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/mir/ ~ The Holly Grail of Hannah just dropped on onion!!
File 154115844933.jpg - (110.31KB , 918x812 , hannahvide_3360257_30910801.jpg )
54063 No. 54063
at last!!!
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>> No. 56593
>>54591 is there really a virus?
>> No. 56695
i was just only downloaded the first 001 part to see if is ok (like ask me for a pw) but always tell me that is damaged so i never download the rest so i cant try another solucions. someone says that conmbine the files works but he dont explain good enought to take my time and try
>> No. 56722
LOL and why don't you say this in the first place, you can't open an incomplete 7z split file, rar allows it, 7z need all parts. There you have the reason why.
Dude, learn the basics.
>> No. 56757
File 154221685452.jpg - (87.35KB , 600x793 , serveimage.jpg )
without a pushcart it would be much harder right,roflol
>> No. 56781
got anymore of this type?
>> No. 56997
File 154231123319.png - (400.24KB , 1080x720 , 636384965369970518-Martin-Reilly.png )
is this the guy ? martin joseph?i wanna know about hannah. is she really dead?
>> No. 57006
your Next!
>> No. 57041
NO hannah is NO DEAD
i think not for guy arrested
>> No. 57185
combined the files works, a onion dude tell me how. that shit was nasty, like, u have a preteen ready to do anything and u make her do all that silly shit, cmon u jose bitch. athena are way better and i waiting 4 all her skype vids
>> No. 57201
what is the backstory here? what did this guy have on these girls to start with? where did he get it?
>> No. 57241
>>That is not Ruben. In a few of the videos he has the girls speak spanish to him. Rumors on 4chan say he lives in Spain.
>> No. 57247
>> Rumors on 4chan say he lives in Spain

i doubt that
watch the videos closely
his time is 1hr behind athena hannah adrianna
most likely he is near the same latitude
>> No. 57248
>> most likely he is near the same latitude

sorry... I meant same longitude
>> No. 57288
Thanks, worked like a charm, it seems like split files 6, 7 & 8 OP posted are corrupted. If anyone wants the 3hr video download it from >>54988 instead.
>> No. 57289
Btw just got done watching the video, dude is a fucking asshole making her go through all that pain just to end up leaking the video anyway. I truly hope he got caught and is now enjoying it big time in prison with Bubba and friends.
>> No. 57301
100% AGREE!!! No difference between blackmail and rape!!! Hope he is getting everything he deserves in prison.
>> No. 57414
File 154250715325.png - (668.77KB , 1360x768 , a.png )
martin is probably from mexico. he uses mexican google.
>> No. 57415
File 154250726443.png - (523.61KB , 1360x768 , b.png )
the coordinates from f.lux also point to a location in mexico.
>> No. 57959
to old put her on the granny board
>> No. 57998
File 154285858815.png - (52.11KB , 1362x266 , Screenshot 2018-11-21 at 7_49_19 PM.png )
>> No. 58540
any more ruben victims video's
>> No. 58998
I cannot get the 3hr video to play no matter what I try.
>> No. 59008
download VLC, amigo
>> No. 59614
Holy grail? Just an average nude teen. Whoopee.
>> No. 61753
>> No. 62637
Some kind soul plis post full video.
I've done everything to extract the video, but I can't.
>> No. 62671
Fuck this piece of shit he deserves to die and get raped repeatedly until he dies in prison
>> No. 62679
Holy grail my ass.

This is just another naked teenager. I've seen way hotter ones with way hotter bodies doing way hotter stuff. Honestly some people will say "holy grail" about anything
>> No. 63764
No offense and I mean this in the nicest way, but you have no clue about anything related to life. I could write an entire dissertation on this and you still wouldn't comprehend why things have intrinsic value.
>> No. 63865
yea blackmailers are cool because I know the whole story FUCK OFF!>>63764
>> No. 63874
after gathering the parts and trying to extract the .wmv, it extracts only 96 MB and an error message appears:
Error in the checksum of the encoded file. Damaged file or incorrect password.
Help plis!
>> No. 63952

to 56997: I think it really is Martin Joseph the black mailer because the name is very visible there in the upper corner of athenas video.
I hope this guy will be raper once a month in prison, the same deal he suggested to athena!! =D
>> No. 63955

Joseph came on! Have little smile... Unhappy? If so, Why? Ardiana and Athena are smiling now, why are you not smiling with them Josy... Cheer up pal! LMAO
>> No. 63974
It's not ruben ,trust me.
>> No. 64083
is there any more of athena? her video is amazing
>> No. 64107
Did I state blackmailers are cool? No offense but your reading comprehension skills are below par. Futhermore, eugenics is real. The world is crumbling around you because the mass of idiots such as yourself vote into power other idiots such as yourself in mass.
>> No. 64553
Hello can someone separate the 3 hr video in parts and post it to DL? Much appreciated!
>> No. 64574
yes you did but not with words. Your intent is to glorify the practice. Most of you have a failed psychology it goes like this.

I don't care what happens to the girl just so she shows.

You are all Guilty.
>> No. 64593
That's retarded. It's perfectly possible and internally consistent to think that it's bad that she was forced into it while also thinking that it's good that we get to fap to it.
>> No. 64642
So what are you, a mind reader now? Are you one of those political commentators that offers an over the top analysis to drive the narrative? "I'm not saying it's aliens but I'm thinking that Brexit may be precursor for an invasion because May dislikes ketchup on fish"
>> No. 66613
Is anybody getting the same message when downloading...
file is invalid ?
>> No. 66823
Hi can someone Reup this. Thanks
>> No. 67392
Hi can you reup the upfile link,it's been taken down. Thx
>> No. 67767
She kinda looks like Hannah hays the porn star
>> No. 67788
I've seen Hannah Hayes. Now i want this Hannah to mudshark.
>> No. 67849
Let me know if you had any problems downloading them, thx.
>> No. 69112
someone please share other ruben vids THANKS
>> No. 69224
Hi can someone please help? Once all the Hannah 3hr vid parts have been downloaded to my iPad what App should I use to combine the files in order for me to play it ? Thx
>> No. 72101
Any chance of a Reup of Hannah ? I would greatly appreciate it thx !
>> No. 72304
See it couldn't be made today because skype is dead

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