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/mir/ ~ Vicky (Kylie Freeman
File 152521552755.png - (466.72KB , 1070x572 , 792.png )
22271 No. 22271
I didn't see a thread for Vicky aka Kylie. any pics/vids? I found these off freenet as a bookmark.. sorry so crappy.
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>> No. 22272
File 152521557258.jpg - (16.38KB , 480x360 , 0 (1).jpg )
>> No. 22343
File Vicky1.7z - (14.40MB )
13 short videos of vicky
pass presstitute
>> No. 22346
File Vicky2.7z - (18.41MB )
another 4 short vicky vids
pass presstitute
>> No. 22400
>> No. 22401
Seriously, can you read?
>> No. 22403
Life's tough, but it's worse if you're stupid.
>> No. 22432
File 152528041736.png - (352.46KB , 946x476 , vicky.png )
>> No. 22478
she went through a meh stage but gorgeous as an adult
>> No. 22479
File 152531280851.jpg - (57.83KB , 731x324 , 9260372.jpg )
meh , but at least she's not as loosened as Tara lol
>> No. 22520
love to give her a load
>> No. 22556
She kinda looks like Abigail Breslin.
>> No. 22565
Thanks for sharing...
These vids are unique. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL girl, at the perfect age, and nicely treated, even happy. I think, if she has some trauma (It seems she hasn't), it comes from the pulling hair out of people and media. Nobody could say she've been raped.

Well, I'm amazed cause is the 1st time I see pure love in an underage video.

Or maybe I'm just horribly deranged...?
>> No. 22570
File 152537704653.jpg - (144.52KB , 795x611 , 9260367.jpg )
unfortunately the latter , she loved her Daddy up to a point , but AlphaKen took it too far for her and you can see her about to break in a couple scenes
>> No. 22604
OP here say thanks. more from anyone esp. esp pics.?
>> No. 22700
why is some of the video are broken, cannot play
>> No. 22711

She was never upset in the videos.
>> No. 22713
Yeah, she hardly appears upset in the videos. But look the first picture, it comes from the surface. He who have done that banner, did carefully look for the precise frame in which she seems as sad as possible. It is a social engineering strategy. They do it even with presidents (in almost all pictures of Donald Trump in networks he does appear making an insane gesture, editors look for it frame by frame in videos). 1 from 10000 people realize that sort of things, rest of them assume the message without any doubt.

I could bet Psychologists and other who treated Kylie, had to work hard to convince Kylie she was victim of something immeasurably horrible, to make her fit in the standard of hate and fear necessary for the proper story diffusion.

This means not every case of child abuse is the same story. Most of them are abuses in fact.

Sorry for writing so much shit, is just I'm still impressed with Kylie's videos. So much love and beauty in them.
>> No. 22753
There are a couple of videos where she has an orgasm, so I'm thinking she didn't really dislike it that much
>> No. 22766
Some of the videos only work with Real Player or similar media player which plays RM files.
>> No. 22780
Salty milk
>> No. 22787
File 152550590946.jpg - (41.63KB , 320x240 , sleepy-time-001.jpg )
A lot of kiddies get embarassed later in life knowing they orgasmed and showed pleasure, especially when told it was "bad"
>> No. 22803
>> No. 22804
Be careful. Vicky/Kylie can sue your ass if you're caught downloading her videos.

>> No. 22805
If you're caught downloading her videos then Vicky's lawsuit is the least of your troubles.
>> No. 22806
Solution: don't get caught downloading her videos!
>> No. 22807
I don't mind whore vicky making a living off her sucking shows it's a good case for legalizing cp production.
>> No. 22943
dou you have the same videos with sound ?

or more
>> No. 23059
Please share full vid
>> No. 23072
yess Kylie Freeman
>> No. 23739
>> No. 23895
she's one of my favorite cocksuckers too, takes that log right down and drinks his load too, actually wants it, what a good girl. Too bad about the sound on her vids, but good viewing anyway
>> No. 25936
bump for more...
>> No. 26158
File 152715832043.jpg - (48.67KB , 1366x203 , 08 años blow_mpg.jpg )
10 Vicky vids. Essential for beginner collectors!
>> No. 26173
10 Vicky vids puffmag pw rubbish
>> No. 28244
Here's a vid...
>> No. 28730
Too bad for dad. These Vichy vids are the best. She is one of the best cocktail suckered ever. Here dad did good.
>> No. 29012
Does anyone have a digital copy of Kenneth Freemans diary? It is supposed to be out there.
>> No. 29026
File 152863987440.jpg - (39.46KB , 285x384 , Vicky - Missing cumshot.jpg )
>> No. 29179
The bondage video is my new go-to. I wanna see grown Kylie listen to Guns n Roses and watch her get triggered by "Sweet Child O Mine"
>> No. 29194
only if you live in murica. in europe you can get caught downloading cp and get away with it if it's the first time...
>> No. 29227
Did he ever fuck her pussy on vid?
>> No. 42071
Bump for any possible Vicky PTHC vaginal?
>> No. 42862
To everyone saying Vicki was taught to feel bad, just have to say that she was the one who finally told her mother what was going on. So yeah, gotta think she wasn’t liking it by that point.

Yes, in some of the vids it seems she is fine, and one in particular shows she is feeling “extra” good. But just because she had an orgasm and liked it at the time doesn’t mean much.

My sisters were abused by my father, and the oldest one liked it enough that she started doing things with me. But by the time she was out of school, she hated my dad, said when he finally died she was going to dance on her grave.
>> No. 42888
Ken never penetrated her vaginally, neither on camera nor off. A popped cherry is all too damning a piece of evidence for any reasonably intelligent man to provide to an ex-wife and Ken knew that.
>> No. 42896
vicky never had a dick in her cunt he was a closet gay
>> No. 43540
still kinda fuckable
>> No. 43541
can someone upload the rest of them please?
>> No. 44354
I never liked vici, too old.
And now Is ugly
>> No. 49653
BUMP FOR MORE PLEASE! someone has the rest..
>> No. 55108
Alguien que me diga la contraseña
>> No. 55109
Alguien que me diga la contraseña
>> No. 61944
She was very wide spread on livewire a few years ago the other one was a girl called Kimmy
>> No. 61962
Fichier supprimé pour raison de copyright.
>> No. 61991
Thats tipical by american womans.
When they are child, they are sweet and nice.
After they grow up, they are fat like pigs, the ass is biger as a car trunk and the tits like by a texas cow.
The reason for it are, the tonns of chemical fast food!
>> No. 62008
She is adopted russian, not american. the rest is true. most russian women get ugly even faster due to stress and unhealthy life style.
>> No. 62066
I dont mean the birth country. I mean the livin country. I know alot of romanian womans what look good home, they emigrate in USA and in a fiew years they look like the wife from Mobby Dick. Why? A good life standard dont made nobody fat like a pig. This do only the chemical food.
>> No. 62086
What he says about Russian women is true -- they're ugly grannies by their 21st birthday. They are best before 16.
>> No. 62133
Vicky didn't come forward or play victim until she was identified in the pics & vids.
The mother also played clueless.
I've heard rumors (just rumors) that the mother was working the camera in several of the videos and that they were a happy threesome most of the time.
The greatest dumb-fuck move was when daddy's overblown ego decided to spread the pics & vids over the internet.
Kylie won a $10M (yes, that's 10-million) lawsuit without expiration.
Anyone caught with her stuff becomes liable to pay a share.
Interestingly....her lawyers only seem to go after perps with big bank accounts....figures.
>> No. 62140
>> No. 62142
$10million!?! So she's effectively setting the price to view CP? I heard she was represented by John Ashcroft's firm and they've only gone after a few guys with tons of money. Kinda makes sense. I doubt the average guy caught watching her vids has any real money.
The big question is: Has any of this actually deterred anyone from viewing or distributing such materials?
>> No. 62144
Maibye u right but tel me, if womans are ewerywhere so nice, why the fuck all of them use this shit chemical mascara?
Is this a war paynt if they go hunting cocks or they use it to hide hes real ugly face (world wide)?

Why dont they show his selfe so how they are made from mother nature?

Take somwhere a nice women in your bed.
Next day in the morning when u wake up and see she without mscara u well get in panik.
U already fuked with a ..... ugly monster :-) ))))))
>> No. 62170
because men are attracted to smooth babyish faces. naturally women are supposed to attract men well before 18. and men are supposed to look for a young (looking) girls, not at each other. that's programmed in their brain. and like in any program there are some bugs.

well but the result is that girls are trying to look younger, healthier to attract males. face painting is one of the ways. b.t.w. escorts don't use it much because clients don't like.
>> No. 63959
anyone have a dl link for the Vicky vids with sound?
>> No. 64082
Esto es increíble, de la realidad de la que estuve vicky fue una niña rusa adoptada por un millonario estadounidense, el cual fue capturado por vender los vídeos de vicky en internet. y en esta realidad, el caso es totalmente distinto. esto si que es increíble.
>> No. 64089
a alguien más le pasa lo mismo? vicky fue: na niña rusa adoptada desde los ocho años por un millonario estadounidense.
>> No. 64092
en esta realidad el caso vicky es reemplazado por el caso de masha allen.
>> No. 64096
many russian kids were abused by them "american" fathers . it not allowed in Russia anymore
>> No. 64103
there is another statistics: 75% of girls from orphanages become prostitutes. and, it's well known, that almost all of them are being abused by older boys and teachers. this starts at very early age. there was a case in US when 8 yo adopted russian girl first night came to make a bj to step father. she was sent back home. in some cases orphanage teachers sell boys and girls for sex to outsiders. this was covered in russian media. the ban on adoption make no good to kids, it's just a political decision.
>> No. 64119
All of this statistics are a big political shitt.
Not only orphans are prostitutes.

They are outside millions of girls from ritsch familys who begin to suck cocks with 5 and fuck already with 10 or 11.

In other country, most religions, girs in edge of 11 or 12 are get maried, when she is 18 she has alredy his own 7 or 8 childs and with 25 or 30 she is already grany because his own children has his own childrens. All this are ignored in this shitt statistiks.

In the hindu countrysor islamics, children are selled like goods in the supermarket. In the hindu/orthodox by the gipsies in east europe, a girl must get maried between edge 10 to 12, lately 13 because with 15 she is to old to made a family and the list can go on and on. All this traditional or religious usuals are ignored from all this political mediatizated statistics.

Personaly I am born in Romania and I lieve in Romania and i see live what problems are here with this paralel gipsie society. Nobody, no low, no gowermend can stop they from her pedo usuals and this to, in a European Comunity country and this fuking statistics say nothing about this.
>> No. 64124
By the way...:

Based on Romanian government statistics, ewery hear are made over a half a million pregnancy abortions by underadge girls between edge 11 to 14.
>> No. 64180
It is well known that Trump and Bannon ran a child prostitution ring straight from Russia like 20 years ago when Trump was still a democrat. Bannon was boys only as he always been a homosexual. Now he is a right winger he is famous for forcing black boys to dress on nazi uniforms while sticking things up Bannon's butt while he screams: "Destroy America Trump! All the poor low-wage meth-heads illiterates hillbillies will keep voting for you because the are too moronic to understand that we only fucking their Christian fundamentalist gay asses as THEY ARE THE ONES NEEDING social security, medicare, medicaid, and all the things democrats created and we want to destroy". Rich people, like the ones that vote in the democrats do not need medicare. They have really expensive full coverage health insurance. But poor people usually fuck themselves in the ass, especially when they vote in the right. Not being very smart is the reason they were poor to begin with. Vote Republican is just a consequence.
>> No. 64200
If I understand you correctly it sucks only in US, the rest of the world is fine, except for a few shitholes. BTW, indians in USA also live parallel life. Not just US, in both Americas. Why am I not indian... :-\
>> No. 64224
It sucks not only in US. Have u ewer been in Germany? In Germany if u are a man ower 50 and have a litle doggy,equal if its yours or the doggy from your children, u are a pedo because this sick KRAUTS society think u buy the doggy to molest children. Now, tell me, how sick ist that?
>> No. 64229

I liewe about 5 years in Germany, my childrens are there and exactly because this problems i come back to Romania. I walk in the city with the doggy from my dau. A colerikal woman with 2 childs come in ihe front of me and spit me in the face sayng to me SCHEISS PEDO DRECK (shitt pedo garbage)and go. In so a shitt country like germany (islamic ass licker) i dont want anymore to live and i newer go back there. If my children wanna see me, they come to Romania.
>> No. 64243
trump had not got the chair as president if there have'nt been so many asshats in the republican community
plus a well known fact the ultra nationalists added their share with support from same communities outside usa to make trum president
it's too many of the so called intellectual peeps who really believed in trump which have hit the opposite way by now
it's a bit too easy to say it's just the poor and illiterate citizens who supports trump cause it's not the complete truth

on the other hand politicians do have one agenda only & read worldide and that's to make themselves more important plus filling their own pockets as much as possible
greed is a wonderful thing lets wish the biggest greedy fucker wins the whole political game and it's your guess who it may happen to be that winner of all......
i've got a quite good picture about who it will be but that's another story
now to all here have the best holidays as possible cause it may be a really bad new year for all peeps on the globe;)
>> No. 64352
If somebody wanna BELEAVE, shell go to church but not in some political dumbasses what have only one goal:

- To made profit, go get ritsch at our expense and we...... we are the fool idiots what elect them and trust in them. We are guilty for the political miseries in what we live and nobody else. Politicien are capably to talk ower hours and say nothing but they get so millions of dumbasses who beleave in them and elekt them.
Ewery people on this planet shell use his brain befor go to some elections and how i already say, if he wanna beleave, shell go to church. Only in church u can beleawe equal if in god, politics or.... holly shitt.

A long time ago, a old man say to me:
- In the beginning, they was caled propheten, layter they call them storytellers and now, in the modern time, they call them politician. In all time our history its the same shitt.

Our human species is on the best way to distroy hisselfe, equal who fuck who, equal of edge.
>> No. 64403
jar2 com
>> No. 64554
Is there a video of this photo, and if so, can it be posted?
>> No. 64719
Romania was a pedo heaven after the fall of communism, when so many of the kids Nicolae Ceaușescu pretty much forced his people to have ended up living on the streets, sniffin' glue & suckin' dick.
>> No. 64805
Its today to but not so much.
Ceausescu forced every family to have 4 childrens.
After the comunism fall, the story is ended and the children landed on the street but this childrens are 100% gipsey children and not romanians.
A romanian well newer trow his child out on the street.

Today u find alot of gipsy prostitutes and other to but u must know where to search.

In the near of alot of clubs and pubs in Bucuresti, Cluj, Timisoara, Craiova, Sibiu, Brasov and other citys, in summer on the black sea in Costinesti, Mamaia, Mangalia to, they stai close there and play like normal cilds. It can be happen if u come out from a club or pub to come to u and ask you if u wana have a blowjob with swallow for 10 euros. The rest..... is your decision :-)
>> No. 65347
disgusting swine bitch
>> No. 65349
So in Bucuresti,and other cities, I have had very young girls approach me but I do not know what they are asking. Maybe money? Or??? What do you think?
And where can I take them? Not my hotel, right?
>> No. 65350
Love her
>> No. 65362
I told u where they stay and where u can find them. Of course u dont understand the language, what they ask for but in the future if u go to RO, thry a translation app. U speak in eglisch in the micro, the app show the translated recording in text form. The same it works from romanian to english. If they speack to u, let them speack again into the micro of your phone. The app show u the translation in text form.

In all Europe all Sirian refugees use this app to translate from arabic in romanian, german, hungarian or so and if u made every ear holiday here, if u come to UNTOLD, or NEVERSEA or ELECTRIC CASTLE Events (search in google and youtube for this events), it welbee recomanded to learn a fiew words to can comunicate.

The romanian language is a latin language wery close to the italian and wery easy to learn.
>> No. 65365
If u have a rental car, take she in the car and drive alitle out of the city or go in a park somewhere but be shore there are no CCTV cams.

In the citys like Brasovand Sibiu beware the BEARS !!!!! and wenn u drive and see bears on the road, dont stop and dont feed them !!!!
>> No. 65387
So is somebody going to post more videos, pictures, or gifs of her
>> No. 65396
Thanks GoguRO.

Good info. I go to Romania for work. The company provides hotel and driver so I don’t have a car there. I now have a smart phone with translation app. I have been in many places with bears and I never try to approach or feed them.
>> No. 65413
Yes but see this here :-)


OK. The first vid is old but this one is hapening last week midle in the city Brasov at about 2 PM:


So, equal where u go in Romania, BEWARE THE REARS !!

If u come here to work, is fine and if u are ower sumer here is much better. Personalyy i go every year to Cluj city to the Untold festival and to Costinesti tourist city on the black sea coast to the Neversea festival and sometimes to Electric Castle to. By all this 3 is full of miniature cock sucker in edge between 6 to 10 yo.

If u see gipsys around u. let them. Dont talk with them, be friendly but dont make busines or so because if they see u are a tourist or a foreigner, they try to sell her childrens, mostly girls in edge betwenn newborn an 4 yo for about 60.000 to 100.000 euros, make with u facke adoptions papers and so u get in enormous trouble with autoritys. Its damn fucking dangeros.
>> No. 69459
Can someone pls send me a video
>> No. 69728
REUP THE 13 videos pls
>> No. 69837
it always looks like she's having fun. that she wants to be doing what she's doing.

He doesn't hurt her the way that fiend hurts Tara - just slamming away at her asshole despite the fact that it's hurting her.

Did Vicky ever get fucked? I've only seen the bj vids.

And, to repeat, she doesn't look forced or unwilling.

Makes you wonder - what really does the damage - the sex 'abuse' 0r the freak with the cops and everyone else when it's discovered?

You know, if this dumbfuck hadn't recorded it, he'd probably have gotten away with it.
>> No. 69839

Having orgasm doesn't mean anything.

40% of rape victims have orgams during the rape.

The body doesn't know it's being raped - it just thinks the woman is fucking. So she lubes up (that's really more a defense so the vagina doesn't get torn) and then because of the penetration and pressure on the clit, she comes.

It's one reason so many rape victims never report it - they can't understand how they can cum during an attack.

They don't realize that it's just the way bodies work.

Of course, the shit bag rapists use that against their victims, "Yeah, bitch, your pussy's wet, you must like it!"
>> No. 69841
Was Vicky raped? What's the definition of rape?

Thanks in advance for the response!
>> No. 69986
Look at the thumbnail collage, you can see she was anally penetrated in at least 3 pics
>> No. 70167
Fake news, professor.
>> No. 70243
File 154673740989.jpg - (215.62KB , 1920x1080 , girl25.jpg )
Video file Girl25 shows me that she really enjoyed the anal. Her facial reactions do not lie.
>> No. 70399
Who cares post more videos of her pls
>> No. 72883
Please reupload the 10 videos again. I'm crazy looking for these videos.
>> No. 72891

>> No. 72998
Does ANYONE out there have ANY "Vicky" videos ?
>> No. 73087
Here's a video that is 33:48. Enjoy!
Pass: 144chan=girls
>> No. 73099
For all of you who think Vicky actually enjoyed this, or that she was brainwashed into thinking that she didn't enjoy it, you're all fucking retarded. Seriously. Fucking. Retarded.

I love these videos just as much as the rest of us, but I'm not a fucking idiot. It was rape, you guys. Come on. Stop having dumb fucking wishes, and get with reality.
>> No. 73109

The question isn't whether it was rape legally, the question is - did Vicky enjoy the sexual encounters with her father?

Watching the videos, in some of them at least, she clearly IS enjoying what's going on. That doesn't make it any less messed up. Fathers aren't supposed to fuck daughters.

But this ain't the Tara vids, which clearly ARE rape. That dude mercilessly fucks her ass even tho's she clearly crying out in pain and asking him to stop.

In the Vicky vids it looks much more like seduction. And it's hardly impossible that she wanted to please her father and wound up receiving pleasure herself.

Asking the question isn't an attempt to condone what happened.
>> No. 73118

Too bad there's no sound.
>> No. 73123
Thanks to her, I can’t listen to Smashmouth without getting a boner. Deny as she may, it’s obvious she enjoyed sucking Daddy.
>> No. 73228
"Fathers aren't supposed to fuck daughters."

I disagree. Better girls have a loving sexual relationship with their dads than being passed around like a whore among their schoolmates.
>> No. 73280
c'mon dad, share the wealth. no reason we cant all get some relief
>> No. 73330
Whatever happened to (or does anybody have) Vicky's "Tastes Like Salty Milk" video ?
>> No. 73334
It's out there... ensuring her inmortality in that role however much she now resents it
>> No. 73766
Pussy pass means women can slaughter their own preborn child. Men go to jail for looking at old videos. How obscene.
>> No. 75810
No. 26173
10 Vicky vids puffmag pw rubbish CAN YOU PLease er-up them

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