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/mir/ ~ Tent girl
File 153793985781.jpg - (61.98KB , 1024x838 , Girlintent_2646687_30218801.jpg )
46424 No. 46424

pass loveHURTS2@CaP!!
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>> No. 47489
File 153842064415.jpg - (97.65KB , 1024x838 , Girlintent_8842315_30218871.jpg )
tent girl p2 same pass
>> No. 47616
Had the second video for ages and figured there had to be more, it was too casual. Wonder if there's more to it?
>> No. 47627
pass loveHURTS2@CaP!!..not work..
>> No. 47645
Learn to copypaste.
>> No. 48356
File 15388149904.jpg - (103.63KB , 1024x838 , a.jpg )
all we need is love
>> No. 48425
good short video, is there a longer or other ones around/ please share if you have.
>> No. 48442
thanks..vids and password working...
>> No. 48457
OMG! More...
>> No. 56353
Wow!! I've been looking at Kelly/Kgirl and the tent girl for years and I never knew there was a connection between them. There has to be longer video out there of this.
>> No. 56376
Thanks, kind pedo.
>> No. 58662
Please REUP
>> No. 58743
No idea if it's still needed. This is the only one I could find..

>> No. 61870
all down, Plez reup
>> No. 61951
This is NOT actually "tent girl", this is Masha Allen. She was adopted from Russia, to a pedophile dad in Pittsburgh, and "rescued" by the cops. There is a law named after her "Masha's Law" that George Bush II signed in to law in the 90's.

Tent girl is a completely different little girl.

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