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/mir/ ~ Medical Exams and gynecology
File 154023938930.jpg - (12.93KB , 474x277 , doc office.jpg )
51733 No. 51733
Years ago I came across a spycam video from a doctor's office (maybe at a school) of a doctor examining a number of girls. Anyone have this or other videos of girls being intimately examined?
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>> No. 51734
File 15402411195.jpg - (10.36KB , 225x225 , condorpito.jpg )
yo vi uno de una anoscopia infantil bastante bizarro. el doctor le toma video de cuerpo entero patas al hombro y luego le introduce un colon snake por el culo. la madre está en la sala de espera leyendo su condorito.
>> No. 52625
hola condorito tienes videos de chilenas o latinas
>> No. 52671
Dear Moderators!
Is it necessary to always spend Spanish or Portuguese to English?
Must this be?
I'm writing here, but it applies to every thread.
>> No. 52785
pues e que tengas muestralo amigo valla tambien escribes en español ya so,os dos >>51734
>> No. 52816
Me gustaria ver esos videos, yo los que tengo son de nenas brasileras
>> No. 52819
stop english spoken to resquest the world to speak english
let user speak their native language and make like all of us USE fucking TRANSLATOR
>> No. 52849
File gyno.7z - (17.09MB )
>> No. 53463
Thank you 52849.
>> No. 54149
alguien tiene algo de esto? please upload more.
>> No. 54358
Is this the one you want?

download: http://dl.free.fr/f3uqL8yLf
password: 144chan

If this is not then use this link to delete it.
>> No. 54362
Posting the deletion link!
>> No. 54932
File 154150780019.jpg - (81.41KB , 1018x868 , (pthc)Spycam Girls Medical Examination (6Yo-14Yo)_.jpg )
Sorry, I was an idiot xP
Here you go (again)

download: http://dl.free.fr/kk3lmJOYt
password: 144chan
>> No. 55151
54932 definitely seems to be a version of the video from years ago or one very similar. Wonder where it came from and if anything else was made.
>> No. 55159
Please more 52849
>> No. 55160
more please archive gyno mmmmmm
>> No. 55403

Yeah I recall the same video from like ages ago except it had Russian characters in the filename. Always thought it was filmed in Russia.
>> No. 56983
funny doctor, barely palpable, no thermometer in the back, no refreshing enema not even a reassuring suppository! A mixed study of boys and girls is instructive for all but not so old the ladies.
>> No. 56998
seen it named doktor labeur a long time ago claimed to be dutch well i'm not sure about that
sure about it's longer and got many other gals too examined
but every one of the girls don't experience same exam by the doctor
i may have it somewhere if i've not lost it among a lot of other stuff.......
>> No. 57043
>>54932 Would love to see the boy version of this doctor video. I used to have it long long ago but lost it. It was called Medikal Exam or something like that when I had it. Seems like both girl and boy version were around an hour long, though.
>> No. 58104
Would love to see a longer version of the spycam video with more girls or similar videos.
>> No. 58287
Did this guy get his license from The Larry Nasser School of Medicine? There is no way a legit medical examination includes masturbating the patients.
>> No. 58534
I like close up medical exams.
anymore of those?
>> No. 58566
home studies maybe lol
quite similar to a doctor at one school i attended long time ago even if that particular doc were senile and this vid reminds me of him;)

btw >>56998 still looking around in some stored stuff
but i do know i've got the complete doctor labeur just got to find it there is
hang in here just some time ahead cause i'll add it when i'll find it
if someone still would like to have it.....
>> No. 58649
I'll be patient...
>> No. 59131
the righ name of the vid is
Doctor's Labour (Examination) Diffirent Girls 7-15Yo.avi

vid i've got is the same as the posted but a by far better quality and color
same runtime at 23m39s
you'd like the larger avi i've got if not i understand if you're disappointed
in some ways i were sure the larger file had a longer runtime well i were completely wrong sorry:/
thanks for your patience
>> No. 60015
I wouldn't mind seeing the higher quality one. Thanks for your time! And if you ever see the boy version of this then I'd love to know where to get it. I'm almost positive that the boy version is nearly an hour long.
>> No. 60145
>>59131 mine

i've never ever seen the vid you mention
a link now certainly dead since a long time as the host itself
vid named physical exam boys & i'm def not sure it's exactly correct
never dl'd as space was a big issue at the time
>> No. 60161
>>59131 mine

it's larger but better quality plus colors not a really bad cam at the time......
dl'd and saved some time ago and link & host dead as anyone would be if you had to see this bloke:)
for those who don't mind this senile doc enjoy

dl both parts extract from part 1

pass: 3x4m1n47i0n

>> No. 60268
Thanks! Works great. Both the boy and girl versions of this video used to be on VK years ago when VK was a prime location for awesome videos. I never downloaded them thinking they'd be online forever. I know better now. I'm sure I'll track it down again one of these days.
>> No. 60369
What a WASTE OF TIME! Some person with face off camera fingering the clit of a half dozen or so prepubescent girls in a chair not even an examining able as the OP piuc would suggest

Fuck off to every poster in this thread!
>> No. 61150
never been at vk found these somewhere else but thought the same as you:)
so wrong we were but i did dl this one.......

just you who had to turn everything in here down
you simply have to be brother of the grinch
whatever some liked it so be a good little whiner and find another thread to terrorise.......
>> No. 64353
File 154465080392.jpg - (153.26KB , 1024x838 , MedicalDoco-InsertingACatheter_mpg_thumbs.jpg )
>> No. 68080
OP here, I refuse to believe the few videos posted here are the totality of this type of content....
>> No. 68176
hot damn i had these but lost it
>> No. 68267
Is there a vid?????
>> No. 68269
>> No. 68274
Skip to 08:35
>> No. 68275
Good stuff starts 02:35
>> No. 68324
File 154614288238.jpg - (16.23KB , 230x350 , 154595831931.jpg )
>> No. 68334
Please reup the links?
>> No. 71787
File 154729866137.jpg - (383.37KB , 675x1337 , 10_3928_00904481_19860701_06_fig1.jpg )
>> No. 71788
File 154729871795.jpg - (1.62MB , 2448x3264 , IMG_6727.jpg )
>> No. 71789
File 154729878127.jpg - (1.80MB , 3264x2448 , IMG_6731.jpg )
>> No. 71790
File 154729888927.jpg - (1.73MB , 3264x2448 , IMG_6733.jpg )
>> No. 71820
condorito chileno mapuche culiado .
>> No. 71886
>>54358 please more (pthc)Spycam Girls Medical Examination (6Yo-14Yo)
>> No. 71888
more link please

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