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/mir/ ~ This is my daughter
File 154341717953.png - (2.37MB , 1080x2340 , Screenshot_2018-11-28-20-33-15-58.png )
59318 No. 59318
I love your rude fantasies. She talks about your desires.
The more violent you talk about her, the more pictures I'll have of her.
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>> No. 60464
What I need now is more postures and scenes. Can you give me more inspiring pictures? I'll let my daughter choose her favorite.
>> No. 60504
i told you before, one of my harddisk was broken. i lost nearly all of my stuffs. a few stuffs left, mainly about hardcore XXX,and as you say ,you can't do that right?
>> No. 60507
if i got some good pics recently, i will post here.
>> No. 60509
if i got some good pics recently, i will post here.
>> No. 60528
buy her a mask so you don't show her face.
then show better pics like putting something up her ass.
>> No. 60531
File 15437849503.jpg - (528.36KB , 765x1278 , 23803_20160319002920_0.jpg )
>> No. 60534
File 15437850879.jpg - (207.81KB , 800x1136 , 08b01a1c98263fc4fb142b0600bd93ae.jpg )
>> No. 60540
File 154378530197.jpg - (139.67KB , 1000x1000 , 1457945250433187.jpg )
Some mask like this, wanna see her eyes
>> No. 60654
Hi huangyaoshi. Beautiful little slut you have. Do you think she would like it when i piss in her mouth and finger her asshole at the same time?
>> No. 60743
very cute girl, if you ever have sex with her be sure to record it.
can you post some pictures of her with naughty underwear, like a thong or g-string :D
>> No. 60923
OP clearly said “violent”. Now, that does nothing for me at all. In fact, I abhor it. But it apparently does something for him (at least the fantasy of it). And so, his request not only says “violent”', but apparently the more violent, the better.

So, why in the hell do any of you pathetic, grasping dweebs think that you are going to talk him out of more pics by talking about sticking your thumb up her ass while you fuck her, or sharing her with another man, or handcuffing her?

Somehow, I don’t think that is what he means.

Now, to be truthful, I am GLAD that apparently no one here can bring themselves to even post the type of violence the op apparently desires. I like the fact that most pedos do NOT what to hurt a child.

But why in the hell would you make these stupid attempts at getting more pics out of him? He obviously is not impressed. And why would you want him to be?

>> No. 61044
I often showed her videos and pictures of kitten sex, and she was very interested in them, especially the videos inserted by horses and dogs, and told me that I wanted to try them out.

very nice idea I like this she is very hot for fuck for one horese or dog, please post more pics or vid her
>> No. 61112
Nice! I like her. More pics pls!
>> No. 61139
More bondage pics please
>> No. 61175
Tie this little cunt up, painfully. Legs behind head, one of mouth gags, and just fucking use her for hours and hours. When you're done, invite your friends, strangers on the street, make it clear nothing is off limits. Rape her brains out, cut her up, it's just a mindless fuckdoll now, beat the shit out of it, choke it. Break it.
>> No. 61199
Aside from near child rape mutilation..here s what I think of ur "idea" your fuck up in the head degenerate!!👿👿👿👿👿👿👿
>> No. 61213
Your picture is what you said it was.
>> No. 61214
Your picture is what you said it was.
>> No. 61217
please post more pics or vid her
>> No. 61343
wow, thanks for share
>> No. 61422
post more pictures!
>> No. 61423
File 154395312942.gif - (472.46KB , 640x480 , 1447796407255-1.gif )
>> No. 61507
dalao neng jia ge QQ me?
>> No. 61616
Dont reply to any personal contact quest.
And use vpn.
>> No. 61631
File 154402935317.png - (2.36MB , 1080x2340 , Screenshot_2018-12-06-00-56-01-50.png )
I used my wand to expand my daughter's interior while she was asleep.
>> No. 61638
LOVE that crystal dildo.
>> No. 61654
what a good night
>> No. 61755
Vids please
>> No. 61928
since personal contact is not allowed, more vid and pic plz!
>> No. 61956
more lingerie pliss uff <3
>> No. 62004
slanted eyed enchantress
>> No. 62254
Love that black tape, more plz
>> No. 62510
Give her a good spanking and show her ass after
>> No. 64478
no more ?
>> No. 64796
Thank you huangyaoshi for you nice images, if you are still reading posts here I'd like to strip your little 7yo rapetoy, tie it down to a table spread wide open and torture its cunt for about three hours with needles, a stun gun and soldering pencil while the helpless little child screams in pain. When she passes out I will throw cold water on her to revive her and start torturing her again. I will continue to work on the child all over her tiny body, torturing it with whips and electro while the child writhes and screams in agony. Eventually when she is nearly expired I will fuck into its mutilated cunt and feel the sweet, innocent little child die on my cock while I fuck her and beat her. That's what your little girl deserves, and I hope it happens to her.
>> No. 65342
When i saw your first photo in car,i was amazed.
I never saw a little girl posing like this in car before.She is really sexy. more car play and more cosplay plz
dalao niu b!
>> No. 65411
He has become so full of himself that I doubt his head would fit anymore!
>> No. 65549
I wanna tickle her...
>> No. 66826
File 154556834491.jpg - (20.28KB , 415x310 , 5b31e4b89f70dc054ec925aa494c8d79.jpg )
I have never seen so many fucking whining goddamn cunt pussies in my life!!! Or is it just one???
I wish I could see him in person so I could kill,or at least throat punch the bitch!
>> No. 67454
The mod here loves to take down perfectly decent pictures but wont touch the disgusting mental rants of sickos that make the rest of us perverts look bad.
Get your shit together mod. And dont preach about free speech, the rant above is worse that the ISIS crap.
>> No. 68687
Wow, i really love asian lil girls, your a lucky man coz she is beautiful
>> No. 68696
When will you have vaginal sex with your daughter, OP?
>> No. 68714
Fuck her hard in the ass while hands are tied behind her back.
>> No. 68719
They never know where to draw the line.
They are smartly stupid.
Everyone thought autobahns were good so they just kept going thought gassing the 'lower humans' was ok with everyone too because they thought so. Same old, same old.
>> No. 72116
I am looking for rape videos in which young girls are brutally assaulted. Anal, vaginal, gangbang, doublefucked. The girls should be between 12 and 14 years
>> No. 73378
I'm looking for rape videos in which morons who brutally assault young girls are brutally raped by their entire cell block in prison.
>> No. 77403
Can you give me a contact number?Me qq is 2970574700
>> No. 77443
Stick that dildo in her asshole, gape it, let us see her sphincter on the inside. Let me see that pink meat inside her asshole.
>> No. 88621
>> No. 88762
looking for the pw to a file posted here, but deleted, named S-Rims.7z. Original post was deleted along with pass. :/

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