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/mir/ ~ Did you bookmark all the Triforce chans?
File 151510635296.jpg - (71.20KB , 300x223 , planb.jpg )
1462 No. 1462
That's your fourth gentle reminder to bookmark all our 3 chans even if you always use one of them to hop to the other 2. You could wake up one day and not find it online so make sure you have direct access to:


And our emergency links in case all 3 chans go down simultaneously triforce.forumside.com & Lisach & trichan.de

You must now bookmark all 6 links above. Why do that if you're happy using only one of them to hop into the others? Because you'll probably wake up one day to find 5 of the 6 links dead. This is not hypothetical and actually happened just last September. And unless you were lucky and the link you bookmarked was the surviving one you'd have no way of knowing where we went and you'd lose contact with the Triforce forever, so bookmark all six now.
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>> No. 2403
File 151610648045.jpg - (482.41KB , 2544x1696 , schoolgirl-princess_009_095.jpg )
Asking those demanding a story sub to post stories first is kind of a chicken or egg problem. They weren't contributing until we open the sub, but we weren't opening the sub until they contibute. So I'm taking the first step in good faith here and we're happy to announce https://180chan.info/story/ to publish your ontopic works or others' pirated appreciated novels. If it doesn't get enough contributions in a few weeks we'll merge it with /loli/
>> No. 2849
File 151635643565.jpg - (66.87KB , 293x200 , menat3.jpg )
We're performing server maintenance which will last about 3 hours. Since any posts made during it will be automatically lost we locked all subs. Feel free to chat on https://144chan.ws/disc until we're done. Thanks.

Update: Sorry that took longer than expected but you should notice a HUGE performance boost now. You can resume posting normally.

>> No. 2990
File 151654018716.jpg - (33.05KB , 595x390 , Bundesarchiv_Bild_146-1982-089-18_Waffenstillstand.jpg )
So many users are opening image-only threads here, the type that I wanted to keep only for /hebe/.

If a rule is so unpopular that I need to lock and delete several threads a day to keep it enforced then it's a bad rule that should be removed, just like the Prohibition or War on Drugs™.

So we've changed 144's /mir/ header description to reflect its new designation and it will host both collections/requests and random topics.

180chan's /mir/ and 155chan's /mir/ however will strictly remain for collections and requests.

Have fun you anarchic bastards.
>> No. 4114
File 151713586616.jpg - (204.77KB , 1920x1280 , Silver-Stars_Mariyam-books-1-101.jpg )
For both our old and newfag users, what you're seeing once you enter /mir/ or any sub is only page 1. You can access page 2, 3, 4, etc from the bottom panel, so stop asking where did X thread go.

I've just updated our FAQ to reflect this along many other small protips, and also amended the Rules (first amendment, ha!) to be super clear on what should go in each sub.
>> No. 4129
File 15171413591.jpg - (63.21KB , 330x324 , 1984.jpg )
Since a darkweb site apparently called MK closed we've had an unusual influx of Tor refugees which is absolutely great. But what's not great is having every second post now pushing their tinfoil-mentality down our throats. No friendly user is able to share a normal link anymore without being lectured about the "dangers of javascript" and the "difference between javascript and java" and "how they can use cookies to catch you".

Listen guys, that's not the darkweb. We're a legal network that's been operating for 6 years, and we immediately delete any files requested by LEA which is usually legal stuff but they gotta justify their fat paychecks, and we've been allowed UK access by the most prudish agency run by Tories, the IWF.

Unlike many darkweb sites not once has anyone gotten into trouble for simply visiting a chan, and yet we enforce secure https connection.

By the very nature of this site we tolerate unusual ideas but what you're doing is bordering spam. There's bigass security discussions here, here, & here which I don't mind because they're in the appropriate /spam/ and /disc/ subs and some of them are actually interesting and informative, but I will not tolerate ruining /mir/, /cg/, and /jb/ with your paranoia.

We don't block Tor because there are countries censoring us and because there are politicians, judges, and journalists targeted by the executive branch who must remain independent for society to function properly. But your assumption that everyone is targeted and everything is a trap is psychosis which I ask you to discuss on the appropriate sections.

If you don't like how this site is run you're most welcome to find a suitable darkweb alternative assuming it wouldn't be really run by LEA trying to ensnare you like the trend has been going since 2016, but stop annoying people here with this aggressive attitude.

>> No. 5133
File 151735216238.jpg - (102.32KB , 640x480 , lock.jpg )
Our users didn't notice anything unusual today but we had a prolonged spam attack lasting several hours, after yesterday's attack lasting a similar duration. We thwarted both, deleting literally hundreds of posts within seconds of their appearing, but one attack yesterday managed to litter dozens of posts across the chans for a full 3 hours when our full time mods and I were away. We cannot let this happen again.

For this I'm temporarily putting all subs in screening mode. Everything will be normal except your posts' appearance will be delayed for some hours, and I promise to approve them ASAP. I already know how much this sucks and so we're seeking to hire new mods and make posting instant again.

We need 1 or 2 additional paid mods to fully cover the 24 hours. We're especially short on the period of around 10PM-10AM GMT, meaning someone living in the Western hemisphere or with a totally fucked up sleeping pattern is preferable. The job is to check the chans every 20 minutes for spam and cp and stop aggressive spam attacks when necessary, which are rare but involves a lot of clicks when they happen.

I'm giving priority to our resident shekeleers and free contributes. If you have a long thread at /cg/, /jb/, or /mir/ and are interested in this position please contact us to discuss your free hours and payment.

If nobody comes forward by 2-3 days I will update this post and begin accepting applications from general users.

>> No. 5425
File 151749327678.jpg - (21.66KB , 487x246 , 3mafiamod.jpg )
The spammer who's been hitting us hard for the last few days has fucked off after losing 4 of his 8 sites in an apparent DDoS attack total coincidence, and we quickly hired enough mods to never repeat what happened again. The Triforce is now under 24-hour protection.

We're still seeking contacts of more potential mods as our plan is to ultimately have two on duty at any point during the day. If you have an established thread on /cg/, /jb/, or /mir/ which you started before February 2018 please contact us to let us know your free hours and discuss payment.
>> No. 10249
File 151945491663.jpg - (13.78KB , 452x398 , skull.jpg )
We issued & installed the SSL certificates in record time and you should shortly be able to browse using "https" again. I will lock https tomorrow so you cannot browse without it.

This is a reminder that when we go down you should always check on 8ch.net/triforce for our news. Lots of users may have lost contact with us forever because they though we were gone when restoration updates were being published daily.

8ch went all PC on our emergency board. We're switching the primary emergency board to lolifox

>> No. 10779
File 152007857435.jpg - (75.61KB , 650x540 , hitlermod.jpg )
8ch threatened to delete our emergency board and actually deleted some of my posts there. We will still use it until they completely disable it but we also have another new one at lolifox.org/triforce

When we go down make sure to check both boards because even though 8ch's may not delete our sub they may freeze it or delete my account, so it would look like it's working but without updates (or worse, with false updates).

In any case I want you guys to know that our domains (links) are pretty safe and it's virtually impossible to suspend all 3 simultaneously. So even if you lost contact with the emergency boards keep trying all 3 chan URLs until we get back online.

8ch went all feminazi on our emergency board. We're switching the primary emergency board to lolifox

>> No. 20409
File 152337125477.png - (11.05KB , 337x479 , rise.png )
180chan and 155chan are being censored by a number of oppressive regimes worldwide. There are various technical methods used for blocking websites, the simplest and perhaps most prevalent is DNS filtering.

If your ISP uses DNS filtering to block us then you're in luck as it's very easy to circumvent. All you need to do is use another ISP's DNS servers to resolve your websites. This will not only allow you to access 144chan/155chan but also any other websites blocked by your ISP.

This OpenDNS guide shows you how to change your DNS provider on any device whether it's PC, phone, or server https://www.opendns.com/setupguide/

So just follow the steps, and remember you can input any other DNS IP if you don't want to use OpenDNS ( and for example
Google's DNS is &
Yandex DNS &
Advantage DNS &
ScrubIT &
Or any other you prefer.

Don't let your government decide what's appropriate and inappropriate for you. Take power back into your own hands!
>> No. 20416
File 15233726824.png - (16.33KB , 512x512 , Folder-Archive-512.png )
I have a habit of improving chans suffering from downtime to punish antis and let them know resistance oppression is futile. 144 has been down for quite a bit now and thus deserves a good reward. You can now upload .rar, .zip, and .7z archives to /mir/ up to 19.5MB directly along with your post.

Oh and if you use this for uploading cp your files will be deleted and we'll end up rolling it back, so please use it responsibly.
>> No. 23723
File 152597526981.png - (104.85KB , 1024x1024 , screen.png )
As I recently announced on 180's sticky we're looking to hire some paid mods among chan residents. Until a few volunteer however we regret being forced to subject new posts at open boards like /mir/, /boy/, and /hebe/ to screening for some hours everyday due to the unusual volume of spam they've been getting lately.

Not to cause unnecessary panic, the boards will remain open as usual for about 18 hours everyday, and screened posts made in the remaining 6 hours will appear after a short delay once a mod gets online. I'm just giving you guys a headsup because some users freak out when they don't see their post appear immediately and repost a dozen times.
>> No. 25193
File 152665864759.jpg - (21.37KB , 562x562 , putin.jpg )

New 180 is already active at 180chan.sh 180chan.ru 180chan.la 180chan.al https://180chan.co
>> No. 38731
File 153389239310.jpg - (47.01KB , 580x350 , austerity.jpg )
Due to necessary austerity measures we've had to switch 155 to https://155chan.gr
>> No. 39521
File 153442827852.png - (46.26KB , 1553x1088 , censorship.png )
Tough times indeed. With Lolifox suspension today we're the only free chan left on the clearweb. They will never leave us alone, but we will never give up either. They shut us down 4 times in a single week and like the eternal Phoenix we rose up from the ashes, stronger and bolder than ever.

We have two new emergency boards at: triforce.forumside.com

Make sure you bookmark them as well as trichan.de which is our new independent emergency page. Also bookmark our list of partner networks in the emergency board in case all 6 links die before you get a chance to update.

>> No. 49031
File 153910713128.jpg - (213.57KB , 1920x1280 , Silver-Stars_Mariyam-books-1-107.jpg )
We just fulfilled the long requested search feature to the chan engine niggas.

Before you get too excited though, it's a small makeshift solution via catalog mode. Catalog mode, which is accessible through the link "View Catalog" at the top of each sub, now displays each thread's title under its thumbnail. That enables you to search for the thread you want in your browser via control+F or F3, and cross your fingers hoping its op didn't use a descriptive title such as "hot girl". If you think a thread's title should be changed please let us know.

That's also a reminder that 180chan's /cg/ is now 100% shortener-free. If the new policy proved successful we may apply it Trichan-wide.

If you have any more suggestions or complaints or god forbid praising always let us know in /disc/ or /spam/.

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