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/mir/ ~ link to this 12 year old loli
File 155227722828.png - (367.56KB , 615x464 , 154951895236.png )
89884 No. 89884
links to this video 12year old lolita dancing in a couch. Then take a shower. And banged in a bed
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>> No. 89917
Yes, I would like to see it. Cross-referencing another thread with same request:
>> No. 89920
thats the video I was asking for last month. who has it. Its a mexican girl. At the beggining you can see a teen girl around 17 filming the whole scene. the guy even shaves her pussy. the original file name is: 12yo puebla
>> No. 89924
link to video any dl.free or mp4?
>> No. 89961
File 155228668834.jpg - (282.74KB , 1024x838 , 20190311_144246.jpg )
This is screensh0t of it
>> No. 90088
Ah, I had that years ago. Lost. Good vid, she's a beauty. :)
>> No. 90093
old video, but watchable...
>> No. 90235
yes, thats the video. I knew it with a different file name: 12yo puebla.

so...no one has it?
>> No. 90291
anyone having these vids please post them :)
>> No. 90323
File 155240563252.jpg - (65.52KB , 605x807 , 2 (2).jpg )
>> No. 90357
Plz link
>> No. 90451
Cara eu quero fazer um grupo pra fuder umas meninas dessa idade interessados
>> No. 90518
someone has to have the video.
>> No. 91350
bump. Maybe someone has the video?
>> No. 92085
12yo puebla is the name of the fiile
>> No. 92112
Okay okay we search it anywhere no file pops up so if anyone know its link share it to us
>> No. 92249
File 155284331740.jpg - (1.33MB , 2560x3430 , colombian girl and man.jpg )
because TAC requested it. thanks for edition 19. your hard work is appreciated.

there are two vids: 1) colombian girl and man 2) colombian girls and man.
they are about 17 years old. quality is lame by todays standard but hot for the time. cute tween with small perky tits. lots of close ups of her first hairs which eventually get shaved.
it's a bit disjointed. i suspect it was split for sharing and the parts rejoined out of sequence.

my name
>> No. 92250
File 155284346584.jpg - (1.39MB , 2560x3430 , Colombian girls and man.jpg )
second vid. same girl with a friend.

my name
>> No. 92272
Interesting videos, Nipsey Russel. Very few participants publish something good.
>> No. 92292
your name doesn't work as a password to open the file? Would you give a more especific clue. Please.
>> No. 92305
Russel do u have the video with 12 year old blonde on bed with dad
>> No. 92374
pass dont work for both
>> No. 92392
The 2nd vid is lame but the first where he fucks the little one for a few wonderful seconds is quite exciting, thanks!
>> No. 92410
LOL retards. His name is in the upper left corner. DUH
>> No. 92442
thanks Nipsey Russell that was the video I was looking for. its awesome. and the second video, are the same girls, but that one I have never see it before. Thank you.

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