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/mir/ ~ Tara??
File 153029061875.jpg - (1.21MB , 2560x1920 , 1423278377108-3.jpg )
32795 No. 32795
Image collection anywhere??
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>> No. 49702
File 153941299880.jpg - (31.85KB , 500x409 , Screenshot 2018-10-12 at 11_22_43 PM-02.jpg )
>> No. 49710
I would love to have met her dad and taken turns pounding her tight ass with him!
>> No. 49904
File 153951288259.jpg - (281.93KB , 1475x1044 , Tara_t49923jpg_9097244_26685419.jpg )
so hot knowing that she will never be sure who has seen her daddy fucking years. If a new boyfriend asks for something special in bed is it because he wants her to be like in her films or pics?
>> No. 50036
File 153955414280.jpg - (836.26KB , 2560x1920 , 146906822026.jpg )
>> No. 50044
pw 144chan
>> No. 50049
"I'd love for her to suck my cock as I piss deep into her mouth and have her puke Chuck!!😈
>> No. 57022
See this girl? She's a street whore. Her daddy turned her into it. Now the only way she can survive is to sell her dirty used body to heroin addicts who can't afford her but she lets them have sex with her anyway because they keep her high and alive. She is ridden with disease like HIV, Herpes, and clap but is very willing to for you to stick your cock inside her acid ridden holes and make you pay for what her daddy did to her. Any offers?
>> No. 57197
actually more likely to diseases outside the family circle affection being the worst thing is only in the media and only people that get caught or report it actually ever feel affection is the worst possible crime as if affection is actually a bad thing is more like brainwashing than based in reality not that brainwashing doesnt hurt once you start giving in to it maybe you believe putting people in cages is great but the purpose of putting people in cages is to enjoy suffering can the same be said of affection?
>> No. 57280
File 154244063455.jpg - (92.32KB , 755x1007 , 63f01a.jpg )
Blah blah blah... you talk, but she lives a life.
Now an A-grade student. She's a winner!
>> No. 57341
File 15424743713.jpg - (506.59KB , 2560x1920 , tara 8yr 0021.jpg )
she can pretend now but we know she loved the dirty daddy play. would love to see what she did that wasnt filmed. sweet little pissy cunt
>> No. 57441
... and you are loosers
>> No. 57449
OMG!!! if thats Walker County she lives just down the way from me... Oh Dreams
>> No. 57464
File 15425304842.jpg - (1.15MB , 2560x1920 , 1c2qcnec2.jpg )
look at that sweet face as she ruts her bald pussy against the bedpost of her own princess bed. Once daddy taught her how to get them she would never get enough orgasms again
>> No. 57495
have a good day at the hospital
>> No. 57543
File 154256907677.jpg - (1.49MB , 2100x1575 , Tara (3).jpg )
>> No. 57545
File 154256929985.jpg - (1.52MB , 2100x1575 , Tara (1).jpg )
>> No. 57546
File 154256943876.jpg - (1.37MB , 1800x1350 , Tara (4).jpg )
>> No. 57547
File 154256949240.jpg - (859.11KB , 1600x1200 , Tara (6).jpg )
>> No. 57548
File 154256957662.jpg - (168.87KB , 800x601 , Tara (2).jpg )
>> No. 71054
Videos plis
>> No. 71138
Someone has to have an archive of Tara's pics. She is just so dirty and sexy!
>> No. 71207
>>71138 the photo archive on the chans. You have to search it out to get it. I got it a couple weeks ago near the back of the bus. I got a dozen or so videos back there too.
>> No. 71271
File 154707918439.jpg - (359.53KB , 2560x1920 , tara 8yr 321.jpg )
>> No. 71272
File 154707929986.jpg - (359.84KB , 2560x1920 , tara 8yr 322.jpg )
>> No. 71290
She's always been one of the best A2M students since she was 7 or 8! Nice to see her suck seed. Hopefully she'll start a semen sacrament church with cp playing on big screens where Dance Mom preteen pageant girls learn that bukkake facials are a community service.
>> No. 71362
Bump for all vids and sets please.
>> No. 71425
wonder if daddy broke her hymen or if she did it herself? Either way it happened early enough for her to never think about saving it for Mr Right
>> No. 71437
File 154714847272.jpg - (72.23KB , 426x554 , 154252314788-01.jpg )
>> No. 71438
File 154714859825.jpg - (113.30KB , 500x680 , 153814802639-01.jpg )
Oh daddy!
>> No. 71445
Are there still girls saving themselves? Most girls turn into sluts and fuck every cock they can get and only start thinking about "Mr. Right" when they get older and uglier. It's easy to get a man to hold you out as long as you are a cute teen girl. In the later 20s, it's getting harder to find someone stupid enough to take a woman that had dozens of guys before.

That's why every dad should make sure he takes his daughter's virginity. If girls are introduced to sex by a loving dad, they may not go down that path. Since they'll have sex anyway, it is best when their dads get to fuck them as long as possible.
>> No. 71475
Post. Tara vids. Then
>> No. 71478
File 154716137957.jpg - (840.53KB , 1900x1990 , 151362519752-01.jpg )
Yeah nother useless FUCK meat
>> No. 71480
Aww aren't u cute lil FUCK toy!!!
>> No. 71493
File 154716660184.jpg - (376.63KB , 1360x1200 , 154567467930-01.jpg )
Daddy lil princess
>> No. 71713
no it wont hurt daddy at all. you however... no promises
>> No. 82315
I have a request.

This is from the affidavit; “The images have become increasingly violent, with the latest images showing the subject wielding a large knife toward the victim. The knife is shown as being pressed against the
victim's genitals as well as the victim's face and neck. The victim's composure in the images appears progressively more distressed as well.”

I have never seen any of these photos but am now wondering if somebody can create an archive with a couple of the photos and post it here so one can see for themself what the photos are like? Do not post photos in the thread because they will most likely be deleted by the moderators. If you need to post a preview, make sure to censor it. Replace the knife with a carrot or something like that.
>> No. 82344
Plis videos
>> No. 82382
Tara was totally in on the violence pics. She was going along with the joke. Probably one of Bart's buddies had asked for pics with a knife.

It looked to Nonsuch like the further along Bart and Tara got in their work the more Tara was enjoying it. The only exception might have been when she was 9 Y.O. sitting in back sear of Bart's van. She looked like she would rather be someplace else doing something else.
>> No. 82388
File 155008564011.jpg - (1.68MB , 1944x2592 , DSC05463.jpg )
What could a girl her age possibly be more interested in? Isn't it every 9yo girls dream to get brutally ass fucked by a 300 lb clown man that smells like a locker room? If I was a 9yo girl that would be my one and only priority.
>> No. 82484
her father has misused her, there is no re-speech. she is lucky that she finished her school and became something out of her. how can you do what he did. sure, we are all the same here, but why do you do what he did? as well as the story with vicky.ebenso incomprehensible. or bibigon, or franco ..... why?
These girls get a hate on men. I do not understand such a behave nicht.es are some good examples such as. viola aka foxy, or kgirl (where kgirl is again borderline), but viola, he operates in the legal sense also abuse, but he does not hurt her and he does not destroy their personality, he enjoys their own sexuality .... as far as they are concerned it allows. I condemn many of you who are watching the most recent things and even asking for them. You are the ones who really do something to the children and later on are read in the news with the most abominable acts, and then plead innocently, even though you know what you have done , i also have a pedophile addiction since i can think, but i live it out for myself. photos, videos and thoughts but I have never rangemacht to a girl or am her come close. I have 4 children myself. 1 daughter and 4 sons. My daughter is now 20 years old, the boys between 3 to 16 years old. but I have never touched any of them immoral. you have to know where the borders are, and the shocking thing here is that most do not know where the limit is
>> No. 82487
sry,for the translate....but i hope the most one understand what i meant with this. i used a transöation tool,....thats failed :-/
>> No. 82492
now hand on the heart, every normal thinking person with our passion does not want it the girl is bad.
I'm one of the movies and photos I collect, I do not spread them. I do not touch girls and can behave like a normal human being.
I think you have to have your own inclination under control. i do not understand the people who are in the act of violence. THAT ARE BAD AND EVIL PEOPLE THAT BELONG TO PRISON OR PSYCHOLOGICAL TREATMENT. such as the father of tara or vicky or many other girls
>> No. 82493
these are poor girls
>> No. 82561
I understand your philosophical considerations and really appreciate your insight on this. However there are plenty of people in our world that are evil. I live in America and we are a hideous demoniac country full of hatred, ignorance and the will of destroy other nations and the whole planet. That is built in us Americans. We are born that way. We Americans are genetic mass murderer psychopaths that just want to see pain, destruction, evil and suffering in the whole world. I was in the US military as a combatant and that is part of our ethos. We just go into countries that are living in peace, just taking care of their own business and we destroy, genocide, mass murder and establish an orgy of hate and destruction to sacrifice those souls to our American gods of violence and hate. The world was a good place until 1776 when Satan created our country, the United States. Since then our only sole goal is to bring evil, destruction and death to the whole world.
Understand, please, that is the way we are. Look at our current president demented, distorted, satanic, inhuman, monstrous face and his talk full of hatred and ignorance and you will see what our American soul is: a satanic demonic evil entity that was brought to this world to end it and kill the whole mankind.
So, I guess now is easy to understand all this evil. The world will only be a good place the day all us Americans and all people on other nations that are suckers for us are brutally eliminated from Earth, sacrificed to the Good God and the real Lord Jesus Christ, not the Jesus American churches pray to, because that one is Satan in disguise.
>> No. 82695
The borders OUT are wide open, bitch.
"Love it or leave it" goes for both sides of the fence.
>> No. 82710
>>82561 read your reply before realizing the thread its posted in and that made it even more hilarious. "wow this guy has some good points, I wonder what the thread topic is. " (glances up) 'tara?? Image collection anywhere??'
>> No. 82719
well it's not THAT bad.
>> No. 83192
WOW so much hatred and self loathing from the pretend American. real Americans write in decent English and correct grammar. most of the time, you sound like an ignorant commie to me.
>> No. 83195
as for Tara? she is no Jessica alba for sure. but she is / was handy and an average Mc Donald's over fed kid, plus bad genetics..remember, its not the Face you Fuck..Its the fuck you face that matters.
>> No. 83196
She could've been a horrible person. Luckily her dad straightened her and turned her into a better human being through hardship. The bible said everything happens for a reason.

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