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/mir/ ~ Watch porn with kids
File 153866407830.jpg - (56.45KB , 820x461 , 1407186087172.jpg )
48068 No. 48068
Have you guys ever watched porn with kids?
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>> No. 84764
Thanks for the info, wasn't aware of some of it and I've had Wickr for many years. Now it makes sense after I added the app back, nothing was there. oops! I actually stroke on cam waist down to verify that both parties including myself are real too. And its fun as well :-D

I sent you a message on Wickr to your name younglover90 I'm assuming that's you.

Cheers mate!
>> No. 84776
Yes, do repost selena's vids
>> No. 84794
Forbidden Fruit what was the link? Are there any live chats on onion?
>> No. 84846

I don't chat on wickr or anything else except tox.

We like to meet others but am very cautious about it. Sometimes too cautious and we miss out on good opportunities.

Yes, kids are very sexual on their own, show them its ok to have fun and feel good and make others feel good and you end up with preteen sluts.

I can even tell their friends want to be "sexy" but they have been taught it is "bad". I don't even try anything with their friends, never have never will.

For those that are wondering, yes their mother joins us to. I met her at a nudist resort, she was raised to be naked her whole life, my family was more conservative than hers.
>> No. 84851
Indeed. yeah Tox is good too. You can hit me up on there too, same name. That awesome your wife comes from that background, wish my GF had.
>> No. 84862
Paedophile Aaron St Omer ensnared in Old Street pub

PUBLISHED: 21:51 23 March 2018 | UPDATED: 10:59 26 March 2018

Emma Bartholomew
Aaron St Omer

Aaron St Omer
A paedophile who told an undercover cop he wanted to swap crystal meth for a 12-year-old girl to rape and torture has been jailed for nine years.
The drugs fond on Aaron St OmerThe drugs fond on Aaron St Omer

Aaron St Omer, 32, was snared after attempting to make the deal in an Old Street Wetherspoon’s last year.

He had told the officer he wanted to rape and torture underage girls on an encrypted messaging site in August ahead of the meeting at The Masque Haunt.

He was jailed today at Snaresbrook Crown Court for nine years with an extended licence period of four years.

He denied arranging or facilitating commission of a child sex offence and supplying a class A drug, but was found guilty at trial last month. He had previously admitted possession of a class A, B and C drugs, possession of a class A drug with intent, and having an offensive weapon.

Police were alerted to St Omer after a Wickr website user raised the alarm about a member who went under the name “twistedtaboo85” on the site.

During a phone call with the undercover officer before their meeting, St Omer admitted having a sexual interest in underage girls and said he wanted to sexually assault them.

He asked the police officer if he could get girls that he could burn with a cigarette.

St Omer was arrested as he sat in the pub with the undercover officer on August 10. He was found to be carrying lubricant, drugs and sex toys.

Prosecutor Karen Phillips said the conviction was made possible by the website user who reported St Omer.

“Aaron St Omer had fantasies about torturing and sexually abusing young girls,” she said.

“The prosecution was able to prove that he had gone equipped to carry his fantasies out, clearly believing bartering drugs to hurt young girls was a suitable trade-off.

“I would like to encourage members of the public who may have similar concerns about children being abused or tortured to take action and call the police.”

St Omer was also given a sexual harm prevention order.
>> No. 84863
Paedophile, 45, who plotted the gang rape of a three-year-old boy under the username 'Horrible Nick' on encrypted app Kik Messenger is jailed for three years

Nicholas Murphy, of Speke, Liverpool was caught by undercover police
He discussed his sick fantasies with other paedophiles on Kik Messenger
He told them that he could arrange for a three-year-old to be sexually abused
Jailed for three years after admitting attempting to arrange a child sex offence

By Ed Riley For Mailonline

Published: 08:05 EST, 28 February 2018 | Updated: 09:30 EST, 28 February 2018



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Nicholas Murphy, of Speke, Liverpool who was jailed for three years

Nicholas Murphy, of Speke, Liverpool who was jailed for three years

A paedophile who called himself 'Horrible Nick' used a messaging app to arrange the gang rape of a three-year-old boy.

Nicholas Murphy, 45, was caught by undercover police as he discussed his sick fantasies with other men on encrypted Kik Messenger.

Murphy, of Speke, Liverpool, promised one man that he could arrange to bring the young child to them so they could carry out sexual abuse together.

He was arrested after a chat group of 10 paedophiles was infiltrated by investigators who then traced his location and swooped on his house.

Murphy was jailed for three years at Liverpool Crown Court on February 15, after he admitted attempting to arrange a child sex offence.

The father of one youngster he had selected as his victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said: 'It was just horrible. It makes you feel sick.

'They read to us the chat history of his conversations on Kik Messenger and there were graphic details of what he wanted to do to my child.
Murphy flexing his muscles wearing a vest with the words 'NIcholas "Macho" Murphy emblazoned on the front

Murphy flexing his muscles wearing a vest with the words 'NIcholas "Macho" Murphy emblazoned on the front
Murphy, who admitted attempting to arrange a child sex offence, shows off his arms in grey jacket

Murphy, who admitted attempting to arrange a child sex offence, shows off his arms in grey jacket

'He was using the name 'Horrible Nick' and was speaking to other paedophiles.

'There was a group of about 10 which was brought down by an operation where the police traced their locations.


'The only tragedy is that justice wasn¿t done!': Paedophile...
¿My wife left me for Barry Bennell¿: Father, 59, claims...
'I felt stupid and trapped': Former head girl, 15, bravely...

'Knowing that it was all being planned, you can't help but imagine what might have happened to your son, had it not all been stopped.
What is Kik Messenger?

Instant messaging app Kik is a service similar to Whatsapp.

It is popular with children primarily for features that allow you to join groups, send emojis, make memes, play games and listen to music.

However, it is possible to find and chat with total strangers, and you can even search for public groups aimed at teenagers wanting to chat.

The app has more than 15 million monthly users and doesn’t require a telephone number or your real name to sign up.

The app has attracted a barrage of criticism and has been linked to sex offences against children up and down the country.

Security experts have warned parents to monitor their children’s use of Kik, due to its added levels of anonymity.

'Going to court was horrible. All you can think about is what he said he was going to do to your son, it was absolutely horrible having to look at him knowing what he had said.'

After Murphy's arrest in September 2016, his court date was delayed four times due to psychiatric exams. He initially denied the charge, but later changed his plea to guilty.

As well as the three year jail term for three counts of attempting to arrange or facilitate the commission of a child sex offence judge Rachael Smith also ordered him to sign the sex offenders register for life, and issued with a Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

It means he is prevented from using any internet enabled device which doesn't store a copy of his browsing history.

A spokesman for messaging app Kik, said: 'We take online safety very seriously, and we're constantly assessing and improving our trust and safety measures.'
>> No. 84864
Big read: The sordid messages that caught a paedophile
4 Aug, 2016 5:52pm
6 minutes to read
Source: Sky News

An undercover US special agent sprung an Australian rugby player attempting to buy sex with a 6-year-old boy by chatting to him online for weeks and pretending to be three paedophiles.

Daily Mail Australia reveals the extraordinary details of the catfish-style sting that caught Melbourne sportsman Michael John Quinn, 33.

Quinn last month pleaded guilty to travelling to the United States to have sexual conduct with a child.

Police arrested him in a Los Angeles hotel room in May where he thought he was attending a depraved sex session with Toy Story cupcakes and a fake pimp.

Just how Quinn fell into the cunning trap is laid bare in the chilling instant message exchanges contained in a criminal complaint filed with the Central District Court of California.

In the complaint, Homeland Security special agent Aaron McLellan reveals how he posed as three paedophile personalities on an unnamed website and social media platforms Wickr and kik to catch self-described ''perv'' Quinn.

One of the pair's first exchanges started like this: "Hello young man," the undercover agent said. "An Aussie aye? I have run across a couple of Aussie pervs on here recently.

"I guess the Aussies are waking from the winter slumber and looking to play. Ha Ha Ha... I think I might be ready for another round of fun. If you understand what I'm saying."

Quinn enthusiastically replied: "Yep, an Aussie fella here - this is a great site to meet our fellow pervs and good to hear there's a few of us Down Under.

"I'm awake and very keen for some hot action."
>> No. 84876
I'm wrong I never had TOX is was WIRE that I had tried out a long time ago. I never would touch TOX, it has major coding and design flaws in it, like it can expose your IP even if you have VPN once you've peered to peered with another user. Reddit had a whole thing about this.

Been on Wickr for 5 years and there is a reason the criminal elite and drug cartels use it, it works as it was designed and its development was financed by the criminal elite to have a secure system to use for communication.
>> No. 85011

tell us more about your wifes background. is her whole fam pedo?
>> No. 85029
File 155080524174.jpg - (65.74KB , 720x960 , 10361514_336179026569909_6863134920534897515_n.jpg )
>> No. 85032
>> No. 85033
Some pedophiles have autism, they can't be normal, they have to talk to people about sexual shit.
>> No. 85040
I think you can tell since not a single person cares about Skyla or wants to cum to her, it's time to put this fugly to rest. Especially since the Angel Selena beautifies this thread... Yaaaaaaawner

>> No. 85204
Shucks. D/L-ed this hoping to see something.
Mediafire DL is The Game and it's in German !
>> No. 85364
Forbidden Fruit What was the Onion link?
>> No. 85368
>>83088 where are the nudes? Bikini pics?
>> No. 85383
Not just some, MANY! Every time I hear someone in LE or MSM talking about how a "dangerous sexual predator" was brought to justice I have to laugh. No, all you did was drag yet another virgin man-child out of mommy's basement away from his stack of video games and anime.
>> No. 85421
Please someone reupload Selena vids!
>> No. 85654
post more Selena girl please I hope more her
so cute girl, please post
>> No. 85885
Someone has to be out there that can repost Selena vids!
>> No. 85892
People can post what they want, but seeing as these are pictures of a girl named Isis that were taken from her mothers facebook profile, I highly doubt it's actually her dad.
>> No. 85894
I knew the Skyla was a fake. Just like diaper dad in the /disc. Dislike those that fake it. If you don't have it's ok, many don't, many do. No need to pretend.
>> No. 86173
Someone reupload Selena videos
>> No. 86433
Still hopeful that someone will reupload the Selena videos.
>> No. 86448
"my penis size is made for making love with young girls and they know it"

I know exactly what you mean!
>> No. 86627
Bumping for Selena!
>> No. 86635
Any reuploads of the files?
>> No. 86939
Anybody have the Selena videos and can reup?
>> No. 87289
Still hopeful that someone will reupload Selena vids.
>> No. 87487
Selena vids please!
>> No. 87523
Selena is an Angel

>> No. 87786
Re upload Selena vids!
>> No. 87969
Someone save us with Selena re ups!
>> No. 89008
Someone out there has to have Selena vids. Please re up!
>> No. 89830
Still holding out for Selena vids!
>> No. 89898
keep holding out.. most likely not going to happen
>> No. 90176
Bumping for Selena
>> No. 90468
Reup Selena please!
>> No. 90628
Yes! Selena videos look great! Reupload them!
>> No. 90689
re-up plz.
>> No. 91242
Someone reup Selena vids!
>> No. 91856
selena videos look great. reupload please.
>> No. 92005
Hopefully a reup comes eventually
>> No. 92235
Someone reup selena!
>> No. 92417
need selena vids!
>> No. 92936
Someone save us with Selena reups
>> No. 93081
Someone reup Selena please!
>> No. 93088
Selenaaaa please.....
>> No. 93315

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