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/mir/ ~ 小妹子-刘老师 series
File 154818481732.jpg - (19.06KB , 365x356 , n.jpg )
75311 No. 75311
aside from 64/78/82 is there any other vids ? if yes please share them !
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>> No. 75312
File 154818514951.jpg - (292.88KB , 1104x1164 , hot.jpg )
>> No. 75482
try to find cg of 144 and 155
>> No. 75545
>> No. 77543
Any more, please
>> No. 77553
Not a fan of this stuff where a guy does sexual shit and the girl is not interested.
>> No. 78439
I tried to download this from 2 posts, both of them had a dead link, one of them was removed the day it was uploaded :( I hope someone has a working link to it :)
>> No. 78442
I found listings of files for this series. Yes, there are more. It is said that video 38 has sucking, 51 has fucking from the rear, 59, 60, 65, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80 have fucking, 74 has fucking and sucking, and videos 12, 47, 48, 49, 39, 30, 21 have anal sex. Videos 72, and 73 also exist. I have only viewed 64 and 82 myself.
>> No. 79607
I got full set of 82vids here. This whole set comes out few years ago .I paid for it though what i keep now is not what i bought but from 'the little sis' forum, a chinese forum. Yes she is a chinese girl. Which cloudisk do you use? The full set is in my Baidu cloudisk and the set is 19.3G in total so i have to ask if this is convenient for you guys. Love the 77th vid the best. She seems to love that vibator. 19.3G, 28 zip package here, do you already have my set?
>> No. 79611
Chinese girls seldom moans but their body languages tells the truth :D This is an honest girl: keep quiet because she wants the man continue. Have a look again at 77th vid, if you have
>> No. 79651
I have partly some of this serie. Is there some good anal stuff in it?
>> No. 79727
any links you can share?
>> No. 79760
Any chance of getting this one or all the pics and vids
>> No. 81032
>>79651 Please vids full set, i want it.
>> No. 81033
>>79607 Please vids full set, i want it.
>> No. 81066
Nice!!! thank you
Do you have the others? please
>> No. 81282
Please links full set of 82vids 19.3GB.
>> No. 81693
dude you will be an eternal hero if you could share the full series
>> No. 81746
He should just stop making his daughter uncomfortable.

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