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File 154043915676.jpg - (117.41KB , 1366x768 , Sin título.jpg )
52366 No. 52366
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>> No. 52368
Please share the video! It's so sweet!
>> No. 52371
I’m so down for these videos. Seeing people react to CP is so hot.
>> No. 52456
please video!!!
>> No. 52465
if someone could tell me a good place I'll be happy to do it. been doing it on omegle, but there are a fuckton of pedos there and few females...
>> No. 52520
dump for chat places? really want to do this somewhere other than omegle
>> No. 52550
Please i beg for theese types of vids
>> No. 52772
I have sort of done this. I have gone on periscope and broadcasted sets of Oceane Dreams. Usually I get banned in less than two minutes. But I have seen some comments like "Please tell me this isn't real" and "Oh my god she is so young" I love that stuff. I also went onto one of those skillz games and uploaded profile pics of naked Oceane and one time the guy added me as a friend he said "I didn't mean to add you and why is that your profile pic, that's so wrong and sick" I fucking loved it.
>> No. 52773
I have sort of done this. I have gone on periscope and broadcasted sets of Oceane Dreams. Usually I get banned in less than two minutes. But I have seen some comments like "Please tell me this isn't real" and "Oh my god she is so young" I love that stuff. I also went onto one of those skillz games and uploaded profile pics of naked Oceane and one time the guy added me as a friend he said "I didn't mean to add you and why is that your profile pic, that's so wrong and sick" I fucking loved it.
>> No. 52784
File 154059907579.jpg - (154.91KB , 605x800 , 080635.jpg )
>> No. 52786
File 154060196252.jpg - (119.56KB , 1154x1300 , por-favor-paz-33794098.jpg )
>>52366 este video lo ando buscando desde hace mucho tiempo por favor ponga la descarga de este y si hay full mejor de video o set

I've been looking for this video for a long time, please put the download of this and if there is a better full video or set
>> No. 52794
Used to get females that would masturbate to it, I would show babies though so it was even hotter had some of my best loads doing that shit
>> No. 52799
Gonna try it again on periscope tonight with the Oceane pics probably get banned again but gotta try.
>> No. 52820
So I did actually go on periscope and broadcast Oceane again. I made it almost 4 minutes until ban had 200 people watching. Still pisses me off there was actually a guy broadcasting who was sucking his own dick who they allowed for 18 minutes. I did make it to the top of the liveomg page though so that's something anyway.
>> No. 52851
I will try to do it again gotta wait a bit or google gets suspicious of too many new accounts. It was funny I got a lot of responses like "Your going to jail" "you guys are sick" "You are being tracked" lol. It was pretty hot. Maybe one day I will broadcast full on cp not just nude pics of Oceane. Although they don't really see the difference.
>> No. 52875
File 154065573396.jpg - (200.81KB , 1024x673 , Project-MK~ultr@-part-6_Reactions-2-CP-Vol-4_KinGo.jpg )
this is the only reaction vid i got. i want more just like FO asked 4. its realality tv 4 pedos. i think its funny entertainment. not all of u agree but i like. but any who heres what i got. https://mirrorace.com/m/2P3kj heres 4 more mk ultra
>> No. 52887
Oh man I came so hard please share more of those. thanks.
>> No. 52986
>> No. 53107
fuckin' aye...that shit was awesome. Thanks!
>> No. 53108
This takes CP to an all new level for me....crazy
>> No. 53174
52875 wow that is awesome he really lucked out .
>> No. 53180
would love to see the rest of the brown girl video
>> No. 53246
I only think that if you are going to do this at least do it with videos that are clearly consensual. Showing videos of girls with sad faces, oblivious looks or fake smiles reinforces the repulsion a lot of people already have about CP. I know the goal here is to get off to shocked reactions, but you can do that in ways that don't involve giving us more bad press. Making CP popular is good, especially if it's CP with happy kids.
>> No. 53253
If you want to make CP popular you should present it to boys. It wont get you much fap material but if you get them to our side you will strengthen our community.
>> No. 53267
Amazing. These reaction vids are some of the best. Make some more of these, I'm amazed and enthralled, the reactions of the "strangers" is so cool.
>> No. 53276
That’s why I did mine with Oceane on periscope because although her perfect tits are on display she is smiling the whole time and they look professional, not like they were made in some guys basement.
>> No. 53292
Does anybody have any Mom Reactions?
>> No. 53293
bitches actually liked this
>> No. 53341
Same anon asking for chat places.
I've shown it on omegle, and use fairly vanilla stuff like blowjobs and nudity for the aformentioned reasons of not making pedo look worse than we're already seen as. Had a really interesting conversation with a girl who stayed on for 20 minutes while I shot down her arguments against it.
I've shown it to very few females but several children on omegle.
men openly jack off to it on omegle if you give them the chance.
>> No. 53394
That video is part 6, vol 4. Anyone have the other parts?
>> No. 53401
I hope we have some more of these, they're very entertaining. Best reality show I've seen ever.
>> No. 53462
So I am scanning periscopes this morning and there have been two people fucking for like 20 minutes with no ban. Now every time I broadcast Oceane I get banned in 2 or 3 minutes. How is it that two nasty tattooed covered assholes can fuck but they ban the absolute perfection of Oceanes bare tits. Very frustrating.
>> No. 53798
>> 53394

what he/she is saying
>> No. 53824
what arguments did she give?
>> No. 53888
More of this plz
>> No. 53889
More of this plz
>> No. 54025
File 154113033127.jpg - (34.64KB , 360x240 , 1120638705.jpg )
>> No. 54095
stock arguments of power imbalance (all relationships have that, money, intelligence, experience, etc), inability to consent (kids don't have the right to consent to medical procedures, adults choose for them), "but its abuse".
That last one I had to address a little differently. My first sexual experience was at 8, with another kid my own age. No one spurred us on, and no one abused either of us, we were horny is all. She argued that its different cause we were both kids, but if there isn't coercion or force, then its the same for an adult, pleasure is pleasure.
I'm obviously REALLY dumbing down the conversation for brevity but thats the gist of what she felt.
The crux of it all was that everything I said was prefaced with this: no harm, or coercion, and the child can stop at any time, they are in charge.
>> No. 54100
>>54095 Yeah my parents forced me to get a circumcison when I was a baby. If I could talk at the time id tell the doctor to fuck off.
>> No. 54147
I hate when people bring inability to consent as an argument, it just makes me want to shove on their faces some livestreams I saw. But usually I can't because CP. How convenient it is to make illegal the very thing that would prove that none of this should be illegal.
>> No. 54152

yeah that's because they were never raped by a 6y girl like i was lol, i was 13y at the time, but i do remember she was dropping saliva of her mouth while she was looking for my hard cock, just seconds before she put her mouth on it and give me the best blowjob i ever had in my life, so what consent we are talking about here? the problem is society see's us as a cancer because of the bad apples out there that hurt kids
>> No. 54453
What's the password to the two files? I don't see it anywhere in the thread.
>> No. 54485

for what?

Just unpack it
>> No. 54487
Nevermind, I'm retarded. Must've mixed up things.
>> No. 54581
Download not working someone please upload!
>> No. 54819
I was curious about these reactions videos. I had no idea it would be one of the best vids I've seen on here. Cheers! You've actually inspired me to make my own but I'm not crazy enough/too much of a pussy to use CP. So I'm thinking using Jap bestiality porn to get reactions.
>> No. 54861
Can someone upload that video of the girl getting fucked with her legs held up that’s in this video thumbnail plzzzzz
>> No. 54862
Can someone upload that video of the girl getting fucked with her legs held up that’s in this video thumbnail plzzzzz
>> No. 54883
File 154147595552.png - (520.62KB , 919x686 , screenboy.png )

pass is:


Didn't upload this, just found it but I guess it kinda fits
you might wanna skip first few minutes because it's very gay but after that it's slightly less gay, boy reacts to girls.
Point is, this one's the only one I have found recently and I really like this format.
There's one I really miss, it was some european girls reacting to a cbaby video with sucking, if anyone has it please upload it. I'd be really thankful.

Or really if there's any vids of boys/girls reacting to other boys girls' videos, preferably showing both cams and chat, I want to see more

Thanks beforehand
>> No. 54906
more reaction pls
>> No. 54912
Please more
>> No. 55115
pass ??? pls
>> No. 55154
>> 55115

See at >> 54485

by the way. it seems the link is currently down
>> No. 55182
please re-upload or post direct dl or openload link because mirror isnt working
>> No. 55248
the redirector site has some database issue :(

please reupload
>> No. 55670
they were great, more?
>> No. 55691
pass- Reactions

>> No. 55693
Pass- Reactions

>> No. 55694
>> 55691
>> 55693

thank you very much
>> No. 55811
>> 55691
>> 55693

>> No. 55830
God Speed.
>> No. 56044
File 154190394589.gif - (930.26KB , 417x303 , Pedobear-pedo-bear-29034456-417-303.gif )
Thank you
>> No. 56210
More please and thank you
>> No. 56228
some of the hottest shit I've ever seen, keep it coming!
>> No. 56290
More please
>> No. 56292
i click on verify im human and nothing happens
>> No. 56293
>> 55691
>> 55693

i click on verify im human and nothing happens
>> No. 56406
Any more of this kind?
>> No. 56486
anybody have vids of kids reacting to/watching adult porn?
>> No. 56511
All mirrorace links down.
>> No. 56637
Sorry, my friend, but you must be really stupid to get all files deleted.
>> No. 56679
Re up please
>> No. 57020
please repost and post reactions
>> No. 57030
>> 55691
>> 55693

>> No. 57282
>> 55691
>> 55693

+ 2 on reupload. If you do reupload make sure to change filesize slightly and password protect the zipfiles so mirrorace doesnt automatically detect the files
>> No. 57355
File 154248022798.jpg - (163.06KB , 1280x720 , schatten.jpg )
Hello people from 144chan, my name is KinGoftheKonG and I'm the producer of these reaction videos. I'm no fake - I'm the original! If you want to have my volume 1 to 5 from my unique reaction-series you have to read my end credits of my videos very accurate. You will find all information there. Don't be afraid to visit the Darknet :) It's a safe place ..ESPECIALLY IF YOU LIKE GETTING ENSNARED BY THE FBI AND ARGOS.
>> No. 57363
@administration (for the red text)

The Darknet can be safe, if you follow the usual security rules and be smart enough for the usage. The arrests are more less than on clearnet. That is my opinion.



>> No. 57371
its the why of the busts that is important.

freenet for example. expert pedos recommend NOT to use the darknet security level. why? because you can be as secure as hell but if one of your limited darknet contact nodes happens to be surfing a clearweb site like here with no proxy, then once he has been arrested, they have his node AND ALL HIS DARKNET NODE identifiers, and then its possible to track down real ips of those nodes in theory. so if one of the darknet is an idiot then when he goes EVERYONE does.

freenet is an online distrubeted data store. TOR is a specialise end to end encrypted proxy system. freenet you can access freesites but it cant access the www or ftp sites or any clear web.

every tor bust so far has been down to one user being caught for other reasons than tor, then their site login used, and boobytrapped vids uploaded. those caught that way usually played the video files while online and unsandboxed. one site went down because they busted the admin while he was logged in (TLZ) and then they changed the site software to one they knew was vulnerable and they could bypass tor with some recoding. and because a lot go down all at once its big news. but more go down over clearnet. and then you think tor and freenet arent safe because they busted lots of guys. but i am. and that other guy round here was probably a dumb fuck
>> No. 57374
hate to burst admins bubble but all the irc chats were clearnet. LANDSLIDE site was clearnet and they are still tracking down 50000 pedos used that. some say the numbers were higher 500000? 5000000? 50000000? IT DOESN'T MATTER SINCE YOU'RE PULLING "FACTS" OFF YOUR ASS. ranchi used to have people busted all the time unless they knew how to use tor or another proxy or vpn system.

i could go on but ..YOU RAN OUT OF FANTASIES? if you really want to google for busts and compare which were using tor or freenet (0 busts so far due to freenet) with those that were clearnet sites....

another case. another tor onion went down. not because of tor but because of the VIP section. they figured they were all safe so they traded private without using tor. but one prick was using clearnet sites and got busted trying to do a webcam or something equally dumb. and because of him they also got all the other producers - and the site admin. who coughed up his logins and codes under legal threats.

another tor onion wasted by LEA due to idiots using clearnet without any security like tor or vpn or proxies.
>> No. 57488
Hey, Mr Dumbass Mod, Ranchi was a clearnet site.


>> No. 57491
The password is wrong.
>> No. 57494
The password is correct
>> No. 57503
Just stroll down this page, you will see:
>By browsing 144chan you consent to donating 20% of your CPU power to generate cryptocurrency for (making us filthy rich) covering server costs

And you think why is Admin against tor? All have their own interests
>> No. 57507
File 154254683172.png - (3.68MB , 1125x2001 , 00F6FEFC-5749-4C03-A9B6-63D70A648127.png )
So this is somewhat similar but not quite the same. I play a game online from my phone and you can upload whatever profile pic you want so the following is the pic I uploaded and the exchange I had with some people on their.
>> No. 57508
File 154254688175.png - (1.47MB , 1125x2001 , 0E6C1D30-912A-4679-B30C-86F975F3A12D.png )
>> No. 57509
File 154254693117.png - (1.47MB , 1125x2001 , 7E8714CE-9978-470C-8AB5-28EB0A628F2E.png )
>> No. 57511
I went back in under a different name they are all still talking about me lol.
>> No. 57512

I hope you are using some kind of Android or Ios emulator for that ;-)
>> No. 57514
Nope just my regular phone. I am not too worried I’ve done it before and not got caught. I like to live dangerously
>> No. 57529
File 154256256229.png - (802.80KB , 1144x756 , palmface.png )

That's awesome . . . tell me when I can visit you in jail!
>> No. 57539
don't listen to the visit you in jail guy above. He's not going to visit you in jail. but you prob will go to jail.
>> No. 57554
NEVER use mobile devices for any illegal bullshit! If you want to use APPS you can use emulators for Android or IOS for your computer and hide behind a multiple VPN connection.
>> No. 57630
You guys worry too much I'll be fine. Besides I love the rush. That guy thought he was chastising me but in fact the more they talked about it the hotter it got for me.
>> No. 58954
Please reup on dlfree
>> No. 58981
File 154330639283.png - (155.52KB , 603x683 , Image.png )

like PhoenixOS
>> No. 59174
All of those links are dead, can we get more?
>> No. 59704
Well haven’t been arrested yet and I have gone back to the same game with more pics several times. It’s probably crazy but I love showing non pedos those kind of pics. I never go more than nude Oceane or Ultra though, I am not as crazy as some lol.
>> No. 59754
File 154358973627.png - (3.31MB , 1125x2001 , 2A32FABC-3B38-496A-816B-D572F2257E8F.png )
Been using this one for a while now they usually delete or ban me. Maybe it’s because you can only just barely see her nips.
>> No. 59771
File 154359097758.png - (6.41MB , 1125x2001 , 5C782251-671B-4EC6-8726-B123289AC1F4.png )
Now using this one on another game. Maybe the guy who appoves the pics is a fellow pedo. Or they are trying to set me up. Either way not gonna worry about it. Still hot that people can see Oceane’s perfect tits.
>> No. 59774
Maybe they were just in a meeting or something because they finally deleted them. I tried a no doubter too where she was clearly topless and it didn’t last long. Oh well. I gotta find something or somewhere else that I can anonymously post naked pics of Oceane any ideas? It really gets me off.
>> No. 59795

go full nude or not worth it XD
>> No. 59798
despite popular opinion and the comments above there is actually nothing illegal about what you're doing (in north America anyway).
To be charged with child porn it has to be porn first. Porn is simply defined as any overt sexual activity (rubbing dicks, licking pussy, etc) or primary focus on the genitals. This is why nudists can post pictures of themselves and their kids and not go to jail.
>> No. 59808
Thanks for the comments guys yeah like I said I am not too worried. Also would love to do a nude Oceane but sadly she never did one. Any suggestions on where else I could safely upload pics to similar to the above??
>> No. 59817
Any chance for reuploads? Im into this but theres no link avilable
>> No. 59850
File 154361699561.gif - (1.88MB , 245x245 , shame85-njnr9-e183ae.gif )
Oh honey I feel SOO left out..can me and my.bois watch?
>> No. 59857
File 154362055332.jpg - (124.74KB , 1280x720 , reacting.jpg )
>> No. 59959
please moderator delete this shit >>59850
>> No. 59992
Where's the videos??
>> No. 60010
File 154368525744.gif - (1.92MB , 260x260 , 85.gif )
No way..maybe someone needs a foot bj gang bang😊
>> No. 60011
This is bullshit. First there is only a 5 second video of basically nothing. Then in the read me file every link sends you into pop up hell and pages full of virus's. Maybe it's a sting don't download and waste your time.
>> No. 60031
Not a sting. Just clickbait. Trying to make a few shekels off you.
>> No. 60058
File 154370963578.gif - (1.82MB , 360x240 , fuck-a-sissy-gt-photo-14812575204c8lp.gif )
Not happy how bout some back door love 😱
>> No. 60111
File 154373368951.png - (288.30KB , 720x356 , cap rus.png )

I thinke these are the girls, pass is 144chan


Please post more stuff and don't let this thread die, reactions are hot.
>> No. 60136
Oh wow thanks mate. Finally a video
>> No. 60143
File 154375419716.png - (3.24MB , 1125x2001 , 7EFB2F2D-C80E-4A1E-9F56-998A0BC28784.png )
Somebody suggested I use nude pictures so here is me playing with one of the pictures from Ultra models nude set.
>> No. 60170
No one gives a fuck, this place is not your diary, either post a video or fuck off.
>> No. 60269
File 154376409896.jpg - (156.20KB , 1280x720 , trailer.jpg )

PW: pTaZ8@P$NL

If you want more - I can give you more.
>> No. 60321

Of course we want more. What is this, the trailer?? Lmao Where's his latest vid that doesn't seem to be anywhere?
>> No. 60362
Please keep this thread going it is very Hot
>> No. 61024
KinGoftheKong is epic. Can't wait
>> No. 61032
can someone who downloaded these vids re upload them?
>> No. 61043
Tempted by the trailer.. anybody got the vids???
>> No. 61049
Reup please
>> No. 61108
Nothing here anymore but dead links and bad passwords. Always a day late, and a dollar short.
>> No. 61109
Nothing here anymore but dead links and bad passwords. Always a day late, and a dollar short.
>> No. 61120
File 154385960727.jpg - (36.87KB , 320x488 , Omegle screenshot 7397_jpg.jpg )
girls like it too
>> No. 61121
File 154385965220.jpg - (35.91KB , 320x488 , Omegle screenshot 1965_jpg.jpg )
>> No. 61122
File 154385970131.jpg - (38.25KB , 320x488 , Omegle screenshot 8137_jpg.jpg )
>> No. 61123
File 154385977649.jpg - (31.54KB , 320x488 , Omegle screenshot 62062_jpg.jpg )
>> No. 61124
File 15438598143.jpg - (35.24KB , 320x488 , Omegle screenshot 63041_jpg.jpg )
>> No. 61125
File 154385990193.jpg - (45.23KB , 320x488 , Omegle screenshot 10172_jpg.jpg )
>> No. 61126
File 154385993155.jpg - (35.54KB , 320x488 , Omegle screenshot 60991_jpg.jpg )
>> No. 61127
File 154385995994.jpg - (44.77KB , 320x488 , Omegle screenshot 2793_jpg.jpg )
>> No. 61128
File 154386001062.jpg - (45.61KB , 320x488 , Omegle screenshot 73866_jpg.jpg )
>> No. 61130

There's nothing hot about a static blurry image with a resolution so low you can count the pixels
I swear this place is crowded by retards
>> No. 61172
Reactions Vids.....dont tease me please me😜. These vids make my cock stronger than 🐱‍🏍🐱‍🏍🐱‍🏍🐱‍🏍
>> No. 61271
More stuff!
>> No. 61384
Reupload please all got deleted
>> No. 61461
File 154396873274.jpg - (855.19KB , 1536x2048 , dsc01364.jpg )
Whatever y'all imply ..still want a cute little mouth around my 8incher!
>> No. 61465
File 154396975313.jpg - (144.72KB , 1280x720 , 154362055332-01.jpg )
Love when people say"oh my god that poor little girl"! Me? "FUCK YEAH TEAR HER UP"!
>> No. 61592
please sb reupload. this is the best thing I've seen here
>> No. 61601
kingofthekong is a hero,I saw his reaction vidz,a god among men showing human reactions to stuff they ain't seen before.The omegle stuff and the end outtakes the best and the skank who wants more and loves it brilliant,kingofthekong makes Freud look basic.
>> No. 61620
I'm not sure what to say, but this has amazing potential, gaaaah damn! You can laugh and orgasm at the same time?
>> No. 61635
Can anyone upload the videos???
>> No. 61650
I say, "Fuck her nice & easy until she's used to it. Then go for all ya got until she squirts.
When you're finished, gently lay her back & eat that sweet, juicy little hole until she as a mind-blowing orgasm.
She'll love daddy & want more."
>> No. 61756
Can someone please reup the first vid??
>> No. 61880
Please someone upload this video (image FULL related)
>> No. 61967
wow can someone just upload these already?
>> No. 62088
please more
>> No. 62122
I will upload ALL of the KinGoftheKonG reaction-videos in the next days. You should bookmark this tread. It's worth it.
>> No. 62193
if only someone hs it
>> No. 62238
im waiting for
>> No. 62262
Reup first vid!!
>> No. 62264
Reup first reaction video!!!
>> No. 62494
please moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
>> No. 62511
Please someone upload the first reaction vid on here, I accidentally deleted it... It was so hot...
>> No. 62512
Bump! Reup!!
>> No. 62541
Reup first vid!
>> No. 62570
File 154439573358.jpg - (224.65KB , 1280x720 , volume 1.jpg )
As promised I deliver you the reaction-movie-series from KinGoftheKonG. I start with volume-1:


PW: 9%\Q#Su7Hz

Have fun watching! Feedback is welcomed.

More parts will follow in the next days.
>> No. 62575
>> No. 62584
Kong you have a fan here
>> No. 62594
Reup first video!!!
>> No. 62595
Please reup firsr reaction video!! Please!!
>> No. 62596
Agreed! Reup!! The girls reactions were so hot!!
>> No. 62623
God yes! keep em coming!
>> No. 62634
>> No. 64165
re-up please
>> No. 64251
>> No. 64292
For the love of god someone please re-up the first video
>> No. 64312
please more
>> No. 64369
Thank you you are a hero
>> No. 64370
Lets keep this alive
>> No. 64406
File 154466463644.jpg - (34.58KB , 268x280 , DependableImperturbableCondor-size_restricted-01.jpg )
I wanna watch
>> No. 64444
why is there no content here?
>> No. 64509
File 15447179534.jpg - (214.51KB , 1280x720 , volume 2.jpg )
I know you guys are hungry for more! It's time for the next round. Here is volume 2 from the reaction-movie-series from KinGoftheKonG:


PW: To~87dw}+U

Have fun watching! Feedback is welcomed.

More parts will follow in the next days.
>> No. 64542
Thank you, Sir! I watched until the end of the 1st, and tried to follow the links but they were dead. (at least they didn't work for me) Thanks again for your time.
>> No. 64567
Great video! What a legend. Some of these actually funny as hell
>> No. 64613
Please!!! Please!!! Just reup the first video!! Please.
>> No. 64690
Dayum more n reup the oldies. Missed out and its totally my favourite
>> No. 64821
Any "Reactions to Lesbian CP" coming soon?
>> No. 64824

password please
>> No. 64826

password please
>> No. 64832

No idea if you troll or just can not read. But there is always a PW ...

Again for dummies

PW = Password
>> No. 64918
love ur vids keep up the good work
>> No. 65148
I'd be more interested in the ones wanting more.
>> No. 65153
64832 i tired 'Password' it didnt work
>> No. 65156
File 154489524310.jpg - (195.40KB , 1280x720 , volume 3.jpg )
*ding*ding*ding* It's time for the next round. Here is volume 3 from the legendary reaction-movie-series from KinGoftheKonG:


PW: 7qJl0~^3IP

Have fun watching! Feedback is welcomed.

Volume 4 and 5 will follow in the next days. Guaranteed before Christmas!

And always remember: "It's not just a movie - it's a KonG!"

PW means password . . . ;-)
>> No. 65178

No Comment
>> No. 65196

V2 was deleted, could you re-up please?

Your stuff is insanely good!!
>> No. 65201
I like the 2 girls 2 minutes in. blond going stop stop stop the brown hair girl looked like she was enjoying it.
>> No. 65217

I've just made a check. All videos are still up on dl.free.fr :o)
>> No. 65245
DAMN! Those are awesome!

Just love it when adults say it's disgusting or wrong and yet keep watching a long time... Amazing also how many kids in school classrooms watch this with teacher in room.
>> No. 65265
Reup first video!!
>> No. 65374
>> No. 65376
Which first video exactly?
>> No. 65423
If someone play this to me on chat i'll just pull down my pants grab my cock and start to jerk really hard. Its really hot. I miss when we can chat on omegle and share stuffs.
>> No. 65424
File 15449967781.jpg - (75.66KB , 580x564 , 154445946692-01.jpg )
I envy THIS!
>> No. 65457
Please reup
>> No. 65458
File 154501438471.jpg - (458.14KB , 1125x633 , A3F3AA05-D7B7-4ACA-BDD9-15213795DB36.jpg )
Please reup the first vid in this thread!!
>> No. 65564
Bump, please reup!
>> No. 65597
File 154507953149.jpg - (223.40KB , 1280x720 , volume 4.jpg )
>>65458 This is your requested video! :-)

Here is volume 4 from the fabulous reaction-movie-series from KinGoftheKonG:


PW: HZ]~p5!wT9

Have fun watching! Feedback is welcomed.

Volume 5 will be last and longest part of this series. It will come in the next days.

And always remember: "It's not just a movie - it's a KonG!"

PW means password :roll:
>> No. 65698
This absolute legend! Cheers!
>> No. 65708
unbelievable work. some of the best content I've seen in a while. Keep them coming!
>> No. 65745
is dl free fucked? 500 internal server error
>> No. 65749
File 154515082941.jpg - (238.23KB , 1440x956 , lbs-009-084.jpg )
Keep us all cumming! And cumming and cumming and cumming and cumming ...

Fill that semen bucket! 1 ejaculation = 5 or 10 ml. So, the 3 gallon bucket should take 2272 men or 1000 niggas to fill. Rule #1 is use the pretty little slut's face as a backboard! Once the bucket is slopping over with spent ropy jizz you can make ice cream for her 10th birthday party at the grade school. Add some dog semen, stinky goat semen, horse semen, and about a quart of bull semen to flavor. Don't forget Rule #1 above! Bring several HD digital cameras to make a YouTube documentary for her dad to watch when he's on the treadmill.
>> No. 65750
File 154515091893.jpg - (248.87KB , 956x1440 , lbs-009-085.jpg )
>> No. 65769
Looks like repeat of volume 1 not volume 4. Thanks.
>> No. 65947
Wrong password
>> No. 66246
File 154534183162.jpg - (437.13KB , 1024x768 , free_candy.jpg )
Tomorrow will come the next part - volume 5
>> No. 66279
File 154535174823.gif - (209.71KB , 240x317 , drooling.gif )
>> No. 66418
File 154542017741.jpg - (209.17KB , 1280x720 , volume 5.jpg )
Here is the last part => volume 5 from the reaction-movie-series from KinGoftheKonG:


PW: wC0Q#XjZw!

This is the longest part. You should watch until end - it's worth it!

Have fun watching! Feedback is welcomed.

I wish you all a ♥Merry♥Christmas♥

It's still possible for a new part (volume 6) - it depends on you guys - if you want it or not.
>> No. 66440
Absolutely want V6. Thanks and Merry Xmas
>> No. 66446
File 154542898820.gif - (184.23KB , 218x198 , Alabando.gif )
>> No. 66452
PW means password
>> No. 66470
>> No. 66572
you should do beastality reactions too
>> No. 66602
those reactions are awsesome, love to see part 6.

always wanted to do this, which chat program is the best to use? i tried omeagle but its full of dudes.
>> No. 67018
Has anybody got some mom reaction videos?
>> No. 67181
File 154575161047.jpg - (186.83KB , 507x749 , x-mas-2018.jpg )
>> No. 67701
thanks man
>> No. 67714
That was last week - get a life!!
>> No. 67718
@neph69 (the fake)
So good to see you getting into the spirit of trolling, but, attacking people who post Christmas pics on Dec 25, spamming people who post LS sets because they don't post anything new? (LS is out of business so of course everything is older) try confining your trolling to an Official Trolling Thread and try to come up with your own nick instead of stealing someone else's.
>> No. 67753
I don't get it. can download vids but when click to open nothing happens. AWE app opens zip/rar 7z files when option is there but I can't open reaction v-(1-5) any suggestions?
>> No. 67755
was able to download and open 60111 vid. downloaded KinGoftheKonG v-(1-5) but can't open any of them. After reading some of the responses and praises of these vids I really want to see them. any suggestions on how to open them?
>> No. 67771
Download 7zip. It's free and handles more then AWE
>> No. 67808

All KonG-movies have an own unique password and they all work fine. When you copy a password you have to watch for possible spaces. Have a try again :-)
>> No. 68684
Thanks to this fuck of gender shit new movement we are close to be with lil girls :) Thx you dumbheads! Thank you king!
>> No. 68692
You don't make sense - are you a nigga maybe??
>> No. 68715
File 154625241714.jpg - (164.32KB , 518x756 , year_2019.jpg )
The KonG says: "Don't fight against each other. Bring love and harmony over this world."
>> No. 68718
AWESOME nepho69 calls someone a nigga.
Bit like ... I can't even comprehend an adequate answer to such imbecility.
>> No. 68729
nepho? - whos nepho?

I think you mean neph69 - and he has done so before. Can't be bothered to search, but he ain't what you think.
>> No. 68775
Can anyone post a video that can be streamed through the site?

I'm a total Newfag to this, sorry if i don't understand how this works...
>> No. 68780
Can anyone post a video that can be streamed through the site?

I'm a total Newfag to this, sorry if i don't understand how this works...
>> No. 68784
Everyone is new to Triforce at some time. Welcome. You will find threads that have short vids you can watch from a Triforce channel (I suggest using VLC to stream the video using the video's link.) Look at the catalog under the comment box at the top of any page. You can find some easily that way. Otherwise, use a VLC and download links that are posted in comments (dl.free.fr links are the most user friendly, I'm.)
>> No. 68785
My mind is working slower than my fingers. I meant to say to use a VPN to download. Wow! Is it 2019 yet??
>> No. 68789
re up vol 2 please
>> No. 68832
You honestly believe LEA does not have the means of bypassing VPNs? Dude, you IPS knows every online click you make, because it runs through their servers. If anything, the use of a VPN places you on the radar because, LEA is wondering what you are looking at behind the curtain.
>> No. 68978
Love all of these please release part 6 soon...
>> No. 69991
No puedo ver ningun video, descargo el archivo pero no tiene ningun video... que hago... quiero verlos>>52366
>> No. 70354
mas videos
>> No. 70363
>>68789naked preteen girls
>> No. 72258
Oh yeah ..all those counts watching kid get FUCK and whatnot..love their dumb ass reaction..their so morbidly aroused ..though no would admit it! That don't SIMPLY turn of the link! Yeah right who the FUCK their kiding? Post mor with kids close up of suck ing and huge cum loads on their faces! Ha!!
>> No. 72259
>> No. 72260
File 154741960369.jpg - (170.37KB , 1280x720 , 2019-01-03-02-55-56-01.jpg )
Come on its funny!:)
>> No. 72263
Actually? Here my hard honest reaction girls!:o
>> No. 72264
Just showing some love yum yum!!
>> No. 72265
File 154742005818.gif - (1.73MB , 528x248 , DB1668F.gif )
Want reaction show this!!
>> No. 72456
Peasle re-up reactions
>> No. 72471
Requesting re up of v1-4
>> No. 72647
please rup 1-4
>> No. 72995
File 15476674976.jpg - (222.73KB , 1259x763 , young_entertainment.jpg )
I will do a re-upload for all parts from the KinGoftheKonG-series within the next hours.
>> No. 73070
File 154768322719.jpg - (82.61KB , 793x220 , pirate_kong.jpg )

ALL KinGoftheKonG's reaction-videos in ONE rar-file. I'm presenting you "KinGoftheKonGs fantastic five":

~all parts needed to execute~

Yukon.part1: http://dl.free.fr/kUftDXQiG

Yukon.part2: http://dl.free.fr/spSwXSVQ6

Yukon.part3: http://dl.free.fr/wvIrgO7k3

Password: M{wf(s:8ro!FU7sI
>> No. 73948
Your pw to the recent posts spent work! I've try it with and with caps. Underscore and whatnot..maybe were doing something wrong? Chk it yourself via mobil..I use android..see what you come up with..or let us no what's wrong.
>> No. 73968
Feeling left out?
>> No. 73969
As if!
>> No. 73970
She's got a mouthfull!😀
>> No. 73987
Well can anyone confome that these pw don't work or what..chk by way of mobil.k?
>> No. 74012
password no workie
>> No. 74156
When is part 6 coming out?
>> No. 74311
can someone reup just the 4th one
>> No. 74558
>> No. 74667
Wanna "react" the fuck outta that bitch! (The one with the blue hoodie).
>> No. 74668
Yeah, just to show the skank what's what!
>> No. 74719

Well, if it was you 2 guys in the video, she wouldn't look disgusted. She'd be laughing too hard.
>> No. 74785
She can laugh all she wants while I'm giving her my full 2 inches!
>> No. 75049
Ok so do we have a PW to access the recent videos? I think we and most are wait.wait.eating😒
>> No. 75090


The text above is the password. Watch for possible blanks, when you copy it.
>> No. 75098
So in a way type backwards elmanate spaces ..ya? Thanks😳
>> No. 75178
>>65597 Pls reup part 4.
>> No. 75214
Please reup
>> No. 75677
Well finally got those last vid/PW to work ..the last letter in a capital I=I..but its just the same old crap! That were in previous videos..need brand new r video king dude..do it..or don't want posting that same ol SHIT!
>> No. 76055
These reactions are nice n all, but would really love to see those h.m.m. vids of those 9 y.o. girls getting fucked that you were showing to people
>> No. 76875
their reactions are what's gold. Really appreciate the theme and effort. THANKS!
>> No. 77329

Thank you for that upload.

KinGoftheKonG-series is awesome. Watching normies and kids react to cp was one of my dreams, thank you.
>> No. 77335
you sad fucks getting off to this
>> No. 77755
No shit ! Since it the same ok crap..boring as he'll ..so ill botch and moan cause no will ever get posted ..just people like going to..contradict me oh well.
>> No. 77808
Again, their reactions are what's gold. Really appreciate the theme and effort. THANKS!
>> No. 80403
much appreciated!
>> No. 80492
Get more shock reaction by posting more reactions..he'll post some scat videos then REALLY see a reaction!
>> No. 80655
52784 any pics of her out there cute girl
>> No. 80697
tbh I'd kinda like to see reactions to NN like Miss Alli, Dolce Noami, AMS Cherish, nothing hard but just risky enough to seem over the line to those who've never seen it. Imagine a bunch of ladies going, "Wait...this is CP? That's it? What's all the fuss about? I thought it'd be way worse. Actually I kinda like it. Can I see more?"
>> No. 81691
Damn, just found this thread and I would love to see these. V-5 is the only one avail. It's soooo good. Can we get the other ReUpped pretty pretty please????
>> No. 82982

You can find ALL parts (volume 1 to 5) here: >>73070

Have fun watching! :-)
>> No. 83019
Why can't I find chat partners this on Omegle
>> No. 83025
>> No. 83729
we want more
we want more
we want more

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