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/mir/ ~ Full set?
File 154979825380.jpg - (347.95KB , 1704x2272 , 558B1B48-7D28-47CF-B2E2-A5D7C2039975.jpg )
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>> No. 81058
File 154979827594.jpg - (342.35KB , 1704x2272 , 5F63AB89-4870-49F8-8764-57FFFA240972.jpg )
>> No. 87721
File 155164653355.jpg - (474.50KB , 1704x2272 , 1F661F6.jpg )
>> No. 87733
why is their LCD so fucking deep? does it have a billion pixel resolution or smth?
>> No. 87767
That is the technology we had before the LCD displays. It was nasty on your eyes, often gave you static electricity shocks and your phone would distort the image if it was placed close to the display, so you knew to pick up your phone before it rings or you had the message lol I still have one in my room, along with my 2 dead LCD's lol Ohh.... If one of those displays have a smashed screen, they could blow up and even eletrocute you from 5 meters away! Hurts like fuck when that happens lol LCD's are much safer....

I hope someone has the set as they look so hot!
>> No. 87846
Please more
>> No. 89087
Who can post fullset Mm_32?
>> No. 89122
MOAR Sabitova please!
>> No. 90271
post these set please!
>> No. 90415
Why don't more of these sets?
>> No. 91457
Who has sets with this girl and can send it here? I would be very happy! Thank you!!

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