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/mir/ ~ Watch porn with kids
File 153866407830.jpg - (56.45KB , 820x461 , 1407186087172.jpg )
48068 No. 48068
Have you guys ever watched porn with kids?
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>> No. 48098
yes. I especially like showing them child porn
>> No. 48099
with my niece yes.shes seen the triforce to she liked it.
>> No. 48107
I have two daughters, 2 and 4, and we watch child porn regularly. The 2yo of course really doesn't grasp most of what's going on, but I have to make sure she's indoctrinated as young as possible. Thanks to consistent viewing and putting into practice, the 4yo understands everything she's seeing, even the very, very hardcore stuff. You have to normalize child porn and get them indoctrinated to being used as sextoys absolutely as early as possible.
>> No. 48108
It's called childporn because it's made for children ;)
>> No. 48119
Believe me or not, that's exactly what I thought of when I first heard the phrase mentioned, which then made me want to go check it out. It has probably ruined me. Staying up all night to find the holy grail of W/B material and whatever else I might deem interesting.
>> No. 48166
I have three daughters. (10, 8, 3) I started with my older daughter when she was four or a little before. She took to enjoying it quickly and to explaining things to her next younger sister. By the time my youngest came along, porn was not needed (although still watched and enjoyed) because by then what her sisters and I did showed her what she needed to know and her sisters were quick to tell her anything she needed. Yes. Start young, but always, always keep it fun and enjoyable so that right from the start, they want more, more, more.
If they grow up knowing their role as a sex toy, they accept that and all is well for everyone involved.
>> No. 48176
What PC game is that in OP's pic?
>> No. 48188
I've 6, 6 & 6 year old daughters. fuck you.

Gimme your daughters or I find them and rape.

Can't stand anymore, need little pussy.
>> No. 48190
thanks for making me hard..... hot
>> No. 48191
thanks for making me hard like the other dad. Can we at least get some cute daughter pics of them then.. jk lucky bastards, I'm hard as fuck reading this. so hot hot hot & more hot...
>> No. 48212
Yeah i whant to know it also :)
>> No. 48223
>> No. 48247
I started with my daughter at 4 and a half. She now just opens her mouth when I come towards her and sucks my cock. My wife and I are trying to have a second daughter
>> No. 48300
Post a pic of your kids with timestamp.
>> No. 48317
File 153879288494.jpg - (2.61MB , 1119x4730 , 20181005_222617.jpg )
>> No. 48318
File 153879296739.jpg - (919.37KB , 1921x2561 , 5847.jpg )
>> No. 48319
>> No. 48324
What a disgusting smile.
>> No. 48331
At least she looked happy.
>> No. 48332
omg such a cutie.... She makes me hard, wish you could see me cum for her. Thank you- you have a beautiful girl. :)
>> No. 48334
Another cute pic. TY She makes me horny :)
>> No. 48335
Yes, of course i watch porn with little girls. It's the only way of showing them that sex is fun and should be enjoyed!! When they see my favorite little girls doing blow jobs and having fun, then everyone's a winner - especially me!!
>> No. 48337
Do you fuck your 8 year old?
>> No. 48338
File 153880300211.jpg - (135.36KB , 298x960 , 20181006_011539.jpg )
>> No. 48340
File 153880397776.jpg - (194.34KB , 372x835 , 20181006_013202.jpg )
>> No. 48357
Her physique is kinda masculine. I can see how this will play out. You will lose interest in her as she turns into a hambeast and she will rat on you.
>> No. 48386
I have, when I started to date my 11 yo god daughter. we started with Pretty baby and Leon , showing her men and girls are natural, then Sandra pics and vids then to some hardcore, went well, we did oral for the first month then, slowly anal she loves my cock. we are saving her cherry for christmas
>> No. 48412
It's laughable that you think anyone believes you.
>> No. 48607
Thank you again. :)
>> No. 48609
>>It's laughable that you think anyone believes you.

Why is it so "laughable?" There are countless videos of dads fucking their daughters, step-daughters, god-daughters. Cat Goddess, Valya, & Tara are some prime examples. I once lived with someone who had a 10yo daughter who was already a wild child. She smoked cigarettes and weed, and drank alcohol, in front of her mother (not the weed, though). Although it was almost impossible to have alone time with her (so many other people living there also), I did manage to rub her tiny nipples once, and pat her ass on occasion and give her long kisses. Given more time, I'm sure I could have easily had her sucking my dick. But her father came and took her back to his house out of state. That was a very sad day for me. So, I ask you again, what makes it so laughable?
>> No. 65566
File 154507002554.jpg - (2.43MB , 3024x4032 , 2018-11-12 17_20_01.jpg )
I think i have missed that time when i should start it. mine is 9 now and have no clue how to get fun. Ofcourse i did things but so less times that she didn`t used to it. Not in just few times when she sleeps. I think I was too afraid of wife, who`s totally not into it and even dont know what i love. Do you guys think is it too late?
>> No. 65571
Nothing is impossible, the impossible just takes a longer time to do... I think its still possible, but as older they get, mote important to take the right steps
>> No. 65592
File 154507657899.jpg - (69.36KB , 1200x900 , P1050012.jpg )
I teach my 2 sweets early enough too.
>> No. 65593
File 154507661262.jpg - (96.60KB , 720x960 , image_14.jpg )
>> No. 65594
It's not laughable at all. Dads who have sex with their daughters because they love them, don't hand around their pics if they prefer to stay outta jail. Girls that love sex won't talk.
>> No. 65600
File 154508004283.jpg - (121.84KB , 540x694 , D05C2C7E-9985-498F-A1A6-D3F02D550450.jpg )
>> No. 65603
hello , very nice girl 8 years old,, please have you more pics of your daughter 8, she is so wonderful
>> No. 65651
Too late? Possibly. But you have to be sure, very, very sure that it is what you really want. Once started, you can't say "just kidding." And if the wife doesn't support you, that does make it more difficult. IF she looks the other way on a lot of things ... well maybe.
If she is nine, then you are going to have to talk to her about it and see if she has ANY interest at all. And that is almost as dangerous as doing things. Basically, you need to get to know her very, very well and find out what she might think of the idea and ONLY proceed if she is willing. If (big IF) she wants to, then it will remain between the two of you. But only if that is what she wants.
>> No. 65672
Yes, kinda. Back in high school I knew a girl (14) who found my hentai comics and stared at them in stunned silence for several minutes. Later I saw the same girl and her two friends chatting with a guy online. He kept sending them dick pics and they laughed. I knew another girl who borrow some of my hentai videos (like La Blue Girl) for over a week and asked if I had any more. She said they were funny and joked about some of the scenes.
The youngest girl I knew who liked porn was 8. She once asked me why some guy's dicks were bent in different directions. She'd gotten curious after peeking at one of her older sister's naked guy mags.
It's not worth pushing on anyone at this point. Kids get cellphones in grade school and they very quickly discover the PornHubs.
>> No. 69273
my 7 year old found my porn, which led to us watching CP to get the idea that sex with dad is common and normal and the rest is history
>> No. 69738
Can u guys tell enjoy this thread and mmmm yes I showed two buddies daughter porn and then got to play with them
>> No. 69755
65566 you waited too long should have started around 3 so she could get use to it at an early age this makes it more common place to her by now at age 9 she has her own ideas and sense of who she is so its going to be a lot harder mu advice is leave it alone you are just asking for trouble
>> No. 70924
File 154692360751.jpg - (259.39KB , 1200x853 , 1V7A2899-144.jpg )
I have a special relationship with my daughter, starting around age 3 and now nearly 6. She is a bit of a prude like her mother, but does have a wildly sensual side. Fairly subservient to perform as requested, although now more controlling about which position she wants during an interlude.

While she will perform oral, it is not her favorite task, neither is the consistency of semen. However, she loves to cup her hands around my junk and sniff the smell of a sweaty cock. The aroma really excites her. How hot is that!? She will reach up to be picked up so she can wrap her legs around my waste and grind her little round ass up and down.

I have successfully entered her anally 4 times, once on a video that is not well lighted. It was very deep for a few strokes, but she is still too small for safe activity. She resists the anal toys with lubricant for now. When grooming, you have to patient and not bully them for pleasure, but a little insistence sometimes is necessary.

She does love the camera, striking natural porn poses with glee. Photo attached if it is allowed to remain posted. She giggles with pleasure watching the 25 videos we have made over the last three years. Some of them are profoundly erotic, much better then most those I have downloaded in my 350GIG CP collection. The collection mostly gathers dust, where when you have the real thing and it is good, videos are largely empty. Collecting more media never satisfies the appetite.

She likes 69 on top, grinding her pussy while sitting on top, and 69 on the side. We discovered last year rimming during one video experience. She now asks to perform it every time at the end of playtime with daddy. I have four videos of this activity. Longest soft pink tongue on a little girl. She happily flipping and twirling her little tongue tip on my anus, up and down the prostate across the balls and back down again. Sometimes she will hum a nursery rhyme, an expression of her happiness. When I whisper "spread it" she will use her little soft hands to gently separate my ass cheeks enough to flit across the anus more intently. You can feel every motion and touch of her tongue this way. Another coax to "push it in" results in her pushing her tongue into my now pulsing anus. Back and forth while the ass is spread, she doesn't stop until the loud moans erupt. She then springs up to watch the white geyser with a sweet smile of accomplishment.

Not making it up at all. Just this weekend, she said she would like "girls". I was like, "What? Girls? What for?" She had watched the videos with me, being impacted by the four girls sucking on the fat white in Cambodia. She wanted two or three little girls to have sex with Daddy while she participated. I was shocked and pleased, because she would actually do it! Can't make this stuff up.
>> No. 70956
Perfectly! Moar
>> No. 70961
Gross. Rim job and anal sex are a turn off. I will never understand why do people do sexual things to the butthole when the pussy is next to it.
>> No. 70978
Daughter Irish; Vids, or it didn't happen.
>> No. 71014
Share a screenshot of the rimming if what you say is true, block out her eyes etc whatever you need to
>> No. 71071
File 154698771814.jpg - (84.15KB , 670x492 , Selena-Library Lick.jpg )
I had imagined that there would be an immediate push back demanding verossity of said claims. I would expect nothing less. However, any collector with a library and exposure to CP for the past 30 years will know the photo embedded is unique, never to have been published. What I protect is private content that would expose my identity, nor do I want my daughter shared publically, to be mentally raped by every perv around the globe. I am sure other father's can comprehend this protective posture. That said, I have embedded a frame from one of the rimming videos as evidence. When I get a chance, I will edit some safe footage to share, with identity protection overlays, but that requires the house to my self and extra time.

To the person negating the value of rimming. Very inexperienced with sex for certain. A soft tongue stroking the prostate and around the anus which entails a mass of nerve endings will always result in a climatic explosive. It is mind bending. Second comment, anal entry is the only elastic entry possible on a toddler other than the mouth, where a grown man would rip a vagina open. Plus, pediatricians are trained to examine the vagina during periodic exams and report any expanse in the opening to authorities. Same for the rectum. If the rectum is found red from aggravation and expanded during an examine, authorities are notified automatically, without discussion. Precautionary wisdom is often lacking among CP novices. I hop through a Ireland proxy and then Tor Browser behind three more IP's to even post here.
>> No. 71088
holy fucking shit tell me there's more of this picture set PLEASE
>> No. 71091
enjoy your intestinal parasites
>> No. 71132
Good cat. We need more pics of your doughter's ass!
>> No. 71133
We need more pics of your doughter's ass!
>> No. 71160
White people...
>> No. 71350
Don't listen to these guys. They don't know what they're missing. Please post more. God knows there isn't enough rimming porn out there, and the stuff out there is dogshit quality.

Whatever you decide to do, thanks for the pic. Superb stuff.
>> No. 71455
I've been looking for photos like this for so long. Just exploded
>> No. 71499
File 154716955256.jpg - (59.11KB , 533x430 , IMG_4595.jpg )
>> No. 71509
77149 tubing that little puss watching co is so hot
>> No. 71557
File 154719857077.jpg - (116.65KB , 1117x644 , 1V7A1028-144.jpg )
Okay, since there is some interest in private content, I am sharing a small video segment from March 2018, Selena is age 4.5. Not amazing, but not average either. Raw and unedited with no facial recognition although sound is stripped to remove my voice. She has an eager asshole, very horny little girl. Always wanting a cock head to pressing into her ass, but timid when it is time to do so. Wish I had a sound track of her moaning during one session where her cooing alone is arousing.

Password: selenawantsit

If this video is appreciated, I may upload more.
>> No. 71568
Nice. Very much appreciated.
>> No. 71569
>>71557 more pls
>> No. 71626
Oh man this is wonderful! Thank you.... the way she arches her back and spreads... OMF! please send us more of her sweet beautiful little bottom :) Much appreciated anticipating more
>> No. 71646
there are some lucky guys on this world, the girl above is perfect i would do anal with her gently my penis is perfect for her 15x4.5 will fit perfectly..watching all this videos only makes me sad, i wish i could touch her, when i realize i can't i know for a fact that god is punishing me, he is hitting harder as he can, im tiring of watching and masturbating i want the real deal, im really really tired, will be so much better if this was legal, we accumulate all this frustration inside till the day we relieve it making damage to this little angels probably, not my case because im a master zen, but danm this path is worst than christs life
>> No. 71647
this girl ass above is a masterpiece i just cum thinking how hard i would be inside her ass, my penis size is what i said above,i would lick her entirely from behind, having such perfect body at your reach and don't put your tongue there is a big crime, she is just perfect i don't why this guys have so much luck, probably i need to make a daughter to my self too, its by far the safest way of practicing my widen desires
>> No. 71651
Thank you, Sir. Much appreciated. May we have another?
>> No. 71657
fuck thats a nice little bum
>> No. 71660
Lovely young ass. Could have a ton of fun with her. Thanks for sharing
>> No. 71665
File 154724177462.jpg - (129.93KB , 869x669 , 1V7A2742_rim144.jpg )
For those who were wanting to watch a "start to finish" rimming action by a 5 year old beauty, this is a 144chan exclusive. For the complainer above, I always clean deep with a honey-vanilla antibactorial soap for her safety and pleasure. I also give her a lollipop during playtime, but she never fails to give me all her attention. The video was edited because the tongue was hard to see. I added a spot light effect to offset the dark shadow in the middle of the action. She glows like an angel due to the light effect. The subway passed by, so half the footage includes engine noise. The video is edited down from 1GB MOV to a 182MB 720p H-264 MP4, licking is audible and she takes it all the way to the finish. I am not responsible for messy keyboards!

Password: selenalicksit
>> No. 71669
Looks amazing and I wonder how you managed to convince her that this is a sure way to make daddy happy.
My only hope (for you) is that, once her self awareness matures, she won't tell mommy, because then you'll find your ass in jail where there is lots of guys who don't share our interest...
however, looking at her age I'll guess you'll have a few years more of fun with her...
>> No. 71671
Exactly my end game here. These shares are the final expression of my fun, content too hot to hoard. I am discontinuing activity soon. Archiving the content as a memory, where her development is more important than my appetites. The risk is indeed too high to act past age 6, where memory starts establish itself in the long term hippocampus and cortex of the brain.
>> No. 71698
Good start of 2019. Im sharing private content for 2 years now and i never seen a girl licking ass so eagerly. Not to mention she is only 5yo.
She is really trying to make you feel good.
You sir are a gentleman and a scholar. Thank you for your share.
>> No. 71704
Both files already down. Can u reup?
>> No. 71706
I like to thank you for this masterpiece of child porn!
This is such a good girl and i could only be better, if you had ejaculated in her mouth.

But holy moly, this is so good...

Please grant us with more of this great content.

Especially cum in mouth or pussy lick content please :)
>> No. 71708

Is an angel. :) Lucky man even if you are making the intelligent choice to stop while ahead.

I once knew a guy who had a friendship with a couple of simple people. They had a daughter named Faith and she was around 5 years old when the guy made friends with them. Faith and my friend became quickly inseparable. She was an adorable, care free, mischievous, little nymph of light brown hair and sparkling emerald eyes and a naturally bronze complexion. Not too brown but not too pale - the light amber of a suntouched child who spent a lot of time outside. My friend, although a lover of young girls, was a gentleman and never once initiated any contact...but when he slept over he would wake up with Faith on the edge of the couch in her little IT'S FRIDAY yellow panties just narrowly grazing his upper thigh. Every time, it never failed, she was always so excited to see her bestest friend! My friend had suspicions about several people in her life, including her father. My friend became very, very protective of her. He tried to give her the things her own simple parents couldn't. He showered her family with gifts just to show how much he cared. He never once said no when her father asked him of favors. My friend knew he was using the parents as a portal to get to Faith at this point. In a year, Faith had my friend wrapped around her finger. My friend continued the odd mixture of being an uncle/friend/crush and the curious explorations of a very curious girl. Faith's dad liked to watch porn on the TV in the living room. Faith's parents also had no qualms about having sex with the door ajar or open and were not quiet about it. Faith grew more and more curious. Though my friend was protective, the morning she sat on his lap naked and asked him to spank her was a game changer. I will not go into details as I am an honorable man who will keep that between 2 comrades. Her curiosity almost got them into trouble more than once. Thankfully, the simple parents just saw it as cute and trusted my friend so much that the thought simply never came up. It became normal for her to sit on my friend's lap and bounce around or grind around. It became normal for her to set it up so my friend "accidentally" walked in on her changing or showering or using the bathroom. It became normal for my friend to snap pictures of Faith all the time. My friend was so happy that he had Faith. Fast forward almost 4 years on the eve of Faith's 10th birthday. My friend tells me that he lost a lot of contact with Faith's family because of their vagrant nature. They had finally settled somewhere for a bit and my friend was catching up. One night Faith's family allowed Faith to stay over at my friend's house. Faith spent most of the night taunting my friend and showing off in my friend's female companion's "hooker heels" (as they say). Then she asked to watch porn with him. So my friend nervously allowed it. He sat in the chair and she sat behind him. He asked her to pick something and she did. Then something happened. Something bad. Something my friend did not expect. She was horrified. Instead of the joy and amused curiosity he had come to expect, she was FUCKING TERRIFIED. My friend's heart started racing. He started to feel the beginnings of the physiological response of fight or flight. He knew this would not be good. He knew she had something of a loud mouth about her. My friend suddenly remembered this was the same brat who shouted racial slurs out the window and giggled with glee just because she had done exactly what my friend had just told her NOT to do. She asked him "Why do guys like this?" and my friend took a chance, a gamble, a spin of the wheel, a roll of the dice. He told her gently, because it makes them feel happy and then after they do something for a bit they feel really good. Faith almost perks up at this and asks my friend ever so gently "What do they do to feel good?" And my friend made a mistake that he regrets to this day. No my friend did not go to jail. No my friend did not end up doing anything graphic with Faith. My friend will never be able to face Faith again. My friend still feels horrible about that night and he wishes he could do it all over again. My friend sometimes thinks about the soft warmness of her cozy little form snuggling into him when he sleeps at night. I think my friend still misses Faith. I feel bad for my friend but I tell him he should get over it and be thankful that he didn't actually mess that girl's life up. That gives him small comfort, I think. At the end of the day, my friend really loved Faith and wished he could take her away from that den of blue collar low expectations, alcoholism, drug use and hopelessness. My friend thought he did everything right. He made Faith feel like a princess. He encouraged her academically and enforced the importance of learning on her own initiative and to read and the importance of being well traveled and multifaceted. He was more of a father to her for those years than her own dad was, in my opinion.

Ahh but I digress. My friend's story isn't what this thread is about.
>> No. 71714
Thankyou so much. I have been looking for a video like this my whole life. My wife was was also turned on by it. If you could share more, I might get to convince her a holiday in asia is due soon.
>> No. 71715
Someone can repost the vids?
>> No. 71735

i read careful, you don't understand, not for us all ofc, my penis size is made for making love with young girls and they know it, i know it only society don't accept this, i live my life trying to reach a superior condition, a level of existence that amazes me each day, something that i can say it's divine, you think this is all about sex and pleasure? no, you say you/your friend, didn't do anything to faith has if was a mad thing, it is if you have a big cock, with big cock you must be sick to want to have sex with young girls, never less, you picture sexual activity with her has a bad thing...i am a thinker i think a lot i go deep probably where no one has the brains to go, and because they are so young, and therefor so innocent so pure, because they are not contaminated yet by societies, they are just like EVE was when God created her, tho young, they are the real females at the eyes of divinity, exactly because they behave equal to the Gods image of a human female, their bodies are growing and evolving, grown up woman's bodies are dying, their smell is sweet, their blood is sweet and young, i don't think i will ever find anyone that understands this, for all this reasons, having sexual acts with faith was the only chance you had to be divine at the eyes of God, you would be clean and pure has none of us can ever be...so this is not about pleasure only, is about love too and most important is about you being a better man, the man that gods created, they are the door of heaven seen an angel like this in front of you closing her eyes while they feel pleasure because of you will be for me the point where i reach heavens for a brief moment, i want my EVE the human female created by god, i don't want the other one's, the ones contaminated by this sick society i want my perfect human female, i would do everything for her, i love her more than anything in this world, more than my own life, i had decoded god's creation, who the fuck is anyone else to say the opposite? if they have armies, i will have too, because is wrong for me to like this girls, because that will make me divine and strong and they don't want that ofc, they want me weak to be more easy for them to handle me, this girls purity had bring peace into my raging heart, i am very very smart i had measured all the angles, and on this earth there is nothing, but nothing better than young girls
>> No. 71763
God damn I am so sorry I missed this. Is there any chance you or someone else can reupload this?
>> No. 71812
OP! Where are you!? Do not abandon us. Post some more of your beautiful girl, please. Your video is like a late new year miracle.
>> No. 71831

there is nothing :'(
>> No. 71853
Rimming repost:


PW: AllCreditToOP
>> No. 71931
Password seemed to be OK, but file decompressed as corrupt
>> No. 71940
minfil worked fine
dl.free.fr wouldn't open
>> No. 71961
Selena so hot! Luck man! Thanks for sharing! Can you fix broken files?? Her ass drive me insane!!!
>> No. 72076
please reup and share more thanks
>> No. 72118

i am not into rimming, i am more of a ramming guy, but a gentle one, but i appreciate every content image/video of this little angel is worth every second of my life.

you don't find grown up girl has perfect as Selena, look how perfect she is, look at her ass lines, no bruises, no scars, nothing just a big dose of perfection, you can even see the heaven lights shining upon her skin, look how bright her skin is, putting such perfection to lick your ass it's a real crime here, find a grown up bitch to do that thing, she is to perfect to be downgraded this much, everything but licking ugly man's butts pls, respect the angel you have enjoy it for us all, but licking your ass? what a waste
>> No. 72250
AllCreditToOP pw isn't working for me. tried a space before and after. nothing worked. I was so excited it was reupped too((
>> No. 72252
pw was fine with minifile. tyvm
>> No. 72350

i know you said she doesn't like the consistency of semen, but would love if there was a video of her swallowing. Just once.

please for the love of god.
>> No. 72390
Could someone reup this one as well please?
>> No. 72407
next you on all fours, and she licking your whole. you grab her head and push her even further. and at the end she says "you are such an disgusting asshole" and then kisses you.
>> No. 72906
more of her, please
>> No. 73347
yes please more her sex action
>> No. 73620
File 154786181889.jpg - (75.74KB , 800x549 , 00002-144.jpg )
Third video from private series, spreading and shaking her 5 year old booty for her fan club, finally asking for what she needs. Her little Dora voice commands her daddy, or anyone who wants to pretend to be her daddy. She is a natural porn kitten I think. She stated in a matter of fact tone just today, "When I am six, then you can put it in deeper. And the front too!" How kind of her :) I told her that her vagina is for her husband. I am not going to take from her.

Password: selenaasksforit
>> No. 73628
repost the butt one please?!
>> No. 73657
I deleted the above free.fr posted videos due to personal paranoia. I see a 144chan patron has already uploaded the rim footage of my daughter. I have again uploaded the "Selena Spreads" video from 71557 as requested, for those who wanted to further explore their decadent impulses.

Password: selenawantsit

In response to post 72350 asking for a swallow video. While she oddly enough likes watch little girls swallow creamy loads, she refuses to consider it. Some girls aspire with uncanny sexual prowess in certain areas, while fully apposed to others, based on their personal preferences.
>> No. 73785
File 15478989202.jpg - (244.13KB , 746x943 , moarmoarmo.jpg )
>> No. 73788
Good work Irish, yup da paranoia I have heard about that. ;)
>> No. 73795
Could you please post anal intercourse!?
>> No. 73800
>>73620 more pls
>> No. 73862

my friend you are the doctor of my decadent disease lol

im still downloading but i expect more of the same perfection, but what are you talking about porn? porn is filthy, for grown up whore, she is so clean and pure, things with her should be different let her lead the way, to see where she wants to go, that should in fact be something worth watching, if they are curious about their body, i am curious too, like a little kid i am, to see how far this angel goes in her exploration, it makes my life better trust me, seen something so innocent and pure like her it's almost divine, something that makes me a better man.

there are plenty of disrespectful pricks around here, im glad you respect her and don't touch her vagina, to save always her purity till she find someone who deserves it, i guess we share the same doctrine, i wish i could talk freely with you, maybe one day
>> No. 74191
thanks Selena is so cute more sex vid please
>> No. 74256
OK wow. Would love to see her having an orgasm
>> No. 74324
Which dl.free.fr posted videos you deleted due to personal paranoia? Please upload more and make some hot anal videos.
>> No. 74325
Wow ... these are incredible ... can you please post a vid of you entering your little angel's sweet asshole, and of her sucking her daddy's cock?
>> No. 74495
Maybe you don't care for it, but I would die for some foot action. Footjob, cum on toes, expecially foot worship <3

She wouldn't mind, I am quite sure! :D
>> No. 74650
how about showing off her bare feet. maybe even a footjob
>> No. 74694
File 154805970761.png - (0.98KB , 800x400 , (pedo69niñ@s).png )
Mi Muy Apreciado y Querido @Irish:¿Podrías por favor publicar relaciones sexuales anale, Con tu Pequeña y Hermosa Hija Selen@? Atentamente yo... [-_-]
>> No. 74698
Excellent Work You Have Done Comrade! [>>70924] [>>71071] [>>71557] [>>71665] [>>73620]...[-_-]
>> No. 74708
I would love to see this little angel suck! Maybe daddy could cum on her asshole?
>> No. 74795
That Irish flag could easily confused with yer own if you were drunk enough!
>> No. 74815
Whats that game?
>> No. 75107
Hello Selena Daddy, you live in heaven. Thank you for sharing your beautiful daughter with us.
>> No. 75320
the game is called bernd und das ratsel von unteralterbach

bernd and the mystery of underage creek is a loose translation. you could say beck instead of creek more accurate.

its available for download afaik on a clearnet site. sometimes it comes in archive called bundestrajaner but thats i think a shot at the german govt which i assume has banned loli and loli games. kinda like give em the finger and yell fuck you assholes! version 2.0 or later has an english language option.

there are also guides for the different endings. the last boss is a bitch literally and how hard to defeat. and the alternate endings are a horror story for your lil sis or you can avoid the loli and go for the women completely. you decide
>> No. 75688
Still waiting for more.
>> No. 75705
>> No. 77266
More from Selena, please
>> No. 77672
Very kind of you to share your very sexy little girl with us! I love the pic with her ass in the air with her cartoon jammies pulled down.

It's understandable that you are paranoid but I hope you keep posting her safely for us. It's exciting!
>> No. 79745
You are a straight legend, stuff like this makes me want to make my own with my little ones.
>> No. 80319
more Selena girl please
>> No. 80433
File 15496395605.jpg - (2.89MB , 1885x1060 , a1-001.jpg )
>> No. 80467

That's a really beautiful ass... any chance you could upload a vid of you entering her anally? or of you sucking her little pussy? That would be awesome...
>> No. 80469
I'm so jealous of all of you. I wish I could have a daughter and watch CP with her.
>> No. 80473
Whomever this is, more of her please! :)
>> No. 80696
To the father who is posting Selena, please dont stop!!!! This girl is fucking kinky as hell I cant believe my eyes, though I wish we could see her give you a proper blowjob, or hell the video of her showing her ass and asking you to put your cock in her ass was fucking brainwashing to watch, I'll take anything just dont stop!!!!
>> No. 80698
Please good sir you really have no reason to hoard all of Selena's material, I mean it doesn't matter if you produce 1 or 100 child porn videos you are going to go away for a long time for production of CP if you get caught, so please give us a few more vids of her please? As far as I know simply showing your childs face will not get you caught so you should be safe.
>> No. 81250
Yes more Selena please loving the rim video.
>> No. 81273
Can anyone repost 76320? It's gone... :(
>> No. 81305
Can we get a re up?
>> No. 81323
Anyone care to re up this one?
>> No. 81423
Yes please!
>> No. 81719
Anyone manage to get the Selena vids that can repost them?
>> No. 82190
What he said!
>> No. 82196
please more selene her so cute
>> No. 82240
It's 2019 and I'm still a fucking childless loser, man.
>> No. 82276
The rimming vid is nice due to her pretty face and the willingness to do it, but I would very much appreciate if someone could repost the other 2 vids, or even better if OP could give us some more treats.
>> No. 82622
Please if someone got Selena vids re up them!
>> No. 82720
Same here:(
>> No. 82927
they're all on Girls A Priori
>> No. 82953
Figures... There needs to be another way to go to onion that doesn't require compromised TOR... :(
>> No. 83033
>Here's a lollipop, Selena. Now lick my asshole.
>> No. 83088
File 155020691082.jpg - (140.74KB , 720x960 , SKYLA.jpg )
>>48191 My daughter, wanna fuck her too? Only if you cum inside her.
>> No. 83102
Want to chat? Wickr me: bipervman69
>> No. 83117
LOL, I forgot I wrote that back in October last year..... I'd love too 8=====>-- ------ -() If you ever want to watch me cum to your beauty, I'd love too! :)
>> No. 83122
File 155021557381.jpg - (88.06KB , 720x960 , 12794379_468335813354229_3292083099465023358_n.jpg )
>>83117 Would love to watch how hard you cum for her !!
>> No. 83138
It would be my pleasure. Get wickr & hit me up: sun1414
>> No. 83184
Would love to see my cum leaking out of her, but I would settle as well with pictures of you penetrating her and your cum dripping out.
>> No. 83228
i'd love 2 watch u cum for my little ones sitting in my lap.
>> No. 83319
Indeed daddy... 🍌🍌🍌 send me a message.
>> No. 83646
I think the Skyla dad was just random imgsrc thievery bullshit as usual!

just sent u a message
>> No. 83855
Can someone who grabbed this, reup it?
>> No. 84062
There has to be someone out there who got the Selena vids in time. Please re up!
>> No. 84066

Yeah her awesome dad does...... Dude is a god among men!
>> No. 84124
Got the videos I'm assuming? Generous enough to re-upload them?
>> No. 84135
I hope someone does repost the Selena videos. They would be a god.
>> No. 84273
Skyla's a cutie.... That Selena girl is so sweet & gentle looking.

LOL My fantasies are simple. I'd love to watch someone massage little kids or toddlers feet as they watch me jackoff & cum on cam. I'm in my 20's and still exploring my desires. Love all ages toddlers and up, open minded for sure.

>> No. 84286
Skyla looks good in a cheer uniform too! Always loved those uniforms on & off. More off! lol
>> No. 84304

I have three kids, 6f, 8f and 11m and they all watch porn regularly. I started each of them them in porn and sexual pleasures very young. Happy to report they all love it, they all are very much into getting used and are quite the fun little fuck toys.

I have shared before (they like it) but because of the risk I don't share as much as I would like to.
>> No. 84311
That's hot. Just the thought of it is so cool. if you ever want to chat I'm on wickr. Kids are super curious about sex, I was as a kid & so were my friends, and it was natural too. I played so much with other kids growing up.
>> No. 84428
Though my name is boylover, I'm very happily married and have four beautiful children, 2g 5g 8g & 10b. Both my wife and I are bipedos and we met on a pedo/nudist bbs site back 2004 and connected immediately, from there all else is history. We've been lucky to live in a part of the US that has a lot of likeminded like ourselves. We have a close circle of friends & parents we interact with as well the occasional swap parties.

Sadly 144chan and its satellite sites are one of the last to exist unlike many years ago when things were quite different, with a lot more bbs sites, and it was fairly easy to meet others and hook up. Sadly not as easy today. The apps are great like Wickr, Wire etc, just not a lot boards anymore to hop from. What would be great is if 144 could reactivate the live chat section on here again.


We'd love to connect with others here that share the same interest too, we're on Wickr, the ID is boylover1 or my name listed above. Feel free to send us a message anytime, we love to vid cam with those we connect well with too. All and all, we love to have fun and enjoy life.

Btw the beautiful Selena that has been posted resembles our 5yo daughter with the exception our daughters hair is a deep rich auburn color like her moms.

>> No. 84529
File 15505951073.jpg - (228.83KB , 1496x1080 , Selena DoggyStyle.jpg )
Selena DoggyStyle
>> No. 84533
>>84428 No thanks Officer Wickr
>> No. 84534
>>84529 shes a flawless doll, you postin for fun or you trying to become a producer? Hope to see more of her either way.
>> No. 84537
God would love eat Selena pussy and asshole out
>> No. 84567
Beautiful. She's an Angel! Simple as that! Wish you could watch me stroke & cum to her. Thank you!
>> No. 84572
Here you go, the complete game with english option and walktrough.

No pass.
>> No. 84574
The last days my first post disappears every time so once more:

Here's the complete game with english option and walktrough.

no pass.
>> No. 84649
Selena Autism
>> No. 84650
I dot get how to get it to play....I downloaded and moved to my laptop but it will not play any help will be very much appreciated?
>> No. 84666
>>84529 Firstly, Selena is beautiful! I bet she was an adorable toddler too :).....

A few Wickr tips because it seems some people don’t understand a few basics.

If you delete your Wickr app and think you can come back a day or weeks later and reinstall it to see if you’ve got awaiting messages your going be surprised as your never going to get them, EVER! It’s not like email!

Wickr is a highly advance cryptographic peer to peer AES256 data encryption communications tool, not gmail! There’s a reason why the top drug lords and global criminal syndicate elite had it built in the first place many years ago with indirect capital investment. Rich caviar eating elites don’t software code…. They invest in the best who do, to make the tools they need.

So once you delete the Wickr app, your one time generated “encryption keys” that unlock your messages are gone for good as the encryption key is only stored in your app cryptographically, and not connected to your ID name anywhere else. So your messages you thought you might get after reinstalling the app will be lost forever, and you will be wondering why you didn’t you get responses the whole time your app was uninstalled. Again, it’s not a gmail account where google is in charge of data flow management. With Wickr you manage your own data and hold your own one time generated encryption keys at the time of installing the app. It’s technology for adults!

Of course at anytime you can regenerate a new set of encryption keys by reseting the app, and in that 1 minute window of total app reset if any messages do come to your ID, those will be lost for good. The average is 1 minute or less to for reset time. It just depends how fast you are. So don’t do an app reset and walk away, you need to generate a new encryption key quickly if you want to continue to receive messages to that ID.

Also many of us use the computer Application and not the phone App, so if someone is not logged into wickr, they won’t know until they login that messages are to waiting be read, whereas the phone apps have notification options built in. If you’re on the phone app, then you should have notifications on, but this for some reason doesn’t always tell you have a waiting message. So don’t assume you haven’t been messaged back.

That said my personal issue & number one pet peeve is people that send a message “Hey saw you on the board”. I reply to the message and they disappear into a void. WTF! Why even contact someone in the first place?! Unless they’ve done the previous thing I mentioned of deleting the app and then reinstalling it many days later ( meanwhile in the interim the app is uninstalled their messages they should be receiving are lost for good ), which is what I hear all time people do wrong and why Im writhing this Wickr basic tips/info for people new to this kind of technology.

If your going to WIckrOff use the right stroke & lotion methods, it will feel way better… That was a joke!

If you want to chat about likeminded stuff or have questions about the above, your welcome to hit me up anytime!

>> No. 84671
Forbidden Fruit is back up if anyone's interested.


>> No. 84680

Please someone repost!

I want to hear her begging for it.
>> No. 84681
Would it be possible to repost your previous videos even if for a day?
>> No. 84764
Thanks for the info, wasn't aware of some of it and I've had Wickr for many years. Now it makes sense after I added the app back, nothing was there. oops! I actually stroke on cam waist down to verify that both parties including myself are real too. And its fun as well :-D

I sent you a message on Wickr to your name younglover90 I'm assuming that's you.

Cheers mate!
>> No. 84776
Yes, do repost selena's vids
>> No. 84794
Forbidden Fruit what was the link? Are there any live chats on onion?
>> No. 84846

I don't chat on wickr or anything else except tox.

We like to meet others but am very cautious about it. Sometimes too cautious and we miss out on good opportunities.

Yes, kids are very sexual on their own, show them its ok to have fun and feel good and make others feel good and you end up with preteen sluts.

I can even tell their friends want to be "sexy" but they have been taught it is "bad". I don't even try anything with their friends, never have never will.

For those that are wondering, yes their mother joins us to. I met her at a nudist resort, she was raised to be naked her whole life, my family was more conservative than hers.
>> No. 84851
Indeed. yeah Tox is good too. You can hit me up on there too, same name. That awesome your wife comes from that background, wish my GF had.
>> No. 84862
Paedophile Aaron St Omer ensnared in Old Street pub

PUBLISHED: 21:51 23 March 2018 | UPDATED: 10:59 26 March 2018

Emma Bartholomew
Aaron St Omer

Aaron St Omer
A paedophile who told an undercover cop he wanted to swap crystal meth for a 12-year-old girl to rape and torture has been jailed for nine years.
The drugs fond on Aaron St OmerThe drugs fond on Aaron St Omer

Aaron St Omer, 32, was snared after attempting to make the deal in an Old Street Wetherspoon’s last year.

He had told the officer he wanted to rape and torture underage girls on an encrypted messaging site in August ahead of the meeting at The Masque Haunt.

He was jailed today at Snaresbrook Crown Court for nine years with an extended licence period of four years.

He denied arranging or facilitating commission of a child sex offence and supplying a class A drug, but was found guilty at trial last month. He had previously admitted possession of a class A, B and C drugs, possession of a class A drug with intent, and having an offensive weapon.

Police were alerted to St Omer after a Wickr website user raised the alarm about a member who went under the name “twistedtaboo85” on the site.

During a phone call with the undercover officer before their meeting, St Omer admitted having a sexual interest in underage girls and said he wanted to sexually assault them.

He asked the police officer if he could get girls that he could burn with a cigarette.

St Omer was arrested as he sat in the pub with the undercover officer on August 10. He was found to be carrying lubricant, drugs and sex toys.

Prosecutor Karen Phillips said the conviction was made possible by the website user who reported St Omer.

“Aaron St Omer had fantasies about torturing and sexually abusing young girls,” she said.

“The prosecution was able to prove that he had gone equipped to carry his fantasies out, clearly believing bartering drugs to hurt young girls was a suitable trade-off.

“I would like to encourage members of the public who may have similar concerns about children being abused or tortured to take action and call the police.”

St Omer was also given a sexual harm prevention order.
>> No. 84863
Paedophile, 45, who plotted the gang rape of a three-year-old boy under the username 'Horrible Nick' on encrypted app Kik Messenger is jailed for three years

Nicholas Murphy, of Speke, Liverpool was caught by undercover police
He discussed his sick fantasies with other paedophiles on Kik Messenger
He told them that he could arrange for a three-year-old to be sexually abused
Jailed for three years after admitting attempting to arrange a child sex offence

By Ed Riley For Mailonline

Published: 08:05 EST, 28 February 2018 | Updated: 09:30 EST, 28 February 2018



View comments

Nicholas Murphy, of Speke, Liverpool who was jailed for three years

Nicholas Murphy, of Speke, Liverpool who was jailed for three years

A paedophile who called himself 'Horrible Nick' used a messaging app to arrange the gang rape of a three-year-old boy.

Nicholas Murphy, 45, was caught by undercover police as he discussed his sick fantasies with other men on encrypted Kik Messenger.

Murphy, of Speke, Liverpool, promised one man that he could arrange to bring the young child to them so they could carry out sexual abuse together.

He was arrested after a chat group of 10 paedophiles was infiltrated by investigators who then traced his location and swooped on his house.

Murphy was jailed for three years at Liverpool Crown Court on February 15, after he admitted attempting to arrange a child sex offence.

The father of one youngster he had selected as his victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said: 'It was just horrible. It makes you feel sick.

'They read to us the chat history of his conversations on Kik Messenger and there were graphic details of what he wanted to do to my child.
Murphy flexing his muscles wearing a vest with the words 'NIcholas "Macho" Murphy emblazoned on the front

Murphy flexing his muscles wearing a vest with the words 'NIcholas "Macho" Murphy emblazoned on the front
Murphy, who admitted attempting to arrange a child sex offence, shows off his arms in grey jacket

Murphy, who admitted attempting to arrange a child sex offence, shows off his arms in grey jacket

'He was using the name 'Horrible Nick' and was speaking to other paedophiles.

'There was a group of about 10 which was brought down by an operation where the police traced their locations.


'The only tragedy is that justice wasn¿t done!': Paedophile...
¿My wife left me for Barry Bennell¿: Father, 59, claims...
'I felt stupid and trapped': Former head girl, 15, bravely...

'Knowing that it was all being planned, you can't help but imagine what might have happened to your son, had it not all been stopped.
What is Kik Messenger?

Instant messaging app Kik is a service similar to Whatsapp.

It is popular with children primarily for features that allow you to join groups, send emojis, make memes, play games and listen to music.

However, it is possible to find and chat with total strangers, and you can even search for public groups aimed at teenagers wanting to chat.

The app has more than 15 million monthly users and doesn’t require a telephone number or your real name to sign up.

The app has attracted a barrage of criticism and has been linked to sex offences against children up and down the country.

Security experts have warned parents to monitor their children’s use of Kik, due to its added levels of anonymity.

'Going to court was horrible. All you can think about is what he said he was going to do to your son, it was absolutely horrible having to look at him knowing what he had said.'

After Murphy's arrest in September 2016, his court date was delayed four times due to psychiatric exams. He initially denied the charge, but later changed his plea to guilty.

As well as the three year jail term for three counts of attempting to arrange or facilitate the commission of a child sex offence judge Rachael Smith also ordered him to sign the sex offenders register for life, and issued with a Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

It means he is prevented from using any internet enabled device which doesn't store a copy of his browsing history.

A spokesman for messaging app Kik, said: 'We take online safety very seriously, and we're constantly assessing and improving our trust and safety measures.'
>> No. 84864
Big read: The sordid messages that caught a paedophile
4 Aug, 2016 5:52pm
6 minutes to read
Source: Sky News

An undercover US special agent sprung an Australian rugby player attempting to buy sex with a 6-year-old boy by chatting to him online for weeks and pretending to be three paedophiles.

Daily Mail Australia reveals the extraordinary details of the catfish-style sting that caught Melbourne sportsman Michael John Quinn, 33.

Quinn last month pleaded guilty to travelling to the United States to have sexual conduct with a child.

Police arrested him in a Los Angeles hotel room in May where he thought he was attending a depraved sex session with Toy Story cupcakes and a fake pimp.

Just how Quinn fell into the cunning trap is laid bare in the chilling instant message exchanges contained in a criminal complaint filed with the Central District Court of California.

In the complaint, Homeland Security special agent Aaron McLellan reveals how he posed as three paedophile personalities on an unnamed website and social media platforms Wickr and kik to catch self-described ''perv'' Quinn.

One of the pair's first exchanges started like this: "Hello young man," the undercover agent said. "An Aussie aye? I have run across a couple of Aussie pervs on here recently.

"I guess the Aussies are waking from the winter slumber and looking to play. Ha Ha Ha... I think I might be ready for another round of fun. If you understand what I'm saying."

Quinn enthusiastically replied: "Yep, an Aussie fella here - this is a great site to meet our fellow pervs and good to hear there's a few of us Down Under.

"I'm awake and very keen for some hot action."
>> No. 84876
I'm wrong I never had TOX is was WIRE that I had tried out a long time ago. I never would touch TOX, it has major coding and design flaws in it, like it can expose your IP even if you have VPN once you've peered to peered with another user. Reddit had a whole thing about this.

Been on Wickr for 5 years and there is a reason the criminal elite and drug cartels use it, it works as it was designed and its development was financed by the criminal elite to have a secure system to use for communication.
>> No. 85011

tell us more about your wifes background. is her whole fam pedo?
>> No. 85029
File 155080524174.jpg - (65.74KB , 720x960 , 10361514_336179026569909_6863134920534897515_n.jpg )
>> No. 85032
>> No. 85033
Some pedophiles have autism, they can't be normal, they have to talk to people about sexual shit.
>> No. 85040
I think you can tell since not a single person cares about Skyla or wants to cum to her, it's time to put this fugly to rest. Especially since the Angel Selena beautifies this thread... Yaaaaaaawner

>> No. 85204
Shucks. D/L-ed this hoping to see something.
Mediafire DL is The Game and it's in German !
>> No. 85364
Forbidden Fruit What was the Onion link?
>> No. 85368
>>83088 where are the nudes? Bikini pics?
>> No. 85383
Not just some, MANY! Every time I hear someone in LE or MSM talking about how a "dangerous sexual predator" was brought to justice I have to laugh. No, all you did was drag yet another virgin man-child out of mommy's basement away from his stack of video games and anime.
>> No. 85421
Please someone reupload Selena vids!
>> No. 85654
post more Selena girl please I hope more her
so cute girl, please post
>> No. 85885
Someone has to be out there that can repost Selena vids!
>> No. 85892
People can post what they want, but seeing as these are pictures of a girl named Isis that were taken from her mothers facebook profile, I highly doubt it's actually her dad.
>> No. 85894
I knew the Skyla was a fake. Just like diaper dad in the /disc. Dislike those that fake it. If you don't have it's ok, many don't, many do. No need to pretend.
>> No. 86173
Someone reupload Selena videos
>> No. 86433
Still hopeful that someone will reupload the Selena videos.
>> No. 86448
"my penis size is made for making love with young girls and they know it"

I know exactly what you mean!
>> No. 86627
Bumping for Selena!
>> No. 86635
Any reuploads of the files?
>> No. 86939
Anybody have the Selena videos and can reup?
>> No. 87289
Still hopeful that someone will reupload Selena vids.
>> No. 87487
Selena vids please!
>> No. 87523
Selena is an Angel

>> No. 87786
Re upload Selena vids!
>> No. 87969
Someone save us with Selena re ups!
>> No. 89008
Someone out there has to have Selena vids. Please re up!
>> No. 89830
Still holding out for Selena vids!
>> No. 89898
keep holding out.. most likely not going to happen
>> No. 90176
Bumping for Selena
>> No. 90468
Reup Selena please!
>> No. 90628
Yes! Selena videos look great! Reupload them!
>> No. 90689
re-up plz.
>> No. 91242
Someone reup Selena vids!
>> No. 91856
selena videos look great. reupload please.
>> No. 92005
Hopefully a reup comes eventually
>> No. 92235
Someone reup selena!
>> No. 92417
need selena vids!
>> No. 92936
Someone save us with Selena reups
>> No. 93081
Someone reup Selena please!
>> No. 93088
Selenaaaa please.....
>> No. 93315

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