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/mir/ ~ Pedo Mom
File 154689419274.jpg - (7.80KB , 308x185 , 74B46925-1737-479F-BEC0-AA124C61EB58.jpg )
70766 No. 70766
28 year old woman has been accused of filming herself abusing young children and sending the images to a suspected pedophile.
Sarah Adleta allegedly admitted taking nude photos of herself and a young child.
>> No. 70844
Hopefully they'll leak soon.
>> No. 70926
Lol at her Trump voter meth-head face
>> No. 70942
Dude. He won. Get over it.


>> No. 71030
NO WAY THAT THIS IS A WOMAN!!!!! Looks more like the young Jon Cryer.
>> No. 71033
does Anyone know what happened to Forbidden Fruit on tor?
>> No. 71072
I wonder about Guyver. He (or at least that user name) has been around for quite a while. He modded for the tri-force and is one of the most recognizable user names in this hobby. If it's just one person, how have they avoided being pinpointed by LE being so well known?
>> No. 71077
raided by law becareful
>> No. 71089
Kinda looks like Dodger's retarded sister.
>> No. 71096
Forbidden Fruit goes down sometimes but eventuly
it will come back up keep checking
>> No. 71131
Hope her kids dont look as goofy. Most the time ugly parents have cute kids.
>> No. 71242
Thats equal... Important is she fuck good (his dau inclu) in all holes and, dont forget.... in the dark all cats are black :-)
>> No. 71395
I hope they're ugly as a mud fence. Dude, you're not playing the long game.
Some of y'all are as bad as any short 300 lb hambeast that wants a tall skinny man who makes a million dollars a year.
Ugly people have mirrors. They know they're ugly. Even children. An ugly child, or even a child who thinks they're ugly, is a goldmine fuckfest. All they need is a little positive attention, and they'll open their throats, pussies, and asses for anyone who comes along.
The slightest bit of grooming can yield rewards for years.
Don't get me wrong, I want a hot little slut as much as the next guy. But I know where my strengths lie, and that's in making girls feel like they're beautiful, even when they aren't.
I have my eyes on a neighbor girl. Chunky and ginger, and not the hot kind of ginger. Little bitch looks like the dude from The Sandlot. But if I can get in, I'll be balls deep in it, and she'll be beautiful to me. You know why? Because I'M BALLS DEEP IN HER.
So for you guys that are waiting around for the perfect cuties, you have my thanks for passing up little ugly sluts in waiting that are below your standards. Because they sure as fuck ain't below mine.
>> No. 71473
Nowhere near a christian here (I'd fit right in though) and I have only one word for you..

>> No. 71529
You're right. The ugly ones are loads of fun
>> No. 71537
I dont care if the girl is hot or not. If she wants what I have to offer then ill go for it.
>> No. 71662
Very true. The not so pretty love getting attention
>> No. 71737
This is an "OLD" article and photo of the wife of "Animosityfish" - who once worked for G Willey - (AF, not the wife). This must be at least 10 years ago!

There used to be an 18+ model that posed for GW called "Angel" - she got a visit from this woman and told me how ugly she was!!
>> No. 73379
She looks like the mother of the Peacock family in that episode of The X-Files...
>> No. 73791
hmmmm I don't care I'd give it to her and make new kids
>> No. 75439
I would have this redneck hillbilly breeding my dogs while wearing just a MAGA hat.
>> No. 75444
She looks like her brother was also her father and uncle and her mom was also her sister!
>> No. 75779
I think she’s sexy. I would love to have my way with a preteen girl while she helps slide my cock into some kitty mouth and ass.
>> No. 75801
Most womens look like thisone wen they dont have "the warpaint" named MASCARAS / MAKE-UP on his face.
The problem, we donot realize it.

So.....why do you al say she is ugly?

Put her some MASCARA / MAKE-UP on his face and i am shure, eweryone welsay, she is a CANDY DOLL :-) ))))

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