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/mir/ ~ YVM - YoungVideoModels
File 153102898515.jpg - (245.08KB , 1024x904 , Angelina1.jpg )
33972 No. 33972
All parts needed
pass UpP3d-8y_L0l1F@p
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>> No. 77358
please daphne 1 2 3 how many times do i need to ask
>> No. 77515
Well, if you going to be like that never mind!
>> No. 77800
I have NK01 (although the "panties off" part is only the last 30 seconds or so, and only with them standing and showing their butts). I also have N26, but I'm looking for the others, the same as you.

As soon as I figure out how to create an account on Dl.free.fr, I'll post them there. (I still have to finish cleaning up the file names so I can show the rest of the folder entries.
>> No. 77802
I'm not sure who this demand was addressed to, but if it was me, I'll refer you to the part of my post where I said:

"I should point out that my collection only includes the girls 12 and over. I have no interest in babies. So you won't find any Daphne, Angelina, or the other youngsters there."
>> No. 77898
File 154891526822.jpg - (178.38KB , 1329x1080 , ty 154669074089.jpg )
Dear Captain Kangaroo,
You made my day. Have to say thank You very much for re-uploading the missed Daphne nude files.
>> No. 77951
>>77800 You do not need an account on free.fr to post there. Use 'file to send' (Fichier à envoyer) and 'send' button (envoyer), ignore the rest of the page.
>> No. 78085
File 15489769996.jpg - (505.42KB , 1856x1567 , YVMextra.jpg )


Nadia Smiles:
Customers wished Nadia would smile more often. She didn't want to so the webmaster made this short clip to prove she could.

Approximately 18 months after the LS Studio in Kharkov (Ха́рьков) was raided and closed Larisa and Kristina found modeling work with the YVM studio in the same city.

Nadia String Off 1&2:
The webmaster sold her worn g-strings to selected customers and included a tiny video to accompany the delirium.

>> No. 78171
Point of Clarification >77069 & >77800 NK01 is Nadia and Kate and they do not take their panties off in the last 30 seconds. Nkr01 is Nadia and Kristina. That is the correct title with 30 seconds of bare tushy.

You do not need to create any type of account with dl.free, that is one of the nice things about it. Go to dl.free.fr and click on the box that says (in English no less) "Choose File". Find the file then click on the box that says "envoyer"...it's that easy. The final screen has the http://dl.free.fr/XXXXX code that is your file. Dont bother with the second link, that is to delete your file. My pet peeve is if you are going to post, please pick a nick other than Anonymous, it isn't registered anywhere, its not like you need to have a password to use it, but personal preference is that if someone posts with an Anon nick, I wont respond. then you can do this

You are Welcome Littlelover
>> No. 78220
can anyone reup daphne 1 2 and 3 please!!!
>> No. 78579
File 154913098835.jpg - (359.18KB , 2048x1736 , previewAG11.jpg )
The original 146 preview clips collected from the YVM website.

830MB (need all 4 parts)

>> No. 79422
daphne 1 ans and 3 please ?????????????????????/
>> No. 79768
we have seen pics of daphne we older.what happened to angelina did she do anything else apart from these 2 vids.ps daphne 1 2 3 reup
>> No. 79830
Thank you for sharing your collection. Unfortunately, solidfiles.com has deleted everything you have posted there because of their TOS.

Would you please, please, please upload D03n to a different service? That is one of the Daphne series that I don't have. If possible, would you post all of the Daphne vids, both NN and N, so I have the complete, correct sets?

http://dl.free.fr seems to keep files forever and I've never had any trouble downloading from that site.

I have one other request. Could you tell me how old Daphne was at the time of the "Daphne and Dad" video shoot? Just curious.

Thanks in advance. Have a great diurnal anomaly, or have a nice day - unless you've made other plans.
>> No. 79946
Solidfiles got reported cuz some shekels were being lost!
>> No. 80167
File 154956303485.jpg - (55.61KB , 815x970 , 335.jpg )
If you bothered to look a little closer you'd notice Daphne's sets D03n D04n & D05n have been posted on https://www.mirrored.to/ along with a Very Collectible copy of DI02n ( most people miss this one with her sister Irina )

Here >>71366

Which is a re-up of >>70007 Be sure to copy the Pass.
>> No. 80186
File 154956518593.jpg - (72.56KB , 680x1024 , 1196_1024_ts1135614288000.jpg )
Random pix of Daphne over the years, some with sister Irene. Mostly NN

http://dl.free.fr/mV1wRD2DV Pass: Daphne
>> No. 80266
Cute girl but pics and vids not hard enough
thanks for trying though
>> No. 80712
i think link is dead
>> No. 80860
Daphne gets my COCK hard!!
>> No. 81052
daphne do1 do2 do3 for godsake reup please
>> No. 81101
i know i am going on a bit but lots of other vids reuped + special clips on nadia but still no no 1 2 3 daphne nn vids whats the problem
>> No. 82237
does anyone no why the g-string coming of was not included in the films.
>> No. 83472
I am still searching for: Ag4, Ag11, Al2, Al6, I2, K3, K4, O4, V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, V6, V7, V8, V10, V12, V14, V16, VK2, VK5, VK6
>> No. 83618
File 155034583523.jpg - (345.76KB , 1226x1078 , YVM-A07-Anastasya(90m)_avi.jpg )

Archive type Winrar5
Archive.password mk1234567890mk
>> No. 83620
File 155034587243.jpg - (301.28KB , 1226x1078 , YVM-Ag09-Anghelina60m_avi.jpg )

Archive type Winrar5
Archive.password mk1234567890mk
>> No. 83622
File 155034590195.jpg - (274.53KB , 1226x1078 , YVM-D03n-Daphne(60m)_avi.jpg )


Archive type Winrar5
Archive.password mk1234567890mk
>> No. 83623
File 155034592089.jpg - (344.48KB , 1226x1078 , Young Video Models - Julia (10Yo) & Ira (13Yo).jpg )
Young Video Models - Julia (10Yo) & Ira (13Yo) & Luda (14Yo) - JIL - Young Gymnasts

part1- http://dl.free.fr/k6UX6zCRO
part2- http://dl.free.fr/mm1aD1Bvs
part3- http://dl.free.fr/gUaINWYEC
part4- http://dl.free.fr/wY9GKl1kC

Archive type Winrar5
Archive.password mk1234567890mk
>> No. 83624
File 155034598525.jpg - (375.67KB , 1482x1078 , Daphne_After_Shoots-4-5_mkv.jpg )


Archive type Winrar5
Archive.password mk1234567890mk
>> No. 84018
The porn star Olivia Sin sure does look a lot like a grown up Daphne! Just sayin...
>> No. 84727
link dead
>> No. 86330
File 155121186139.jpg - (312.23KB , 1226x1078 , YVM-AN03-Angelina9y_avi.jpg )


Archive type Winrar5
Archive.password mk1234567890mk
>> No. 86476
Still cannot find these videos: #'s 7, 8, 21, 27 & 29.
Also any vid caps.
>> No. 86485
still no sign reup dapne nn 1 2 3
>> No. 89160
One is correct other is not completely correct
Sergio arrested correct 100% plus uploaded Anghelina 11 before arrested
Not completely correct part Anghelina 11 someone sell maybe 8 or 9 years ago cost $1000
$2500 to 3000 cost today not many tell they have video value down like rock
This Anghelina 11 & 1 or 2 videos listed custody same procedure very expensive not posted free
Maybe better think none have videos BUT some know it's not correct
>> No. 89423
Forgot reply I have many videos YVM BUT Daphne not very sure because I have other favorites
I need time to look post later if I find requested items
>> No. 89431
most fun or stupid just chose which one fits
if none of the vids have been posted here
what's so bloody hard to get about that???
simply learn if not here it's not available read thrue the thread some info could've been posted just sayin'......
>> No. 89616
please, do you have boys and girls pthc fucking?
>> No. 89766
As solid is out when it's about links most here could need a reup,well,guess it's not going to happen as thread seems to entered sleepmode
Wrong thread man it's YVM here & only you'll find here if anything shows up which I guess is as dead as thread itself
>> No. 89780
Not something add here maybe better I think
Anyway this is place for some only not want items I have
I do what everyone want I simply never share again
This thread you >>89766 say is dead
Someone maybe post items you search I say let dead threads stay dead it's best bye
>> No. 91267
File 155260992175.jpg - (42.36KB , 491x400 , 2.jpg )
Real or Photoshop?????
>> No. 91268
File 155261004245.jpg - (25.90KB , 491x400 , 1.jpg )
Same question????
>> No. 91484
File 155266905088.jpg - (1.05MB , 2560x3713 , n31.jpg )
pass is my name

>>91267 >>91268 fakes
>> No. 91606
looks real to me
>> No. 91878
Original is 708x576. They are cropped to hide the crappy ps job.
>> No. 92017
File 155279683755.jpg - (67.67KB , 708x576 , N20-Nadia_avi_snapshot_00_37_01_441.jpg )
>>91606 you don't have them so you don't recognize the fakes.

here's the first one from N20
>> No. 92018
File 155279691195.jpg - (71.85KB , 708x576 , N15-Nadia_avi_snapshot_00_07_06_825.jpg )
second one from N15
>> No. 92170
Nipsey you'added a major part her well I know it's a long shot but I've been looking thrue the thread as I've spotted it recently
Do you happen to have any of what's mentioned here >>89160
Asking cause those figures mentioned ie. $3000 I've seen at trades a couple of months or so ago
Never mind if some you don't have or know about just hought I'd ask one of the major contributors here
Cheers and thanks for Nadia 31:)
>> No. 92246
i only have the preview for that. never even seen thumbs for the entire vid. don't think it was purchased by anyone before he got busted
>> No. 92275
OK just seems someone must got the vid in particular as the preview shown file described plus the pricetag added and no dl available until some details about payment discussed
Well had to ask you know;)
Thanks again vid N31 pure gold at least to me
>> No. 93701
Patience gives some when times ready
I know because trade closed for item not believe exist
Today not very much patience threads die fast but this some added to few times
What some not believe can stay like that because I know & large difference
To you ask about item search it's out wide view never language like here
For you Nazdorovje or similar

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