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/mir/ ~ Ruben Blackmail Hannah
File 153978765783.png - (836.57KB , 1468x800 , H10_10.png )
50352 No. 50352
Has someone the skype videos. Espacelly Nr 10?
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>> No. 50405
Hannah who?
>> No. 50408
is blackmailing ok?
i think it's as bad as rape.
i heard about girls killing themself because of blackmailing
same with raping

unless you're lucky and find someone who likes it, but what are the odds?
>> No. 50418
no blackmailing is not ok and yes it's like rape
>> No. 50474
I need that for sure
>> No. 50586
got the whole collection, if you are interested email me
>> No. 50650
well then post it bub I don't wanna email ya for it
>> No. 50652
please and thank you. I just wanna see this girl naked
>> No. 50732
this looks interesting. Post the vid please.
>> No. 50798
Blackmailing is not okay, it hurts people and it breaks their trust. Watching videos of blackmail is okay though, information wants to be free. You just shouldn't use the videos for further harassing the girls. Instead of this, just keep them to yourself and to people who see no problem in watching them. Also never buy blackmail videos, because you are rewarding the actions of the blackmailers and making them more likely to blackmail again. If you got access to a blackmail video that is currently being sold, the best thing to do is to leak it so people will stop giving money to the blackmailer.
>> No. 50852
>> 50798

Not a single one of us, you included, is on this website to promote the health and wellbeing of kids.

Who gives a flying fuck if the cunt in the vids is hurt? As long as it's good jerking material, to the producers I say: Keep it coming!
>> No. 50855
I am you little shit!
>> No. 50876
Well, I do. Even if you don't care about ethics, you should still promote the wellbeing of kids for the sole reason that it will not turn them into enemies of you. They are as much willing to take part in sexual stuff as you do (probably that's even the reason why this girl got blackmailed in the first place), we only need to respectful. Society at large doesn't want kids to be sexy. If we start punishing them for that as well, we are just reinforcing the message that they are already receiving, acting sexy is dangerous and shouldn't be done at all. I don't know you, but I am worried about making a change in the world and not having to hide myself from unfair persecution anymore.
>> No. 50877
just because society wants to lump us all into one category doesn't mean we are one category.
I for one care about the well being of kids. I just happen to also find them sexually attractive and believe they enjoy sex as much as anyone. That DOES NOT mean I'm suddenly down with beatings, abuse, rape, blackmail, etc.
I disagree with everything about blackmail, but agree with free info, so leak the videos, and those who get off on it can enjoy themselves without spreading the hurt.
>> No. 50888
File 153996958791.jpg - (144.18KB , 1300x867 , IMG_6390.jpg )
Speak for yourself Moron. Don't ever let me catch you hurting a child. Consensual sex is not hurting if its done carefully and lovingly
>> No. 50891
Sorry, but I'll only do it your way if:

1. we meet after being 95% sure we are not cops
2. you have a girl who is ready to do things willingly
3. you personally teach me
4. we have a tea party afterwards and you continue teaching me

otherwise I'll just rape, rape and continue raping and hurting them
>> No. 50944
>> No. 50956
Skype has never been known for its privacy.
>> No. 50971
Yes, for a real pedo it's only good when a girl is 100% into you and honestly wants your attention and affection. The moral crusaders use any excuse to inflict pain and humiliation on anyone who offends them.
btw even if all sex was legal I highly doubt any guy would be seen with any girl under 16 cuz NOBODY wants to be known as a kid-toucher.
>> No. 51060
The question is...who does have it? Some of these dropped over the summer.
>> No. 51085
can someone unhoard this for christmas please ?
>> No. 51475
>cuz NOBODY wants to be known as a kid-toucher.
I'd just give them my most sincere fuck you and keep going with my life.
>> No. 51512
I'd just give them my most sincere fuck you and keep going with my life.

Is that before or after they beat the shit out of you for being a scumbag, dregs of society child molester?
>> No. 51598
God I love sites like this. Not only do I get my fill of CP, but I get to laugh at all the other pedos who are actually stupid and delusional enough to justify/differentiate their perversion. Too funny.
>> No. 51619
The honest truth is that a pedophile is NOT someone who "loves and reveres children". Rather, a pedo is one whose range of age of sexual interest includes prepubescents. Any and every kink out there that the normals have for other adult normals, pedos have for kids. That includes S&M, bondage, rape, watersports, bestiality, gangbangs, slavery, humiliation, etc. About the only difference is you have to be more careful with the kids as they're a bit more breakable.
>> No. 51649
Please post more screens or that video. She is cute as hell.
>> No. 53309
anyone wanna share this? pls
>> No. 61806
File 154410688040.png - (434.29KB , 957x543 , 1.png )
>> No. 61817
please Die BlackMailers!
>> No. 61834
This statement is true, however there is one thing to bear in mind: the consequences of getting caught doing anything no matter how vanilla or fucked up is much worse.
>> No. 61852
As usual, the answer can be found on tor:



skype a

skype b

skype c
Downloads (need all of them) - MD5 checksum:

http://dl.free.fr/qk76ekxqT - 56456c9775b1061487640c50a20903a9
http://dl.free.fr/qC2RcI0iS - 6b8fea6ac0b0a673de425fb181cf6528
http://dl.free.fr/iU1T99Gjo - 57e52e6bf0252bf29361bc91e8a3d7d5
http://dl.free.fr/kiXjobaTX - 421b5f223229611f6a7d6dd8ffe7dbe5
http://dl.free.fr/wYiQ4kCwU - f1ed07e6a4fd3c9e3d1737a4bc79c600
http://dl.free.fr/hhQLRK1by - 939ae4665f788d2e0fe88bd84ccd88b4 (mirror https://www.load.to/8feq3QMZut/nO5q9vskc.7z.006)
http://dl.free.fr/jtssnVJLH - a9d3b293a1ec7fb79fb650907b894ec2 (mirror http://upfile.mobi/9xB4IJ8UmMR)
http://dl.free.fr/wbEoPUx4e - 9fe7adcccf8dc855c63da2d21572fa2b

Password: a;~.`U{m$b!T=rJXe?B<+ypx*7Ca>*1s
>> No. 62225

Are you German? Shouldn't it be "please Der Blackmailers"? Or do you only want people to please female blackmailers? Or is "blackmailers" a neutral noun, making it "please Das Blackmailers"?

Sorry, my highschool German was probably from well before you were born. Who can remember shit from that far back?
>> No. 62251
she is very beautiful. Thanks for the great link. This is the kind of shit that we used to do in person back in Jr high in the ninety's. So what was the problem again?
>> No. 62269
you'll have to go back to school dude cause it's english AND DIE is the exact term all of those blackmailing lowlifes SHALL do in every way there is of how to terminate a lowlife
cause it's what the dude here >>61817 clearly says just that nothing else
and still don't get it well good luck in life;)
>> No. 62295
laws are now same as rape if you offend, try and black mail a girl, try and use her etc. on the net.
Now you are FUCKED!
>> No. 62333
Does anyone know if this blaeckmailed girl has been saved from this violent blackmailer and if he is in jail already?
This is fromm 2016 right?
>> No. 62356
Some of them were done just about 1 year ago, mid 2017. I don't know if he was caught but I don't know how he wasn't either.
>> No. 62531
it's ridiculous to consider this as "rape", as there is no physical force whatsoever.
These girls always have a choice to stop at any time. It's their own choice to continue, to do as requested. They make a "deal", some continue for a year.
Real life rape victims have no choice, but these so-called "victims" have.
>> No. 62571
he is in prison
>> No. 64749

I was making fun of your ignorant ass, moron. Guess what? Actually touch one of the underage girls you're on this site to ogle and fantasize about and you'll do more time than ANY one of these blackmailers. Why? Because society considers those who touch little girls to be far worse scum than those who blackmail them. You can hate on the blackmailers all you want but you ARE NO FUCKING BETTER simply by virtue of you browsing this site. Hating on them is just hating on yourself. So please DIE WHINGING SELF-HATERS!
>> No. 64852
That doesn't make any sense. Being here is not the same as touching a little girl, so implying that people who are here are worse than this blackmailing prick is as stupid as stupid gets. Yes, physically putting hands on a child is worse but what does that have to do with any of us? I am better than him because I have never blackmailed or touched any underage girl. So you should refrain from calling others moron when your arguments are idiotic.
>> No. 65016
this is BIG FAKE NO
he is NOT in jail
>> No. 65103

and despite all of your self-righteous pontificating, what are you doing here? just reading the articles? with your ass-backwards rationale, you must be typing that post from your jail cell.
>> No. 65105
Hi can someone post a larger file on DL, I cannot open the links already posted. Thx
>> No. 65449
Please tell me she is still alive
>> No. 65454
why, why does it matter? you westerners live such sheltered lives. in a world of 7.7 billion, 1 life is inconsequential. there are worse things than this in real life.
>> No. 65512
Do you have pics of naked prepubescents? How about pics or vids of kids having sex with other kids or with adults? Guess what? You are lower on the deviant totem pole than blackmailers. Seriously. You'll get more jail time than any blackmailer whose extortion doesn't result in a kid's suicide. Hate on blackmailers all you want but don't think for one second that you're any better than them in the eyes of society. So please take your self-righteous hypocrisy and shove it - well, I was gonna say "up your ass" but I doubt you could get it in past the cock that's usually there.
>> No. 65515
I'm seriously getting into this blackmail shit. But that Ruben guy needs to up his game and take one of these dumb bitches in person. It turns me on when they cry.
>> No. 65605
That Ruben guy has had more game in real life than majority of the incels here running a wannabie Firefox clone on some cheap Linux distro. Source: the confidence, most of you here either would be a) stuttering.. or b) overburdening with compliments
>> No. 65609
not everyone is dumb teen virgin twerp!
Who likes women to be hurt!
>> No. 65610
and i'll get happy too by your screams of pure terror but that's my job anyway and this happens to be time off;)
stutter well envy those who got a voice on the other hand silence is golden i've heared anyway......
>> No. 65743
To you she may be another number in the statistics or another girl you just jerk off to but to me she is the prettiest and cutest girl i have ever seen. Thats why i want to know if she is al right now.
>> No. 66078
Bump... Going off topic.
Any more blackmail videos?
Is there a general blackmail thread.
>> No. 66079
I’m sure everyone has been in this situation before when a girl has floored you. This girl has done it for me. If there is any kind sole out there with a Xmas spirit please post a best of Hannah from the 3 hour montage in a short version on DL. Thx
>> No. 66080
I second this motion
>> No. 66089
I got you bros. You want heavy metal or negro music on the mixtape?
>> No. 66208
Negro music
>> No. 66264
>>61852 once you have all the skype c files how do you play it?
>> No. 66828
I'm having the same problem with the Skype C file?
>> No. 69109
someone please share more ruben vids specially athena.. thanks
>> No. 69263
thx let me see it
>> No. 69324
>the girl r enjoying
Something seems wrong.
>> No. 69489
Girls love to be dominated and controlled by strong men. Exactly why progressive sissies don't get any pussy. Here's your red pill buddy.
>> No. 69573
that doesn't include blackmail idiot!
>> No. 69708
email me have many rubens swap for other ruben sets
>> No. 69732
It’s a new year boys someone please post this vid again. Greatly appreciated!!
>> No. 69807
The Sick Cunt
>> No. 69827
how about we tell your mom where you go on the net instead!
>> No. 70617
Hey I’m once again looking for help! Once ALL the files have been downloaded to my iPad how do I combine them to play the 3hr Video? Thx appreciate it!!!!
>> No. 71057
Looking for all the Hannah content. Willing to trade OC
>> No. 71078
you have no OC
>> No. 71115
So Hannah is up for trade !??! Now I see why my frequent requests have not been accommodated. So all those links posted are dead?
>> No. 71312
testing. havent been able to reply.
>> No. 71344
only thing i hate more than a faggot jew is a hoarder
>> No. 71486
You would really hate me. I am Jooish and a hoarder/trader.


>> No. 71725
hey 140x, my email got hacked. my new one is here. im still wanting to trade.
>> No. 73114
PW dont work what a f surprise .
>> No. 74318
Any luck finding the right password?
>> No. 79308
Thanks but damn, this was more of a psycho thriller or a documentary than fapping material for me. Would love to know more about the background of it all. Did she take pictures and video clips for herself and this guy got hold of them and used 'em to blackmail her, or did they have a mutual video session first, he recorded it and threatened to send it to her relatives/friends?
>> No. 79375
I have full athena/hannah content, trading them for other ruben sets, press on my name for mail.

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