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/mir/ ~ Eliza/Ciara
File 154414483116.png - (814.14KB , 600x600 , 2r1ttrs.png )
61897 No. 61897
Does anyone have a full set of Eliza nudes? I have a ton of NN photos but I'm not sure how many nudes she has
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>> No. 61898
File 154414485735.jpg - (180.37KB , 1200x680 , 1493159807831.jpg )
>> No. 61899
File 154414488033.jpg - (101.27KB , 847x1106 , 1503791689788.jpg )
>> No. 61900
File 154414489942.jpg - (79.10KB , 720x960 , 1495586353076.jpg )
>> No. 61901
File 154414494145.png - (246.26KB , 355x437 , 1504450343713.png )
>> No. 61902
File 154414506169.png - (285.02KB , 589x907 , 1511482275993.png )
>> No. 61941
Who is she? Actress? Famous? Full name?
>> No. 62083
File 154420084084.jpg - (109.98KB , 900x900 , unnamed.jpg )
This was like 3-4 years ago, When she was 15 she visited some image boards and got herself orbiters and cult followers in some pedo communities. She had this cute no-life weeb teenage girl personality which obviously attracted alot of people. Then dramas slowly broke. Her nudes got leaked, her videochat sex video got leaked by some black boy, then she got called out as a manipulative whore who abused alot of anon's donations for her. She got severely doxxed, and she faded away from the internet for like a year. People started to forgot about her and lately, she showed up having grown up, and IMO she grew into an ugly hag real fast.
>> No. 62087
Impossible to find the complete "set" of pics/vids. Anybody must have.
>> No. 62463
File 154435738664.jpg - (73.66KB , 900x461 , looking_for_lunch_by_skip2000_d3d3gfw-fullview.jpg )
she was 15...and had a body that endowed ?


she was well over 20.
>> No. 62488

Most girls are almost fully developped by the age of 15-16. Don't be a moron and go full retard on assumptions.

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