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/mir/ ~ Brazilvideos
File 15520029178.jpg - (716.10KB , 720x480 , brzl vid.jpg )
88928 No. 88928
Can you please help post links brazilvideos? Mucho thanks
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>> No. 89859
Bump.... please if anybody have brazilvideo please, post them!
>> No. 89906
Brasil Videos was really good. I remember one video from 2000 where the mom is sharing two girls with curly hair in the beach and the guy keeps filming them and taking close ups of their asses and pussies. That goes for like 10 minutes. Then the video cuts to a hotel room and the two girls are licking each others pussies in a 69, they go like that for 10 minutes more and then two black guys with big dicks get behind them and begin fucking their pussies, first slowly and then faster while the girls scream. The girls are both drugged as you can see when the camera closes on their faces, then they ride both guys in reverse cowgirl showing their tanned asses to the camera, and then the girl with blonde lights in her hair gets a DP while the other girl licks one of the guys ass. Then the video ended with a cumshot over both girls faces. It was awesome. Those were good times.
>> No. 90202
File 155235571952.jpg - (24.80KB , 503x451 , Frnch Beach.jpg )
yes bump! found web pic but most removed now. brazilvideo.com down. anyone upload dvds for us please
>> No. 91626
Nice young tits. Any chan fans share pics and vids?
>> No. 92208
Gee what a good fake story you have there.
>> No. 93321
BZ movies had tweens showing off tits and hardbodies on beaches for men to see. More images for thread!

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