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/mir/ ~ who is she?
File 155267794323.jpg - (104.69KB , 786x700 , 155102429642.jpg )
91504 No. 91504
>> No. 91533
Not sure but maybe "Meyen?" She's gorgeous for sure tho
>> No. 91559
Have her nude?
>> No. 91575
Fuck knows who she is... but boy do I wanna have sex with her!
>> No. 91576
Little skank might not enjoy that, but then again who gives a fuck - needs her first cock - and you know she's looking for it.
>> No. 91577
And they call us perverted!!!
>> No. 91580
I don't belive there's a bloke out there who wouldn't get hard for that! My clit is itching!
>> No. 91591
What length is your dick MANDY? Stop being a piss taker!
>> No. 91592
Genuine lady, over 30 and like female kids... BTW, what length is your dick??? I'm guessing rather short...
>> No. 91594
You go girl (or whatever), I'm male and probably older than "over 30" (have a laugh)! If I had a 'clit' I'm sure it would be near explosion... those 'lil un's are sure nice!
>> No. 91597
Young female kids are the best for sure Mandy! Younger the better you should get wickr.

The girl in the post is a cutie!
>> No. 91607
Lurk moar
>> No. 91663
Explain "wickr", I'm kind of new to this stuff. Interwwot??? I've found that 'lil Russian hottie... does that mean I'm getting there? (juicing up to some of these pics right now)!
>> No. 91664
i think mandy is a big nigger bloke
>> No. 91667
Me too, lives in dirty Beeston... that's Leeds! Full of niggers and sand bunnies.

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