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/mir/ ~ A little help
File 15499410501.jpg - (190.83KB , 900x1200 , Pic.jpg )
81736 No. 81736
Gentleman, Im looking a vid (LS I think) The camera man caresses the model in the bathroom with shampoo in his hands. Can anyone help? (PIC NOT RELATED)
>> No. 81737
Does he shove the shampoo bottle up her ass? If so I know what vid youre talking about.
>> No. 81741
No, Its a softcore. She have between 14-17 years, long hairs. First part of the vid she strech her legs in a bed, later she goes to bathroom and the the cameraman "help" her to take a shower haha
>> No. 81742
The title was LS-BONUS, something like that
>> No. 82403

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