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/mir/ ~ sex
File 153832656463.jpg - (65.12KB , 706x564 , tmp_14814-PCH1538307139cuPFr1443814716915531206.jpg )
47242 No. 47242
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>> No. 47271
the short vids talking about 10yo niece are of her on this thread https://155chan.gr/hebe/res/66449.html
>> No. 47278
how old really
some link say 8yo and you say 10
who is right ?
>> No. 47280
well things started around 7 but shes 10 here.what link says 8 i didnt share her anywhere else but 144 and 155 yet
>> No. 47281
U are not alone to share vids like this
if i found i write the link here
>> No. 47578
Anyone looking to see more of her can check this link to 155 i posted a few pictures starting from 86476 https://155chan.gr/hebe/res/8074.html#86476
>> No. 47581
File 15384370992.jpg - (803.41KB , 3264x2448 , sleep play.jpg )
>> No. 47582
File 153843716824.jpg - (1.39MB , 3264x2448 , my girl.jpg )
>> No. 47583
File 153843730191.jpg - (182.74KB , 1141x712 , love her ass.jpg )
>> No. 47589
File 153843799810.jpg - (130.27KB , 926x656 , for you feet lovers.jpg )
>> No. 47591
File 153843847667.jpg - (145.93KB , 1125x569 , just being sexy for me.jpg )
>> No. 47593
File 153843864089.jpg - (72.96KB , 774x703 , not her fav position.jpg )
>> No. 47594
File 153843902932.jpg - (81.62KB , 711x745 , love her like this.jpg )
it was never enough ...i will always crave more from this girl im glad she moved away. sort of.
>> No. 47595
File 153843940636.jpg - (127.84KB , 1249x718 , she was so good to me.jpg )
>> No. 47597
Wow yes! Such a hot girl can certainly make a grown man cum intensely and repeatedly!
>> No. 47598
File 153843980921.jpg - (144.13KB , 705x1172 , i want her so bad.jpg )
she makes my soul burn
>> No. 47599
Please more!
>> No. 47600
File 153844016038.jpg - (197.74KB , 1003x793 , my angel.jpg )
so many sleepless nights watching her . so pretty
>> No. 47601
File 153844042038.jpg - (184.68KB , 1078x808 , she was 7.jpg )
she was 7 when i first met her. she became attached to me very quickly i never even meant for anything to come from it.it was just so strong...the urdge
>> No. 47603
File 153844075717.jpg - (118.49KB , 572x1242 , so beautiful.jpg )
never even meant to share her but my impulse controls seem to be lost seeing her pop up so fast for others see how beautiful she is
>> No. 47604
>> No. 47605
File 153844108777.jpg - (78.22KB , 707x922 , so beautiful.jpg )
>> No. 47606
File 153844134874.jpg - (82.53KB , 1087x536 , so sexy.jpg )
>> No. 47607
Excellent! Thanks for sharing!
I'm sure she was thoroughly trained and also well fucked! How old is she on the pics?
>> No. 47608
File 153844161629.jpg - (184.35KB , 704x1233 , her playtime.jpg )
shes 9-10 in most of these . no never fucked her . not from a lack of wanting to i was very gentle. i would marry this girl if i could.it was more than just lust to me.
>> No. 47609
File 153844195234.jpg - (140.79KB , 1230x651 , her playtime.jpg )
the things we like are not easily talked about .i truly hope i do not cause her any pain in sharing her beauty.
>> No. 47610
So there was a kind of special bond between you and her! You did not fuck her, but I suppose she still gave you a lot of sexual pleasure (wanking off, sucking,...)!
>> No. 47611
File 153844206842.jpg - (197.08KB , 1229x705 , her playtime.jpg )
i seem to be having trouble stopping myself
>> No. 47612
my favorite moment with her was explaining french kissing.she went at me so hard with it i was completely out of my mind with pleasure ...sadly never got to catch that on video i would love to relive that day.
>> No. 47614
Please keep it up! It's definitely great that she's also photographed openly, without taboos!
>> No. 47615
File 153844272922.jpg - (145.54KB , 709x814 , showing off.jpg )
I figure im doomed sharing her...really are related
>> No. 47617
File 153844304787.jpg - (223.27KB , 617x1083 , to much.jpg )
i shouldnt ...
>> No. 47618
File 153844330160.jpg - (137.27KB , 704x1193 , loved these panties.jpg )
we were not to open. plenty of other people living there at the time i told her what would happen to me once i was caught.and if she ever wanted to she could turn me in.she was just as careful as i was about playing around ...even more than me usually
>> No. 47619
Keep up the good work! I'd like to get to know her better! She's quite a nice girl too!
>> No. 47620
File 153844379519.jpg - (61.82KB , 460x646 , never enough___sleeping.jpg )
even with all the stuff done awake it wasnt enough.always needed more.and yes she was a very sweet girl
>> No. 47623
>> No. 47624
File 153844415775.jpg - (326.75KB , 995x981 , for you flat lovers.jpg )
>> No. 47625
File 15384442918.jpg - (184.96KB , 975x405 , another sleepless night.jpg )
>> No. 47626
Mmmm lucky man! I want to see more!
>> No. 47628
File 153844454887.jpg - (226.10KB , 701x1222 , always perfect.jpg )
no matter what she was doing...she was always perfect to me
>> No. 47629
Preteens like her are naturally made to join and share adult sex games!
>> No. 47630
File 153844537726.jpg - (80.96KB , 761x673 , had to.jpg )
sometimes she would pretend to be asleep for me when we played...lot of times she was actually asleep
>> No. 47631
Love it! Any more cum pics?
>> No. 47634
File 153844596838.jpg - (466.20KB , 809x1110 , ass up 7yo.jpg )
might have a couple more if i can find them...was not exactly thinking straight when i got to do those things with her
>> No. 47635
>> No. 47636
File 153844623361.jpg - (291.95KB , 1078x808 , sleeping niece 7yo.jpg )
>> No. 47637
File 153844665153.jpg - (101.82KB , 951x741 , sleeping 7yo.jpg )
camera wasnt very good
>> No. 47638
Well-made pics! By the way, what's the name of your little niece?
>> No. 47639
File 153844792439.jpg - (194.47KB , 832x736 , Vivianna when she was 12.jpg )
Apologize i give away her face but cannot give her name. Heres a girl named viviana from some years back she was a friend of step daughter
>> No. 47640
File 153844802527.jpg - (48.54KB , 450x756 , Vivianna when she was 12.jpg )
had a huge crush on her
>> No. 47642
File 153844822785.jpg - (40.57KB , 399x701 , Vivianna when she was 12.jpg )
came many times looking at this sexy latina
>> No. 47643
File 15384485008.jpg - (63.50KB , 558x956 , Vivianna when she was 12.jpg )
about a year before this picture was taken she was having a sleepover at the house .i went to the kitchen they were asleep on the living room floor and she was wearing this little white top and tiny white lace boy shorts...the top was pushed up and i saw these little mountain shaped nipples. didnt have a camera then but i did a couple days later
>> No. 47644
OK. But I just wanted to know her first name! I know you also need your own privacy!
>> No. 47646
File 153844870382.jpg - (64.72KB , 518x806 , older niece 13.jpg )
different niece never had the chance to get to close but made what attempt i could . shes 13 here i was so excited to see she had shaved
>> No. 47647
>>47608 You get blowjobs from her do share sets
>> No. 47649
File 153844894254.jpg - (57.47KB , 518x738 , older niece 13.jpg )
i understand that . might share it eventually . i kind of like being the only one that knows right now though
>> No. 47650
File 153844919761.jpg - (69.81KB , 603x783 , older niece 13.jpg )
loved the older niece when she was younger. still 13 here was not shaved at this point but still sexy
>> No. 47658
Sare there more pics cause some of the ones in the linksame are not here you got a file for dl?
>> No. 47688
I already went a little crazy here iv shared as much as im going to of my nieces for now. i would appreciate if someone could tribute them id love to see her caked body
>> No. 47709
OP - thank you !

can you re up these to a file without the blk bars please.
she is a dream!
>> No. 47750
File 153850353371.jpg - (83.44KB , 458x788 , 10yo niece.jpg )
>> No. 47751
File 153850358130.jpg - (110.97KB , 589x1165 , 10 yo niece.jpg )
>> No. 47752
File 153850361033.jpg - (190.45KB , 1256x706 , 10yo playing.jpg )
>> No. 47753
File 153850366477.jpg - (183.40KB , 1194x706 , my sexy girl.jpg )
>> No. 47754
Apologies to the admins if im doing this wrong just wanted to get her in one thread
>> No. 47756
Just drop them in a rar, I'm sure the rest of us would like the complete set
>> No. 47759
Im afraid there are no sets. never intended to share her these were screenshots from vids i mostly just took to remember for myself.I do hope you all enjoy her pictures tho
>> No. 47760
then share the videos!
>> No. 47761
She's a cutie for sure. Any more cum shots?
>> No. 47906
fucking hell, bump!
>> No. 47949
I might consider sharing a video if i can get a cum tribute video to her. The most exciting part of sharing is knowing its being enjoyed.seeing is more fun than knowing of course.
>> No. 47964
She's absolutely stunning, and an instant favorite.
>> No. 47978
up it and Ill trib her all day long
>> No. 47996
oh my
>> No. 48001
File 153861746997.jpg - (132.40KB , 1123x730 , 10yo niece.jpg )
>> No. 48003
File 153861807567.jpg - (3.87MB , 5312x2988 , sexy nieces ass.jpg )
She was 7 here...i remember getting the pj bottoms off then staring over this sexy view quite some time before removing the panties. To much to resist.
>> No. 48006
File 15386182826.jpg - (142.16KB , 1190x711 , love her so much.jpg )
last one for now. enjoy
>> No. 48022
Op, can you repost this files on a image host or made a rar with then? Mods are deleting pics very fast.

>> No. 48023
This is amazing post video and more pics to tribute to holy sh&*#
>> No. 48148
post more pics and the video.
>> No. 48222
Yes, please! More of her!
>> No. 48226
File 153874092852.jpg - (78.93KB , 627x900 , 10yo pussy.jpg )
Still wanting that tribute video.
>> No. 48428
you are a lucky man.be safe man.hope to see your video soon.
>> No. 48438
Love to get a 5 yo ..with small hand ..and shove their fist up a 8 yo count..mmm lovely!😈
>> No. 48480
Doesn't she have a brother or another dude of similar age whom she can play with ?
>> No. 48481
Might be fun to see ,but having her pussy wrapped around my own finger was much more fun. You can feel that tightness squeeze the tip of your finger and its so exciting.
>> No. 48483
do you have any videos of this girl and could you post it, thanks!
>> No. 48485
If someone will post a cum tribute video cumming all over her face and pussy ill share a video of her. As is i took the risk to share her at all and dont think its asking to much for the trade.
>> No. 48568
File 153892187815.png - (3.05MB , 214x383 , 10yoNiece.png )
made from clip on >>47271
>> No. 48586
thanks for sharing such a lovely girl
>> No. 48588
god i would love her so bad,her body is so hot and she looks so excited.thank you so much zheka for you contribution.
>> No. 48602
Im glad someone finally found that clip i didnt exactly hide it. The very first picture on this thread is from that same video.She wanted a video game it was a good trade.
>> No. 48729
can op share the censored photos in a rar
>> No. 48798
She is great! Would be amazing to see the video where she is playing with the vibrator. Her pussy looks so puffy and sweet there too!
>> No. 48800
She is great! Would be amazing to see the video where she is playing with the vibrator. Her pussy looks so puffy and sweet there too!
>> No. 48824
Her pussy looks that way in the first picture because i had her sitting on my face for a couple minutes prior to the video i got. like i said she wanted a game and it was a good trade.
>> No. 48884
Hot girl. Look forward to seeing more. ty
>> No. 48893
Happy to share glad to hear shes making so many happy
>> No. 48895
File 153905555742.gif - (8.17MB , 762x431 , A taste of my Angel.gif )
I would still like a cum tribute to her.
>> No. 48898
>> No. 48899
File 153905802725.jpg - (132.10KB , 1087x673 , playing with herself for me.jpg )
>> No. 48900
File 15390580526.jpg - (71.53KB , 852x733 , I love her ass.jpg )
>> No. 48901
File 153905806942.jpg - (176.37KB , 1092x650 , enjoys the vibration.jpg )
>> No. 48902
File 153905809419.jpg - (132.09KB , 1261x580 , just perfect.jpg )
I love this girl.
>> No. 48903
File 153905818695.jpg - (60.97KB , 681x722 , what a view.jpg )
>> No. 48915
Wow yes! What a nice and sexy little ass!
You definitely trained her quite well!
Do you have the whole vid (48895)?
>> No. 48923
Yes i do but the part with her rubbing her pussy is the best. And I would still like a cum tribute video for her she is good enough for that.
>> No. 49015
I mean the picture where she is using a vibrator with he legs closed while watching something on an Ipad. Her pussy looks sexy there. Would you consider posting video of that? Would be so amazing to see.. Awesome last gif btw! Very jealous here...
>> No. 49017
try to dl video but did not find it, could you reload it on another site. thanks
>> No. 49345
File 153925417579.gif - (11.94MB , 478x801 , Shes hot.gif )
>> No. 49388
"Sharing is caring"

Should have pimped her out.
>> No. 49389
File 153927919347.jpg - (645.37KB , 2448x3264 , DSC_7366.jpg )
I took her hard at Hogwarts, and she liked it. Now she want,s a thresome. Anybody in?
>> No. 49391
File 15392794752.jpg - (915.53KB , 1600x1200 , EL_0227.jpg )
>> No. 49392
File 153927957228.jpg - (1.20MB , 4608x3456 , Justyna-SessionB-09.jpg )
>> No. 49404
bro we need a good video longer than 9 seconds if you want those cum tributes

please post something and you will see just how much we enjoy her.... she is top 5 cutest amateur all time, and could be top 5 hardcore all time if you get a BJ on film or something. I agree not to fuck her if its going to hurt.
>> No. 49724
What do you sat about selling me the content instead?
>> No. 49846
Don't understand nigga language!!
>> No. 49894
File 153950722947.jpg - (1.10MB , 3504x2336 , 005.jpg )
>> No. 49949
File 153953260466.jpg - (9.63KB , 400x300 , 152363817160s.jpg )
>> No. 49955
is part of this series?
>> No. 50024
48903 was the last one with the niece in it everything after thats just random girls.
>> No. 50067
>> No. 50215
zheka85 , are you going to post the videos and all the pic w/o the censor bar?
please give us the full version.
>> No. 50294
The very first picture was shared on 155 https://155chan.gr/hebe/res/83407.html#i86483 I then got excited and shared her more here when I saw someone shared her already. Zheka is not the one giving out her pics.
>> No. 50605
File 153987210883.jpg - (147.08KB , 713x788 , so cute.jpg )
>> No. 50637
File 153987464046.jpg - (237.86KB , 600x800 , 13_01_2009 (50).jpg )
Trade more
>> No. 50779
File 153991680947.jpg - (336.58KB , 750x916 , Sexy.jpg )
>> No. 50916
please more of the op girl and the videos. please!
>> No. 50928
I believe that he never gives us her videos as long as he takes money from it
>> No. 50936
I shared plenty and asked only for tribute to her I could enjoy. Theirs no money involved.
>> No. 51495
File 154015495375.jpg - (175.39KB , 750x916 , Untitled-1.jpg )
>> No. 51499
File 15401558212.gif - (17.73MB , 899x548 , so exciting.gif )
So excited to see she was shared
>> No. 51503
more of this - please put an uncensored version in a zip
>> No. 51518
File 154015988369.jpg - (112.92KB , 377x729 , close as your going to get.jpg )
All you guys jerking yourselves to my niece and no ones willing to tribute. This is close enough.
>> No. 51574
No. 51518 we are timid , please keep posting trust that we are enjoying it
>> No. 51823
File 154025131911.gif - (19.20MB , 1199x508 , Had to make my own_.gif )
Borrowed the guy from another post but it looks pretty good together.
>> No. 51833
Love this pic, mainly cuz I have the same comforter
>> No. 51835
>>51823 You should be licking her bald pussy and sucking on her clit hood. Like his big cock also with his big balls and thick cumshot.
>> No. 51838
Iv had my mouth to this pussy more times than i can remember. Iv sucked that clit , and have tongued her ass because she likes it.Several of these screenshots you can see shes wet. Thats because i eat ate her pussy before i thought i should be recording some of it.
>> No. 52064
>>51838 You should show the pics of tongue lapping at her pussy or of her clit getting sucked.
>> No. 52066
"Love to squirt my massive Kum loads on their faces as well as their cunts
>> No. 52190
File 154034176588.jpg - (161.24KB , 1113x653 , sexy sleeper.jpg )
I could post the pic or the video.But probably wont, at least not yet.
>> No. 52261
File 15403861964.jpg - (100.43KB , 1071x635 , justalittle.jpg )
>> No. 52262
File 154038665666.jpg - (59.74KB , 432x738 , justalittle.jpg )
one more enjoy
>> No. 52263
>>52262 more pls
>> No. 52274
I had almost given up on seeing more of this girl. Glad I came back, that pussy must have tasted good!
>> No. 52285
Iv never tasted anything sweeter or have been as excited she is the best.
>> No. 52305

Top right corner, redhead. Who is she? Do you have more of her? Plis share.
>> No. 52372
All I want is a video of her using the vibrator in this pic >>47608. That would be SOOO hot. I would have fap material forever. Wish I was as blessed as you. Always treasure the time you have with this angel. It is VERY rare and special!!!
>> No. 52505
Alright.A little bit. https://155chan.gr/hebe/src/10yo_niece_playing.mp4
>> No. 52556
Thanks for sharing! The use of a vibrator to make the preteen girl orgasm is awesome!
Please keep up the good work!
>> No. 52741
thank You very good man
>> No. 52745
File 154058576768.gif - (16.08MB , 528x537 , 10yo niece GIF.gif )
>> No. 52853
that last gif is amazing. what a beautiful pussy on that little girl!
>> No. 52880
Would love to see more of her zheka. I adore this girl. Send me a mail if you like: lookingforcp@secmail.pro

I have some rare videos too if you would be interested in that. Hope to hear from you!
>> No. 52912
File 154067222321.gif - (14.24MB , 367x610 , 10yo niece Gif2.gif )
No emails.enjoy.
>> No. 52946
File 154067452525.jpg - (119.27KB , 667x1011 , neverseenbefore.jpg )
anyone see her before?
>> No. 53050
It would be great have the videos from this two great girls.
>> No. 53072
Very pretty zheka. Is she a bit camera shy? Looks like she makes you shut it off at the end there.

Really good work of you to capture this amazing girl on camera. Much better than anything you could store in your own memory, and you can share it with us fellow perverts too ;)
>> No. 53170
Actually she took the camera and brought it closer to her pussy.I was fine with it because I was busy playing anyway .
>> No. 53265
Can someone please reup the missing pictures of her?
>> No. 53281
Thank you so much for sharing her with us. I am very jealous of you. Do you have anything with her having an orgasm? For me, there is nothing better in this world than watching a young girl experiencing the absolute pleasure of an orgasm. Love to see how the react to it. I think its a true gesture of love to help them experience one of the absolute joys of life. Again, thank you for letting us experience this angel with you!!
>> No. 53298
Shes had orgasm a few times but i was pretty involved and wasn't holding the camera at those times.
>> No. 53319
Cant believe you guys are still buying this guys fake story of this being his niece. Anyone can come on here and post pics and vids claiming its someone they know. You could at least have her hold a sign with a date or name to show its legit.
>> No. 53342
Well considering people on the dark web are shocked these images/videos are showing up on clear net says something. Even if that isn't his niece, this appears to be OC so instead of bashing everyone, why not just enjoy the material & thank the OP and this AMAZING girl.
>> No. 53363
please post some vids of girls using vids and or having orgasms - thanks so much
>> No. 53364
Well if it makes you feel any better it would actually be better for me that you think shes not my niece. Once they figure out who she is tho it wont matter since ill be pretty easy to pinpoint as the uncle whose arms are in the some of the videos and GIFS.
>> No. 53366
And if she is showing up somewhere other than here id love to hear about it as that was kind of the point to sharing her in the first place.
>> No. 53392
"You could at least have her hold a sign with a date or name to show its legit"

Bingo "Proof of Real Photo". I think that started on 12chan. When asked to do so, they usually say they don't have any pens or paper around the house. :-/. LOL
>> No. 53396
well seeing that shes moved a few hundred miles away you might have to wait for that request .
>> No. 53409
Asking for a sign, waving or showing 2 fingers is a common thing to show proof on omegle. Look at most of the caps there and thats how they start out. Nothing worse then talking to a loop.
>> No. 53541
Think I came across a thread on GaP with a link leading here. Can't recall if there were any images or videos though. I'll try to find it again.
>> No. 53720
>> No. 53780
Someone named her Shiva I love that! Happy she is being shared and enjoyed to.
>> No. 53784
File 154101981254.gif - (11.82MB , 324x569 , Love her ass and pussy.gif )
>> No. 53789
Wow yes! So hot! What a nice little butt!
You're quite a lucky man and I also love the way you trained your 10yo niece for sex and pleasure!
Could you please upload a whole vid with her, not just gifs?
>> No. 53829
>>53784 so you've never had sex with her? seems like with an ass like that it's got to be tempting op
>> No. 53831
Well...ok iv had the tip in.Only the tip.2 different times she didn't like it i didn't push the issue.And yea it was great.No there's no pictures i was busy enjoying myself the camera didn't even cross my mind.
>> No. 53877
Next time you see her if she is willing, we would LOVE to see her bate to a nice orgasm. Maybe just leave her in a room with the cam set up to record it??
>> No. 53957
More pls...
>> No. 53958
>>52946 MORE OF HER!
>> No. 53972
Ill share more when i want. Still waiting on that cum tribute.
>> No. 54005
File 154112104680.jpg - (157.21KB , 1280x853 , sexygirl.jpg )
>> No. 54033
"file removed" :(
>> No. 54069
Mmm, no underwear under her pj's. Really sexy
>> No. 54105
I actually found that picture online it looks so much like her i like to think it is.The items shes wearing and laying on also look very familiar but cant recall for sure.
>> No. 54280
File 154128632537.jpg - (2.84MB , 2988x5312 , sleeping niece 9yo.jpg )
>> No. 54288
File 154128786612.gif - (11.02MB , 537x347 , MyNiece so sexy.gif )
>> No. 54301
File 154129240855.gif - (6.60MB , 273x339 , mysexygirl.gif )
>> No. 54303
File 154129260612.jpg - (195.31KB , 1552x884 , mysexyhoney.jpg )
>> No. 54313
She is a little piece of Heaven on earth. Please continue to share her with us less fortunate ones that dont know what its like to touch her. We can only imagine with every pic and video you share.
>> No. 54317
There's a lot that can be done sexually with such a nice and hot preteen! She was also fully initiated to give you a lot of pleasure till you cum...
>> No. 54320
When i would slide my finger into her sleeping pussy it would make me cum so fast and hard.It was so tight i could only get up to the middle of the finger.
>> No. 54325
File 154129691441.jpg - (106.17KB , 880x1138 , Taste so good.jpg )
I miss eating this girl so bad.
>> No. 54327
but password doesn't work
>> No. 54330
Keep it up! And always try to make the best possible use of her tight little ass (touching, fondling, fingering,...)!
>> No. 54355
File 154131201629.jpg - (35.00KB , 324x569 , Felixxx_192103_yFl_Shiva21.jpg )
Full version: http://dl.free.fr/getfile.pl?file=/GV3BUdSg
New video: http://dl.free.fr/mnbCEFZRM

>> No. 54356
stfu with the neice bs thats sheeva i just posted above
>> No. 54390
Sheeva hahahahahaha! thats goods man.If shes not my niece trying sharing something of her thats never been shared here or 155 before id love to see it.
>> No. 54394
Thanks for sharing the new vid! A bit short but quite good though!
I'm sure there's a special bond between you and her... Also like her beautiful blue eyes while she's sucking you!
Sheeva or Shiva? A young deity? Why not after all! That would explain why she learned sex so early with you... lol
>> No. 54398
File 154133020655.jpg - (129.73KB , 592x1015 , My nieces feet.jpg )
As much as i would love to share her name and might eventually. not yet. and if were naming her lets go with Shiva i like that.
>> No. 54417
Please post pics private so yo girl a creampies & facials best of thread
>> No. 54424
if it is oc
you can prove it by holding a sign with 144chan written
With cum on her
>> No. 54464
Apparently people cant read.She has moved hundreds of miles away and not sure when but if i get the chance to have her hold the sign and pose for me it may one day be here.
>> No. 54471
File 154136568858.jpg - (84.06KB , 891x753 , Itsnotherbutclose.jpg )
>> No. 54496
File 154137112553.jpg - (406.78KB , 747x1328 , mysleeping niece.jpg )
>> No. 54531
great girl. the sleeping pics are great.
>> No. 54534
On those nights only she got sleep. I was very obsessive.
>> No. 54711
File 154141461657.jpg - (137.94KB , 720x1050 , SHESCUTE.jpg )
never seen this one before shes cute
>> No. 54730
she is not the same girl
>> No. 54807
That sleeping pic is very sexy!
>> No. 54812
File 154145538196.jpg - (207.08KB , 667x953 , loved watching her sleep.jpg )
>> No. 54813
File 154145598473.jpg - (231.58KB , 1067x889 , loved watching her play.jpg )
>> No. 54814
File 154145677993.jpg - (169.58KB , 876x1136 , loved watching her.jpg )
>> No. 54818
File 154145788431.gif - (17.36MB , 575x401 , Love my niece.gif )
She was always such a good girl for me.
>> No. 54881
File 154147506131.jpg - (1.84MB , 2000x3000 , nu vidy - Copy.jpg )
You say she a Goddess. I say she an ugly bitch. Fuck you. Get glasses loser. This a hot looking loli bitch. Guess you don't know the difference ass-wipe.
>> No. 54882
>>54812 That tattoo might make doxxing easy.
>> No. 54922
I like the way the troll clicks the link looks at every picture almost all the way down to the bottom of the list before he decides he thinks shes ugly and decides to share it.
>> No. 54923
File 15415044902.gif - (16.77MB , 475x262 , My sweet honey.gif )
>> No. 54924
Agreed. Trolls are the dark side of chans! We'd better definitely ignore them!
>> No. 54926
So nice! Your niece is a very cute little minx!
She also likes underage sex and shows it!
>> No. 54928
File 154150575132.gif - (10.78MB , 560x448 , Daphne.gif )
Different girl but shes sexy.
>> No. 54930
stop posting little gifs of her and post the real video clips already.
>> No. 54931
give the cum tribute as requested and you might get the video.
>> No. 54942
Very sexy! Girls this age can already go to bed with grown men and satisfy them sexually, using their hands, mouths,... to provoke big ejaculation!
>> No. 54952
Hey man, thanks for sharing.. I'll gladly do a cum tribute to see more of her. so do you want a video or just a picture?
>> No. 55060
Id like a video if you don't mind.gives me more to enjoy knowing shes being jerked over.
>> No. 55143
this girl so amazing. did she taste as sweet as she look?
>> No. 55152
File 154158678756.jpg - (73.22KB , 917x609 , yes best pussy iv ever tasted.jpg )
Ate her pussy for 10 minutes never tasted anything sweeter.the turn on is so powerful its the only thing iv ever had make me precum.
>> No. 55230
She really seemed into it. Kinda surprising given how fat and hairy you seem to be. Love knows no bounds I suppose. Hope you play it safe and not act like a fucking retard. You are already in a limited pool of folks if you catch my drift.
>> No. 55245
Actually i just figured as soon as i started posting her id be screwed. shes no longer with me and the thrill of sharing her ended up being to much.Im just waiting now for fate to destroy me.Not really anything else to do i didn't start this thread so i cant even delete it.
>> No. 55250


NO PEDO WOULD SAY "Im just waiting now for fate to destroy me". NOT THE LEAST OF WHICH A PEDO/LIKEMINDED PERSON.



Yes, I was yelling too!

I think it's important for pedo's/likeminded types to have loyal buddies to talk with, cam/voice etc, which you don't deserve any of.

Rant over!
>> No. 55253
File 15416273798.jpg - (300.46KB , 1328x747 , just for you buddy.jpg )
well im glad you think so.made this just for you.
>> No. 55264

I have my own theories separate for Cam&StrokeBuddy. This is not his niece, this is his daughter.

2nd theory, this is all current stuff going on now, not from long ago either.

She's a doll, and Dad cough cough I mean uncle is a lucky guy these days.... :)

Side note: Pedo buddies are the best, I agree with Cam&StrokeBuddy, I've had some fun times talking and cam stroking with those that appreciate the fine things in life.
>> No. 55271
no, I think its uncle.
guy looks like a fucking neckbearded looser, his ister, the girls mother is a meth freak/jusnkie whore and is too busy getting fucked up to know let alone care what hes doing to he own daughter. But hes there watching the house like a guard dog and he humps the kids from time to time.
but once this little girl get her first period, his on the fucking street!

So to OP, have your fun while you can, you have ruined her life in the process by posting her face and now shes a child in danger and LEO is going to look for her thru class pictures and facial recognition. They will eventually find you and all of your fun will come back to bite you in the ass.

You should just fall on your own sword and get it done quickly, sitting in a super max in solitary for the next 20 years is going to be worse then dying.

but post everything here before you check out , thanks ;-)
>> No. 55279
dont feed the pedo trolls there just like anyone else but with a touch of "special"
>> No. 55314
LEA always go after the active ones first.
>> No. 55634
The man who took advantage of this 7 year old girl is clearly obese and will NEVER fall in love. There is a reason she moved away and that is because you psyhcologically fucked her up for life. She doesn't love you and never did. She is a child. You're an adult so your love for her is pathetic. The feds will find your exif data and you will be fucked you dumb ass.
>> No. 55636
I hope you listen to all the kind feedback rather than that of one or two idiots. She is lovely and she clearly enjoys playing with you!
>> No. 55737
Sure! Let's shut every slanderous mouth up!
>> No. 55760
Love it. if your bleeding heart so badly wants to save this girl why bring the thread back to page one when it fell off. and she is a child she didn't move away retard her parents moved on she went with them.and humans are human your beliefs are your own. gay men love men straight people love people of the opposite sex pedos love kids . i love females...younger and older equally. my mental state is programed from birth just like yours we dont get to choose what we are attracted to it just is.and yes i know lea will find me dumbass. i knew it before i shared the very first picture.
>> No. 55846
A lot of child molesters have zero game and are complete losers. They're often delusional too. It's unfortunate. They give us a bad name.
>> No. 55908
Well if you know your days are numbered, why not share all you have of this piece of heaven with us all before its to late? I know 99% of everyone here would enjoy her for a very long time.
>> No. 55924
your here looking at cp with everyone else stop pretending your better because thats delusional dumbass.
>> No. 55927
and there will not be anymore of this girl now that someone has put my thoughts into words on whats going to happen to me.only way i might share more is if i get that tribute iv asked for but apparently everyone is to busy being greedy to do that.so let her fall from page one shes hundreds of miles away from me and i can only let her go.
>> No. 55947
I'm sorry to hear that. Hope you're wrong and that your safety precautions will have been enough. Wouldn't want something to happen to you over some innocent fun.

Thanks for what you did share though, stay safe!
>> No. 56046
I don't believe this is the same person. I think this is someone posing to be the uncle or whatever he is. This is so melodramatic and whiny, it feels fake!
>> No. 56059
If you cared so much about her safety you shouldve edited her face out. And it doesnt matter if she was willing, the cops just see it as sex abuse.
>> No. 56132
her face is the best part..
>> No. 56209
i agree.what a beauty.
>> No. 56309
What. That makes no sense. Because someone said what you are thinking you wont share anymore? You made it VERY clear what your thoughts are but O.K. Well I hope your wrong about getting caught and you do get to see her again. You gave us some hope that its possible to love a young girl and do it so she is happy and enjoys it. Thanks anyway for sharing this beautiful relationship you have with her.
>> No. 56326
File 154202985831.jpg - (141.02KB , 619x888 , newtome.jpg )
has anyone ever seen this girl before?
>> No. 56357
File 154205262746.png - (454.62KB , 507x353 , Sin título.png )
La mia perra ;)
>> No. 56444
para el de arriba 56357
eres cra____?
>> No. 56454
>>56326 i too would like to set her set if any.
>> No. 56478
File 154211444056.gif - (11.67MB , 377x479 , neversaid no to a sleepover.gif )
>> No. 56479
File 154211540441.gif - (4.97MB , 325x321 , part2.gif )
>> No. 56611
I want to fuck that tight little hole
>> No. 56612
I want to bang the cunt off her, she's beautiful xx
>> No. 56613
I want her
>> No. 56614
I want to cum in her ass, gorgeous little beautiful girl
>> No. 56629
happy you enjoy her as much as i do.
>> No. 56645
File 154215998243.gif - (11.16MB , 607x422 , like this girl.gif )
>> No. 56646
File 154216000890.gif - (9.65MB , 636x338 , shes so hot.gif )
>> No. 56647
>> No. 56648
File 154216220059.jpg - (131.84KB , 1024x768 , sexy little girl.jpg )
>> No. 56651
He must be proud to own a 2 inch dick and a fat belly lol.
>> No. 56783
Que soy quien? cuenta mas sobre ese supuesto Cra__
>> No. 56817
sube foto de tu culo perra asquerosa mal oliente a semen
>> No. 56872
File 154226697137.gif - (12.52MB , 572x312 , tight10yo.gif )
>> No. 56893
File 154226793123.jpg - (133.43KB , 810x608 , 01.jpg )
>> No. 56895
File 15422679463.jpg - (24.23KB , 420x537 , 02.jpg )
>> No. 56896
File 154226796186.jpg - (815.17KB , 800x1200 , 03.jpg )
>> No. 56899
that girl is hot id like to slip that dress up and down
>> No. 56947
Mmmm she's beautiful! I like it a lot when your niece is touching herself, fondling her nice little pussy...
>> No. 56951
me to. this one also her. https://155chan.gr/hebe/src/154224548478.gif
>> No. 56956
>> No. 56965
So hot and beautiful little babe! Thank You! ❤❤❤❤❤
>> No. 56968
your welcome.came across that last one while browsing she was to sexy not to share.
>> No. 56980
You're absolutely right! She is amazing! I have no words - breathtaking beauty!
>> No. 57049
File 154233158698.gif - (7.00MB , 261x438 , Loved to watch her sleep.gif )
>> No. 57095
>>56956 can someone reup this please? I'm getting a message saying it's not found on the server. thanks if you can
>> No. 57146
File 154237710587.gif - (17.67MB , 470x577 , shessosexy.gif )
>> No. 57245
File 154243095933.jpg - (91.42KB , 587x834 , shes so wet.jpg )
>> No. 57286
Full vid please
>> No. 57287
Full vid please
>> No. 57299
At this point I doubt we will ever see a full clip.
>> No. 57364
you're back. nice! That touching under panties gif is hot!
>> No. 57368
That cute CUNT make me spurts my nut juice..wish her face was in the line of fire..
>> No. 57369
God I love her THIS MUCH!!
>> No. 57370
File 15424892954.jpg - (95.83KB , 1000x750 , b99cee7e-0dff-4d2d-bdfd-b3a7267bf5f3.jpg )
Love little fuck toy who wear jean shorts..mainly April ..yum yum!
>> No. 57372
April is so hot with her mouth wrapped around a good size COCK image her tounge ..toungeing You COCK shaft!
>> No. 57373
need to see it in her ass
>> No. 57375
"Oh daddy your going to tear up my little SHIT pipe!"😈😈
>> No. 57381
I have this same set and another of her in cutoff shorts I'm going to post since I find your ultimatum annoying.
>> No. 57383
File 154249517143.jpg - (128.43KB , 546x622 , 15291440491-01.jpg )
Oh don't be an ASS! If u have whatd I like great..if not ..and will hold u too your claims..post ur pics..thanks for your compliance.but AZN kids are hot!
>> No. 57384
File 154249534663.jpg - (231.06KB , 581x892 , 067b-01.jpg )
Oh your Welcome! So start posting so I can jack off😈
>> No. 57413
File 154250630561.jpg - (158.35KB , 889x1196 , 154247772769.jpg )
>> No. 57572
just curious why are the mods removing posts? are they that bad?
>> No. 57573
someone went and started posting hc to the thread.looks like just those being removed.
>> No. 57607
No, it is not the HC.
It's just that the mods are idiots.
>> No. 57608
File 154262151798.jpg - (1.23MB , 2592x1944 , 6517.jpg )
Yes, I have posted exactly like pics in this thread of girls spreading their pussies that have been removed for no apparent reason apart from maybe one mod is sensible and the other is a dipshit. Maybe they just flip a coin.
>> No. 57613
well i don't know about that but this thread has many pics and GIFS similar to that have never been removed.just the ones that had other hands or body parts to much in the view.
>> No. 57670
>>56645 sadly today this girl is really fat. it's a shame her ass doesn't look like the gif anymore.
>> No. 57694
that is actually sad to hear i really loved that video
>> No. 57722
File 154269269052.gif - (5.75MB , 290x402 , lookingsogood.gif )
>> No. 57730
>>57694 heres her main thread https://155chan.gr/mir/res/21227.html. its sad how these girls age. wish theyd stay looking young forever
>> No. 57863
Bump for more
>> No. 57879
404 url not found, thread missing?
>> No. 57931
Regardelss pedo s just collect em all b4 they go .be it automatically take down or whatever "hey they something to jack off eh? SO!! This what is wish to do..get them lil CUNT posted here and cum coat their pretty faces ya?
>> No. 57977
File 154285398750.jpg - (141.97KB , 883x1382 , Love it.jpg )
>> No. 57990
File 154285630818.jpg - (37.48KB , 422x306 , cutie.jpg )
>>57370 ...now that's how little girls ought spread, ready for daddy to fuck.
>> No. 58055
File 154290164593.gif - (11.76MB , 490x588 , SexyRandom.gif )
>> No. 58080
Spank her cheeks pink then show us
>> No. 58115
Wow yes! Love it!
What would you do if you knew such a cute and sexy preteen in your close family or your circle of friends?
Especially if you heard that she was ready to be initiated and also fucked by adults?
>> No. 58161
File 154293669648.jpg - (332.57KB , 1200x925 , sexypanties.jpg )
>> No. 58168
>>57977 anymore of this girl?
>> No. 58186
shes the main girl in this thread. Will post more eventually.
>> No. 58206
>>58186 was thinking that was her but didnt know for sure
her ass is amazing your a lucky guy op
>> No. 58225
File 154297299916.jpg - (92.57KB , 897x965 , perfect sight.jpg )
her pussy was looking there.
>> No. 58285
>>58225 lucky bastard
>> No. 58307
File 154301530393.gif - (7.99MB , 200x531 , niecepussyplay.gif )
>> No. 58308
"So!..why are my posts being deleted as soon as I post em ? Eh? Well?..👿
>> No. 58323
Oh yes! Mmmm She definitely likes sex and knows how to use her nice little pussy!
>> No. 58340
>>58225 do you have a gif for this pic op?
>> No. 58343
File 154302963133.gif - (5.72MB , 242x433 , a short one.gif )
ok one small one.
>> No. 58347
Ziiip. Always a treat to see her. tyvm))
>> No. 58378
Hey OP. Can you put her into a swimsuit and show her to us? That would be great. Thanks a lot.
>> No. 58396
I cant.I don't have access to her.
>> No. 58448
i'm addicted to this girl. Feed my addiction, OP
>> No. 58465
File 154310698739.jpg - (77.03KB , 639x740 , myaddictionwillendme.jpg )
pretty addicted myself.
>> No. 58491
Man this is some of the best stuff I've ever seen. Her body is literally perfect and she seemed to enjoy it.thank you for sharing!

Have you got any more cumshots on her other than the two you shared already? I would never have been able to control myself. I'd have covered her in it every single time lol
>> No. 58496
>>58465 i think i speak for everyone when i say we need the gif for this picture op
>> No. 58497
>>58496 this and dl.freeing everything you have of her in one rar file
>> No. 58499
Wow! Very nice and sexy girl!
Now I can really understand why you're into incest fun with your little niece!
Keep up training her well: she needs it!
>> No. 58554
Can you create a download for all your niece's pics shared?
>> No. 58587
Wow, I love those big bald pussy lips. Very nice!
>> No. 58598
File 154318037445.jpg - (3.49MB , 4320x3240 , SANY0079.jpg )
>> No. 58603
always glad to see shes being enjoyed.
>> No. 58609
any vids for those pics?
>> No. 58610
https://155chan.gr/hebe/src/spy_cam_steps_friend_11_yo.mp4 https://155chan.gr/hebe/src/11yo_spy_cam.mp4
>> No. 58646
>>58465 does a gif exist for this picture?
>> No. 58917
dont let the thread die op keep posting her
>> No. 58925
File 154329122355.gif - (3.97MB , 273x459 , Alittlemore.gif )
>> No. 59004
Mmmm yes! What about touching and fingering her nice little pussy?
>> No. 59017
File 154332583866.jpg - (124.42KB , 1569x741 , ITried.jpg )
This was the last clear pic from that gif above with her ass up.i got to turned on and shoved my finger into her pussy.
>> No. 59054
Sure! Who could resist?
>> No. 59083
Nice, post vids pls i know uv cummed inside post the vids man ! MORE!
>> No. 59180
File 154336589963.jpg - (251.30KB , 840x574 , besticandoforyou.jpg )
>> No. 59389
File 154343494533.jpg - (87.25KB , 663x790 , random953.jpg )
anyone see this girl before? shes cute
>> No. 59435
File 154344703881.gif - (10.10MB , 262x471 , legs up pussy open.gif )
>> No. 59485
File 154346818541.gif - (10.68MB , 396x379 , her at 7.gif )
>> No. 59529
hey op did u ever make her cum? also how old was she? sorry if u said it already and i missed it
>> No. 59581
yes she has had her special moments happen that's why she lets me help i think. we met when she was 7 and she moved away at 10. shes actually 9 in most of these pics and gifs it was just easier to pick 10 as the age to tell people.
>> No. 59677
File 154353094390.gif - (11.51MB , 534x306 , Love her tight ass.gif )
>> No. 59699
Im guessing she moved away because her parents suspected something going on with her uncle. If it was nothing to do with you then youre a lucky man. But these pics are all the cops need to track you and her down and lock you up. Thats why im still skeptical that shes even your niece. But keep on living this fantasy lol.
>> No. 59713
fantasy or not i just want him to keep posting her shes amazing
>> No. 59716
And we are all still waiting for the orgasm vids...
>> No. 59720
these things were not filmed in a studio or with help not everything is on video.
>> No. 59823
File 154361123555.gif - (14.05MB , 597x335 , Wanted to fuck her so bad.gif )
>> No. 59824
File 154361165947.gif - (10.83MB , 457x330 , I love her tight 9yo pussy.gif )
>> No. 59909
>>59824 hey op does this girl have a smartphone? I'd guess shes likely 12 or older now maybe she could send sext you or something would love to see her with tits guessing she probably has them by now
>> No. 59983
Amazing gifs. How long are the full videos that these gifs are from?
>> No. 59989
It sure looks like a whole lot of it is.
>> No. 59990
Really doubt we will ever find out. These short GIFs are all we are ever going to get. OP seems to like just cock teasing us with them. I think he likes the attention so I dont think we get anymore than GIFs. Unfortunately this girls full vidos will probably end up being lost forever after the OP is busted. Its too bad because if the full videos are as good as what the GIFs suggest, she could have been one of the best ever.
>> No. 59994
It's more likely to do with security. Sure, he is not very careful but he does take care to edit out certain identifying things and posting a full video would make that job much harder.
>> No. 60039
GIFs are still short videos. these are not professionally made OP is sharing what he thinks are the best parts. and yes the videos will be lost when hes busted but at least you got as much as you have.
>> No. 60075
please ´post this video

>> No. 60085
that short gif with her ass up is just before this frame there is no more video for it she didnt know the finger was going in and her leg hit the camera as she rolled away.
>> No. 60090
File 154372643668.gif - (8.92MB , 418x743 , anotherrandom.gif )
>> No. 60092
Fantastic beauty!!! ❤❤❤❤❤
>> No. 60137
File 154375016397.gif - (17.83MB , 609x441 , shewassowet.gif )
>> No. 60180
amazing!! Let her suck your cock
>> No. 61042
Security??? Really. Unless the full vids show his face, there isn't anything more he could show that would make LEAs job easier. Her face is already been shown. Only reason he won't show a full bate video is he likes the ego stroking you all are giving him. IRL he's probably someone that is a loner, but here he gets a lot of attention and affirmation (as we all do) about his attraction to young girls. Not trying to piss him off or anything, just telling it as I see it. Been around CP for a while and its usually the case.
>> No. 61047
please more vid cum in pussy or all body
>> No. 61065
no theres no ego involved.once the gif or picture has been added to the browse button i linger around the reply button and it makes me so excited.im not sure why exactly its so addicting.and we already did the "your going to get caught" conversation so please just let it go until i do.i never even wanted to share more than the first 2-3 pictures this is just how it turned out.
>> No. 61069
File 15438427582.gif - (8.57MB , 361x295 , Spycam teen daughter.gif )
>> No. 61070
File 154384302184.jpg - (396.51KB , 1326x1113 , sleeping niece.jpg )
>> No. 61159
>> No. 61161
thats ok was thinking that was to much but was not sure.
>> No. 61288
Wow do you have the vid? thx
>> No. 61310
op did u ever get to cum in her mouth?
>> No. 61315
Has she been spanked by you or someone else? That ass!
>> No. 61350
only while she was asleep
>> No. 61357
only ever playfully spanked her she does have one of the cutest asses i have ever seen.
>> No. 61505
Hope you took pics of you cumming in her mouth.
>> No. 61576
should have but did not. always one hand on the cock and one hand in her panties rubbing her pussy or fingering her ass. so no hands left for the camera and was always more concerned with clean up after cumming.
>> No. 62012
File 154419012030.gif - (5.24MB , 216x382 , sexy sisters.gif )
>> No. 62120

Any video's of this?
>> No. 62164
Full vid pls
>> No. 62167
its in this thread https://155chan.gr/cg/res/29357.html#i30819
>> No. 62186
>> No. 62291
File 154429718556.gif - (15.21MB , 368x643 , young pussy rub.gif )
>> No. 62294
>> No. 62300
She's got such a huge clit, it's perfect. Would love to see it up close and pulled back and exposed.
>> No. 62345
File 154431934286.gif - (8.10MB , 301x484 , another random tight pussy.gif )
>> No. 62579
A few years back I got a call from my sister. Her marriage was falling apart and she needed help. So I quit my job and moved across state to help with whatever was needed. She always spent a lot of time out of town working and mostly needed someone to watch her house and 7 yo daughter. Emma. Had only met Emma a few times at family gatherings and didn't know her very well but she was a sweet little girl and attached to me very quickly since I was taking care of her.One day about a week after moving in we were playing around while watching T.V. , she tripped and reached out for something to catch herself and got my pant legs. "woaahhhhhh" I said "careful kid i'm not wearing underwear". She thought this was funny and it seemed to encourage her to try and get them down. I knew from my own past this might have been a bad choice for me moving here but it was to late and they still needed help. I had long had attractions to younger girls and thought this one wouldn't be a problem being so much younger than what I prefer.Over the next 2 days she kept trying to get them down and i kept resisting , until of course day 3. It was all over then , her keeping trying made me so excited ,and hard. I told her what would happen to me if anyone ever found out and that if it comes to that she would loose me forever so if she told she had better be sure. She yes "yes uncle I understand". Got down on her knees reached up for the top part of my pant legs. My heart was beating so fast. I was so scared and excited , her hand grabbed the pants and slowly pulled them down. I thought she might change her mind but kept going , next thing I know my cock pops out and she just stared at it. My heart pounding and so many feelings rushing thru my body, shes looking at it with those big beautiful blue eyes.She reaches up and wraps her little fingers around it and my jaw just drops.I'm shocked and defeated. "pull it like this." My story of how it started. Be-leave it or not its still true.
>> No. 64423
>> No. 64424
File 15446750028.jpg - (348.31KB , 1270x1220 , sleeping 2.jpg )
love the sleeping girls.
>> No. 64474
File 154470267481.gif - (13.06MB , 394x690 , hot blond.gif )
>> No. 65187
File 154490524431.gif - (15.11MB , 380x567 , random sexy girl 025.gif )
anyone see this video before?
>> No. 65257
File 15449285239.gif - (15.28MB , 412x461 , random sexy girl 035.gif )
>> No. 65273
boy & girl sex gif please.
>> No. 65371
Ill look for the link now. Its on loli lust, i believe.
>> No. 65373
Here, as promised.
Pass: -P!NKB@N@N@-
It was actually on FF, but whatever. It works.
>> No. 65386
Who is this??? She's definitely my type.
>> No. 65412
Looks like the video is gone. Nothing's in the folder
>> No. 65439
thank you for that she was as sexy as expected!
>> No. 65441
No. 65412 it seems the file has the attribute "hidden" activated.
>> No. 65443
STFU. We have someone here who's sharing with us and that's all you can say?
>> No. 65448
File 154500874347.gif - (13.57MB , 536x385 , Emmas tight 9yo pussy.gif )
>> No. 65450
File 154500941456.gif - (12.91MB , 337x581 , I love Emmas tight body.gif )
>> No. 65455
File 154501372089.jpg - (248.75KB , 1490x707 , 6yo daughter of the one that made the niece move.jpg )
>> No. 65456
File 154501405111.jpg - (246.51KB , 1448x675 , 6yo daughter of the one that made the niece move 2.jpg )
>> No. 65459
File 154501446018.jpg - (169.29KB , 1416x883 , 6yo daughter of the one that made the niece move 3.jpg )
>> No. 65537
File 154505085589.jpg - (82.59KB , 374x1230 , random tight ass.jpg )
>> No. 65573
Found several of Emmas GIFs floating around on the net thank you for sharing her and hope you continue to enjoy her sexy body as much as i do.
>> No. 65633
I posted some of her close ups in a chat room. People really liked her!
>> No. 65640
thats hot thank you.
>> No. 65930
hey op you still around? did you ever have any fun with any other little girls?
>> No. 66141
Those are chubby fingers. Lose some weight, you fat fuck.
>> No. 66200
>> No. 66226
File 154533958240.gif - (6.27MB , 303x340 , 1 of 3.gif )
if guys with thin fingers turn you on you might be on the wrong website.
>> No. 66227
File 154533962391.gif - (7.17MB , 307x360 , 2 of 3.gif )
>> No. 66228
File 154533966127.gif - (9.58MB , 317x494 , 3 of 3.gif )
>> No. 66229
File 154533974493.gif - (14.15MB , 636x350 , Little nipples.gif )
>> No. 66230
File 154533981632.gif - (15.84MB , 643x442 , Emma so wet for me.gif )
>> No. 66251
Ive tried every way to input this Password. With and without spaces and hyphens etc but nothing worked. Whats up with the PW here?
>> No. 66295
File 154535609424.gif - (17.03MB , 409x687 , Emma was just to much to resist.gif )
>> No. 66296
File 15453561325.gif - (9.51MB , 289x466 , Emmas sleeping pussy is my favorite.gif )
>> No. 66390
hot!!! do you have any more of her sucking you? she is so beautifull.
>> No. 66451
any of her sucking you?
>> No. 66466
>>66390 >>66451 Nothing for her to suck because he has a micro dick. For real nothing there for her.
>> No. 66497
Wow.. Amazing new gifs... Love the facesitting ones. Exactly what I would do with her as well! Also the vibrator one is hot! If these were the full videos they would be some of the best videos ever I'm sure!
>> No. 66500
And the quality looks very good too! Will we ever see full videos? Edited where necessary of course.
>> No. 66502
Funny how frustrated LEA is trying to get this guy to stop posting this amazing girl..
>> No. 66575
hey op can i ask why you choose to make gifs instead of uploading the video for us? is it cause of sound or something? good work tho keep it up shes amazing
>> No. 66620
File 154548926849.jpg - (103.63KB , 1024x600 , 11!.jpg )
pw: poiuytrewq
>> No. 66746
I love how she looks at the camera while rubbing her pussy here
>> No. 67009
GIF because 144 cant get mp4 files without putting them somewhere else or in a rar file.No longer videos yes but you got the best scenes.
>> No. 67159
Very cute girl and charming girl.
>> No. 67594
ok. i dont mind u uploading as rar file somewhere else if u want. these gifs are still great tho. post more if you have them please.
>> No. 68573
Watching a well trained girl masturbate is so hot
>> No. 70038
File 154669932356.jpg - (135.87KB , 671x1077 , Niece play02.jpg )
>> No. 71097
File 154700077032.jpg - (112.76KB , 466x991 , wow sexy ass.jpg )
>> No. 71505
File 154717254268.jpg - (261.78KB , 882x905 , sexy ass 026.jpg )
>> No. 71799
File 154730217557.gif - (3.86MB , 230x345 , random cutie.gif )
anyone have this video?
>> No. 71945
File 154733895660.jpg - (16.12KB , 365x274 , 153843716824s.jpg )
can anyone re up this image, pls
>> No. 71949
so where do these silly made up Jews of Israel from old Ukraine come from? There from the Mongols and who stopped the Mongols from whipping out all of Europe? A Russian Prince oh the Irony of it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and After the Mongols who saved all of Europe from the Turks and Ottman Empire? a Man Called Vlad Tappes so called Dracula(Order of the Dragon, Knights of Christ!) AHAHAHA VLAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vlad Putin now stopping them in 21st century!
>> No. 71991
Good stuff. I am proud of my Slavonic blood. Our girls are the best too.
>> No. 72005

WTF this Internet moron is saying? NO ONE STOPPED THE MONGOLS! The Mongols RAPED Russia as if it didn't even exist! They STOPPED close to the border of the HOLY ROMAN GERMANIC EMPIRE (middle of today's Poland) NOT BECAUSE ANYONE STOPPED THEM, but because Ogadei Khan died and Subutai, the main Mongol general ordered a full retreat back to Mongolia in order to push Batu Khan candidacy as new Khan of all Mongol in the Kurultai.
If Ogadei Khan stayed alive for 2 years more we would all be speaking Mongolian by now.
>> No. 72047

Please move these to:

>> No. 72086
Hod I'd love to fuck her
>> No. 72087
Hod I'd love to fuck her
>> No. 72130
Onky gifs and no video? Where can i find a vid from her?
>> No. 72254
If someone gives her a tribute video jerking over her gifs and pics then cums on her. Then will share a video.
>> No. 72300
how bout some full shiva vids. she's so freaking hot
>> No. 75318
File 154818705658.jpg - (78.77KB , 577x924 , niece 10yo sleeping ass and pussy.jpg )
>> No. 75322
File 154818766467.jpg - (132.41KB , 753x1035 , niece 10yo showing off for uncle.jpg )
>> No. 75325
oooo very nice i love her ass please more of her
>> No. 75328
please more ass of her , very so beutiful thanks
>> No. 75355
File 154819397637.jpg - (149.82KB , 1277x711 , I love my sleeping nieces pussy.jpg )
>> No. 75394
File 154821434527.jpg - (199.99KB , 1560x890 , niece Emmas tight wet 10yo pussy.jpg )
>> No. 75401
Such a nice and sexy little hottie! Did you teach her well all what she needed to know about underage sex?
Would be really glad to watch a full vid of her!
>> No. 75490

This is my perfect child sex scenario of all time captured in one single photo. OMG so good. Beautiful, sexy sleeping preteen, soft cotton child panties pulled to one side exposing buttery soft hairless preteen pussy mound. And you twits expect us pedos not to drool and go berserk and suck and lick that kid's exquisite offerings? I think all of you need to taste and experience it for yourselves! It is one of life's most amazing pleasures!
>> No. 75491

Ok, see it's the way her panties fit her pretty little bare cunt!! It's just a wisp of fabric ready to be pulled to one side or another for a taste of pure child cunt heaven.
>> No. 75686
I agree.For those who have not done it you really dont know what your missing.Doing it while there asleep will make your heart pound so fast and hard its like you will explode and its the best thing you will ever taste.
>> No. 75839
File 154833494086.jpg - (101.03KB , 576x825 , Emmas tight pussy 299.jpg )
>> No. 75840
File 154833497741.jpg - (87.84KB , 587x823 , nieces finger in her pussy.jpg )
>> No. 75841
File 154833500658.jpg - (67.55KB , 585x780 , love my nieces tight pussy and ass.jpg )
>> No. 75845
File 154833589811.jpg - (104.04KB , 909x877 , love my nieces tight pussy and ass 258.jpg )
>> No. 75911
Vlad Putin. His mouth is cock holster for Assad
>> No. 75938
>>75845 Same old pics getting repeatedly posted over and over again. Even the 1 or 2 vids are crap. She looks pretty fucking ugly in most pics also.
>> No. 75961
share something better if you have it
>> No. 76352
File 154847315053.jpg - (112.31KB , 528x1135 , love my niece to much.jpg )
>> No. 76498
How can we put all gifs into one rar archive and share?
>> No. 78053
File 154896790681.png - (1.59MB , 810x1440 , Niece Emma pussy spread.png )
>> No. 78114
How can I give you all my money? you're God in person.
>> No. 78115
How can I give you all my money? you're God in person.
>> No. 78128
File 154899246937.jpg - (2.80MB , 4320x2880 , 2.jpg )
Proud to be a pedo love having sex with little girls those cute little bodies tasty tight Lil pussies and yummy little round butts oh how i groom them well as they blossom into beautiful pedowomen who love me unconditionally intern I the same for them as they are more than willing to bare my children a wonderful pedo family we'll be
>> No. 79489
File 154932235395.jpg - (104.12KB , 1121x814 , love the niece 875.jpg )
>> No. 79492
Young is the best Muoss.. we should chat sometime!
>> No. 79501
File 154932443088.jpg - (5.91KB , 300x200 , (pedo69niñ@s).jpg )
>79492 [>>79492] 79492< >¡''Shiv@ Te Amo'' Quisiera Meter Mi Lengua en lo Mas Profundo de Su Fundillito Rosado!... [-_-] ♥
>> No. 79503
File 154932566861.jpg - (224.87KB , 1440x956 , lsp-002-067.jpg )
Does anyone else like licking little girls assholes clean or its just me?
>> No. 79741
>> No. 79769
I love licking ass holes dry like you before I lick a pussy dry and fuck it.
>> No. 79942
File 154949870616.jpg - (93.83KB , 411x1015 , Niece on her knees 379.jpg )
>> No. 79956
File 154950409143.jpg - (732.17KB , 2048x1536 , (pedo69niñ@s).jpg )
>79942< [>>79942] >79942< [https://144chan.pk/mir/src/154949870616.jpg ] |Después de lo que me provoco esa fotito de Shiv@, podre yo dormir tranquilo... [-_-] ♥
>> No. 79966
File 154950694132.jpg - (105.25KB , 700x987 , 10yo Niece tight ass and pussy.jpg )
glad you enjoyed
>> No. 79967
File 154950741911.jpg - (352.00KB , 1182x1300 , (pedo69niñ@s).jpg )
>79966< [>>79966] >79966< | You really want to drive me Cr@zy? [https://144chan.pk/mir/src/154950694132.jpg ] ... [-_-] ♥
>> No. 79968
File 154950819817.jpg - (165.38KB , 876x1191 , 10yo Niece tight pussy spreading.jpg )
>> No. 79973
File 154951014047.jpg - (307.33KB , 1200x631 , (pedo69niñ@s).jpg )
>79968< [>>79968] >79968< |Uncle of Shiv@: Honestly gentlem@n I speak for all of us that we would die of emotion if you published a 5 minute video of shiva with audio, you would be crowned as one of the best [144ch@n]... [-_-] ♥
>> No. 80318
fuck her please
>> No. 80551
File 154966587219.jpg - (123.74KB , 583x1030 , want to fuck the niece 379.jpg )
would love to push into her tight pussy
>> No. 81079
even only touching her vagina would be hot. or licking. mm
>> No. 81117
no, she's had enough foreplay.
>> No. 81203
i agree.i really want to fuck her. one short video here https://155chan.gr/hebe/src/9yo_niece_Emma_teasing.mp4
>> No. 81321
Broken link?
>> No. 81369
File 154988459170.jpg - (266.07KB , 900x1200 , looks alot like the niece 587.jpg )
sorry it was removed.
>> No. 81476
OMFG I recognize Emma! I teach at the school she’s at. What a small world...
>> No. 81509
that is great you should get some additional pics from her and post them here and feel free to approach her im sure that will work out fine
>> No. 81547
Who is she ???
>> No. 82445
File Niece_in_pink.rar - (18.58MB , Niece in pink.rar )
>> No. 82446
File 155009580854.jpg - (453.97KB , 2592x1944 , random 753 - Copy.jpg )
>> No. 82447
File 155009585510.jpg - (445.45KB , 2272x1704 , random638 859 (1) - Copy.jpg )
>> No. 82448
File 155009587063.jpg - (1.20MB , 3648x2736 , random638 859 (2) - Copy.jpg )
>> No. 82449
no idea random find
>> No. 82450
File 155009610543.jpg - (382.34KB , 1632x1224 , 3636567.jpg )
>> No. 82454
Definitely hot! Thanks!
>> No. 82456
i thought you might like that
>> No. 82912
Very good, thank you for sharing, do you have any more?
>> No. 82915
most of the pictures of this girl are screen caps but the pink outfit was a favorite.
>> No. 83222
Yes, I know I have converted all gif files to mp4 and want to cut everything to a complete video.
>> No. 83252
Love when moms tell me to go s
Deeper in their daughter and hear moms telking me to duck them as hard as i can. Pedomom are the best. Love to see a mom eat baby girls pussy whole I'm eating mom.
>> No. 83258
thats great i look forward to seeing it! no one ever did a tribute video for her i get a great deal of excitement knowing shes being enjoyed
>> No. 84262
File 155052158289.gif - (4.41MB , 320x568 , random sexy 831.gif )
>> No. 84449
Dude, if she is "hundreds" of miles away and you just made this post to say FU to the other guy, why is one of her masturbating devices and blankets right next to you?
>> No. 84524
>>84449 Thats all he has left to remember her. She moved away to find someone her own age with no diabetic arms and a bigger dick.
>> No. 84617
I understand you like skinny arms and a large cock. You are on the wrong site.
>> No. 85392
File 155089616699.jpg - (175.23KB , 1119x856 , 10yo niece spread perfect.jpg )
>> No. 85393
File 155089619255.jpg - (177.08KB , 942x887 , my niece 10yo fucking perfect.jpg )
>> No. 85395
Somebodies growing up :) cutie :)
>> No. 85397
File 155089668893.jpg - (164.95KB , 884x1007 , 10yo niece spread perfect2.jpg )
>> No. 85896
Wow, such a beauty. How old is she now? Looks maybe 11 or 12?
>> No. 85962
wow seems ready for proper anal game :p
>> No. 85966
>> No. 86062
no that tight pussy is still just 10 years old
>> No. 86769
when were all these pictures taken?
>> No. 86771
>>81203 video down repost pls
>> No. 86818
the zip file is that video >>86769 within last 10 years
>> No. 87348
File 155152280019.jpg - (23.94KB , 288x412 , 1a.jpg )

I want to suck on her little clit until she comes!
Here is a video of all gif pictures from this posting.


Pass: FunnyGirl001%
>> No. 87357
File 155152342414.jpg - (33.38KB , 442x503 , 2a.jpg )
Ich will ihn immer noch lutschen diesen kleinen
kitzler :)
>> No. 92777
Been awhile since last post ????
>> No. 92878
thank you for putting this video together
>> No. 92887
File 155304309628.gif - (14.43MB , 533x396 , 10yo nieces perfect pussy and ass.gif )

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