!! unlike the miley cyrus casting couch tape(or alleged tape) madisons recordings are already owned by 1000's of MAP's....
this shit will be on the nightly news real soon!!
>> No. 53961
what exactly are you trying to do here?
>> No. 53984

the unique thing that should be on night news is guys like you beheaded in cold blood, for trying to destroy the life of this angel
>> No. 53988
Oh pull your head in,she's not an Angel,she's and very ordinary girl who is showing very ordinary urges and behavior.
This in my opinion is the best medicine that normies should be made to swallow.
Looking forward to the shit storm.
>> No. 53992
Oh pull your head in,she's not an Angel,she's and very ordinary girl who is showing very ordinary urges and behavior.
This in my opinion is the best medicine that normies should be made to swallow.
Looking forward to the shit storm.
>> No. 54018
>>53941 Putting it on the news would be stupid. Not the first girl to ever do this on a camsite. Remember shes just a kid and what she does is fun and games still.
>> No. 54019
If it's that easy for them to trace everyone, why are we all not in jail?
>> No. 54021
>>53854 i want it to be her but chances its probably not her
>> No. 54022
>>53929 thats how it all starts. first its a crappy mini series then it's the big time with her getting banged behind the scenes by disney or nickelodeon directors or producers while her parents look the other way because she's making tons of money doing sitcoms on nick or disney. Dan Schneider is probably so upset Nickelodeon fired him especially with this girl available for a show on nick or disney.
>> No. 54024
It's on YouTube.
>> No. 54154
>>54022 She isnt going to be a disney kid. That place is full of stupid shows. Id rather see her have parts in movies and not tv shows. And stop thinking all these kids get fucked behind the scenes. You read to much fake news dude.
>> No. 54179

you guys never learn you think, they have space for all of us? medical studies point out that 15% of adult man have sexual attraction to preteens, we all together outnumber all armed and police forces in a scale of 30/1, if we wanted we could take the world tomorrow, the problem you guys are a bunch of fappists.

police forces around the world have like a number of investigation open each year and tonnes on archives, they have the means but they can arrest 1/6 of the male population, they go after big sharks only, big amounts of data, if you keep your files under 50mb that don't even bother them
>> No. 54180

no i know for a fact she is an angel, and i know your type too, you just like chaos don't you...you love to create chaos in order to gain power, you use this girls for you personal satisfaction no morals no code nothing, you are just an animal in a jungle, a monkeys and lions eat monkeys, without order and moral codes we are just animals that deserve nothing less than a bullet...she was innocently begging for sex, she doesn't know what happen but she knows she wants something inside her something hard, she's rare because she understands and explores what she is, 1 in 1 billion so she's an angel
>> No. 54624
>>54579 the only good thing about him is he's keeping the thread at the top
>> No. 54677
You stupid niggers are why we cant have anything nice. Fucking autistic manchildren ruining anything remotely good. And you faggots wonder why folks hoard stuff away.
>> No. 55565
fuck the haters of this thread. bump
>> No. 55571
Have some compassion!
>> No. 56240
>>44789 if you are her mother then you might want to ask your daughter if she's ever been sexually abused. she is a nympho in her videos and she does things in those videos that no 9 year old should ever know how to do at that age.
>> No. 56257
>>56240 She probably looked at porn or some shit on the net like lots of kid do these days. You need to get this sexual abuse stuff out your head.
>> No. 56401
keep coming back to this thread hoping for something new of her but theres never anything sigh
>> No. 56419
Nothing to see her folks, lets move along now.
>> No. 56432
File 154208384335.jpg - (52.47KB , 702x614 , cat.jpg )
Nothing to see here. Move along please.
>> No. 56449
>>56432 this reminds me of ferris bueller after the end credits when he says "you're still here? the movies over. go home."
>> No. 56636
Don't trip bro all you need is a VPN & Tor and you're set. Make sure your VPN isn't from the US unless you want the feds on your ass.

32-64GB pen drive is good though just make sure is small enough to hide or destroy.
>> No. 56640
Was bound to happen.
>> No. 56641
Encryption in drives have already been cracked, doesn't mean squat if you hide your shit there. Your better off hiding your stash remotely via usb than encrypting that crap.
>> No. 56644
US & Uk are obssessed with their war on cp. Interpol, NSA, FBI they exist for that shit.
>> No. 56663
who cares those losers can kiss my ass they have no right to rule my live
>> No. 57246
too bad this thread is dead
>> No. 57417
proof on that? the amount of misinformation here scares me
>> No. 57688
im keeping hope that there are moar vids of her out there bump
>> No. 57704
>>57688 good luck with that buddy
>> No. 58162
Madison's my favorite jb girl shes hot af
>> No. 58167
>>52460 that's all says you. for all we know you may have missed a vid and someone out there might be hoarding it
>> No. 58182
>>52460 thanks for this post anon the picture quality was perfect compared to the 34 megabyte video (quality was awful in that) the better quality in the long version was perfect for the nude parts
>> No. 58341
is this thread making a come back?
>> No. 58349
No its not, theres nothing else to add to it.
>> No. 58369
Dont worry about the noobie fuckwit he never post anything but garbage.
Nice set, slow modems back then meant smaller pictures, get over it.
>> No. 58578
Wtf?! OP pic and second pic are differ girls. Y’all are whack.
>> No. 58645
>>58578 your kidding right?
>> No. 59907
>>58645 hope he is its clearly the same girl
>> No. 59908
Why would I waste 64GB pen drive to garbage like this?

I want it full of something nobody else has seen, like a self made fuck with my 5yo niece.
>> No. 59912
>>59908 this is prob bait but if its not then shes not garbage anon shes an angel who is hot af
>> No. 61476
wish there were more vids of her
>> No. 62374
>>61476 you and i both anon
>> No. 64552
Is it just me or is there a bit of Lindsey Lohan about her?
>> No. 65405
>>64552 not really if anything she's hotter than lohan
>> No. 65833
is that really all there is of her?
>> No. 66942
>>65833 probably
>> No. 67304
>>64552 she looks more like a young Beverly D'Angelo from the national lampoon movies imo
>> No. 67487
>>67304 i can see that
>> No. 67732
ive seen a video of her that hasnt been posted on here yet i remember she was taking a shower like this anon was hoping for >>52379 use to have it but my hard drive crashed heres to hoping someone out there has it was hot af
>> No. 67736
>>67732 if this is true then I NEED to see it!
>> No. 68071
>>67732 No youre just making shit up to keep the thread alive. Dont give me that hard drive crashed crap lol.
>> No. 68320
>>68071 can't blame for trying lol
>> No. 71518
i have faith more vids of her exist bump
>> No. 71552
i have faith moar of her exists out there bump
>> No. 73225
this is the hottest jb girl ever
>> No. 73338
>>73225 naw pretzel girl is the hottest
>> No. 75382
fucking bump
>> No. 75387
is anyone hoarding any vids of her?
>> No. 75478
>>73338 None of them are jb though my nigga.
>> No. 75723
>>75478 not the person your talking to but pretzel girls vids are sort of jailbait
oh and wish someone would post some new vids of Madison shes hot as fuck
>> No. 76196
had a dream last night where i saw a video of this girl in a hardcore sex video. woke up covered in my own sperm. maybe a leaked vid will happen someday and my dream will come true
>> No. 76673
moar videos of her exist out there
ignore what that anon says about that being all there is. she has at the least 10 videos.
>> No. 76684
>>76673 You dont know shit nigga, so stfu and let the thread die. If there were more they wouldve been posted a long time ago.
>> No. 76686
>>76684 they do ive seen people on onion sites say she still has her vids being hoarded
>> No. 77235
>>76686 if you say so ;)
>> No. 77242
someone on the onion called hurt meh (or however its spelled) had said this girl still makes vids on a webcam app probably not nudes tho
>> No. 77510
File 154880396918.jpg - (112.76KB , 1118x593 , instagram.jpg )
Who was that of you guys?
>> No. 77571
>>77510 wasnt me. people should just leave her alone she was nice enough to make videos for us over the years and now assholes are out there just trying to make her life a living hell by continuing to bring these videos back and haunt her. their just coninuing to assure us that there will never be any new videos of her in the future
leave her alone people shes a nice girl
>> No. 77572
and who was the guy saying princesa? obvious pedo lol
>> No. 77576
Gonna laugh if she makes it in some way in the entertainment biz. I guess this will be considered The Fapping 3, move over Jennifer Lawrence..

Madison McDougall's Instagram is quite cute!
>> No. 77766
its not fair how some lucky teen maybe even a preteen is going to be able to pound her pussy some day. lucky fuck is going to be able to fuck dat ass and it will be the greatest sex he will ever have
>> No. 77793
Madison McDougall is very hyper sexual, as you can tell. She can't keep from touching herself, nor could sit still when she made these. These are signs that her vagina has had previous stimulation that open the pathways to these nerve sensitives spots.

Most likely her dad, mom etc did some exploring when she was very young and may even to this day, that made her hyper sexual. Maybe the brother too. Even if Madison was stimulated as a toddler, this would be enough to start the process.

As to some lucky teen getting to have her, yes someone get the pleasure, but as with all pretty girls that are adorned and fawned over like this, they are a "fucking nightmare" to actual be an in any relationship with, having been around these types my whole life.
>> No. 77822
I don't doubt it for a second. She was way to horny for a non sexual environment girl. Someone or people have had fun with her.
>> No. 77826
>>77822 lucky fucks
does anyone have any other webcam vids of her? post now if you do im tired of waiting
>> No. 77828
>>77793 something is/was going on she is too smart at that age to not have something going on. slapping her ass, spreading her buttcheeks to show off her asshole twice, lifting her legs in the air, backing her ass up to the camera and so on. holy shit where did she learn that stuff?
>> No. 77837
she was honored at a redskins game once..the players probably ran a train on her
>> No. 77838
Dad most likely ( lucky bastard - he needs to join 144chan ), could be Mom too or the older brother. I've talked to so many parents over the years that play. It's so common globally, that we're talking a "HUGE" part of society that has inter family fun etc.

Something in the DNA that makes us attracted to young, kinda like picking the fresh wonderfully smooth smelling fruit off the tree and over looking the ones that have falling & been rotting on the ground for a few days. Hmmm wonder why :)

She's a cutie for sure!
>> No. 77839
you guys ever wonder if she browses this thread out of boredom? some idiot linked the thread on her insta so its possible would be cool if she did maybe if shes on here she could post us some new vids
>> No. 77840
>>77838 if her dad or some family member did fuck her then they probably have a fuck vid of her i bet they (the person who filmed if there ever was one) could make $1,000 per vid if they sold it. who wouldn't want to see a vid like that other than a more normal person heck i bet even normies would want to see it
>> No. 77841
Im sure if she got the link she would've ( I know I would've peeked if it was me ). I'm sure Madison is pretty tech savvy too, having been born into an era of smart phones, social networks etc. Madison could post in here as well, as it's anonymous without the need to register. Would be cool, since she's adored by many.

Or maybe the one that has taught her so well all these years could come and visit too. :)
>> No. 77844
File 154890309645.jpg - (115.51KB , 759x960 , 153788654925.jpg )
since this thread is getting a little more popular again lets post some pics of her as we wait in the hopes of someone posting new vids of her
>> No. 77846
77844 if people do have other videos then they mine as well post them now. who knows how much longer a site like this last
this is the best chance well ever get to see some new vids of her
she never even gets posted on onion sites
>> No. 77847
I'm sure there are, as well Madison has her own too for sure. Of course Madison can make whatever she wants 24/7 too.

If I were her, I'd be making all sorts of cute things :)

>> No. 77850
>>77846 she does get posted but they only post her two main vids i never even saw her non nude vids until they were posted here in other words new content usually gets posted here first before gap or ff
>> No. 77870
nice to see this thread come back to life
suck it haters
>> No. 77873
Who could spread hate in such a nice thread....
>> No. 77874
>>77873 not me i'm just saying the haters can suck it for always telling us to stop with this thread im going to keep hope alive in hopes someone will come through with new wins of her that are being hoarded
>> No. 77878
No, I wasn't directing to you or anyone, just saying how could any haters be in here with such beauty. As for unknown stuff, who knows, unseen stuff could be posted. Either way she's a cutie.
>> No. 77901
this anon is the hater >>76684
>> No. 77916
I think she had her time to shine, but if were lucky she might get back to camming whens shes older.
>> No. 78149
shes never going to do cam vids ever again. well be lucky if someone is hoarding old vids of her and they'll post them on here sometime.
>> No. 79431
hypothetical question: if Madison's dad or mom were to offer her to anyone for one night alone how much would you pay her parents?
fake but just for fun question obviously and wwyd with her?
>> No. 79465
fuck dat ass allll night
jk or am i?
>> No. 79470
i would pay $100 just to rest my head on her big soft naked white ass all night would be the best night of sleep ever
>> No. 79494
She's a doll for sure...... Adore her!
>> No. 79523
>>79494 yeah she is wish there were more nude vids of her
>> No. 81235
>>79523 me tooooo
>> No. 81684
she has a few other videos (one with nudity) ive seen them. pay no attention to what the other anons say.
>> No. 81686
81684>> So youve seen them yet you cant post them. You can fuck right off then troll.
>> No. 81688
just letting you know they exist asshole
>> No. 81740
>>81688 Thanks to the asshole who made this thread and doxxed her you just added more drama in her life.
>> No. 81755
>>81740 hey man i didn't make the thread
>> No. 81768
>>81740 i blame musical.ly for allowing girls to get naked for pedos and i blame the girl for making the vids lastly i blame her parents for giving her a smartphone or tablet or whatever she used to make the videos
>> No. 81823
>>81768 I blame her parents for fucking and having such a hot daughter.
>> No. 81867
you teenagers are so fucking dumb it hurts to even type in the same area as you!
You commit a Murder! You blame the person who made the Blade, You blame the Blade, You blame your parents for having your sorry ass, you blame the media for promoting violence.

>> No. 82157
>>81867 I blame my cock for being aroused by naked little girls.
>> No. 82160
Blames don't blame people. People blame people!
>> No. 82507
i blame her for having such a nice ass and such a cute face
>> No. 84000
if only she had tits to go with that hairless pussy and ass..she'd be perfect. still has time for the tits but her ass will never be more perfect than it is when she was 9 or 10
>> No. 85902
>>84000 agreed she would be hotter with tits
>> No. 85905
Compassionate Pedophile
>> No. 85916
>>85902 She probably has tits now that shes 12.
>> No. 86197
>>85916 from looking at her recent instagram pictures it looks like she still doesn't have tits looking forward to seeing her cleavage when she does get them
>> No. 87274
bump for hope
>> No. 87285
>>86197 She might be a late bloomer. I suggest she massages her chest daily for 15 minutes to encourage breast tissue growth.
>> No. 87711
>>87285 i think she'd be hotter if she stayed flatchested her whole life. imagine fucking her at 18 and she had a babyface with that ass and cute face. or imagine fucking her at any age itd be the best anyone ever has
>> No. 87804
>>87711 Well then you should check out Ellen Page. Shes flat and looks like a teen still.
>> No. 87809
File 155167299617.jpg - (221.11KB , 904x904 , ellen-page-in-2019.jpg )
You still think she looks young in the current year?
>> No. 88003
imagine a threesome with her and pretzel girl your dick would explode in 10 seconds
>> No. 88008
88003 when i say her i mean madison and pretzel girl not that predator looking ellen page
>> No. 88572
144chaan.pk 11925
Pls, reup this file.
>> No. 88710
Does anyone have this video of madison mcdougall? If you can, can you please? and whatever else you have of it.
>> No. 89038
>>88710 watch it on vlc media player or use k-lite codec to watch the video. the bw1667 file works fine with vlc
>> No. 89824
it will be exciting when this girl is on a Disney or Nickelodeon show some day.
>> No. 89953
>>89824 I wish her the best of luck because she deserves it.
>> No. 90193
>>89953 she does shes a nice person. i just hope she doesnt get raped or molested daily by some producer or director if she ever does join disney or nick. she would be better off staying as far away from Hollywood as she can
>> No. 90197
>>90193 Just stay away from the dirty Jews that work there and youll be ok.
>> No. 90244
hollywood? more like pedowood
>> No. 90374
>>90244 hollyweird
>> No. 90394
hellywood too she should stay away from that place if she goes there shell end up with an amanda bynes type of breakdown someday
>> No. 92436
i freakin love this girl
>> No. 92515
>>88572 since you have no idea how codecs work, heres a different version of the strip video


PW: H-@-p-p-y-W-@-n-k-e-r

Wish it was the full vid but its just the 1:48 i heard theres a part 1 for the vid too.
>> No. 92798
>>92515 thanks anon
>> No. 92849
anyone else have any other videos of her?

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