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/mir/ ~ Do you want CP reaction videos?
File 155277586179.jpg - (387.14KB , 1600x1200 , 152653068038.jpg )
91952 No. 91952
I'm thinking about making videos of people reacting to CP on vid chat sites. Is there a demand for this? Any one interested? If so, what kind of reactions would you want? Reactions from little girls only? Adualt woman? I'm not really interested in seeing men react but I guess I could make some of those too for our resident faggots.

BTW I'm using TAILS OS (Which routes all traffic through tor). Is this good enough? Will video chat even work on tor?
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>> No. 92139
thats not good at all.
No video chat site will work with TOR, nor with free VPN/proxy
If you want to do this, you need VPN+proxy and clean live OS for best peace of mind.
You could also drive somewhere, find a wifi or hack one, do it from your car while on hacked wifi, and you save $$ for VPN and Proxy.
With this method MAC CHANGER is necessary.
>> No. 92140
Reactions are always welcome :)
>> No. 92970
where find?
>> No. 93054
File 155311406366.jpg - (322.01KB , 1920x800 , reacts.jpg )

It's great, if you want to do that. The people love reactions to CP. I need new competitors. Come to the Darknet and we can have a talk. You can find hints in my videos.
>> No. 93093
I want to see females masturbate to babies

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