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/mir/ ~ Lexie
File 151430075157.jpg - (30.40KB , 402x604 , lexie.jpg )
1254 No. 1254
I heard she has many sets. Anyone want to share?
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>> No. 8961
Much love brother!
>> No. 9564
16 is too old, legal in most countries

12 is fine, and it should only affect girls, no feminists anymore, just sjws and other white knights.
>> No. 15046
>>1254 Would love this set if you have it still!
>> No. 15047
>>1458 oops meant this set!
>> No. 15097
File 152067824563.jpg - (1.80MB , 4272x2848 , LexieBlanket (3).jpg )
pw lrs
>> No. 15477
http://dropfile.to/Qo0mPK new link
>> No. 16820
That's an upload link
>> No. 16839
I was wondering why the file was over 400Mb. The pictures are MUCH larger. Excellent replacement for what I downloaded a few months ago.
>> No. 16842
File 152113867580.jpg - (807.42KB , 1424x2136 , Lexieblue (30) - Copy - Copy.jpg )
Ahhh....this would be my favourite position to take her
>> No. 16849
video please
>> No. 16858
there is none
>> No. 16869
Here are 10 sets of her...no password....sorry no video..not sure if one exist
>> No. 16871
heres the link ..my mistake
>> No. 16872
>> No. 16880

Seriously only 11 years old?
She has the best bush.

I thought that women started to develop at age 12.
>> No. 20807
>>16842yes, and I would have to start that that sexy ass.
>> No. 32995
bump bc videos exist somewhere. i have seen them. they are amazing. anyone know if they are up somewhere?
>> No. 34201
>> I thought that women started to develop at age 12.

Depends on the girl. There was one I went to school with who had truly huge tits when we were 10 / 11. There was a fight to stand behind her in the lunch queue every day. She must have serious back problems now
>> No. 34349
Dasha /Anya started to get tits when she was 8 years. By the time she was 10 she not only had a lovely firm pair of dumplings but she also had a rather full bush. The bush got a regular trim and/or shave soon after that. I have seen sets where she has a full bush, a semi-trimmed bush and a full shave just showing bits of stubble. I have wanked gallons over her displaying all of stages of development.



>> No. 36970
File 15327684356.jpg - (180.04KB , 1169x1600 , 8h4aXxw7_o.jpg )
>> No. 36971
File 153276844112.jpg - (94.12KB , 1066x1600 , 218.jpg )
>> No. 36972
File 153276844640.jpg - (140.55KB , 1600x1066 , 81YhejW9_o.jpg )
>> No. 37097
Please, can someone re-up the dl links? TIA!!
>> No. 37098
Saw some working links. Sorry, no need for re-upping :)
>> No. 37115
Here is the full sets

>> No. 37144
The truly disturbing thing is that if a pimp entices a run-away 12 year old girl, the cops won't do shit, even if she's being rented out, because the girl testifies on the pimp's behalf.

It appears that these arrests are really to soothe the savage beast of the families who think they should be able to let their unloved kids run wild but blame someone else when the inevitable happens.
>> No. 37622
Ha ha ha..., very funny
>> No. 58507
What's the pw
>> No. 58508
Plz reup
>> No. 59624
So here's what I love about the Lexie series:

In the folder called "I've been naughty", She's going through the regular stuff that we all know and love. Panties and skirts, big smiles.
Then get to pics 7-9, and she has some dick in her, about halfway. Sure, we can all understand that. Dude is about average white boy issue in the cock department, but she's eleven. She's not gonna be able to get a lot of dick in her.
Fast Forward to pic 16. She's got her head thrown back, and dude is fucking her with a little over half his dick. 17, big smile while he does it. 18, a closeup of about 3/4 of his dick inside her. I mean, she is only eleven.
Pic 19: She's on top, riding him, and just has the tip of his dick in her. He's a decently thick 6 inches. Nothing to brag about, but solidly average. But she's only eleven. If you zoom in, you can see her wetness on his cock shaft.
Pic 20: She's sitting on his balls. No force is being applied, no rape is occurring. This little pre-pubescent slut WANTED that cock. She sat down on it with all her weight, until she got all of it inside her. If you zoom in, you can see her sparse hair entangled with his, and his cock has disappeared.
Her belly is pushed toward the camera. Not in any kind of distension, this dude will never have that much cock. But then it dawns on you: She's grinding on him. She took all that cock, and wanted more, and is now GRINDING that hard little clit on his pubic bone. Make no mistake, SHE is fucking HIM now.
Pic 21 shows her lying down with a veritable river of his cum all over her chest and belly. Her lips and sparse hair are wet, but I'm positive its not his cum, its hers.

Lexie: The one true child slut that we all wish we could have.
>> No. 59653
Agreed. She is one of the sexiest girls out there. It's too bad we don't have any videos of her!
>> No. 59683
she was a internet whore for him, Blood in Blood out now MF.
>> No. 74322
File 154798887511.jpg - (113.47KB , 712x1068 , LexieBlanket (4).jpg )
>> No. 74323
File 154798893910.jpg - (329.91KB , 2136x1424 , Lexieblue 001.jpg )
>> No. 74327
Bit of the old Herp on her lip there?
>> No. 74330
Living in the States?
>> No. 74332
no,she's very good but wasted by 14!
>> No. 74334
Lucky you, mirror ace ain't working for me at the moment.
>> No. 74335
Not you again+++--==-=-
>> No. 74345
File 154799409474.jpg - (681.04KB , 2848x4272 , LexieGreenShirt 005.jpg )
PW GoAheadPunkMakeMyDay
>> No. 74704
Kind of get what your'e saying, I'm not sure many would agree with you but most of these "upstanding" citizens wouldn't know their arses from their elbows!
>> No. 74706
So many kids left to run wild nowadays, really rather sad.
>> No. 77334
She is just too much. sexy
>> No. 81174
Wonderful girl....
>> No. 81183
File 154983085498.jpg - (67.41KB , 602x515 , naked (6).jpg )
>> No. 81289
Wow what a puffy thick bald cunt lexi has i'm in love..could never get enough of her
>> No. 81403
I totally agree. She has such a great pussy. I'd love to fuck her in that position and unload a big load up ins her
>> No. 81427
She's pretty, but she ain't Ultra
>> No. 81690
Haha. I love mod bold red humor. :)
>> No. 83384

Agreed!! 100% And I loved seeing her sweet slime on his dick. You KNOW she wanted that dick.

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