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/mir/ ~ I want her naked
File 155256883247.jpg - (59.47KB , 640x800 , B52D5555-0F11-402F-8633-AB70D0BC2068.jpg )
91079 No. 91079
She's so beautiful
>> No. 91090
Ugly 30 year old pig
>> No. 91107
I want her dead
>> No. 91109
Only thing she's good for is stabbing and death sex rape fantasies
>> No. 91111
does shee have a daughter
>> No. 91113
Leave the poor girl alone. Not her fault she got older... you really are a sad lot aren't you. I'd still lend her one!
>> No. 91226
Sometimes I forget how sick the losers are on this site...then, comments like these remind me. Sick fucking faggots.
>> No. 92155
She is fucking hot. ass wipe. she's worth fucking and calling wife! she's also a baby pusher waiting to happen for someone way more deserving then you,, fuck stick!
>> No. 92202
Fer fuck sake. If that was laying naked on your bed with it's legs open, are you saying you wouldn't climb aboard?
>> No. 92204
I'd fuck it 'till it's teeth fell out!

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