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/mir/ ~ Kansai Enko - Chiharu
File 152103972533.jpg - (56.08KB , 768x576 , ceefa42f.jpg )
16492 No. 16492
Any of you perhaps have sets of Chiharu? I have few cropped ones with multiple images, but can't find the complete set anywhere ...
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>> No. 16641
Here is where you can find and download the video.

Free site. Not affiliated with me. This is where I found it, and downloaded it to a mobile device. You should be able to save the vid

>> No. 16644
File 152107235126.jpg - (16.36KB , 320x264 , CysnvR4.jpg )
Here is a better one.....

It is not affiliated with me, and another source for the same download, *IF* the original link above, does not download properly.

>> No. 16651
She's older than she looks, this belongs in /sw
>> No. 16737
Fake. All download links lead to pages that cannot be resolved.
>> No. 16755
She was 12 when they made the video of her, after that they did some photoshoot with her, and this is one of that sets photos, which i can't find anywhere, I believe she was around 13/14 as she sat there on the couch ....
>> No. 16756
And I also have all Kansai Enko's stuff, if any of you are interested, but i am more interested in that particular photoshoot
>> No. 16853
Do you have Chiharu's full vids (original res)? Cannot download from the youflix and yohteen's kenfile links below.
>> No. 16931
The video was deleted from yohteen it seems. And the one from Youflix seems to be in review pending removal, unfortunately.

Those are the two places I had got it from.

And now it is gone. I will try and see if I can find it.
>> No. 16936
I am having no luck finding it.

>> No. 16985
Yes, I have the full vid of Chiharu, I can upload it, if you want it
>> No. 17075
I always wonder how did the old man fuck so many school girls. They are so many films with young girls? Btw. Chiharu was the hottest.
>> No. 17350
pls upload
>> No. 32569
bump for pics and vids
>> No. 32646
actually mod moved a Enjo batch including some of her to SW.
She wasn't too old, but she wasn't innocent, had hella good cocksucking skills for a teen who had just been raped by her stepfather blah blah blah
>> No. 61926
Where can man see her video?
>> No. 62154
Jap girls don't mind to sex for cash. That's it!
>> No. 62183
>> No. 68705
link is down
>> No. 68710

Seeing as I am part Japanese, and can speak the language (although Kansai Dialect is weird compared to my Ibaraki Dialect), the "old man" was her father. She explains that bit, right after the stripping portion of the original video.
>> No. 68947
NO! She said the first time of fucking is her step father. Enko videos were videotaped and produced by a few men and presented for limited number of paying member. Of course actresses of enko video were worked for cash. Later some of the video were sneakly copied by somebody and leaked outside.
>> No. 68971
But the file name I got it suggested she was 11. How old was she? 11 or 12?
>> No. 68989

Pass: 144chan
>> No. 69070
Judging by her pussy, she's at least 20+. She looks bored and uninterested - no wonder, his dick is smaller than my 10 year old!!!
>> No. 69084
She had intercourse with many stepfathers before this. The first one went to jail, then the second one took over, then he too, went to jail, and this video was taken while she was under the third stepfather's care. You could imagine how experienced she was at 11 years old. It also explains why her snatch looks like a 20 year old…
>> No. 69088
She is definitely not 18+, and this is coming from an Asian… her pussy has been used numerous times by her previous stepfathers. Unlike most softcore western cp, they fuck hard, and this is what happens…
>> No. 69407


Translate Japanese into your langage.
>> No. 69451
Stepfather was charged with statutory rape.
That's the evidence she was preteen in that jurisdiction.
>> No. 69480

More of this incel ignorance - the amount of fucking a girl or woman does CANNOT change the shape of her vagina.

I can't believe amazingly fucking stupid you people are!

Think about dumbshit - you jerk off 8 times a day, does your dick look any different after all these years of abuse?

Of course it doesn't!

So why would her cunt????

>> No. 69495
if that was the case vaginal reconstructive surgery would not be so in demand.
>> No. 75238
Incel ignorance? If you can with your right hand , after a few years your dick will bend to the left. I'm Japanese and I dare say I know this case better than you. There are tons in this series, all are underage with a few exceptions, there are some even younger than 11, there is no con here, she was 11 at the time of filming, even though her pussy looks like an adult. You would've known that, had you been exposed to it more.
>> No. 75380
Is there any her streaming vid right now?

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