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/mir/ ~ Spanking
File 151702456089.jpg - (60.56KB , 640x461 , f0036.jpg )
3831 No. 3831
I am looking for spanking stuff, now ANS has gone I cant find anything, and that site was quite awful as there was not many girls, please help
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>> No. 75429
File 154821692068.png - (111.53KB , 373x280 , Screenshot-broswer_cam0007_wmv-3.png )
>> No. 75430
File 154821694476.png - (125.14KB , 373x280 , Screenshot-broswer_cam0007_wmv-4.png )
>> No. 75431
File 154821696611.png - (139.10KB , 373x280 , Screenshot-broswer_cam0007_wmv-5.png )
>> No. 75432
File 154821698993.png - (124.53KB , 373x280 , Screenshot-broswer_cam0007_wmv-6.png )
>> No. 75433
File 154821707827.png - (119.49KB , 373x283 , Screenshot-temp and enma 3 20110228_mp4-2.png )
>> No. 75434
File 154821711425.png - (123.11KB , 373x283 , Screenshot-temp and enma 3 20110228_mp4-3.png )
>> No. 75509
Post videos please for the ones above!
>> No. 75752
Any more videos
>> No. 76193
I want them all to come to my house so I can kiss it better and and apply some soothing cool body lotion .. fap
>> No. 76414
Please videos of the last pics
>> No. 76553
Video for the last pics?
>> No. 77038
Finding spanking stuff on the net can be difficult, thats why when we find some we must share it, i found this torrent, it has dozens of short films and some pics, sadly most of it is boys being spanked but there are some nice girl spankings that i had not seen before;
>> No. 77039
in case you dont know how to use the link, open bitorrent, press add torrent from URL tab and copy and paste the WHOLE link in box that appears
>> No. 77559
well obviously no one was interested in the torrent, i had thought that there were some spanking fans out there but nobody left any (good or bad) feedback. i wont bother posting the rest of the torrents that i found.
>> No. 77562
no here is the spanking fan and Im really interested in the torrent.and thank you very much!but the files I could only download part of them, I am trying to figure it out.actually I have some spanking vids and images,but they are stored in another computer.I'll upload later
>> No. 77624
the torrent file is goot but too many boys more people like girls pleas poste spanking videos!! of girls but older ones crying young girls aren't thet goid any more because there croying on one or two hits
>> No. 77634
77559; It's not that no one is interested, nor that we don't appreciate your efforts to share. I for one love this stuff. (the girls) Trouble is that for all practical intents I'm a luddite. If it's not pretty damn simple, such as dl.free, I'm usually at a loss. While I realize that yours is as simple as copy and paste, bittorrent is blocked by the server I'm using. Thanks for your efforts though.
>> No. 77648
dose someone have more long videos like 13yo girls spanked and crying pleas replay or post videos thanks
>> No. 77845
>> No. 78123
we would all love vids of young-teen girls being properly spanked and crying etc.i have been looking for years, i guess they do not exit for some reson
>> No. 78208
i am looking for years for a teen girl witch is geting spanked (14-15yo) and skinny i hope someone have a video like that or somone vil spank they daughter for us
>> No. 78357
been looking on darkweb for over a year and not found anything good
>> No. 78836
File 154919170466.jpg - (464.49KB , 1600x1066 , micah.jpg )
>> No. 79123
File 154924780964.jpg - (629.20KB , 1494x916 , Untitledfwqq 10.jpg )
>> No. 79125
File 154924785370.jpg - (408.83KB , 651x1045 , sierra.jpg )
>> No. 79335
I know it's hard to find spanking videos of girls but pleas try you best
I am looking for years now but don't find anything good pleas help us to find some videos
>> No. 79377
I have much from wetspank,,maybe 60 clips,,mostly boys there but a number of girls to,,reali dont now,,they are to bignand not the allowed format,,also have those asian to,,see what i can do,,,
>> No. 79378
File 154929109035.jpg - (235.70KB , 900x745 , Mary.jpg )
see if this works,,five parts,,you must download all
>> No. 79379
File Mary_part1.rar - (5.00MB )
>> No. 79380
File Mary_part2.rar - (5.00MB )
>> No. 79382
File Mary_part3.rar - (5.00MB )
>> No. 79383
File Mary_part4.rar - (5.00MB )
>> No. 79387
File Mary_part5.rar - (2.99MB )
>> No. 79834
MA re pleas
>> No. 80293
any more?
>> No. 80395
more more more pleasssss i beg you
>> No. 80686
any video
>> No. 84227
poste some long no china or fat gorls videos but long videos help pls i know its hard to find or record a spank video but record a new or post the yellow and pink set
>> No. 84597
searched the dark web for years, there is no good spanking girls videos out there
>> No. 84619
Have many of the Wetspank videos,,mostly boys but somegirls,,have more of the asian stuff i uploaded here and more like the latest video see what i can do
>> No. 84741
do you know any site for spanking i know its hard but let's give our best
>> No. 84792
there is All Natural Spanking on the tor network but it is mainly boys
>> No. 84946
hhhhm ok I cant do anything but dose someone want just to spank thet daughter if you have one for us ( dose someone want to chat abaut spanking)
>> No. 84949
dose any one have the yellow and pink set in a video format
>> No. 90277
File 15523846822.jpg - (30.89KB , 475x408 , väntar.jpg )
>> No. 90278
File 15523847782.png - (543.98KB , 587x431 , olga at cottage.png )
>> No. 90300
video pls
>> No. 90316
File 155240386752.jpg - (72.05KB , 488x480 , GA_0007.jpg )
>> No. 93070
That looks unhealthy.
>> No. 93112
I'd love to kiss that bum better after her spanking

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