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/mir/ ~ who is this girl?
File 154989870719.jpg - (156.87KB , 1080x1080 , 154975819174.jpg )
81404 No. 81404
Anybody know the name of the girl in the middle?
>> No. 81409
just look up dancemoms minis
>> No. 81484
Nice fucktoy collection
>> No. 81689
I want to fuck them so bad
>> No. 81739
The girl in the middle looks like an old lady with all that makeup on.
>> No. 81837
and you said why there are pedos !?! fuck the law
cover up your girls then talk... bullshit
>> No. 81844

Normies just love to doll up their 7 yolds, dressing them like sluts and enrolling them in dancemoms competitions then complain about all those "predators" who suddenly came up from no where!
>> No. 81861
Why do people always assume that there is more from girls depicted on candids or a name of some sort? Some pictures are simply unique! Normie or family photos that somehow ended up in a pedo pic collection. Get it folks!

My eyes are trained by now (after many years of collecting). I can instantly see if a picture is a unicum or a studio work/homemade pedo work (which means there is more).

This one looks like a singleton or part of a 2 pic "series", at most. So just crab it, save it and stop asking for names and sets.
>> No. 82184
This is from Dance Moms
>> No. 82477
super sexy dance of the one to the right
>> No. 82551
That's what women always do: To make you horny as hell and make themself unfuckable in the meantime. So they can grab tons of money until the day you fuck'em. brothel-bitches-pimps = society-women-cops

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