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/mir/ ~ Medical Exams and gynecology
File 154023938930.jpg - (12.93KB , 474x277 , doc office.jpg )
51733 No. 51733
Years ago I came across a spycam video from a doctor's office (maybe at a school) of a doctor examining a number of girls. Anyone have this or other videos of girls being intimately examined?
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>> No. 51734
File 15402411195.jpg - (10.36KB , 225x225 , condorpito.jpg )
yo vi uno de una anoscopia infantil bastante bizarro. el doctor le toma video de cuerpo entero patas al hombro y luego le introduce un colon snake por el culo. la madre está en la sala de espera leyendo su condorito.
>> No. 52625
hola condorito tienes videos de chilenas o latinas
>> No. 52671
Dear Moderators!
Is it necessary to always spend Spanish or Portuguese to English?
Must this be?
I'm writing here, but it applies to every thread.
>> No. 52785
pues e que tengas muestralo amigo valla tambien escribes en español ya so,os dos >>51734
>> No. 52816
Me gustaria ver esos videos, yo los que tengo son de nenas brasileras
>> No. 52819
stop english spoken to resquest the world to speak english
let user speak their native language and make like all of us USE fucking TRANSLATOR
>> No. 52849
File gyno.7z - (17.09MB )
>> No. 53463
Thank you 52849.
>> No. 54149
alguien tiene algo de esto? please upload more.
>> No. 54358
Is this the one you want?

download: http://dl.free.fr/f3uqL8yLf
password: 144chan

If this is not then use this link to delete it.
>> No. 54362
Posting the deletion link!
>> No. 54932
File 154150780019.jpg - (81.41KB , 1018x868 , (pthc)Spycam Girls Medical Examination (6Yo-14Yo)_.jpg )
Sorry, I was an idiot xP
Here you go (again)

download: http://dl.free.fr/kk3lmJOYt
password: 144chan
>> No. 55151
54932 definitely seems to be a version of the video from years ago or one very similar. Wonder where it came from and if anything else was made.
>> No. 55159
Please more 52849
>> No. 55160
more please archive gyno mmmmmm
>> No. 55403

Yeah I recall the same video from like ages ago except it had Russian characters in the filename. Always thought it was filmed in Russia.

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