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/mir/ ~ Do you think she is pretty?
File 155269141020.jpg - (3.01MB , 4000x3112 , NinaSS0010_3900161_31313418.jpg )
91569 No. 91569
What would you do to her?
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>> No. 91573
Completely nothing. She's worthless.
>> No. 91601
her face is ugly
>> No. 91616
She's 100% perfect
>> No. 91619
Someone's sharing a secret stars set of her here https://155chan.gr/hebe/res/128557.html
>> No. 91620
SHES different looking from normie American white girls which is a huge turn on for me
>> No. 91621
Someone sharing her on 155ch
>> No. 91726
She is perfection. I would LOVE to see her nude and in good quality showing her genitals open wet and bald for us to wank at.
>> No. 91865
File 155275850593.jpg - (181.20KB , 840x1120 , P5030032.jpg )
Do I think she is pretty? Not at all, neither is Katya, but sometimes ugly is hot, and I could treat them more slutty.
>> No. 91906
She reminds me of Clara Devigne
>> No. 91907
File 155276683717.jpg - (91.82KB , 500x481 , cara-delevingne-5.jpg )
Good call
>> No. 91909
File 155276709476.jpg - (385.94KB , 1600x1200 , 234578525_P61300069_123_15lo-1.jpg )
Clara is a good lesbo, (I'm a bad one) and Katya was fucking HOT!
>> No. 91910
Mandy you sexy fucking pedo. I love you :D
>> No. 91918
please nina sets secret star
>> No. 91960
File 155277839331.jpg - (107.25KB , 1080x1080 , 28155293_1868526079825377_2249591564839944192_n.jpg )
she is like kate martineau
>> No. 91961
Hi Mandy.

Thanks for pic of Katya

What is it about Katya that you find so HOT!
>> No. 92011
File 155279551684.jpg - (299.63KB , 1440x956 , 15196566056.jpg )
Love you too RaynnXD! I'd upload a nuddy pic of myself but I think I might be a touch old for your taste! So here's a tight young twat instead!
>> No. 92013
Proper big letters again. What do I find hot about Katya? Well... she's young, she's almost naked and she's got a sexy little scar! (Funny the tiny little things that turn us on).
>> No. 92014
File 155279625170.jpg - (380.67KB , 1600x1200 , 2011.jpg )
Oh, almost forgot... her pink pucker needs to be kissed!
>> No. 92021
Hay Mandy, just wondering, are you a dick or a balls man???
>> No. 92027
File 155279800592.jpg - (146.38KB , 765x1152 , 151957553534.jpg )
Good morning Pud, not quite sure why you assholes can't get your heads around a female enjoying these sites. However, I'm a dick loving girlie, but hopefully it'll be a bit more than the 2 or 3 inches you've got to offer! Only kidding pal, I'm sure you're hung like a blue whale. BTW, I'm surprised you've not noticed (since I'm on here!) that I have a preference for the hot young chicks?!? Like her.
>> No. 92028
Mandy I just want you to know :D in cumming to the thought of you and that pic u posted .. :3 Love you kisses
>> No. 92029
Odd looking bitch. Could it be Mandy?
>> No. 92031
Oh I'm much better looking than that girl, if you saw me you'd blow a load! (Just not in my eye, I fucking hate that)!
>> No. 92037
File 155279981384.jpg - (120.98KB , 765x1152 , C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Tem.jpg )
Good! Keep it up big fella! (just in case my last reply fell by the wayside). Fuck but this little one is making me wanna strum!
>> No. 92045
Mandy I know I might be asking too much but can you make a misc thread of pics and girls you like? You make me so horny :D I would love to see what you enjoy :3
>> No. 92057
fuck her of course. She looks like the average 5th grade girl. If you or I did not fuck her. Some snot nosed pre jackulating would fuck her anyway. So why not us?
>> No. 92062
File 155280341247.jpg - (610.96KB , 1600x1200 , 15251167421.jpg )
Nah, yer ever asking too much with me! (Can you not sleep? I'm fucking knackered!) Anyway, here are a few that do it for me... No particular order.
>> No. 92092
File 155280825119.jpg - (2.03MB , 2336x3504 , hdhdjdhdhdhf.jpg )
>> No. 92118
does not matter what another person thinks if they look good or not
as long as the pussy tastes good. and its on my face. that is all.
>> No. 92254
Thanks Mandy for your lovely comments about young Katya.

Which is your favourite set of this young lady?

And why?

>> No. 92372
She looks like the boy "Jake"
from the TV show two and a half men.
>> No. 92491
I'd assfuck her until she begged me to pull it out and cum all over her face.

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