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/mir/ ~ Lada
File 153602376385.gif - (736.96KB , 254x202 , Yulenka calzón.gif )
42533 No. 42533
Someone remembers a little girl named Lada in the P2Ps?, she was in a bed with a bearded guy, picking sex postures in a magazine.
Could you post their vids?

Non related pic.
>> No. 42731
That picture scares me. She seems to be dead and coming to kill us all.
>> No. 42899
I have it somewhere not as good as it could have been like all porn
>> No. 61920
Lada all vids

>> No. 61942
the pic is from the movie yulenka hope you like subtitles
>> No. 61943
its about a sociophatic little girl
>> No. 62222
Er, do you mean "sociopathic"?
>> No. 86170
Some of vid names were suggesting the guy was her brother. Most of what I saw was pretty tame by today's standards but ok back then when every little peek was worthy of a wank. He didn't seem to get much actual penetration but it's your d/l.
>> No. 86301
Very useful movies list with nude girls in it. nude-young-girls-in-movies.blogspot.com

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