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/mir/ ~ KRISTIN
File 154012947997.jpg - (131.97KB , 1600x1200 , img 020.jpg )
51442 No. 51442
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>> No. 54059
Can someone please be a hero and put this to rest? Many many people want to see :)
>> No. 54455
Does no one have any Kristin stuff? So many people have asked... maybe it's tough to find?
>> No. 55299
Bump bump bump Kristin is perfect but I need her collection!
>> No. 55629
Is it nice, my precioussss?
>> No. 56258
Bumppp! Please guys someone she is too beautiful
>> No. 57775
So final verdict is that no one has Kristin stuff, huh?
>> No. 57778
File 154274006545.png - (141.50KB , 444x333 , 1352912.png )
KristinPics: http://dl.free.fr/fFoAKEkr7
Kristin videos:
part1: http://dl.free.fr/jcLFuihnz
part2: http://dl.free.fr/o5NtcrxAN
No pass.
>> No. 57783
You are an absolute hero. Truly. Thank you!!!!
>> No. 57788
File 15427430079.jpg - (1.09MB , 1944x2592 , 2010_03_01 07-54.jpg )
You are welcome.
>> No. 58965

>> No. 58967
File 154329960053.jpg - (258.49KB , 914x516 , 048576387.jpg )
35 vids contact faggotd
>> No. 58986
Many thanks!
>> No. 59428
please re-upload the pic set
>> No. 59694
I really had no idea kristin was a dog lover. Woof!
>> No. 59845
Any more pictures of her when she's older? And I'm surprised there's no vids of her getting fucked, but they would be a great find
>> No. 59948
I am dying to see little Kristin take some dick!!! She's been a wonderful little cocksucker, but it's time to see her getting her first fuck
I want to see the look on her face as the dick is sliding in, and starts thrusting back & forth. I want to see the look on her face during her first official nut when she cums.
>> No. 59981
pic set deleted, reup pls
>> No. 60660
I'm suprised she seems such a happy girl, so sweet, but it looked like he didn't leave her alone for a minute. Not much of a childhood she had. I think that's very sad for her😢
>> No. 61051
Can you upload pix one more time please?
>> No. 65036
Reup please
>> No. 65037
I wouldn't leave her alone either!!
>> No. 65052
File 154486143468.jpg - (0.98MB , 2592x1944 , zoo FILE8645.jpg )
more please yeah
>> No. 65055
File 154486166620.jpg - (1.44MB , 2592x1944 , FILE8668.jpg )
cute girl, nice
>> No. 65275
Poor girl her father is an crazy asshole .
>> No. 65343

And disgusting as well, what the hell was that he had on hid balls? I hope he didn't pass it on to her whatever it was.
>> No. 65344
Had on his balls not hid.
>> No. 65346
Had on his balls. Dam I wish we could edit our posts on these Chan sites to correct errors.
>> No. 65772
She is cute and hot as almost all russian girls, but D only horny dog was her father. stupid as Lexie's and Melissa parents
>> No. 65908
She is a cute little cock sucker. :)
>> No. 65913
can anyone reupload the 35 videos??
>> No. 66657
Bump, can someone repload the videos?
>> No. 68291
still have those vids. links not working any longer
>> No. 69201
BUMP please re up
>> No. 70012
reup please
>> No. 70082
I've only seen the vid where she is sucking cock on the forest trail but wow, she is hot!
>> No. 70090
Reup, please!!
>> No. 70313
File 154674336225.png - (692.67KB , 1180x768 , Kristy Videos.png )
i have vids recents so Kristy...add in my Torchat for exchange these girl nodcs6rlgimqza6v
>> No. 70328
i love the little pussy give me more
>> No. 70329
little girls age 8-14 are the best
>> No. 70609

Can you upload the unseen Kristin?
>> No. 70706
Wow! she looks amazing! i wish i didn't show up to the party so late... will the pics and vids be reuploaded?
>> No. 71640
soo someone share this video and pics
>> No. 71769
re up please
>> No. 71833
i've never posted b4 .... but have to say after years n years of collecting cp kristen is 1 of my favorites .... you have to make sure u see her butt !!!! it is 1 of the sweetest bubble butts !!! make sure you slowmo or freeze frame in her vids and zoom her pics it is AWESOME!!!!!!! ENJOY!!!!
>> No. 71848
What a beautiful young lady
>> No. 71970
File 154734359676.jpg - (284.48KB , 674x1024 , 2018-12-09 21_18_21.jpg )
Please Anyone can reup the Pics from Her ?
>> No. 72646
please reupload
>> No. 72719
I beg re up please
>> No. 72751
God will you please re-up, I'll be for even in your det!
>> No. 72874

she looks so hot posing like that, showing off her little body for men to cum to. I love thinking about how many men have stroked their cock to this picture and blew their load thinking about fucking her tiny body

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