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/mir/ ~ where to go to have sex with kids
File 154412859970.png - (3.29KB , 225x225 , xxx.png )
61864 No. 61864
hi guys, where is the best place to have sex with little girls ? i like girls not older than 13. i look for sex tourism destination to have sex with childs. Thnaks for your help
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>> No. 61865
Isan thailand
Pattaya Thailand
>> No. 61866
there are severe penalties in thailand . thailand is not a good choice for this hobby anymore
>> No. 61871
Nice try FBI
>> No. 61872
>> No. 61882
before i had been in thailand and bali , but these are not good places to try it.i read in 180chan that,between cambodia and vietnam, near to cambodia border, many brothels that child sex workers there are. Any experience for vietnam or cambodia ?
>> No. 61885
i also travelled to ukraine , but had only adults. i have no experience about kenya, cambodia and vietnam or any other destionation. any help will be very appreciated.
>> No. 62067
any comment ?
>> No. 62236
please give me some advices, im dying to drill a little pussy but safely
>> No. 62237
what about costa rica ?
>> No. 62278
>> No. 62347
Brazil. If you are American they will sell their kids to you.
>> No. 62375
in the butt...
>> No. 62376
File 154433158286.jpg - (74.85KB , 683x1024 , ULTRA-MODEL-bits-22.jpg )
>> No. 62444
costa rica is not a pedo heaven anymore. there are severe penalties since 2016. idk about venezuele or brasil.
is it legal to drill 10yo hottie there ? where to go , which area need to start ?
>> No. 64062
any advice really ?
>> No. 64247
Become a catholic Priest
>> No. 64305
File 154463453666.jpg - (35.48KB , 567x776 , Father Bear.jpg )
Verily I say unto thee bretheren, let us recite grace with the Reverend Bear:-

"For what loli we are about to receive,
may the Lord make us truly stiff as a poker,
>> No. 64310
very sad that nobody wanna give advices for child sex tourism :(
>> No. 64328
Better join the Illuminati...they have carte blanche to do it without any danger!
>> No. 64573
This is the easiest way:

Go to countryside.
Look for kids walking to school via forest paths.
Attack, kill other people if there's any with a surgeon's knife.
Bury the bodies in the forest.
Setup a tent in the forest and fuck as much you want that one kid you chose.
>> No. 64960
Anyone experience in Tijuana, Mexico?
>> No. 65011
Why bury the bodies? Just eat them. Human flesh is the best. Everyone that I know that tasted human flesh couldn't stop eating it afterwards. Just go to a power country with a corrupt police force and military like Brazil and hunt people for eating there.
>> No. 65104

probably sounded funnier in your head...
>> No. 65114
any advices ?
>> No. 65191

Brazil, a "power" country?
May Bolsonaro hear that!
>> No. 65209
Seriously just don't go there unless you want to spend a lot of time behind bars if it all goes tits up.Watch the film Midnight Express to get an idea of what to expect if you do get locked up and if that doesn't put you off nothing will
>> No. 65367
i think kenya, mombassi is the best option. still little ones are available in diana beach
>> No. 65712
Try east europe, cheap child pros there, good quality fuckmeat, inbreed/incest kids to use no mercy!!
>> No. 65744
i travelled russia and ukraine many times, but couldnt find child prostitutes anywhere. where i need to go in eastern europe ?
>> No. 65758
File 154515912844.jpg - (91.31KB , 552x757 , CEAF19B4-514F-44AB-A73B-CB5687D0CAF5.jpg )
Indiana don't got no beaches. They does got little white trailer park bitches and meth mommies glad to hold their 6 year old's head while you mouth fuck the little kids at the truckstops, porn arcades and Chucky Cheese men's room for drugs.
>> No. 66266
Indiana has several beaches on Lake Michigan.
>> No. 66556
>>65758 I agree. no reason to travel to a foreign country. The US has plenty of poor areas, ie. trailer parks, etc. that are teeming with slutty young girls with inattentive drug addicted single moms. If you start fucking the mom first, she'll turn a blind eye when you fuck her daughter.
>> No. 66576
Any stories?
>> No. 66588

lol.. gullible.
>> No. 66590
>>65744 You can find them very soon in Western Europe because it's fucked by muslims and liberal pigs, the further, the worse it gets so you don't need go anywhere just sit and wait
>> No. 67784
For pedos living in North or South America, Haiti seems to be the nearest hotspot with their slavery system.


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