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/mir/ ~ 12 yr old Xhyn
File 154404238987.jpg - (229.18KB , 956x1440 , Xhyn's Puberty0.jpg )
61681 No. 61681
>> No. 61695
looks more like bad fake, her face is off center.
>> No. 61700
Never mind the face - most of us know her tits belong to someone else!!!
>> No. 61719
Dash it all man whom could that be?
>> No. 61775
It's my friend in Grade 7.
>> No. 61776
She has a bra, and I imagine her.
>> No. 61777
But this guy puts an art of her.
>> No. 61788
the body looks like Dasha
>> No. 61796
it is Dasha with a different faced shopped on
>> No. 61828
That definitely IS a Dasha photo...believe me, I have all of her stuff.
Not a bad job on the photoshop, I will admit.
With a face that cute, I bet her REAL body is delicious.
>> No. 61914
So you imagine Xhyn to fuck her?

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