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/mir/ ~ Cutie
File 149617415386.jpg - (293.65KB , 1600x1200 , DSCN9190.jpg )
645 No. 645
Can anyone give me some info on this model?
I know her stuff goes back a few years but she is one of those that eluded my collection and I would thrilled to know how many galleries she made and what other names she may have went by etc.
I do not have anything by her and would love to have her collection but anything would be great.
I have some rare things to share so I am not asking without offering something in return.
Example I have 6/7 full galleries of different models from the short-lived Super Models 7-17.

However if this board is shutting down, how will we know where to find it again?

Thanks a million.
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>> No. 646
Never seen that model I'm afraid, but full galleries of 7-17 hmm! that would be rare. How many sets of Dajana do you have, I have a few but I doubt any of them are 'full'.
>> No. 647
File 149629238563.jpg - (252.95KB , 1200x1600 , DSCN9409.jpg )

Your image is from Playtoy Cutie set 6. Compared to the other playtoy/AMS models she did very few sets (I know of only 10) and have never seen her under another name - and we all know another girl used the name Cutie at AMS.

Here's an image of her with Playtoy Twistie.
>> No. 648
Very nice pic of her with Twistie. I hope to get Cutie's stuff one day.
Yes there was the Cutie in the same group as Trixie,cherish etc and of course New Star Cutie.
Seems that was a popular name.

As for Dajana I have her entire collection.
It has been a few years since I viewed the 7-17 stuff, is she the one that also modeled as Lola?
My favorite is Theodora,I just love her.
What is ulra-rare is the second series they did. The camera quality is better but in all these years I have never seen any complete galleries posted. Only the same two or three pics that floated around forever are what I have seen.
A long time ago I had a friend that had the second series and he was about to send them to me but the small forum we belonged to closed and I lost contact with some of the finest collectors.
>> No. 649
File 149631125790.jpg - (392.13KB , 1600x1200 , DSCN0241.jpg )
I forgot to mention I would also be interested in Cutie's friend Twistie. In fact I was confused, it may be Twistie I was originally interested in.
I recall seeing some nice stocking pics of Twistie so now I want both. (lol)
Here is an old pic I found and possibly the only one I have of Twistie.
Wow I hope some kind person would share their Cutie and Twistie here.
>> No. 650
The complete Dajana collection would be fantastic, I'm sure I'm not the only one that'd be thrilled to see that posted!
>> No. 651
File 149705565046.jpg - (237.36KB , 1600x1200 , Pict0158.jpg )
Here is Dajana, it has 554 pics at about 135 MB.
It is an original,untouched set of photo shoots and exactly the way I received it from the website.
Interesting that she modeled for Maxwell and New Star Lola.

I always change the "http://" to "hxxp://"
so you have to copy/paste the link.
PW: TheBest

>> No. 652
Wow, I've never seen a complete unadulterated series from SM_7-17 before, usually sets are messed about with by previous posters. Thank you so much for this.
>> No. 654
Could you post these floating pictures? Just for reference
>> No. 655
Please post the Theodora. thanks!
>> No. 656
File 149746450551.jpg - (255.11KB , 1200x1600 , Pict0434.jpg )
Theodora (Wow) Such a shame Theo didn't have her own website, she is one of my all-time favorite models.
PW: TheBest
(as always copy/paste the link)
660 pics at approx 150 MB


Still hoping for Cutie/Twistie and that little redhead named Nikki.
Please share here if you have them.
>> No. 657
Thank you!
>> No. 658
File 149751390494.jpg - (286.55KB , 1200x1600 , DSCN8694.jpg )
Playtoy Cutie sets 1 to 6, 9 & 10 -

>> No. 659
File 149751606448.jpg - (522.01KB , 1000x1198 , !des.jpg )
AIH of Twistie (59 mixed pix plus homepage capture). Never seen her full sets anywhere, Usenet, torrents all return blanks. As you may know, AMS was the successor/inheritor to the Playtoy operation and have re-released models like Princess, Lolly#1 and Hermione on their 'ForeverModels site but Twistie has never appeared on there apart from her duo set with Cutie. Something of a mystery...


(thanks to Odds&Ends who put this and the Cutie sets up on Liberchan this time last year)
>> No. 660
PS forgot to say thanks for the Supermodels sets
>> No. 661
File 149755562631.jpg - (266.44KB , 1600x1200 , Pict0029.jpg )
Thanks a million for the Twistie and Cutie pics.
Now I am looking for this little redhead named Nikki. I only have this one gallery of hers and am hoping for her complete collection.
This is asking a lot but I also offer something in return.
Here is Mariana from 7-17
PW: TheBest

Another filler I have been needing for years is Bobbie (Webe) sets 36-60 if anyone can help out that would great.
>> No. 662
File 149755574129.jpg - (571.94KB , 1000x1504 , nikkishoot3 863.jpg )
This is the redhead Nikki I was asking about.
ANY of her stuff would be greatly appreciated.
>> No. 670
I find it ironic that you are spewing this shit in this post, of all places. This particular post has nothing but zippyshare links; if this host is producing pop-ups for you, YOU don't know shit about browsers and how to get control of them.
>> No. 672
OP of this thread here and just letting you know I am not the one complaining, I don't play that chicken-sh^t, I am here to share my stuff and grab a few thing I didn't have.
A few bad apples can cause problems for the rest of that are here to be cool and share.
I don't like redirects or the other bullsh*t but I deal with it and move on.
Cheers to the admins and all the other great posters.
>> No. 674
If you want the redirects gone then sign up as a Moderator. YOU CAN DELETE ALLLLL OF THEM.

>> No. 676
File 149800699252.jpg - (14.46KB , 167x250 , 4e217a331641304.jpg )
well sorry guys that was really mean spirited.

I wouldn't be in this if I wasn't one also.

So let's work together to make the triforce and 144 work right.

I will do all I can to get rid of spam and redirects but fyi I DO make money off the cpx24 pop ups/pop unders. I don't hardly have the energy to moderate all 3 sites anymore. So any REAL HELP is appreciated.

Lets make this work.

(I was just joking that last post - I wanted to spaz out to see the reactions lol). Pic related i wanna bone that rn.
>> No. 677
File 149808375478.jpg - (547.49KB , 1000x1504 , 12345.jpg )
I would kind of like to get back to my original subject here and request more of the Cutie/Twistie/Rikki (the cute redhead)
I am willing to share some more 7-17 if everyone would stop all the negativity.
I use Zippy because I'm not in this for money,I'm in it because most of my collection is due to amazing,generous posters and I enjoy helping others out with things if I have what they are looking for.
I also like Daily Uploads,seems so many hate it and it works great for me. Yes it has a pop up(under) even when you "uncheck" the box but my trick is to minimize the window,click on it and quickly kill the pop-up. It's really not rocket science but it works.

Can anyone give me any info on Rikki- Did she have an actual website? How many galleries did she make? And could someone pretty please share some of her stuff? Thanks
>> No. 678
I have seen those sets ehem... How far are You going with it?
>> No. 679
I meant Nikki not Rikki.

Not sure what you mean by how far I'm going with it (?)
By the way thanks for your good work admin. Great place here.
>> No. 680
Well it's kiddy porn, bc ppl have posted her here before and it looked SUSPICIOUS AF.

I doubt She is even a model. It's just a bunch of loose photos taken amateurly. And it has partial nudity. It's not allowed.
>> No. 681
Ok I was not aware of that.
It's why I asked this- "Can anyone give me any info on Nikki- Did she have an actual website? How many galleries did she make?"

Thanks again, I will drop the subject.
>> No. 682
I don't actually know for certain. What I said was only a guess.
>> No. 683

I blocked "ART LOVER" because he could email me but I could never email HIM!!! Everytime I emailed him it always gave returned to sender(4). SO I BANNED HIM!!! Sorry we have no mods. He should make a new email address if he wants back here.
>> No. 685
We are literally ONLY $4 just need a lite donation from ANYONE PLEASE!!!

Prefer Paypal: monkeybear1969@gm ail.com
>> No. 686
It seems like I get flack from posters and users, when I am just doing my job and deleting nudity and/or topless girls that are under 18.

I don't enjoy the criticism, or even the baseless criticism. or even the accusations that I work with specific uploaders. But life isn't always fair. I never made deals with ichan or whoever, there were uploaders who followed the rules! So I preferred them. Doing an honest job here, doesn't always make an honest wage, and that's what I live with daily while doing this. (Not that it's too honest to begin with).

Can't any of you guys (and girls) throw a dog a bone?
>> No. 688
Fine, I reinstated artlover's original login and original pw he will have to change them back to his own liking.
>> No. 692
has Nikki's shoot3 set in that thread.
nikki has some normal nn sets.
>> No. 693
admin, the more I'm here the more I like the place.
So you must be doin ok. .... :)

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