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/mir/ ~ Please full sets or vids ...
File 151714910787.jpg - (310.38KB , 2048x1536 , 47zu5ru (2).jpg )
4154 No. 4154
Please full sets or vids
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>> No. 18613
What he means is that you have download all parts (001, 002, and 003) and THEN open them with winrar or 7
>> No. 19047
of course i know whats 7zip!
the password is wrong
this is not the password for the file!
>> No. 19049
I have seen a new vid of jenny 9yo but it was not good quality. Is there new vid is of her about
>> No. 19206
File 15218245552.jpg - (124.73KB , 919x525 , 1.jpg )
>>19047 here is a tutorial i never wanna here about passwords again
>> No. 19207
File 152182461521.jpg - (85.02KB , 1008x525 , 2.jpg )
>> No. 19208
File 152182463624.jpg - (90.35KB , 965x621 , 3.jpg )
>> No. 19209
File 15218246941.jpg - (125.82KB , 969x610 , 4.jpg )
>> No. 19256
These guys complaining about the password will never get it cuz they are probably just here to troll about it or just retards. Either way, they will not get it.
>> No. 19257
password work all good!
>> No. 23646
File 152591355087.jpg - (9.26KB , 98x86 , exe jpg.jpg )
Not Complaining, Asking.
What is the best way to open exe files?
>> No. 23677
never open exe files they're normally viruses
>> No. 23745
when you download anything good idea to virus scan it. some people found the trick to make special chars in filenames. i saw an exe file once which had so many backspaces in the loooong filename, it looked like it ended in 3gp but it was hiding the real ending .exe
>> No. 24464
File 152643003089.jpg - (27.60KB , 366x280 , hawaii-shaka-sticker_1024x1024.jpg )
Thanks Brah! I never do open those AND if I can get the file after a couple of tries I just move on.
>> No. 24465
File 152643071967.jpg - (67.24KB , 499x500 , grampa_knows_best.jpg )
No some of didn't grow up with a cell phone or I pad in our crib. But the patience and tutorials from those of you who did is appreciated.
>> No. 24485
Good idea would be to DEactivate the 'hide known extensions' feature in Windows. IMO one of the most ridiculous features ever.
Open a Windows Explorer window -> Select 'View' Tab -> Click on the icon above the word 'Options' -> in the Folder Options window that's popping up chose the 'View' tab and uncheck the 'hide extensions for known file types'.
>> No. 24609
Since were at this subject, you mentioned windows explorer. I know this has been discussed to death here. Which browser is the users choice here?
>> No. 24716

Linux TAILS on locked USB so nothing can be written to the OS or browser. You can store files in LUX or maybe use VeraCrypt on micro SD with master copy kept physically remote from your location. Have a sure way to crunch up the working copy without electricity in case you get visited or crunch and flush. A few hundred is worth it than spending on a fucking lawyer sellout.
>> No. 25018
Please re up binary... corupt file, I wanted that set for so loooooooong
>> No. 25019
Est.001 plz!!!
>> No. 25233
Please sir, est.001 reeeeeup
>> No. 25277
File 152668702847.jpg - (173.89KB , 1600x1200 , yq4LVhw0_o.jpg )
I was able to download the videos with the posted links and all I have to say is, "Incredible!" This girl can take in so much being so little. It is fantastic to watch. Ouch!
>> No. 25286
I'l third that on the first EST link. There's nothing there. (it would be appreciated)
>> No. 25365
>> No. 25366
>> No. 25385

yes she does and her uncle uses her ass exclusively.
>> No. 61179
File 154387838145.jpg - (38.92KB , 480x640 , 10.jpg )
Look at me everyone in a special opening shit opening
>> No. 61209
REUP please!
>> No. 61464
She got lots of usages!😱
>> No. 61468
she is ugly!
>> No. 61473
Very true.but great shit pipe ya?just another piece of fuck meat!!!!!👍
>> No. 61684
Would love to eat my creampie out that pooper.
>> No. 61722
Please REUP!!!!!!!!!
>> No. 61727
i am searching for all vids of this sweety so so sexy and takes it well
>> No. 61854
first link works
>> No. 61857
>> No. 64385
Can u reup it
Video collection (files are still up from my MK upload).

File Name: EST.7z
Size: 222.9MB

Download Links:




>> No. 64393
All gone
>> No. 64396
Reup Bruh!
>> No. 64410
its seems that somebody is reporting the Estefy links before they show up the message
>> No. 64568
Fantastic vids,, this hot little bitch will be giving Daddy years of good service. I love the way she takes his cock so deep and then tries to smile for the camera while all the while her Dad is cramming his meat into her tight little butt.
>> No. 64578
Yammi or Estefy which ever you prefer calling her she has the best stuff ever posted vids are really hard to find WHY!!!!!1
>> No. 64582
A beautiful and fun girl
>> No. 64583
Gone-some copywright bullshit. The hoarders and cg fags are reporting posts of her to prop up low sales
>> No. 64834
Yammi or Estefy which ever you prefer calling her she has the best stuff ever posted vids are really hard to find WHY!!!!!1
>> No. 65280
Absolute bullshit you cannot copyright CP
>> No. 65315
File 154495572664.png - (4.02KB , 491x95 , Screenshot_2018-12-16 DL FREE FR.png )
Bullshit you say
>> No. 65591
Did Estefy ever get a dick up her pussy?
>> No. 65611
Yes I say BULLSHIT any wanker can print a notice like that
>> No. 66006
re up plz
>> No. 69234

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