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/mir/ ~ Haven't seen this shared in years
File 15283059144.png - (97.39KB , 398x333 , Screenshot from 2018-06-06 19-19-06.png )
28443 No. 28443
Anyone know the name?
Guessing its a French girl but could be wrong.
PW 144_chan
Note underscore in above pw!!!!

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>> No. 65038
File 154485802444.jpg - (384.82KB , 900x680 , 15113537087171.jpg )
Да. Я говорю немного на русском.
>> No. 65054
File 15448616239.jpg - (233.50KB , 2362x1600 , Yulia1.jpg )
Her name is yulia brezhneva
>> No. 65100
wrong pw
>> No. 65272
pw doesnt again and again
>> No. 65485
Anybody figure out the PW?
>> No. 65506
Normally I have patience well and far beyond what I most likely should... try reading the full post. Maybe that might be a good idea? It clearly states to take note that there is an underscore in the password. Not to mention, that note is directly under the password which clearly shows an underscore within it. Bunch of stupid, impatient drones. If you cannot read or be bothered to actually read the password then maybe you should not be allowed on a connective device. Not to even mention the simple ability to copy and paste. Every other post I have seen in ages that has the same complaint of a password not working even though the posted password does indeed work just fine is starting to grate on my nerves. You idiots severely shake what little faith I have left in humanity and most likely lower the world's collective intelligence with each and every incorrect posted complaint.
>> No. 65625
Worked perfectly.
Don't know what some people's problem is, but...
my thanks to OP.

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