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/mir/ ~ Kansai Enko - Chiharu
File 152103972533.jpg - (56.08KB , 768x576 , ceefa42f.jpg )
16492 No. 16492
Any of you perhaps have sets of Chiharu? I have few cropped ones with multiple images, but can't find the complete set anywhere ...
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>> No. 16641
Here is where you can find and download the video.

Free site. Not affiliated with me. This is where I found it, and downloaded it to a mobile device. You should be able to save the vid

>> No. 16644
File 152107235126.jpg - (16.36KB , 320x264 , CysnvR4.jpg )
Here is a better one.....

It is not affiliated with me, and another source for the same download, *IF* the original link above, does not download properly.

>> No. 16651
She's older than she looks, this belongs in /sw
>> No. 16737
Fake. All download links lead to pages that cannot be resolved.
>> No. 16755
She was 12 when they made the video of her, after that they did some photoshoot with her, and this is one of that sets photos, which i can't find anywhere, I believe she was around 13/14 as she sat there on the couch ....
>> No. 16756
And I also have all Kansai Enko's stuff, if any of you are interested, but i am more interested in that particular photoshoot
>> No. 16853
Do you have Chiharu's full vids (original res)? Cannot download from the youflix and yohteen's kenfile links below.
>> No. 16931
The video was deleted from yohteen it seems. And the one from Youflix seems to be in review pending removal, unfortunately.

Those are the two places I had got it from.

And now it is gone. I will try and see if I can find it.
>> No. 16936
I am having no luck finding it.

>> No. 16985
Yes, I have the full vid of Chiharu, I can upload it, if you want it
>> No. 17075
I always wonder how did the old man fuck so many school girls. They are so many films with young girls? Btw. Chiharu was the hottest.
>> No. 17350
pls upload
>> No. 32569
bump for pics and vids
>> No. 32646
actually mod moved a Enjo batch including some of her to SW.
She wasn't too old, but she wasn't innocent, had hella good cocksucking skills for a teen who had just been raped by her stepfather blah blah blah
>> No. 61926
Where can man see her video?
>> No. 62154
Jap girls don't mind to sex for cash. That's it!
>> No. 62183

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