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/mir/ ~ The Holly Grail of Hannah just dropped on onion!!
File 154115844933.jpg - (110.31KB , 918x812 , hannahvide_3360257_30910801.jpg )
54063 No. 54063
at last!!!
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>> No. 54064
File 15411584737.jpg - (112.98KB , 918x812 , hannahvide_1800849_30910804.jpg )
>> No. 54065
File 154115849479.jpg - (106.38KB , 918x812 , hannahvide_7457844_30910800.jpg )
>> No. 54071
Blackmail is not sexy bro.
>> No. 54072
Anyone got a link?
>> No. 54083
its on hurt meh
>> No. 54086
Then lost something or get lost
>> No. 54127
found it cheers mate,
that one where she cries as she fucks her ass with the hairbrush is priceless!
best blackmail skype ive ever seen!! Ruben is a legend!!
>> No. 54131
What's the link to hurt meh?
>> No. 54144
hannah is so playful and cute i bet we would be good friends. i hate martin.
>> No. 54150
how do you register for hurt meh? keeps saying incorrect confirmation code
>> No. 54158
Fucker is a lying ass troll. Doesnt have any vid or he would have posted it
>> No. 54170
so for one hes not lying... im gonna post all the links and im not gonna waste my time on previews because for one i dont know how. and yeah. if you want it you can download tor and go on the onion
and then type in hannahs name
-this is athenas: http://dl.free.fr/getfile.pl?file=/9ABfPePs

pass: a;~.`U{m$b!T=rJXe?B<+ypx*7Ca>*1s
>> No. 54172
and then hannahs 3 hours plus of video ect. and multiple snap chat photos(its a lot of downloading)
and then separately you need to download all of the following files below to open it(this is the 3 hour video)



believe me or not im not tech savy and i could care less if you download these beautiful files. goodnight!
>> No. 54181

i love you i love you

never used tor before, is it safe?
>> No. 54182

i love you i love you

never used tor before, is it safe?
>> No. 54188
if you are using it right now then i guess you're on the NSA's watchlist.
>> No. 54189

how can i use tor wrong?
>> No. 54193
wow. This is amazing, thx! she is absolutely stunning, one of the best looking girls I've had the pleasure of seeing in the nude.... it's work of art, really, both her body and the video.
>> No. 54221
>> No. 54234
oh those delicious tears as she begs for her life back asking why she deserves this
Ruben has delivered a masterpiece for the ages here!!
>> No. 54242
Thank you so much, but is part 006 working? Not sure if it is broken or its my vpn.
>> No. 54254
Non of these files works for me
>> No. 54255
well... only the 3 hours vid files doesnt work
>> No. 54256
Only stupid girls even fall for blackmail shit. Not hard to just tell them to fuck off. But these girls seem to think being naked is a sin. So they must to do even worse things to protect it all costs. In the end they prove how dumb they are.
>> No. 54257
So what??
Do you only stroke your cock to intelligent girls?
Though to be fair to Hannah she was only just turned 13 when the calls to Ruben began,so i dont think its a question of how smart she is or isn't,it more that she is not very worldly wise.
I almost...ALMOST..felt sorry for her when she started saying how her mom would look at her if he released the vids of their chats.She was a truly broken.
I wonder if she's aware of how popular she is now?
We should let her know!
>> No. 54267
Please fix file 006 or maybe switch it to dl, too? Not sure why it was placed on that particular download site. Thanks again for the upload!
>> No. 54282
hannah did not think being naked was a sin, but her mother did.
>> No. 54287
guys in prison remember that
>> No. 54304
Whats his full name?
>> No. 54305
>> No. 54338
not possible to play the files on 3hrs vid
>> No. 54339
not possible to play the files on 3hrs vid
>> No. 54441
Just rename the file extension to mp4
>> No. 54479
not possible
>> No. 54529
not craying but the 001 is fk damaged
>> No. 54586
If you're not use to unpacking multiple compressed files you'll have problems. Just save files. First file will automatically appear as archive and the rest as the numbered parts. Jut click on the master and it automatically combines others.
>> No. 54591

There is a virus coin miner in a html file, it is in the pictures folder.

Be careful
>> No. 54611
Chatango links plz
>> No. 54717
ja i have the same problem got an error message from 001
>> No. 54734
this guy was a serial blaclmailer ,, anyone have athena??
>> No. 54816
Can someone reupload nO5q9vskc.7z please
>> No. 54822
All the Athena caps are on the same site as the Hannah caps.
>> No. 54823
All the Athena caps are on the same site as the Hannah caps.
>> No. 54899
I hope the sob rots in prison and gets beat and tortured daily.She got into this because she was 13 and was an easy target for any piece of trash adult. My copy has been shredded.
>> No. 54915

i no see any html file. just jpg and png file in picture folder
>> No. 54925
i saw now the 3 hour plus video not nice how he tortured her with that banana i hope they rape that bastard with a broom stick in his ass
>> No. 54927
Funny. Do you know where you are?? WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE, BABY.
But seriously, it's pretty funny how people who are against such matter advocate for rape.
>> No. 54938
Rape and Blackmail are the same now in court of law your screwed little boys!
>> No. 54967
when you're raped don't scream for help it will suit you as the perfect happenings of the year

depends where you are dumbass
self defense to actually kill a rapist even if you're not the victim
and i've enjoyed every time a rapist have died as the disgusting so called excuse for a lifeform they are

rapists = pigs = good as fertilizer maybe
>> No. 54970
001 still damaged
>> No. 54987
file is OK, fail on your side!!!
>> No. 54988
btw, got it with this links, you'll see 001 is still the same.
>> No. 55062
i dont understand why its not possible to open it.. i usually use WinRAR and VLC, but it doesnt let me open it
>> No. 55065
Anyone have the Skype Athena video?
>> No. 55148
Wow, he almost broke her. Too bad that if he doesn't break her completely she's likely to end up frigid after this much abuse. They've gone so far that the only way to free her is to entirely destroy her will without following through on his threat. Which, ya know, he didn't (or we wouldn't be seeing this stuff). Now she'll probably end up a dead junkie within a very few years. A waste, really - from the neck down she's close to perfect and the face ain't bad (without that stupid thing in her nose, anyway).

Part of me feels sad for her. That's the part that would love to give the blackmailer a shotgun enema. The rest would have liked to see her complete surrender.

He isn't very bright, is he? There's far too much curve and far too little flex in those bananas for a decent deepthroat. What she really needed was a nice kielbasa.

OK, bring on the hate!
>> No. 55191
Why would you expect hate bro?
The tears were delicious...
The breaking down off her spirit was delicious...
All in all Ruben has set the bar very high and who knows,there were several calls after the banana call,so maybe he broke her down even more?(we shall see as they continue to leak)
I just reckon somebody should get in touch with her now to let her know how much we appreciate her :)
>> No. 55212
Your destination. YOU no what eternal means?>
>> No. 55244
Question: my download speed is shit, probably I’m not the only one with the problem. I doubt that the whole 3 hours video be great in every minute. Anyone would be kind enough to make a shorter version with the best in it, let’s say a 500 MB file size or some such, and upload? Thanks in advance.
>> No. 55258
you can't open the archive or the .wmv?
try 7z or use potplayer, converting with handbrake works too. some other players or converters won't play the sound for me. may it helps.
>> No. 55300
He is in Prison Morons!
>> No. 55347
3 hr video is not opening up at all. Tries with 7z. Got the file extracted to a 1.4Gb file. Sees like file itself has issues.
>> No. 55353
Use HJ-Split to join the files.
>> No. 55431
yes Hj split was very good for combining my files thank you so much. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU DO NOT RENAME THE FILE, otherwise it will not work. Create a new folder and put all the files in the same file and combine,unzip, type in the password and you have it. The crying was sad but i liked the end when she was fingering her pussy with the large hairbrush handle
>> No. 55450
Thanks for the sexy vids
>> No. 55458
what do i use HJ for?
>> No. 55512
is there a skype set with Athena?
>> No. 55556
Athena skype dropped yesterday along with Adriana. ill check it out and see whats good then post it here.


>> No. 55557
https://anonfiles.com/CaL836k2ba/Reddit ... part01_rar
https://anonfiles.com/NeL13dk8b7/Reddit ... part02_rar
https://anonfiles.com/LeL939kfb9/Reddit ... part03_rar
https://anonfiles.com/J1L03ek3bd/Reddit ... part04_rar
https://anonfiles.com/F0Qf31kdb4/Reddit ... part05_rar
https://anonfiles.com/D9Eb30kfb5/Reddit ... part06_rar
https://anonfiles.com/92E139kbb2/Reddit ... part07_rar
https://anonfiles.com/C1E236kbb2/Reddit ... part08_rar
https://anonfiles.com/B0Ea36k9bb/Reddit ... part09_rar
https://anonfiles.com/A0E83ck9b0/Reddit ... part10_rar
https://anonfiles.com/B1Hb3fk4b6/Reddit ... part11_rar
https://anonfiles.com/D5H435k8b2/Reddit ... part12_rar
https://anonfiles.com/FbHc34kcb5/Reddit ... part13_rar
https://anonfiles.com/A5H533k4b3/Reddit ... part14_rar
https://anonfiles.com/87H93ak7bb/Reddit ... part15_rar
https://anonfiles.com/pfL831kcb1/Reddit ... part16_rar

Pass: TaylaHineIsCool

just passing along info havent seen yet but hearing good feed back
>> No. 55585
Thanks a lot! only one vid of Athena?
>> No. 55731
File 154180041321.jpg - (116.17KB , 960x1280 , Snapchat-1479084826.jpg )
Adriana seems like she would get down with grown dick.
>> No. 55754
Has her skype video leaked yet?
>> No. 55792
after i extracted files to a folder its still empty, and shows about 4GB, but folder is still empty
>> No. 55797
I had the same issue. It said I had extracted them, but there was nothing showing up in the folder. When I tried to extract it again, it asked me if I would like to replace the files. Maybe I'm just dumb, but I'm not sure what's going on.
>> No. 55800
The folder is hidden, needs to change in the properties.
>> No. 55954
I already joined them but the 7zip file is still unreadable even by 7zip itself.
>> No. 55955
Who are these girls?
>> No. 55979
Adriana dirty talk was cute. She needs to help Hannah with that
>> No. 55981
Post more ruben caps please!
>> No. 56000

working fine. Thx
>> No. 56011
Adriana is a now 18 yo girl from New Mexico(she was 16 at the time of recording),Hannah is now dead(she committed suicide after these were leaked.
>> No. 56030
never death
where are proof ?
>> No. 56083
she was 14 100%
>> No. 56095
bois i try again with that hannah 3h vid and winrar still tell me that 001 is damaged, plus that athena girl was nice, way more pretty that the overated hannah
>> No. 56185
any one hace cassandra, emma lauryn, lucia,paige , shai,sofia, tatum, angela angie, brutini, cassandra emma, theese all are ruben girls.

Also like hanna and athena
>> No. 56199
addri was 14?
>> No. 56298
001 still damaged
>> No. 56533
001 is damaged? WTF are you talking about?
File open fine with 7z, nothing else is needed. You better give your fucking OS a propper setting.
Don't let it hide the fucking file extensions, key word "folder options". I'm pretty sure your file names are wrong.
Must be like:
and not like:
Always the same file name.7z + .001, 002 and so on.
Stop fucking spamming the boards with wrong info's, if you are to stupid to figure out how it works, it's your problem on your side, not the fucking file!
>> No. 56571
lel when niggos dont know how to unzip
>> No. 56593
>>54591 is there really a virus?
>> No. 56695
i was just only downloaded the first 001 part to see if is ok (like ask me for a pw) but always tell me that is damaged so i never download the rest so i cant try another solucions. someone says that conmbine the files works but he dont explain good enought to take my time and try
>> No. 56722
LOL and why don't you say this in the first place, you can't open an incomplete 7z split file, rar allows it, 7z need all parts. There you have the reason why.
Dude, learn the basics.
>> No. 56757
File 154221685452.jpg - (87.35KB , 600x793 , serveimage.jpg )
without a pushcart it would be much harder right,roflol
>> No. 56781
got anymore of this type?
>> No. 56997
File 154231123319.png - (400.24KB , 1080x720 , 636384965369970518-Martin-Reilly.png )
is this the guy ? martin joseph?i wanna know about hannah. is she really dead?
>> No. 57006
your Next!
>> No. 57041
NO hannah is NO DEAD
i think not for guy arrested
>> No. 57185
combined the files works, a onion dude tell me how. that shit was nasty, like, u have a preteen ready to do anything and u make her do all that silly shit, cmon u jose bitch. athena are way better and i waiting 4 all her skype vids
>> No. 57201
what is the backstory here? what did this guy have on these girls to start with? where did he get it?
>> No. 57241
>>That is not Ruben. In a few of the videos he has the girls speak spanish to him. Rumors on 4chan say he lives in Spain.
>> No. 57247
>> Rumors on 4chan say he lives in Spain

i doubt that
watch the videos closely
his time is 1hr behind athena hannah adrianna
most likely he is near the same latitude
>> No. 57248
>> most likely he is near the same latitude

sorry... I meant same longitude
>> No. 57288
Thanks, worked like a charm, it seems like split files 6, 7 & 8 OP posted are corrupted. If anyone wants the 3hr video download it from >>54988 instead.
>> No. 57289
Btw just got done watching the video, dude is a fucking asshole making her go through all that pain just to end up leaking the video anyway. I truly hope he got caught and is now enjoying it big time in prison with Bubba and friends.
>> No. 57301
100% AGREE!!! No difference between blackmail and rape!!! Hope he is getting everything he deserves in prison.
>> No. 57414
File 154250715325.png - (668.77KB , 1360x768 , a.png )
martin is probably from mexico. he uses mexican google.
>> No. 57415
File 154250726443.png - (523.61KB , 1360x768 , b.png )
the coordinates from f.lux also point to a location in mexico.
>> No. 57959
to old put her on the granny board
>> No. 57998
File 154285858815.png - (52.11KB , 1362x266 , Screenshot 2018-11-21 at 7_49_19 PM.png )
>> No. 58540
any more ruben victims video's
>> No. 58998
I cannot get the 3hr video to play no matter what I try.
>> No. 59008
download VLC, amigo
>> No. 59614
Holy grail? Just an average nude teen. Whoopee.
>> No. 61753
>> No. 62637
Some kind soul plis post full video.
I've done everything to extract the video, but I can't.
>> No. 62671
Fuck this piece of shit he deserves to die and get raped repeatedly until he dies in prison
>> No. 62679
Holy grail my ass.

This is just another naked teenager. I've seen way hotter ones with way hotter bodies doing way hotter stuff. Honestly some people will say "holy grail" about anything
>> No. 63764
No offense and I mean this in the nicest way, but you have no clue about anything related to life. I could write an entire dissertation on this and you still wouldn't comprehend why things have intrinsic value.
>> No. 63865
yea blackmailers are cool because I know the whole story FUCK OFF!>>63764
>> No. 63874
after gathering the parts and trying to extract the .wmv, it extracts only 96 MB and an error message appears:
Error in the checksum of the encoded file. Damaged file or incorrect password.
Help plis!
>> No. 63952

to 56997: I think it really is Martin Joseph the black mailer because the name is very visible there in the upper corner of athenas video.
I hope this guy will be raper once a month in prison, the same deal he suggested to athena!! =D
>> No. 63955

Joseph came on! Have little smile... Unhappy? If so, Why? Ardiana and Athena are smiling now, why are you not smiling with them Josy... Cheer up pal! LMAO
>> No. 63974
It's not ruben ,trust me.
>> No. 64083
is there any more of athena? her video is amazing
>> No. 64107
Did I state blackmailers are cool? No offense but your reading comprehension skills are below par. Futhermore, eugenics is real. The world is crumbling around you because the mass of idiots such as yourself vote into power other idiots such as yourself in mass.
>> No. 64553
Hello can someone separate the 3 hr video in parts and post it to DL? Much appreciated!
>> No. 64574
yes you did but not with words. Your intent is to glorify the practice. Most of you have a failed psychology it goes like this.

I don't care what happens to the girl just so she shows.

You are all Guilty.
>> No. 64593
That's retarded. It's perfectly possible and internally consistent to think that it's bad that she was forced into it while also thinking that it's good that we get to fap to it.
>> No. 64642
So what are you, a mind reader now? Are you one of those political commentators that offers an over the top analysis to drive the narrative? "I'm not saying it's aliens but I'm thinking that Brexit may be precursor for an invasion because May dislikes ketchup on fish"
>> No. 66613
Is anybody getting the same message when downloading...
file is invalid ?
>> No. 66823
Hi can someone Reup this. Thanks
>> No. 67392
Hi can you reup the upfile link,it's been taken down. Thx
>> No. 67767
She kinda looks like Hannah hays the porn star
>> No. 67788
I've seen Hannah Hayes. Now i want this Hannah to mudshark.
>> No. 67849
Let me know if you had any problems downloading them, thx.
>> No. 69112
someone please share other ruben vids THANKS
>> No. 69224
Hi can someone please help? Once all the Hannah 3hr vid parts have been downloaded to my iPad what App should I use to combine the files in order for me to play it ? Thx
>> No. 72101
Any chance of a Reup of Hannah ? I would greatly appreciate it thx !
>> No. 72304
See it couldn't be made today because skype is dead
>> No. 76764
Hi does anybody have the 3hr vid of Ruben & Hannah? Thx
>> No. 76890
File 154861522925.png - (736.91KB , 1276x720 , ctm.png )
>> No. 77321
ANy working download links?
>> No. 77386
Can anyone share more sofy and athena vids ? And the adriana links are dead.
>> No. 77399
I second that ! Please Reup
>> No. 77405
blackmailers stupid little virgin losers go run out and get hit by a car but Record it for the World!
>> No. 77544
>>55557 Adrianna link is dead. Can anyone with a kind heart reupload it ? thank you
>> No. 77633
Poor Hannah :( He ruined her life. I feel sorry for her. She deserves a good life. Hopefully she recovered from this incident
>> No. 77908
Adrianna links are dead. Pls Re Up
>> No. 77959
Can someone reupload Adriana's set ?
>> No. 78050
Seconded please someone reup asap!
>> No. 78346
Can someone reup the adriana sets please
>> No. 78499
And the Hannah 3 hr please !
>> No. 78822
BUMP god damn it, BUMP!
>> No. 78923
PP learn to download all parts in same folder, Copy/Paste the password right and upgrade to latest version of 7zip. The links and passwords work. No one wants to upload 3 or 4 gigs again just because you can't use a computer.
>> No. 79011
Noticed PP can't get the password to work. Which is why he keeps asking, hoping someone will re-upload GIGs of files with a simpler password when the links provided are still good and extract without a problem. So just for PP we will hold a lesson in using a computer. 1: Uninstall what ever program you have to open compressed files. It is most likely out-of-date. 2: Download latest version of 7zip (Make sure it is for your OS bit rate) 3: Install it. 4: Download all files to same location. This is important. If there are 8 files, it won't extract anything with only 7 parts. Now comes the tricky part. 5: Highlight the password given. Copy it (CTRL + C). Paste it (CTRL + V) to Notepad to make sure there are no spaces at beginning or end. Remove spaces from front or end of password. Double check with post you didn't leave any part of the password out. Highlight and copy again from Notepad this time. 6: Open 7zip 7: Browse in 7zip to find the file (Remember for files that end in .001, 002 ... you only need to select the 001 file) 8: Paste password into the box that pops open 9: Click OK
>> No. 79295
where can i find athena skype vids?
>> No. 79393
>>54172 first 4
>>54988 these 8
>> No. 79535
To funny I know your taking the piss at my limited computer knowledge and thank you for the detailed instructions, however can you provide the same for an IPad? I appreciate your effort and time, Cheers
>> No. 79560
Can anyone share the Adriana and more athena sets beside the one posted here ?
>> No. 79616
you Blackmailers same fucks that should be bombed in the ocean on some huge Cargo Ship?
>> No. 79756
Reupload Adriana please
>> No. 80570
Adriana re-up ?
>> No. 80790
reup adriana please. also besides the ones posted here is there more vids of hannah besides tuis 3 vids ?
>> No. 80838
There is a pastebyte with Hannah's videos on it, haven't fully downloaded it myself yet but many have.

pw: hottestleakedbabes
>> No. 83454
>> No. 84516
can someone re up adriana please
>> No. 85434
Can any kind stranger reupload the adriana sets ?
>> No. 85500
Adriana links are dead can someone reupload ?
>> No. 85646
File 155098186228.png - (78.66KB , 657x386 , vlcsnap-2019-02-23-21h07m15s600.png )
aka Mannie
left his coordinates on the screen
from Monterrey
near Reserva Natural Estatal Sierra Las Mitras
>> No. 86146
here link for adrianna martinez
Password is hottestleakedbabes
>> No. 86249

Thank you. You're the real MVP !
>> No. 86315

This has pretty close to full sets of Hanna, Tatum, Kylie, Athena.... and like 5 more.

None of them really young but all right up the Hanna line of videos
>> No. 86366
Already all down man.
>> No. 86380
because of reporting
before links works
>> No. 86450
Links dead need working links for Adriana and other victims. I already got Athena & Hannah
>> No. 88646
any new links for adrianna martinez? Come on guys
>> No. 88767
If you have Athena can you post the link. Thx
>> No. 89060
Adriana pls or point me to tor/elsewhere location
>> No. 89602
Come one fix Adriana dead links please reupload.
>> No. 90539
This guy is arrested back in 2016. Ruben is 2018? Late 2018 got another one luring 12 & 14 yos https://cyprus-mail.com/2018/12/03/man-remanded-for-blackmailing-girls-into-sending-nude-photos/

btw anymore rube blackmail shits?

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