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/mir/ ~ HELP
File 153030486265.jpg - (10.06KB , 400x234 , 152275978355.jpg )
32814 No. 32814
Any have these sets?
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>> No. 32846
I like the girl but not the guy, he does anal and he looks like he doesn't brush his teeth.
>> No. 33070
I have only 3 mini bj vids of her.
>> No. 33090
She is known as JM on eMule.
>> No. 33211
That's Janice thread not sure if links still work https://144chan.tw/mir/res/4830.html
>> No. 67418
She lives in traunstein in South of Germany. She sits in same school class of my niece is. Both are friends and still are after her dad was put in mail
>> No. 67421

Because her dad was a burden, it doesn't fit DHL or UPS couriers' standards!
>> No. 67462
saw her in a clip on another site. Would love to see the mini bj vids and any others of her.
>> No. 67540
I thought they were French.
>> No. 67860
No she and my niece are Friends. I saw both playing naked togheter in garden in summer at swimmingpool.

It is great to see her naked body in real life. But i can not tell her i saw her photos and movies on here. She probably thinks that all are gone.
>> No. 67861
She still lives in Traunstein in south of Germany
>> No. 67932
I am thinking that may not be a good idea to tell her you never know what reaction you're going to get.
>> No. 67933
To Dutch Guy you would have to get very close to her I think be for she will trust you.
>> No. 68010
the last link posted does not work. could someone please re-upload vids of JM
>> No. 70053
File 154670212095.jpg - (3.50MB , 5312x2988 , (pthc) NEW 2016 Pedo Childlover 8yo Daddy's L.jpg )
pic pack: http://dl.free.fr/getfile.pl?file=/FWaBoEnS
3 video packs:
vid pack 1: 01 - 06 https://mirrorace.com/m/sEhL
vid pack 2: 07 - 16 https://mirrorace.com/m/kg1c
vid pack 3: 17 - 18 https://mirrorace.com/m/osdL
pass 144chan
>> No. 70130
OP thank you guy! but part3 is not working x
>> No. 70147
File 154672288112.png - (38.77KB , 687x144 , jmgirl.png )
>> No. 70171
he not need
he need only got a daughter to be friend with the girl in the video nothing more
>> No. 70172
in this case it is his niece
>> No. 70431
I'd love to cum in her tight ass
>> No. 71497
Can you give us a transcript of what she says on jm18?
>> No. 71513
Basically, she asks if he is enjoying himself and if it feels good to him. She also tells him not so hard/slow down and the anal makes her butt feel funny. Near the end she asks if he is almost done and to hurry up because it tickles.
>> No. 71717
dgdfgjj gjztj rh ergergr g
>> No. 71736
Oh yes - that makes complete sense and i agree!!
>> No. 71776
I'd love to help with her
>> No. 72001
"Server not found! - AGAIN!! What a surprise!!
>> No. 72212
>>71497 Here's the transcript for JM-18
JM: You don't have to hold my leg I can do it myself.
Dad: Ok
JM: Oh God!
JM: This feels good.
JM: OH! OH! Slow down, let me do it.
Dad: Ok.
JM: Wait a minute....
JM: You can fuck me now if you want.
Dad: Of course.
>> No. 72216
I have heard that there was a lot more videos there may be some lost one's out there. I was just wondering how many videos they did.just a through that's all
>> No. 72499
Someone must know out there .
>> No. 72697
18 videos
>> No. 72880
I love seeing this girl bent over doggy style while the guy humps against her. Seeing her tiny body doggy style with her ass in the air while daddy thrusts against her is so fucking hot.
>> No. 72886
This girl her name is Tina and set name is Tina's bald money maker.
>> No. 72887
They still live together and do well. Both on Facebook going out together.

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